Manchester City - Taggart and Whinger's City Obsession
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Taggart and Whinger's City Obsession

Sir Alex Taggart and Arsehole Whinger are devoting plenty of their time to one subject in their interviews and press conferences. It's Manchester City...

Taggart and Whinger are obviously deeply rattled by recent developments at Eastlands. So much so that they are droaning out soundbytes about The Blues on a weekly basis. The fact that they devote so much time to us is hilarious enough in itself, but it's the absolute ignorance within their moans that are the most stunning.

Sir Bacon Chops has clearly been frustrated by the calm outlook of Khaldoon Al Mubarak, City's new Chairman who backed by our owner Sheikh Mansour has made it clear that City's future will be youth based with heavy focus on the brilliant MCFC Academy. The intent is to build a team steadily. These carefully co-ordianted statements dismissed the media hysteria that had City buying 18 superstars etc ad nauseam.

So, right on the back of our by now traditional League cup exit to lower league opposition, up pops Taggart in an attempt to get the hacks stoked up and drooling over City's wealth again. He's certainly succeeded when you read the lazy rag biased copy being pumped out of 'The Street of Shame*' today.

Reading some of the drivel, you'd be forgiven for thinking Brighton didn't beat a team including the hapless likes of Felipe Caicedo and Michael Ball, but a team of galacticos.


'It's all very well having all the money but you can't buy everyone. It was proved in the summer. There are no guarantees. You can buy 11 individuals - you can buy 11 Robinhos but it wouldn't be a team would it?

'The art of management is building a team with balance, with certain characteristics that blend with each other - that's the most important thing.'

- Has somebody read him the Sheikh's open letter to City's fans?? He rambles on..

'Mark Hughes will be faced with that situation having all this money and wondering what to do with it, and that can put you under a bit of additional pressure.'

- Dear oh dear. Anyone would think the rags are paupers, even though massively in debt!

Then there's Arsenal's Whinger. He's even gone to the lengths of addressing Arsenal's official magazine over Manchester City on the back of his dreary interviews about City tapping up players they haven't even tapped up:

'I don't know why these people are in there. It doesn't look like they are there to make money, so if they are not there to make money out of football then are they buying it out of love? 'Well, I'm not sure these people are supporters of Manchester City from a young age, so then comes a further question - why are they doing it? Why have they bought the club? - and I can't find a rational answer.'

Gobsmacking nonsense of course coming from a manager who regularly fields no Englishmen in his teams and who has obviously forgotten those teams play at the 'Emirates' stadium!

Taggart and Whinger, Manchester City are the wealthiest football club on the planet. Learn to live with it.

* Copyright Private Eye

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday September 25 2008

Time: 11:15AM

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Isn't it a wonderful feeling that for forty years they haven't given us a mention they must be REALLY worried that someone is going to rock them out of their comfort zone. And before all the knockers come on saying it will be a one season wonder had better think again the structure is in place now for a sustained challenge to all and sundry.
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25/09/2008 11:25:00

Wealthiest club on the planet you may be, but whilst our 16 year olds were tonking some seasoned pro's you lot were losing to Brighton. I understand that you City fans have spent a long time without something to cheer about, but what Wenger says is correct, why are they here if it's not to have fun with a football team. I don't blame you for being happy at your current situation ..... but in the long term, Arsenal are a far better run football club and will last longer as we are self sufficient.
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25/09/2008 11:43:00

Rocky7..If you are that confident why do you keep coming on here if we are nothing to worry about. That says it all doesn't it.
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25/09/2008 11:51:00

Spot on alph. And for the record, to date, the new owner's have bought one player, Robhino.
Johnny Baguette
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25/09/2008 11:55:00

Rocky7. City's Academy has kept our club alive for the past 2 decades. 10 years ago we were playing in the third division and our local youth lads dug us out. City's Academy have made "self sufficiency" an "art form" as Sir Pizza Face would no doubt pontificate.
Johnny Baguette
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25/09/2008 12:02:00

agree with you Alphie,The clubs who thought it was a comfort zone each season have started to realise that it may not be a foregone conclusion that they will be in the top 4 next season. Why don't they write to the Owner and complain instead of chirping on here about it.We would still be here supporting our team whatever the circumstances.
Buzz Lightyear
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25/09/2008 12:12:00

I have to chuckle when I hear about Arsenal's wonderkids! Vella was bought for £2.5m, Ramsay for £5m and Walcott was £10m, like many others no doubt. Sure you guys have a geat worldwide scouting system Rocky7, but half of them are signings, so to me, that hardly consistutes a youth policy. City won the youth cup last season with a bunch of skinhead Mancunian lads, that would give their right arm to play for City! I doubt whether Fabianski, Song, Vella, Perez, Bendtner, etc can say that about who they play for! With that in mind, I'd say that WE are the most sustainable football club. Still, it's nice to know you are concerned enough to pay us a visit!
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25/09/2008 12:13:00

