Manchester City - A Message To Chelsea Fans
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A Message To Chelsea Fans

Manchester City lost against Chelsea. Well done Chelsea fans, you all seem to think you`re back on top of the world, and nothing can stop you.

Think again. The game itself was very good, both teams had chances to score, and I admit Chelsea had the majority. However I must have spoken to several Chelsea fans since the game and they seem to think Abramovich has managed to get something over on "that guy from the desert".

Can I remind you, Man City is still owned by Thaksin Shinawatra, even though the takeover is set to be completed by early next week? Furthermore Chelsea has spent around 300 million pounds, more than Man City on players. So to compare Chelsea to Manchester City, at this stage is absolutely ridiculous. Chelsea may have won "This battle of the cash", but Manchester City has the financial backing to overtake them.

"Money doesn`t buy you everything" another Chelsea fan stated. Well that`s a tad hypocritical don`t you think? I had nothing against Chelsea, or their fans until the day jealousy began to poison their minds. I apologise to any half decent Chelsea fan, because this message does only go out to those who can`t see that Chelsea should have beaten us.

To all Chelsea fans, I ask you to watch Manchester City over the next years. You may have won the battle, but City will win the war!

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The journalist

Writer: amcollinz Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday September 13 2008

Time: 10:53PM

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Right on Aaron. City are not trying to "outspend" Chelsea. In fact they are the most profligate club in history. Also their yout development is a sham. Almost none of their FA Youth Cup Final team were English, let alone local lads. We won the FA Youth Cup with an Academy side. In the senior side our first team has an average age of about 23. Chelsea's is about 28. How many Academy players played for Chelsea today? None. How many played for City? SWP, Richards, Ireland, Sturridge. And Johnson would have played if fit. Chelsea is yesterday's team. City is the future.
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13/09/2008 23:53:00

Sinbad....complete b*ll*cks. Terry is a Chelsea academy player. Chelsea have 5 current England u21 and u19 internationals . There are 12 professional teams in London vying for the same pool of local lads....There are two in Manchester. Chelsea qualified for champions league and had won 5 trophies in 7 years prior to Abramovich taking over. I have not heard one Chelsea fan bemoan Citehs new found wealth, we have all welocomed it. You are a complete t*t on the other hand.
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14/09/2008 00:09:00

Robinho voted by you lot MOTM?! What about SWP?! Pathetic citeh fans..the fans who dress like Arab are even more pathetic..Obviously you enjoy the money and want your team built just as strong as Chelsea, admit that, nothing to shame of...
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14/09/2008 01:11:00

Wow, the old adage - modest in victory, humble in defeat seems to have been forgotten by a couple here. It is true that Chelsea have spent more than you but what you have to remember is, that even though only one (?) of your signings was made based on the understanding of the Arab deal, you did spend over £50 million on just two players this Summer. I've nothing against City at all - nor to any team spending money. Chelsea were the better team today but I don't mind admitting being more worried about this game than any other so far this season in the build up (I know we've only had 4!).
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14/09/2008 01:34:00

Please could you confirm the average age of the team which played at Eastlands yesterday? Perhaps you could then lecture me on how important youth is to the future of Chelsea football?
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14/09/2008 05:09:00

The_Legend_Of_Zola. Could you confirm you are a West Ham united fan?
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14/09/2008 05:14:00

Whitewall the poplation of London is 7.1 million the population of manchester is 439000, you have far more prople to choose from but can name only one academy player, theothers you stole from west ham
Buzz Lightyear
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14/09/2008 05:26:00

Whitewall is clearly an expert on the history of football Academies. He says Chelsea had one player from their "Academy" on display yesterday at Eastlands. I will research further. It may be that Chelsea are a Paragon of youth development. It may be that London youth know exactly where to go to carve out a career in football -- at Chelsea. Whitewall, how many London youth were in your team which got beaten by Man City in the last FA Youth Cup?
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14/09/2008 05:27:00

Votings not over yet LeeF. I agree with you SWP was my MOM and yes we do want a team as strong and with as much quality as yours, but it will take time and hopefully a lot less money than Roman has spent on Chelsea and also around the young home grown players we have in the squad.
Buzz Lightyear
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14/09/2008 05:29:00

