Manchester City - Thaksin: Cast No Shadow
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Thaksin: Cast No Shadow

Executive Chairman Garry Cook has moved out of the Eastlands shadows to talk about the dreadful situation surrounding City's owner who is preparing to step deeper into those shadows.

As we all know, there was no doubt that before too long the pisspoor Premier League decision makers would be considering daring to go after Thaksin and City over their 'fit-and-proper-person test' which rules that no club is allowed to employ a director with a conviction. Of course the risk where the Premier League is concerned would be in them opening up a pandora's box of dodgy background ownership investigation across the English top flight. They may yet choose to do a Ricky Gervais in Extras at the point of maximum embarrassment, point the other way, mumble and stumble off.

But City's hierarchy are clearly preparing for the worst at any rate. The damage limitation has begun. Thaksin has been advised to keep out of the public eye for his own safety and avoiding Eastlands is one of the precautions. Cook has already met with Sir Dave Richards, the Premier League chairman over the issue. He is also going down the road of hinting at a man of honour angle in his statements to the press:

"Dr Thaksin has been really open. He has said to us, 'If you need me to resign from this football club because it will serve the needs of the Premier League, I'm fine with that.' He is embarrassed about the indignity he has brought upon his football club and the Premier League. He never intended this to be the case. Three months ago, it was very different."

The Grauniad reports:
'Thaksin and his lawyers are examining Premier League documents to see how he can take a passive role behind the scenes and continue bankrolling City without breaking any rules. 'We are looking at taking him off the board as a director,' said Cook. 'But can he be a shareholder? Those are two very different issues. The jurisdiction around the term 'fit-and-proper-person' needs to be more clearly defined. It is a very loose term, almost tongue-in-cheek, because there have been plenty of unfit and improper people in the league over the last 10 years.' '

The sooner the unholy mess surrounding Thaksin is done with the better. Many Blues who gave their support to the takeover, so desperate was the club's playing plight at that time, are steadily forming the opinion that Thaksin should sell up and ship out after promising the stars only for the club's image to be dragged repeatedly through a mire of damaging revelations.

In the short term however, the club's hierarchy continues to be shrouded in a veil of inconsistent, questionable leadership. The very least City fans deserve is some open honesty and explanations from the very top of the club as to exactly what is going on financially and exactly who is scouting and dictating transfer policy. Mark Hughes should not have been having to fend of questions that he has done so admirably in the past weeks.

So Messrs Cook, Aldridge and co, bollocks to knocking out the odd statement via the hacks. Get out there and start talking to the fans NOW.

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 23 2008

Time: 5:58AM

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'No club is allowed to employ a director with a conviction' - hmm, is that true? Wikipedia says that our current chairman served 12 months in prison in Iceland.
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23/08/2008 06:10:00

Good effing grief. It's writing articles and reminders like this that really do just make you want to walk away and have done with it. FC United, to their credit, are attracting 2500 fans to their non league games. We all took the p*ss when they all did one after the Glazers bought the rags. But surely if things continue as they are at City, and FC City or similar will emerge. Tomorrow's attendance will be a real acid test of what has gone on during and since Svengate.
Johnny Baguette
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23/08/2008 06:34:00

Funny old thing. City's official site has released a short interview with Garry Cook an hour or so after this article was written. He focuses on his relationship with Hughes, but drops hints regarding sponsorship. I'll wager this morning's croissants that Thomas Cook will not be on those awful orange shirts next season.
Johnny Baguette
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23/08/2008 07:17:00

I have to defend Dr.T at this point,OK he is allegedly wanted in Thailand for failing to appear at Court. We saw posters in the press saying Thailand most wanted, but these were produced by the political party that opposes him and the protestors were made up of that party outside the British Embassy. Just because he has fled the country does not mean he is guilty, he has claimed all along that he is innocent of the charges laid against him, but that he considers that a fair trial is not to be had in this unsettled country which still appears to be under the influence of the people that ousted him in the first place. The lack of information from our club in allaying the fears of the fans who thought that this old established club, my city was dead and the media have had a field day, but they have had this bone since Dr.T. took over and have not let go yet.
Buzz Lightyear
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23/08/2008 09:17:00

