Manchester City - Love Is Why Robinho Plays For Man City, Not Money!
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Love Is Why Robinho Plays For Man City, Not Money!

Robinho`s transfer shook the premiership upside down, when he swapped sunny Spain for cloudy England. Many reporters suggested his move was based on money. A reported £160,000 a week is a huge amount of money, but his fellow samba star Elano has issued a statement regarding Robinho and his move to Manchester.

"He is not like that, he plays for the love, not for the money,' Elano is quoted by the Daily Mail.

Robinho may have only played 3 games, but he has already shown his willingness and determination to prove his love for football, if he can do that and pick up a £160,000 wage per week, then its money well spent.

Another question poised by football fans outside of Manchester City, state that nobody else will come to Man City. I find this ridiculous, as anyone who cant see the plans and the degree of investments the new owners are bringing to the club, should really think again. I predict the Robinho Deal to be the first of many, as the deal will trigger a domino effect. Players will se Robinho playing day in, day out, and will grab headlines almost every week. Who wouldn`t want to play for a team with Robinho on the wing?

Mark Hughes already believes Robinho will be value for money, and I for one agree.

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The journalist

Writer: amcollinz Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday September 23 2008

Time: 6:21PM

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On the back of this signing, Sheikh Mansour and Chairman Maburak's declarations that City's future and developing squad will be youth focused and Academy based are very welcome. One in the eye for all the bandwaggoners accusing City of being the new Cheslki. They have already rubbished the hysteria fed by the likes of @sehole Whinger that City will be making a ridiculous amount of unbelievable money signings.
Johnny Baguette
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23/09/2008 18:32:00

*********! and im not a bitter pompey fan after you spanked us :-) he wanted to sign for chelski just days before you signed him... i have no doubt he will, if he hasnt already, grown ro love you but the fact he wanted premier league football and the £160,000 probably swayed him your way!
good luck to you tho guys!
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23/09/2008 19:04:00

Plus the vision of what's to come pompeycarpet! He is the first to join the revolution and, coupled with the academic conveyor belt (which will keep on rolling!), there will be others that follow his path. He wants to play football and he wants to feel appreciated. At City, he will get both!
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23/09/2008 19:28:00

Sorry mate, of course I meant pompeyrug. What is it with you Portsmouth fans and floor coverings??? LOL
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23/09/2008 19:31:00

I bet he is sure glad he signed for us because if he had gone to Chelski he would have been out of the frying pan and into the fire not knowing from one week to another whether he would be playing or not. With us he is will be playing for one of the top teams in the world and guaranteed superstar status. Just think we might have signed Berbatov, perish the thought.
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23/09/2008 19:31:00

Elano is as truthful as you can get. When he was taking all the headlines last season he made it clear his Brazilian international colleague were amazed at the number of goals he was scoring, and how well he was scoring them. He let all of us know he was actually not a Brazilian prodigy. he shared with us that his role with Brazil was actually defensive midfield or even right back. When he was Sven's best attacking option. And when he talks about Robinho I think he is being just as honest once more. Robinho is a phenomenon, sure. One who can do things with a football which can defy the best defenders in the world, can change a game in a millisecond and create magic in a moment. But the truth is this. He is 24, he loves his baby son so much that every time he scores he uses a tribute to his son to celebrate. He is more like average Joe than most top football stars -- and I happen to think almost all the negotiation was through agents and truly he cannot believe the money any more than other Prem players or fans can. He wanted to leave Real because they were planning to replace him with Manure's Ronaldo. To someone with Robinho's heart and talent that was unacceptable. He is showing his new loyalties in the best way he can, by playing his heart out. Manure's Ronaldo is this week once again linked with prostitutes in the media. Robinho is in a different league.
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23/09/2008 19:39:00

i guess if you keep repeatring the headline to yourself long enough you'll start to believe it :-)
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23/09/2008 19:41:00

Welcome back Merlin the closet City fan! Touch jealous are we?
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23/09/2008 19:45:00

pompeyrug, Real Madrid make the price 40 million who want the player and we who paid, There was not any club paid the amount requested .
city 81
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23/09/2008 20:24:00

Well merlin I guess you really must be getting worried !!!
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23/09/2008 20:59:00

just for you oliverblue i think I will make an apearance... I doubt that when he joined he was thinking about playing for love - but with all things, after about two weeks, you can't imagine being anywhere else! (either that, or you hate the place, and wish you never came... but that's unlikely!). Yes, I am jelous of you guys - but at the same time, wish you the best of luck... although if your going to knock anyone out of the top 4, make sure it isn't arsenal...
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23/09/2008 21:23:00

Who wouldn`t want to play for a team with Robinho on the wing?Yes yes it seems that there is only one player in the world & that is robinho.LOL Who wouldn`t want to play for a team with Ronaldo on the wing?That sounds much better,LOL He is not like that, he plays for the love, not for the money we all know that by now not only City Fans & Players got sense we also get some. PLZ alphieblues WHAT CITY HAS DONE so that we need to be worried?U maximum will be another big challenger that's a long way to go.U have to play well on the field its NOT MONEY who will be playing.Just signing big players not make a team that easily.Look at spurs. TO THE WRITER> Football fans outside of Manchester City, state that nobody else will come to Man City who said that?? We all said about the Big Names that all came to press.Honestly U have nothing to give except MONEY for players like KAKA,C.RONALDO,FABREGAS,TORRES though already many of them said a big no.But u will attract star players not super stars just the way CHELSEA did couple of yeras ago.
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23/09/2008 21:36:00