The_Legend_Of_Zola, of course Chelsea were the better team today and I admit that Robinho would have fitted into your team very well and would have been a star along side your others. I also suspect that both JO and Robinho our £50m buys in the summer were not Sparkys choices, but have been bought for him. That is the best Chelsea have played for a long time, most teams are quite content to hold out for a draw, we went for a win and it didn't come off, but the signs are there for us, we can only get better especially when our key players are fit. I hope you win the Premier, but City will win more games than they lose.
Buzz Lightyear
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14/09/2008 05:38:00

Whitewall seems full of questions; but no answers...
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14/09/2008 05:40:00

Buzz, you are far too gentle on these southern shandy drinkers... If we had Martin Petrov today we would have given them a good hiding.
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14/09/2008 05:44:00

Agree Sindbad we missed both Petrov and Johnson, they managed to pull Ireland and SWP inside then exploited the wings, can't take anything from Chelsea, but when Robinho scored I bet there were a few hearts beating. I would have loved to have played them in 10 games time, rather than now. Unfair comments regarding our money, when we have not had chance to spend it and even less time to work with the players that we have. I hope that Chelsea don't get carried away with todays result, we are not part of the top elite just yet, but in time we will get there. I also think that we opened them up alarmingly and if the finishing had been better it could have been a far different result even without Petrov.
Buzz Lightyear
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14/09/2008 05:53:00

it doesn't matter how you dress it up - you were outplayed and it'll take you five years to get anywhere near where we are, did you not marvel at our passing, our movement off the ball and our class? Plus, in five years time we'll have moved on to another level! But all the best anyway, prefer you lot to the Salford retards anyday!
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14/09/2008 10:36:00

"This battle of the cash", but Manchester City has the financial backing to overtake them.'' As I've already said, your ''financial backing'' won't bring you far, because big players don't consider you worthy of them! Look at Ronaldinho. ''the day jealousy began to poison their minds.'' good joke, man, honestly, nobody is jealous of your pathetic club. Actually, I feel kind of sorry for you bunch of ignorants. ''You may have won the battle, but City will win the war!'' That the most ridiculous parts of this article! It made me ***** myself laughing! Because this is a standard slogan of a loser. That's like when the athletes at the olympic games say that it was not about winning but about participating or some bull***** like that! And finally: ''you`re back on top of the world'' Don't wanna sound arrogant, but we already were at top of the world - in contrast to you!
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14/09/2008 11:12:00

I am really looking forward to the moment when citeh fans realise they are not capable of attracting big names in spite of sufficient funds:):):)
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14/09/2008 11:16:00

I must admit that was the best Chelsea performance I have seen at our place for many a year which makes a change from nicking it by one (sometimes a penalty) goal against the run of play. As Buzz says pity we weren't a few games in with our new players. Can't wait for the return match when with a bit of luck we cam play Petrov, Elano Bojinov and Johnson with Jo, Robinho etc.
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14/09/2008 11:23:00

Message for Honest Oliver ...were you on the 12-1 for Robinho to score the first goal ???
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14/09/2008 11:26:00

Whitewall, wasn't there only one English lad representing Chelsea in the FA Youth Cup Final against us and he was born abroad? I may have been misinformed. I thought Weasel Kenyon and co had bought Cheslki's youth players in from around the world.
Johnny Baguette
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14/09/2008 12:07:00

F**K you Chelsey you ****, We managed to attract Robinho, someone that Chelsea failed to get that says alot! We will win the war and take you to hell!
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14/09/2008 12:17:00

chelsey...Are you sure your not a Manure fan YOU CERTAINLY SOUND LIKE IT !!!
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14/09/2008 12:49:00

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14/09/2008 15:19:00

first off: We should beat you ? there's never any easy away games in the EPL and even before you got SWP and Robinwho going to your stadium getting the 3 points is not an easy task. However we played a solid game and were by far, the better team! I don't doubt that with your new financial you will establish yourselves amongst the top 6 within a couple of years. But what you fail to realize is that Chelsea didn't buy all the superstars in the world when Roman came along. JM was and is a genius and bought good players but also a group of players that fitted into his philosophy and somehow we started playing such good football that it looked like the players had been playing together for years. Pick Carvalho as an example.. he was not a superstar when he came from Porto to chelsea but look at him today. He is prolly the best CB in the world. At least top 3. You day you gonna buy Ronaldo, Torres, Kaka, Drogba.. and the list goes on.. But what your towel head owner don't realize is that not everything can be bought.. If you think that in 2 years time you will have a team containing 11 super stars you are deadly wrong. I'm pretty sure most people are laughing at you rather than fearing you. I'm one of em. You got Robinho because he wanted out of Madrid and he cried like a girl so he just had to get out. Next time bringen in a "super star" won't be that easy. I have not said anything negative about city before but when I read this I get provoked. "We won the Battle but You'll win the war ?? sounds like something taken out of a star trek episode or something.. I can assure you That Man *****y won't be celebrating trophies for a long time.. And btw.. What did Robinho do other than hetting that lucky goal ? he was crap! As I see it your best player is Shaun and considering he was our leftovers I'd say you guys have an awful long way to go before winning "the war" Good luck :)
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14/09/2008 15:51:00