And I don't see the speculation stopping until some sort of line is drawn under the debacle, Buzz. I'd say it is a sensible pre-emptive measure in pushing him out of the limelight. I also welcome the fact that Cook has actually started releasing statements, but as many Blues rightly say, there are a lot of bridges to be built with the fans.
Johnny Baguette
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23/08/2008 09:21:00

A couple of more players coming in will complete the bridge building. I think most fans don't give a toss what is happening behind the scenes as long as we build a successful team. As Sparky has already said one or two positive results on the field will put the other issues on the back burner.
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23/08/2008 12:24:00

"We are football people".
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23/08/2008 12:34:00

I agree with Buzz - Just because he left the place does not mean he’s guilty it’s a danger zone Thailand. Frank claims he is innocent so he has nothing to worry about, let the court carry on without him and if they say not guilty then its over we can forget this mess if guilty, well we will still be fine - he'll get kicked off by the FA and given to someone who can look after our club, don't worry we won’t end up like Leeds because the FA accepted Frank as being "Fit" to run the club by the "Fit & Improper" rules so its not our fault, we can't get punished because its the FA's fault for accepting him in the first place! That’s the reason for the test…
Report Abuse
23/08/2008 12:49:00

I think Roman Abramovich comes to mind, Fit & Improper?
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23/08/2008 12:52:00

Here's the link below to the full Guardian interview with Cook and the excellent Daniel Taylor. I'm concerned by the admission of the loan, the admission of a 5th column existing within the club, that Hughes is not in favour of signing a superstar, the dismissal of the Man City masters team and the apparant attitude of some players. I think Cook's views on the future of English Football are totally out of touch with what the vast majority of long serving fans would want to see. Neither does he touch upon the MCFC Academy performance, preferring to say that the players are all up for sale unless they aspire to what is expected of them. Furthermore, I believe that the majority of Blues concerns over the future of Manchester City and how it is run would not be erased by superstar signings. One things for sure, we can expect the rollercoaster to keep on turning!
Johnny Baguette
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23/08/2008 12:56:00

thriller, fair do's re Thailand, but Leeds financial state was what led to their implosion.
Johnny Baguette
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23/08/2008 13:02:00

JB spot on, we don't need superstars to make a good team, superstars are made out of good teams. We all have to thank Dr.T. for his involvement, without him there would have been no SGE or the excitement of last season where we never left the top 9 or sign the sort of players that previously would not have considered to come to us. It looks as though City intend to sell both Ireland and Charlie along with both left backsa if we can find a replacement.
Buzz Lightyear
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23/08/2008 13:21:00

JB ..The only thing I would disagree with is that Superstars is what the Premiership is all about and I am sure the Chelski fans are not disappointed with their Club signing Superstars instead of the boring inadequate English players.
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23/08/2008 13:27:00

I sense sweeping changes if they can get the finance in and Garry Cook comes across as being fiercely determined from that interview.
Johnny Baguette
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23/08/2008 13:28:00

I'm afraid I have to diagree with you Buzz Superstars DO make a good team the prime example is the England team in that they cannot perform because they haven't got their Club's foreign superstars around them hence our inept performances in International matches.
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23/08/2008 13:31:00

JB - I agree that times are changing! Get the feeling Hughes and/or Cook are working on TS to convince him City aren't all about pleasing the Asian market (eg. all eggs in the Ronaldinho basket). It's about letting the Manager pick up his own players and letting him call the shots. Hence the Corluka turnaround, Kompany signing, and the bid for RSC. At least that's what I'm hoping!
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23/08/2008 13:40:00

I understand what you are saying Alphie and I agree with you, but what I am trying to say if you have not got the millions of Abramovich we should not be chasing superstars when we need several places to be filled. Superstars just don't appear they must come from somewhere, why not from City. If Frank is staying waway from City fans i am sorry he feels that way, City have progressed forward in great leaps for me and I just hope we don't slip backwards, but you can't blame Frank for that, if you read the article JB refers to Cook, is certain that finance is coming and we have to be ready for it. MH lyesterday on Sky say he hopes for more signings before the transfer deadline.
Buzz Lightyear
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23/08/2008 14:17:00