And for those who r comparing Chelsea with City just go back & look at our results.We were constantly finishing in TOP 6 even breaking through top 4.Year before Roman Took over we already was in UCL.That's said that we were something at that time & yes romans money transform us to some special thing.WEe have attracted players like Gullit,Zola,Stein,Desaily,Di Mateo and so on.
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23/09/2008 21:40:00

Sindbad talking about prostitutes or showing affection for his baby boy doesn't make any sense that he doesn't play for money.Oh Common grow up how can a world class player will join a mid table team after crying so much for playing another top team??If he from the first time said I love City I want to go there before the takeover then I wiouldagree completely with that article.
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23/09/2008 21:46:00

Saimon_blues you have joined merlin as a very worried man !!!
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23/09/2008 22:11:00

it was well reported at the time that chelsea's offer had been refused through their own arrogance of selling robinho shirts well before any deal had been struck.
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23/09/2008 22:28:00

They never believed that anyone else would come in for Robinho and were caught with their pants down.
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23/09/2008 23:57:00

It is amazing how many fans of Chelsea (correct me if I am wrong; maybe you support Birmingham, Saimon) now want to come to the Vital Manchester City area to make their views known. Personally I dont contribute to another club's area because I come here to talk about Manchester City. I am a City fan and want to talk about City. Chelsea are a club who bought their success. Prior to that the only good things you had were Venables (thanks to Sealey), Osgood and West Ham's Zola. City have a history and a future. Shaun Wright-Phillips is -- to use the words from the website, the "Architect of victory." Oh, what's the point in trying to communicate with you -- you're only here to try to cause trouble. City will cross the bridge and take the points later this season. Chelsea will soon be tasting our dust.....
Report Abuse
24/09/2008 00:04:00

Manchester City FC Future: Official site of MCFC's new owners with a message to fans from Sheikh Mansour:
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
24/09/2008 07:56:00

The only time I contribute to another supporters web site is when I have something nice to say.It would not occur to me to go and complain or to brag about a win. I was glad when Roman Abramovich took over at Chelsea because it meant that the stranglehold that the gooners and the Rags had over the Premier was going to be broken. I feel for Pompey fans, their team is not a bad one and we certainly were on the end of some real good thumpings last season. Of course Robinho joined City for the money, but he would have joined Chelsea if they had matched the asking price, they didn't and I presume he wasn't going to play for Chelsea for nothing.We all like to be liked and Robinho is no different.Sinbads has some excellent points about this matter and as JB shows us that the message from the HH Sheikh Mansour also shows that he too was embarrassed by the bragging of Dr Al Fahim and I am sure we are all grateful that he is not part of the City new Boardroom.Yes we are the richest club on the planet but I for one will not be turning into an arrogant fan and that if other clubs are bought out by people with lots of money, I will wish them the best.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
24/09/2008 09:20:00

Samba City - He just loves to play football
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
24/09/2008 17:57:00

We're here because we're excited for you Sinbad (genuinely), though short sighted and frankly ignorant opinions such as those you have just expressed will soon change all that and make you as disliked as us, moreso if you do actually manage to win anything more than a youth cup.
Report Abuse
24/09/2008 19:16:00

Now then, what I came to say was that I think Robinho has had a rough press. I don't particularly warm to him, despite his obvious and enormous talent, I think he is arrogant and insecure and am in no doubt that he will be off as soon as it suits him or a better offer comes along (if that is now possible). Can't stand the thumb sucking thing either trivially! BUT... I don't see what he did wrong by moving to City! The money was nice of course and given the choice, he may well have plumped for the highest salary but therein lies my point - I don't think he was given that choice! Madrid never accepted an offer from Chelsea, so Robinho's only options were to stay put or move to City. Given how things had panned out (partly, but not entirely, his own fault), staying at Madrid was a non-starter so he really did have no choice at all. Given that, I don't suppose it was too hard for him to talk himself into it and why not? What a wonderful opportunity to be in at the beginning on something hugely exciting and who knows where that might lead! Not to a Champions League trophy for a while perhaps but it is going to be one Hell of a ride at Middle Eastlands (again, not taking the mick, I've always quite liked being called Chelski and hope you lot take your own puns in good spirit!) so why not go along and enjoy it - good luck to him and to all of you (apart from Sindbad!)!
Report Abuse
24/09/2008 19:26:00

Ohh and 4v2 =]
Report Abuse
24/09/2008 21:44:00

Im a Aston Villa fan and im not jelouse of you guys 1bit. 1st, say u dont make into Uefa? whos gonna wonnt play for you guys? 2nd, Nobody likes to sell player's in Jan so Unlucky. 3rd I dont think C.R well join you guys like he said, he loves to be in all white,, Real,M well get him, 4th good luck anyways =]
Report Abuse
24/09/2008 21:44:00

Get used to Brighton last night boys, you are now one of the teams everyone desperately wants to beat. Not all plain sailing, is it?!
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 12:53:00

u guys should face reality. rome wasnt built in a day. even chelsea had a foundation with wich they attracted players. make sure u do something to get into europe again or else....
Report Abuse
27/09/2008 16:02:00

Waddya mean, even Chelsea?!!!
Report Abuse
28/09/2008 21:58:00

I would imagine the £160,000 wage per week was an incentive !
Report Abuse
23/10/2008 00:01:00


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