mfsfcthriller - ''we managed to attract Robinho..'' the only thing you managed to do is to be dumb enough to pay that stupid fee for him! Robinho would haver never chosen your joke of a club if Real let him go to a top club. But Real did not want to sell to a big, competetitive club, which is why they sold to you! Think about it..Ah and by the way, Ronaldo said he would NEVER consider joining up with you, regardless of the amount of cash you are ready to splash..He'll not be the only one, you'll see..
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14/09/2008 16:00:00

''We will win the war and take you to hell!''..ooohh..that's so cute...the more you say things like that the more i feel sorry for you citeh really think you can win the prem league and play in the champions league, don't you?..gonna be a hard time when you find out that you can't..
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14/09/2008 16:02:00

Rune3k - ''I'm pretty sure most people are laughing at you rather than fearing you'' I couldn't put it better myself! That's EXACTLY the same impression I've got over the course of the last couple of days! I haven't met or spoken with a single person who would consider man city a threat..neither now nor in 5 years! And they are talking about a war, ridiculous, they aren't even considered being in a war! A war between City and Chelsea would be like a war between Georgia and Russia...
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14/09/2008 16:06:00

I'm backing out of this one because it's just getting silly now. But I wish City luck for the season. I am sure it'll be a good one for you.
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14/09/2008 16:13:00

Good grief. It's getting too close to the tragi-comedy that is Rivals on this thread for comfort. Voice of reason from Zola. Cheers mate. You have a world class side and we know what we have to aspire to. The timing of this game could well prove to be the making of our season. Give those rags a tonking.
Johnny Baguette
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14/09/2008 16:29:00

we missed petrov yesterday,he was a huge loss in my view.
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14/09/2008 16:55:00

Many have tried to spend big money on clubs, despite that few have succeeded. Money in itself is absolutely no guarantee of greatness. Chelsea had a good team when Roman came int o the picture. Man City has a very good youth group and now they are getting money. It is more up to the manager and the club management to take the club to the next step. Personally I hope that Man City can take that step, much rather them than the red club. But money alone will never make it. I think City will be better when the group have had time to gel and players like Bojinov is back. Which is good because I hope they will help us by taking points from the red ones. Best of luck, but the step to the top is not easy and it is absolutely not only a question of funds and money.
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14/09/2008 17:27:00

Chelsey your just a very bitter person, jealous! I don't want Ronaldo at City ever but wouldn't mind Messi!
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14/09/2008 17:42:00

Chelsey, you sound like a two year old who has just had his dummy taken away! Lindy just about sums it up, the route to the top is not just a question of money. However, if the money is in place, the route will be found, the big four have already proved that. It is definitely not a question of if, only when. And the big four had better start getting their heads around it. However, there are plenty more Billionaires where this one came from, all of them with money to invest now that their oil wells are drying up. We'll all be owned by oligarghs and sheiks one day, so the big four won't even exist any more. I am hoping a Sheik has his eye on a very nice little club on the south coast where the sun is always shining at this very moment! Play up Pompey! And good luck to ManC - you deserve it after all you've been through. Take no notice of the knockers - they're only jealous!
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14/09/2008 20:06:00

sindbad, There were eight English lads in the team, there are 18 out of 24 in the academy overall ( my son being one of them) As I have tried to explain patiently the way the FA catchment areas work means that a lot of our players aren't from Lonon they are from the surrounding counties. Yes we also have some overseas players too but not nearly as many as you think. You others goading me about average age and young English lads that you've seem to have already forgotten that you started this nonsense because your new owners are going to buy all those young English boys, Ronaldo, Kaka, Fabregas, Essien and Van Nistlroy....obviously you aren't going to let them play as you have enough English talent. Remind me how many Chelsea players were in the team that beat Croatia? How many City.....I used to respect your club....
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14/09/2008 21:01:00

