Manchester City - Man City Open Talks For Kaka
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Man City Open Talks For Kaka

Skysports have announced that Manchester City have opened talks with AC Milan over the possible transfer of Kaka.

Keep glued to this site for every change in this possible transfer.

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The journalist

Writer: amcollinz Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 13 2009

Time: 10:26PM

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go on citeh take over manchester nice to see the blue side have all the players rather than utd, i bet you get a lot of glory supporters leaving the reds for you now!
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13/01/2009 23:26:00

Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for that to happen boros_finest. Then you get a situation where you're second in the League and you see people calling for the manager to be sacked! Ridiculous as that is.
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14/01/2009 00:54:00

I'll happily put up with a few glory hunters if it means having to put up with some glory!
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14/01/2009 01:50:00

Sheikh darling, any chance of Messi? ok, I know I am being greedy now lol!. If the Sheikh wants Kaka, who am I to question him if it makes him happy. I just hope he builds a team around him and Robinho or, we will continue to be a laughing stock with some of the journeyman jokers Hughes has been trying to sign and we already have in the first team. It's hard to comprehend anything more incongruous (even for City) than being linked with the over priced, vastly overrated vulgar troublemaking thug like Bellamy with a devout Born Again Christian, 2008 World Player of the Year Kaka. Just a thought, as we are utilizing super agent Kia Joorabchian for the Kaka negotiations, I wonder if we could use his contacts for more pressing requirements in defence and def midfield. 1 signing in 14 days and COMS has undersoil heating tick tock tick tock
City Girl
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14/01/2009 02:50:00

Ok the excitement of it all is getting to me now! This is a link to vote for the transfer of Kaka to City on Berlusconis (AC Milan owner) mediaset tv/media website ..Vote Si the top option! 46% agreeing to sell to City for 100M when I voted.
City Girl
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14/01/2009 06:37:00

count of vote now stands at 53%........ I wonder how many City fans have voted on
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14/01/2009 08:03:00

Lincolnblue - must confess that I've turned my cookies off and voted about 6 times. I know it won't make any difference, but it makes me feel good!
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14/01/2009 08:13:00

if the figures been circ. for this young man r correct i not only find it disgusting but unfair to the likes of stevie ireland and swpwho have been the bedrock of this team so far this season of kaka i have seen him this season few times and not been that impressed so please lets get the money right as we know not all brasillians r world beaters
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14/01/2009 08:42:00

Cityboy56 Kaka was World Player of the Year last year so he is no mug and he is only 26. He isn't Messi and never will be but, in his position he is at least as good as the showpony is in his. He is a winner. They are all on fortunes compared to us and even now at 22yo Steven Ireland is a millionaire (who has prob played less than 30 good games for City to date despite us bigging him up for finally delivering). So I am not sure the word unfair is that accurate a descriptor of his position at City and compared to Kaka. It is not our money or footballs. It is a multi billionaires cash who has decided by sheer good fortune and Dr Thaksins negotiating skills to invest in our City. I for one will not be complaining about this gift horse as I intend to enjoy every moment of this wether it comes off or not.
City Girl
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14/01/2009 09:09:00

But you're so poor defensively and you go in for another attacker? And the kind of money being talked about is just disgraceful for ONE player! If he has any sense, which I'm sure he does he'll make the right choice!
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14/01/2009 10:05:00

And you already have Ireland who's been fantastic!
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14/01/2009 10:15:00

I dont want to come across as jealous(being an arsenal fan), but if you end up buying the very best players for well over the odds, does that not take away something from winning the trophies you are bound to win. I know Chelsea have done the same thing and that was bad enough. The money that your guy is flashing means clubs cant even turn bids down as he has no limits on funds. I understand that City have not had much success, but isnt it all a bit too easy and cheap this way?
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14/01/2009 10:16:00

Tudor said before two weeks ago and anyone not believe him about KaKa !!
city 81
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14/01/2009 10:50:00

