Manchester City - City 0-3 Forest: Full Match Post Mortem
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City 0-3 Forest: Full Match Post Mortem

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What on earth happened at the City of Manchester City today? Tell us what you think in our full match post mortem.

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Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday January 3 2009

Time: 5:45PM

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We sent in Hughesy to destroy your club. I see everything is going as planned.....
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03/01/2009 17:57:00

City callers on Talk Sport, and I mean every single one want Mark Hughes to go. Do you agree, coz I bloody well do. As ForeverUnited said, he's a rag and is doing what he can to destroy our club.
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03/01/2009 18:00:00

as i said in the item you kindly published on this website hughes should have gone after the drop into the relegation zone, we have been an embarassement(more than normal) under his 'guidance ship,and for any one who says who can we get into replace him/who would come to city.does it really matter who we get as im sure virtually any semi decent manager could get better performances than this dopey git.phil brown showed more passion in a three minute on the pitch half time bollocking of his hull team than mark huges has in his whole time in charge.feel free to discuss!!! im going to take some aspirin and lie down for a while!
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03/01/2009 18:09:00 this the SURPRISE Gary Cook was talking about!
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03/01/2009 18:10:00

Hey, Fu, Sparky's ours.. Keep your hands off him! :D
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03/01/2009 18:12:00

I think some of you are overreacting a bit here guys. take this from a Rovers fan - we went on a ten match winless run in Nov/Dec last season and got knocked out of the FA Cup 4-1 by Coventry at home. We finished 7th in May... just some food for thought.
Mikey D
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03/01/2009 18:42:00

JT_daniel - Sorry but with over 250 appearances for us, he's a red thru and thru. But seriously though, were you this bad when you didnt have all this money to spend? The money has gone to your players' heads and in a very bad way obviously.
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03/01/2009 18:49:00

Sorry. Mike, but you achieved nothing under Hughes and what you have just typed underlines our concerns. I wasn't aware of that statistic. He has resources at City who have gone backwards since the Thai's did for Svennis. This isn't a acase of some of us either. I have yet to encounter a comment from a Blue either by text or across the net who can justify Hughes' staying on.
Johnny Baguette
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03/01/2009 18:50:00

Keep on keeping on City. I am off out now and looking forward to having a drink in th enext 30 mins with my Reddish blue mates. See ya in the Grey Horse, I'll be the one with a smile.
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03/01/2009 19:27:00

Achieved nothing? Trophies wise - no your absolutely correct but only a lack of funds prevented that, hence the slump. But in three/four years he got us to 4 cup semis, to Europe twice and has left us in a good state (which Ince almost ruined). With a meagre budget (at Rovers) that he had at his disposal, he did well. Letting him go would be a big mistake on your clubs part my friend.
Mikey D
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03/01/2009 19:41:00

Well here's the first pro Hughes comment then. Fact - we have been on the slide since last january, culminating in the 8-1 at Boro. Fact - Hughes' signings have been, for the most part, the best players on the pitch. Jo was not a Hughes signing, TBH was, but our chief scout has been sacked over that one. Fact -Our two best players this season , Rob & Ireland were not there today and it showed. My point is that MH cannot be expected to make a silk purse out of the sow's ear he inherited. I'd rather look at today's result as the watershed moment - at least 4-5 of the players that appeared today will probably never be seen in a blue shirt again - Vassell, Ball, Elano, Jo, Fernandes - they are all rubbish and I am confident will be gone by the end of January. To sack Hughes now, after he has identified his transfer targets and opened negotiations with players would be utter madness. Blame the garbage on the pitch not the manager!
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03/01/2009 19:42:00

P.S. The poll doesn't leave a lot of room for pro-Hughes sentiment now does it? How about an option of "summarily execute half the team"?
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03/01/2009 19:44:00

What on earth happened today?
will it ever happen
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03/01/2009 19:48:00

nice balanced point of view that fifth column good work mate.
Mikey D
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03/01/2009 20:05:00

Have to agree with everything fithcolumnblue has to say. I im totally gutted with this result and you have to lay a lot of the blame at the feet of the players on the pitch, the same players that prob know their days are numbered. If there is an upside it has to be that we can now move forward with any new signings this month and with no cup distractions move up the league. Its time to stick with the manager and move forward into a new era together as one. CTID
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03/01/2009 20:20:00