........ and I cant even be a**ed talking about Whiskey Nose's comments!
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 12:15:00

Double Spot on, Buzz and oliverblue.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 12:19:00

Oliverblue, please could you re-email me? My orange Spam filter was ruthless last night and I lost your message.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 12:20:00

Just done it my friend!
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25/09/2008 12:34:00

Well received oliverblue. Meanwhile, Have you seen that Whinger is challenging Chelski for the signing of another homegrown youngster? The 14 yr old Spanish kid Gerard Deulofeu. If Arsenal carry on buying in youth players from around the globe, they might make the FA Youth Cup Final following Chelski's international example.
Johnny Baguette
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25/09/2008 12:39:00

Wasn't he an French actor? I think he was in Green Card and The Man in The Iron Mask! They'll need interpreters not coaches at that rate!
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25/09/2008 12:47:00

The truth is of course that Manchester City is not the richest club on the planet. It is a football club which has recently been bought for £200M to £210M dependent on what you read. The person who has bought the club, however, is one of the richest people in the world who has a very extensive investment portfolio. Manchester City is one of his many private investments. He may well go on to buy other football clubs, who knows? He may decide to upgrade his yacht this week or buy a new suit for £20,000. Maybe he'll buy another sports club in Spain or Portugal, Brazil or anywhere for that matter. Or a baseball or basketball club. But that does not make Manchester City the richest football club in England -- let alone the world. The new owner has defined his strategy in clear and concise letters to the fans and in The Times. He is going through extensive consultation with the City management team to agree the way ahead. He wants to make Manchester City into a club which can compete in the Champions League in the future (a couple of years maybe) and he wants to challenge for the Premiership title. That is why the UK's richest club (in terms of value, turnover, annual profits, squad size, fanbase etc) is so miffed. Their manager does not want another club chasing the quality players , forcing the prices up and making life irksome for him. Taggart personally set the precedent for spiralling transfer costs when he went for Ferdinand, Rooney, Hargreaves, Veron, Forlan etc. His team has been bolstered by massive spending, exceeded in the UK only by Chelsea. He does not want City competing at the highest level in the UK and he is prepared to say almost anything in the Press to try to stir up confusion and acrimony. Wenger then joins in because he has the same basic interests as Ferguson in keeping City away from the trophies. Likewise he is prepared to say almost anything to the Press to keep the pot bubbling. Ferguson knows he is talking rubbish. He has to because the truth is far more frightening. Why? Because with loyal fans, the best British young manager, the UKs best Academy and a plan to develop Eastlands -- he can see the danger of City winning trophies and beating his precious team. But please, City fans, lets not get dragged in to believing his trash about City being the richest club. It is rubbish.
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25/09/2008 12:56:00

Citeh fans are getting as bad as Newcastle United. I cant belive even one of you doesnt think thsi will all go tits-up, the money men will start getting involved in the management, the manager will get *****ed off and leave, fans will revolt against boeard.sound familiar? So many mid-table sides such as yourself have had these false hopes oblitarated, which ironically has ended up setting you back in development. Why cant you just do it like teams such as Villa? Theres a dignity there, shared by the likes of Arsenal and ourselves...we have worked our way to the top, unlike you and the rentboys down south. Also, I have to laught at teh notion you think Robinho is going to stay with you past this year. Are you having a laugh? The lad is doing a Carlos Tevez/ Mascherano on you and you cant even see year he will demand a move to a proper team, and then you will be left lickign your wounds....again. Oh, and by the way we only coe on this *****hole of a site because your ever-growing list of Manutd/Arsenal related articles appear on Newsnow. Now take your superiority complex and shove it up your arse, you aint doen nought yet!
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25/09/2008 13:04:00

Good grief. Guess what rag4life? This article didn't feature on Newsnow today due to an ongoing technical problem, so what's your excuse?! Never thought I'd see rags and gooners holding hands over City and a shared "dignity." Neither did I realise that everything was so cosy at the swamp. How come Taggart hasn't bought Quasimodo Tevez from his owner's yet, seeing as you've mentioned him? As for "Why cant you just do it like teams such as Villa?" Well Villa if they stay as they are will never be a threat to you and The Glazer's will they? You've been following too much of Taggarts ignorant advice. He's been buying players for 30 million quid with regularity and seems to have forgotten. Rattled. That's you lot, that is.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 13:27:00

He's just checking us out JB because next season his name will be city4life (or chelski4life!). Not even wasting time replying to his garbled, mis-spelt nonsense, as it is typcial diarrhoea you'd expect from a Rag! Uneducated, ignorant little runt.
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 13:39:00