I would also add that Frank has ben told to keep out of the public eye, not just at City. I bet Aston Villa fans feel a bit like that I predicted.
Johnny Baguette
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23/08/2008 17:10:00

And while I am at it, Spurs fans. A pants start to the season despite all their crowing around Corlukagate. You can have him, spuds but I bet he might not be as keen right now...!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
23/08/2008 17:13:00

Must admit I'm trying not to laugh myself. What did one Spud muppet say? "Corluka, welcome to The Machine!" Ha ha! Lucky escape Vedran my son!!
Report Abuse
23/08/2008 17:23:00

Would you believe a Sam Harris double and Cisse in one day. Sorry for Villa fans though crowing one week and having to eat it the next.As for Spuds their excuse is, oh sorry they haven't got one. Early days yet, but without playing a game moved out of the relegation zone, things are looking up again, the suns come out.Buy a lottery ticket its a rollover.
Buzz Lightyear
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23/08/2008 17:36:00

Shouldn't crow really - got a couple of Spuds in my fantasy team. Samaras scores a brace in the SPL against .. erm ... against ... Falkirk! I always end up rowing with Sweat Socks over Sammy Harris, so ..... no comment!
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23/08/2008 17:49:00

And Biamchi has gone to continue his goal scoring feats with Torino.
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23/08/2008 21:04:00

Maybe Ramos Now ready to pay 10 million for annexation Corluka !
city 81
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23/08/2008 21:30:00

Ramos only offered £5m for him City 81. Through reading the latest papers, it seems that he was willing to let him go if he could find a replacement, he could not so that why he blocked the move.
Buzz Lightyear
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24/08/2008 03:35:00

From a fan of one club with barely-concealed issues at board level to fans of another, I come in peace. I'm LFC fan by the way, just wanted to know what City fans thought of Riera? I never saw the guy when he was with you, that I can remember, so with all due respect I'm not expecting miracles if he joins (it's very rare these days that we sign a player that I haven't heard a thing about) but it would be nice to get a relatively unbiased first-hand opinion of him if anyone here at VitalCity can oblige?
Report Abuse
24/08/2008 05:52:00

Well, Naoise, I think he's a sound player. Definitely got good control and a good first touch, can cross a ball but lacking a little in pace. He's scored some crackers in Spain. In all honesty, if he was still with us, our side would have more balance. It's a shame he didn't get a longer run with the Blues. How much are LFC paying for him?
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
24/08/2008 08:19:00

JB The talk is about £12-15m which I think is about twice as much as what he is worth.
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24/08/2008 08:47:00

Naoise, When he was with us he not play in his place, becouse there was Musampa & The duration was short , Becouse that we can say if he good player or not.
city 81
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24/08/2008 09:01:00

Absolutely city 81. Musapma's presence meant he didn't get the run he needed in the side.
Johnny Baguette
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24/08/2008 10:02:00

but he did lack pace required for the Prem as you point out JB, he had talent and I liked him. We just could not afford him at that time and I think he was going for £2m. certainly not worth the money they are asking now, but they all think that if you have a billionaire owner that means you will pay ott prices for players.
Buzz Lightyear
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24/08/2008 12:43:00

We've offered 10mill and the Toffees have offered 12mill I hear. Well, thank you all for your responses. He sounds better than I expected, but a lack of pace is a worry - we need speed down the wings, even at the expense of a little but of quality. Thanks again.
Report Abuse
24/08/2008 14:55:00

Albert Riera was first class for City in his loan spell, and it was a complete mystery for me as to why Pearce didn't sign him up (he was up for £3.5m at the time). Instead he sent him back to Spain and got Musampa for the following season on loan, who, with the exception of a few games at the back end, was a big girl's blouse. Strong opinion I know but it still sticks in my throat three years later. Sermon over ha ha!
Report Abuse
24/08/2008 14:56:00

Doctor TS at CoMS this afternoon after all!
Report Abuse
24/08/2008 14:57:00

I met somebody who lived in Thailand for a while. He told me that actually Thaksin is very popular with the Thai public. In fact, he's still loved by many and remembered as a good ruler. It was just the military that removed him.
Report Abuse
24/08/2008 20:36:00


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