This is in support of Hughes. Everyone who reads my dramatic and sometimes I admit theatrical posts know I have hardly given Hughes my backing as I think he is inadequate/frustrating in so many ways. I went to the game today with my brother and the team was diabolical. However, though I think Hughes should have been handed his hat as early as the derby and certainly before the transfer window opened, I feel we have to retain him now to the end of the season unless we drop further in the league. It is obvious to me after today that there is a core of players at our club who basically do not give a damn about us and are more than happy to pick up 50k a week to not put in a tackle or any real effort against a poor team. There is a cancer and I know it is controversial but I think it is Mr I do not like training or working hard, show me the pub Dunne. The man who wanted the players to strike over SGE sacking. We should use this window to pull in at least 10 international first team players now and I will list them if you like and ship out the following 12 month wasters either on loan or permanently: Vassell, Benjani, Schmeichel, Dunne, TBH, Ball, Berti, Mills, Castillo, Hamann, Elano, Logan (loan), Fernandez (loan), Etuhu (loan), Evans (loan), Caicedo (loan) Richards (benched), Hart (benched), They should all be fined a weeks wages and the money spread between the fans. I have rarely been so sad and disappointed in the team. This has to be the final humiliation. True quality doesn't really need managing a prime example of that was Rykaard at Barcelona, a manager with more deficiencies than Hughes but was given a magnificent team that managed themselves until they started infighting and imploding. That shower today has to go and I say that completely calmly. Thank god we have the Arab petrodollar to rebuild the team from scratch bec in my humble opininon things are that bad when we need players that we could not have dreamed of last season to help us beat Forest.
City Girl
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03/01/2009 20:45:00

Money is going to have to talk then, Blues and I fear we could be disappointed. January is notorious for big clubs not releasing top quality players. Furthermore, clear outs of relatively small squads such as this pile of crap rarely happen. For Vassell, Ball, Elano, Jo and Fernandes all to leave, then 10 players are required to ensure coverage in addressing the lack of strength in depth Hughes contends with. I believe he is also dealing with a mutiny at this stage. What we must not forget is that while signing are sought we have Portsmouth, Wigan, Newcastle and Stoke to contend with and the nucleus of this *****poor squad will have to play them. Our relegation battle must be staved off quickly before the UEFA campaign recommences. That leaves little or no time to blood and gel new players. I appreciate the support for the manager here. I am desperate for him to succeed but 13 wins out of 33, five of which came against Streymur, Midgetland and Omonia is an indefensable statistic. The players who got a second chance after failing Sven might get a third if Hughes goes but either way, we are in a gamble situation with no quick fix guaranteed.
Johnny Baguette
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03/01/2009 21:15:00

Im never suprised or upset when city lose anymore. Expect portsmouth to beat us next week. Shouldnt make a difference as most fans, the board and ADUG are happy with the "progress" we are making under hughes..... one convincing win every five games seems to enough for most people.
enzo city
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03/01/2009 21:16:00

Podolski is available, Adriano is available and Cambiasso is available. 3 players that would turn our season around.
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03/01/2009 21:17:00

Would you expect their impact and understanding with each other and the rest of the team to be immediate, eightsin? 'Cos that's what we need!
Johnny Baguette
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03/01/2009 21:24:00

Ok in defence of Hughes,who i still rate as one of the best young managers around,you always had a potential banana skin today,revitalised Forest with every player out to impress the new boss,against a weakened City side who thought it would be a cakewalk.Changing Boss at this stage of the season would be pointless,you'd probably have a surge for the first few games then resort to previous form.Take it from me as a Spurs fan,who's seen so many changes in management mid season it'd make your head spin,and all we've done is go backwards.You have 60 million to spend,Hughes will sort out the teams balance,you're options up front are poor,you're backs are under-performing,just give the guy a full season at least to set it right.
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03/01/2009 21:47:00

City Girl i thought Dunne was a confirmed teetotaler now?
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03/01/2009 21:50:00

Johnny Baguette enzo you are right though I do not think most fans want Hughes to stay now. I just do not want a bunch of championship standard players putting on a City shirt anymore and calling the tune at our Club bec they want an easy life in training. One of the many mistakes Hughes has made is not blooding any of our Youth Cup winning team bar Sturridge who played with heart and no little skill to out play and beat a far superiour on paper Chelsea team. What he was thinking loaning a 19yo NIreland international left back to his welsh mate is beyond me when we play a washed up joke like Ball. Surely they cannot be worse than the lazy shower that turned up today and so many times last year. Lets face it everyone is available at the right undisclosed fee and salary. Fulham were virtually putting Hangeland and Bullard on the market this morning saying they could not possibly turn down a good offer. They would both be at COMs Sun pm if it was down to me to replace 2 of the usual suspects. They will do a job for us and be great squad players when we get top notch signings. As for gelling, how long did it take Wright Phillips and Robinho to blend. Top players play well everywhere they go if you play them in their natural position, explain their role and what you want them to do game by game. It is their ability to align this intelligence with skill that makes them so expensive. Lets face it they do it all the time at international level. Though you are right it is a risk but is it bigger than keeping substandard lazy ineffective bad blood in the team. CoxintheBox: Dunne teetotaler? well he is if Tottenham want to sign him.
City Girl
Report Abuse
03/01/2009 22:49:00

thiught he was CityGirl,if not call me suitably chastised!
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04/01/2009 00:04:00