Shouln't that read unitedlowlife !!!
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25/09/2008 13:58:00

didn't wenger say you guys had a very good chance at making the CL??? you're flippin idiots. and if you haven't questioned the new owners motives then you are potentially retarded...anyway stop writing sissy articles and get used to the added attention... get used to it
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 14:27:00

Marvellous stuff! This is quite a learning curve and we haven't even done anything yet!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 14:42:00

thanks for registraring united4life you are now an offical city fan on this site, and remember keep taking the tablets they are doing you good, the Doctor you are under told you so.Don't worry about your dummy on the floor your mam will pick it up later and put back where it belongs.
Buzz Lightyear
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25/09/2008 14:51:00

More Taggart wisdom revealed on Sporting Life. This time he's clearly responding to a question from the rags official magazine who ask will rags be drawn to supporting City now. Any unbelievable question ordinarily, but understandable considering so many rags throughout the world have a habit of switching club allegiances. "I think that supporting football clubs is an inherent thing, you normally follow the team that your father or your grandfather followed, that's the normal pattern. That loyalty remains all your life and it applies to fans of clubs up and down the country, big or small. What you're brought up with, it stays with you, and that's what supporting a team means. I don't think any 13-year-olds will be jumping ship because City have got a load of money!"
Johnny Baguette
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25/09/2008 15:28:00

united4lie >>> Now this is the correct.
city 81
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25/09/2008 17:18:00

Lol, city 81!
Johnny Baguette
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25/09/2008 17:40:00

There's a very gtood article over at sportingo: "Stop goading Manchester City, Ferguson - and worry about Manchester United's lame start Sir Alex has been pontificating on his billionaire neighbours, saying money can't buy success – should Mark Hughes just ignore the old stir merchant?" Written by a Thomas Rooney (no relation) the article shows how Ferguson's carping could well backfire on him. It's here:
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25/09/2008 17:44:00

lol City 81. agree JB, I could not change my allegience if I tried, those that do, only supported that club in name but without the heart and passion that comes with the contract until you die.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 17:45:00

So many manure fans are good time charleys that you can see why taggart is so worried. Also I heard on Talk Sport today that a new survey has proven that of all Premiership clubs, manure fans live furthest away from their home ground. I'd like to see more on that, but I was driving and missed who it was who did the survey...
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 17:54:00

JB,BL, :))
city 81
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 18:20:00

"Stop goading Manchester City, Ferguson - and worry about Manchester United's lame start" :
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 19:10:00

Does Whisky nose believe that the fans that come from far and wide to The Swamp are born and bred Mancunians with southern accents.
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 19:22:00

Enjoying it.Woh! After some time carry on!To CITY FANS: Plz don't be arrogant.Wealthiest Club isn't the tag which u should feel proud.If u have guds win Trophies & say WE WIN T5HIS.REAL MADRID is the best club of the 20 th century not bcoz of money bcoz of silverwares.By the way I really hope CHELSEA LEGEND mr. Hughes can keep his head cool with so much money & some of ur hypo... fans around him.Wish City all the best.SKY is the limit & the sky is BLUE but its not City its CHELSEA.Glad that Mr. scolari has more important things rather than concentrating on City like those two....All the best once again.
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 19:57:00

nice to see it's you and not us who are the subject of their attention - Wenger will remark you're parking a tank on the lawn soon and firing tenners like he did with us!
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 20:36:00

LOL Merlin! Don't worry about us becoming arrogant, Saimon Blues. So many supporters across football talk in purely money terms these days it's depressing enough. The richest club, planet etc is merely a wind up to get soem punting going with the rags and it worked! We were playing Wycombe this time 10 years ago, so we know what it's like to have next to nothing going for you. The reporting surrounding the Brighton game was lazy. We've been in that league too.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
26/09/2008 08:05:00

The Rags are very worried about the Brazilian Blues. They are already the second best supported side in Manchester and their "Good Time Charley" fan base can't be relied to be as loyal as many sides. This is because few of them actually live locally to their stadium. The latest surveys show this very well. 64% of City fans are local to Eastlands, only 20% of Manure fans are local to Old Trafford. Results: Hull City 88%; Stoke City 85%; Wigan Athletic 80%; Newcastle Utd 77%; Middlesbrough 76%; Aston Villa 73%; Fulham 73%; Sunderland 67%; West Brom 67%; West Ham 66%; Blackburn 65%; Man City 64%; Portsmouth 63%; Bolton 57%; Everton 55%; Arsenal 53%; Chelsea 49%; Liverpool 22%; Man Utd 20%.
Report Abuse
27/09/2008 20:16:00

I suppose it makes a change from Ferguson and Wenger commenting on Chelsea.
Report Abuse
23/10/2008 00:12:00


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