Paulownz thanks Paul for your comments. It is always nice to read the views of fans from other clubs. I can only say that it seems unfair to single out Chelsea. Man Utd have consistently bought the Premiership by smashing transfer records and salary ceilings since the Premierships inception and your club cannot exactly claim the moral highground either with waving money under the noses of parents of foreign schoolboys to stop them signing professional contracts for the clubs that discovered them and trained them. At least we are offering to pay a fair high fee for a player and their is nothing morally bankrupt about that. If you wanted fairness then your club and Utd should have considered that when you voted for the setting up of the EPL to get a bigger slice of tv rights at the expense of the whole English game and then threatened to stab the EPL in the back by setting up a European Super League if you did not get your way with the destruction of the European Cup to the Champions League. This ensured an income stream that makes it impossible for any club to compete with teams that qualify for it on a consistent basis without outside investment. It turned the EPL into a 4 team cartel and even Aston Villa can only compete with the aid of a US millionaire. If you are worried about greed and unfairness I am afraid both Arsenal and Utd need to look closer to home bec City never was given a vote in any of these financial carve ups and both are far worse for the game and competitiveness than anything City can do by buying a few players.
City Girl
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14/01/2009 10:58:00

City Girl - Real Madrid have spent more money on transfers than ANY other club in Europe but thats okay because they are successful on the pitch! Its the SAME with us. We earn the money, why should we leave it sitting there? I don't mind competitiveness but not at such ridiculous prices! FIFA and UEFA will most definitely step in if this transfer does in fact go through!
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14/01/2009 11:05:00

You haven't earned your money, you're just doing a Chelsea but on a much larger scale and thats why this is raising a few eyebrows.
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14/01/2009 11:08:00

How come nobody has ever "stepped in" when the rags were splashing out record fees on the likes of Camel Gob using borrowed money, then?
Johnny Baguette
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14/01/2009 11:24:00

Everyone seems to forget that Jack Walker bought the Premiership title for Blackburn. We are not doing anything different and also we have one odf the best Academy's in the country what a learning curve for these youngsters when the top players arrive.
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14/01/2009 11:30:00

City Girl we didn't spend like u in Chelsea yes we spent.But if u are honest then surely you can see all our signings were stars not Super Stars like you.Drogba,Essien,Cech,Gallas,Carvalho were no Messi neither kaka when they were sugned.To be honest you all may jump in sky & even get a quick trophies like us but eventually you will fall very badly just like us.Because you are not giving any Manager to build his team your owners keep eyeing High profile players.You will have success with them but short term.look at ManU the best & stable club in EPL why? Because SAF managed A to Z of that club.That's why they had won so many titles & will continue to win.
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14/01/2009 11:34:00

I am understanding & feeling this you will probably but within next 2-3 years.
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14/01/2009 11:36:00

Did you earn all of the money you spend every year or have you raised a lot by debt and does it matter either way, not to me to be honest. Our owner has earned his money and does not buy through loans like most clubs. How do you know what our income stream is now that we have no debt to finance. If we get a 100M shirt sponsorship is that not earned? Lets face it, I take it is ok for Arsenal to take a 100M off Emirates for their stadium. Is that classed as income or a handout and therefore not quite right in the eyes of the party of 4 lol. As for Real Madrid, I think you need to improve your knowledge of Spanish football and politics. Real never really earned the money they initially spent on the galacticos through their successse as you put it. In fact they are over 500M in debt now. They sold their training ground to the Madrid regional governement which used EU grant money (oh yes) to pay an inflated price for it. An extremely shady deal to prop them up and keep them in business when they would have gone bust without it. Then the Spanish federation paid for their new training ground. So in fact, we have all payed for some of their signings out of our taxes. How fair does that feel to you now? Yes I am afraid the closer I look at the clubs who have spent over the years the more it could raise my eyebrows. Oh to cheer you up all the more, I heard that our owner will be reducing ticket prices next season and would have done it this had the season tickets not already been sold when he bought the club. Now that is what I call an owner that is good for football. I believe the only thing that is raising a few eyebrows amongst some clubs is that the days of a cushy carve up of English football could be over in the next 2 to 4 years and things will never be the same again. Progress, was in not always thus.
City Girl
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14/01/2009 11:42:00,19528,11679_4791488,00.html
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14/01/2009 11:45:00