After the initial reaction that it was actually all Hughes Fault, The players have to look at themselves this morning and the ones that weren't trying know who they are. If Sparky was in any doubt as to who he should keep and who should go, they gave him a big clue yesterday.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
04/01/2009 05:08:00

It baffles me that everyone is defending hughes right to splash the cash to solve citys problems. A manager should be judged on his team building, tactics and planning. All of which hughes is failing terribly. If a managers solutions to the problem is spend, spend, spend - then isnt that a admision that he isnt good enough? Have we now got a cheque book manager? Forget what he did at blackburn and how little he had to spend (david moyes achieves alot than hughes at everto ) we are dealing with the here and are a shambles. And i see no improvement. Ramos won throphies galore at seville, league cup at spurs and still was put to sword because of his poor performance. Hughes hasnt won anything... maclaren, oneil and redknapp all won cups at small club. So where the tag "best young manager around" comes from, i dont know. He isnt! I not to bothered were out the FA cup, but our league formis worrying, we should be 6th-10th in the league and 70million was spent in the summer. Yet we are happy with a relegation struggle and clueless decisions he makes week in, week out. The players have performed poorly, but its a regularly occurance this season. Hughes isnt able to gell the squard in any way and when we win, i reckon it is inspite of him. Not because of him. The task of managing city is way to big for hughes and he should resign. He is more suited to stoke, blackburn, wigan and portsmouth. Less pressure, full of nice scandinvians, bread and butter english players and no spot light on him. City is difficult task, with opinionated foreigners, high expectations and pressure. He plays fernandes left wing? richards left back? swp centre midfield? The list is endless. Hes an idot! Its simple - BIG title winning players + BIG titles winning manager = throphies. We are looooooooooooaded, we can get a top manager. They are fighting themselves to join city, even with our crappy league position. Rykard and hiddink are availble NOW, a vest improvement to dumb and dumber (hughes) Not Laudrup, just one season at getafe - no throphies and since he joined spartak moscow havent produced good results since his arrival. Hughes is better than him and that aint saying much. Why we are allowing hughes to ride city into oblivion is so frustation. "Give him time" they say... See you all in division one then.
enzo city
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04/01/2009 07:04:00

Hughes underlines that there will be no quick fix: "We know the areas of the squad we have to strengthen and we will try to do that," Hughes said. "It is not going to happen in this window, or even two or three. We need more time."
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
04/01/2009 08:37:00

however bad yesterday was......this is NOT the time to change a manager......anyone new would just not have enough time in this window to do any good.....I think MH will be judged by the owners at the end of the season.....and if he has not turned City round by April...then they will get rid of him.....
Report Abuse
04/01/2009 09:13:00

Well, lincoln, much as his record is increasingly absymal and with the large number of his team signalling either their discontent with him or Manchester City, there is little that can be done save for to spend money. A day on from that absolute disgrace, I'm reminding myself that there are very few what I would term "football people" running the club which concerns me in this crisis. I can't think where to begin as regards facing Pompey with what we have now but I would certainly consider Dunne's captaincy position regardless of rumours that he has fallen out with Hughes. We're going to need a few days to get our heads around all this.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
04/01/2009 11:42:00

Anyone got over the feeling of humiliation yet? I know I haven't. The final result I can live with, just,, it was our lack lustre performance which has really got my heckles up.
Report Abuse
04/01/2009 14:37:00

Things could get worse at Fratton next Saturday!!
Report Abuse
04/01/2009 21:04:00

Well, I really enjoyed my trip to Eastlands along with my nipper - think the ground is fantastic, but you have a team of individuals that play for themselves, not for each other. Too many over-paid prima-donnas, that quite frankly should have battered the collection of kids that we put out - I was hoping pre-match that we kept it down to single figures. Thanks for the day out, that is said without sarcasm & good luck!
Our Kids Dad
Report Abuse
06/01/2009 15:28:00


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