Whitewall. You wouldn't know what an Academy was if it fell on your head. Man City's Academy is the best in the country and Jim Cassell is the best Academy manager the UK has ever had. Your team is full of high-earners ekeing out the ends of their career. The biggest insult to City is to say we are the new Chelsea.
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15/09/2008 00:02:00

THIS is what happens if you have an Academy: "City’s Under 18 side swept to victory when they put nine past Middlesbrough on Saturday. The Blues made the long trip to Teesside worthwhile by winning 9-2. Robbie Mak bagged four, Alex Nimely-Tchuimeni scored twice, Abdi Ibrahim scored from the spot, Jack Redshaw got one and the other was an own goal."
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15/09/2008 00:12:00

it's city just started .....accept it or not .money can do everything. in winter ...maybe we will have some of your players chill see. be aware city is getting there
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15/09/2008 03:57:00

Whitewall, I hope your son succeeds, but I doubt wether he will get the chance to get into the Chelsea first team. Who was the last player to emerge from your academy into the first team. He would stand a better chance if he played for City. We have had to make the academy stronger because of the likes of the Top 4 when they need a player they go out and buy one.Clubs likle City could not do that, but when we get a player who is showing promise, the first to come calling are the big four, because they are incapable of producing their own. I like Chelsea they play good football and with Big Phil, they have started to play even more attractive football, but don't say that money wont buy you success, because it did for you and I for one was not jealous of Chelsea but glad that there was another team to challenge the bullies of this league and a few of my friends support Chelsea but none are as arrogant as some contributors to this Manhester City page in recent weeks and this all because of Dr Al-Fahim, doing a Big Mal Allison in telling what they were going to do in the future, but if you look at most of the comments from the true city fan, 90% just wanted to keep faith with the youth policy and build a better team over time. I am sure that Mark Hughes will do just that and I am also sure that if you gave us £32m the last person on our list woould have been Robinho, we have other positions where we are weak that needed filling first.City will be there in time.
Buzz Lightyear
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15/09/2008 08:23:00

Wow !!! I can't ever remember such vitriol from Chelsea fans when we have played them in the past. They must be getting REALLY WORRIED. Just wait until three or four other Premiership teams get taken over they won't know which way to turn and who to criticize next. I wonder if they will turn to their Academy when there overage players collect their pensions.
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15/09/2008 08:58:00

They really have a 'bee in their bonnet' haven't they?
Report Abuse
15/09/2008 09:17:00

Just wondered, now you have all this money, are you going to pay for your ground?
Double Deco
Report Abuse
15/09/2008 09:39:00

We should be able to buy the council house at discount just like all the other tenants, how come we have to do our own decorating when others get the council to do it for them?
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
15/09/2008 10:32:00

Double Deco As you should know in these credit crunch times everyone is turning to the rental market as a better option we are no exception.
Report Abuse
15/09/2008 11:41:00

lets be civil about this. you are on the up and up, and we'll look forward to seeing your squad at the bridge. best of luck and hopefully we'll compete for trophies in the coming seasons.
forza chelski
Report Abuse
15/09/2008 17:13:00

Why are we fighting, we should be kindred spirits here (and trust me boys, if you actually do start to win stuff, you will need a friend!). Good luck to you I say and I do mean that but I think this slight reality check will do you no harm. Handled properly, this money can make Citeh a force in world football. BUT, it will not happen overnight and there are no guarantees that it will happen at all. I'm not sure that the likes of Robinho and Ronaldo are the way to go (Brazilians with massive talent but with definite problems in the head), you need a balance. Both of us have wonderful academies of which we should be proud and both made the Youth Cup final last year. Congratulations to citeh for edging it but come on, it was like "my Dad's bigger than your Dad" on here earlier! Anyway, you are mistaken if you think many of your kids will now break into the 1st team, no matter how good they are. The more money you have, the harder it is to justify the 'gamble' on a youngster rather than splashing the cash on someone with a pedigree and track record who is, therefore, much more likely to hit the ground running and be a success. You will attract glory hunters too and it is they who tend to be the mouthy ones, not the fans who have been through the hard times and trust me, Citeh do not have a monopoly on tough times. I remember not so long ago when Chelse awere within a single Clive Walker goal away from the old 3rd Division, Bates bought us for £1 and £1m of debt and we fought tooth and nail for years to save our ground when the bull dozers were literally parked outside and players weren't getting paid! One step at a time boys - biggest team in Manchester, that's the first aim, so just hang on and enjoy the ride and maybe we can enjoy it together, what do you say?!
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15/09/2008 20:04:00


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