Arsenal signed a deal with Emirates were both parties gained. Emirates get advertisment on every Shirt, Match, etc etc. Also Kaka has said no, so thats the end of that one.
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14/01/2009 14:11:00

its just like watching brazil...anything that city can do to upstage Manure then im all for it
fran merida
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14/01/2009 14:17:00

Kaka said no. Sorry to end your party fellas, but thats it. I very much doubted he'll come, he's not interested in money! He already earns like millions in Milan..
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14/01/2009 14:27:00

City Girl. Brilliant. .... paul_ownz, I take it there is no point in coming for Fabregas then in the summer?
Buzz Lightyear
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14/01/2009 14:37:00

I think he would only leave for spain. But if you want to offer 100 million for him, then feel free to.
Report Abuse
14/01/2009 14:57:00

we have done, but he needs to toip up his tan until the summer. I hope you get Arshavin.
Buzz Lightyear
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14/01/2009 15:04:00

But of course you wont be paying ott for him, thats not the gooners style is it?
Buzz Lightyear
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14/01/2009 15:04:00

No. The gunners style is to offer as little as possible waiting till the last day of the transfer window to save a few million. Then the transfer window comes and goes with no signing, we wont be held to ransom. Instead the money we pour in to the club goes in to a masive bank to sit there until it rots
Report Abuse
14/01/2009 16:22:00

No one has raised any money by debt or borrowed any money to make any transfers. We have our transfer funds and we have the funds we are using to comfortbaly pay off the loan. If we weren't comfortably paying everything off, we couldnt have afforded Berbatov. There's a reason why we're still the most valauble football club in the world! But just to try and challenge in the EPL by even thinking about spending such ridiculous amounts of money is just stupid and a mockery of the game!
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14/01/2009 18:00:00

ForeverUnited - in a word, wrong. The financial structure of Manchester United is completely financed through gearing. Glazer did not and does not have the money required to actually pay for Manchester United. In fact, it is perfectly conceivable that United could find itself with very little notice, owned by hedge fund businesses in America, who would quite happily short the business side of United. Your debt is manageable, in that the interest is payable. However, there is a massive difference between that and being "debt free". On the transfer issue: a sum of somewhere in the region of 250 million is secured against the assets of the club. It is that money that is used for transfer dealings. That entire process is based on debt. So if you're going to criticise, at least be sure you understand properly first.
Report Abuse
14/01/2009 18:25:00

One door shuts another door opens or is it shut. Kaka says it is up to Milan if they want to sell as he sees his future there if he doesn't hear different. If they don't agree to sell him he would be happy to stay and capt Milan one day as he is happy there (he has a contract to 2013). So he has not turned us down at all but put the ball in Milans court which is the correct and honourable way to behave when under contract. We have not tapped him up (as most teams would) and are doing everything in accordance with the rules negotiating up front with Milan to get permission to approach the player by offering a fair transfer fee and he has confirmed this. Milans owner is the Prime Minister of Italy and a billionaire in his own right (which is how they paid for Gullit, Van Basten, Rykaard etc and started their climb from many years of obscurity to where they are now). Another example to City of how it can be done. I doubt Berlusconi needs 100M but it sure has made him think lol. What an exciting day! Roll on the next one. There will be no raining on this parade. I can't stop smiling. I am sure a few top managers were downing the valium today lol. To think what we had to dream and hope for just 3 years ago or even last week. Signing or not, wow what a great day thanks to the ambition of our owner Sheikh Mansour. I am sure a man with his ambition for City has only just started. Have a really great evening City fans and anyone else that wishes us well.
City Girl
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14/01/2009 18:36:00

What we need now are PLAYERS that have the ambition to match the Sheikh's vision
Report Abuse
14/01/2009 19:02:00

relegation would spice things up
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 00:42:00

Lord have mercy, paul! I'm sure Mr. Hughes has considered our defence in all this and that relegation will be safely avoided. Surely...
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 06:59:00

hi johnny if we can get dunne and richards to click again im sure the defense will be fine just need a couple of class additions
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 08:36:00

To all you disalusioned city fans, you wont get Kaka and if you do he will leave by a clause in his contract for a pitance. Get serious, bellamy is about all who wants to go to city and even then there second choice to spurs.
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 21:24:00


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