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AC MILAN TV are reporting that they have received a bid for Kaka, and they are considering whether to accept the bid.

The Fee is reported to be around £110 million pounds.

I know this guy is good but £110 million pounds?

Still very exciting though.

Further news coming from the possible deal has now reached the media. Kaka has now been allowed to speak to Man City and his dad is expected to speak to the club soon.

This is really why i'm a City fan. The excitement is almost as thrilling as sex.

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The journalist

Writer: amcollinz Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 15 2009

Time: 7:00PM

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If we meet Kaka's conditions, this could happen, but will others follow?
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 19:30:00

Wow,I'm surprised someone who'd post a comment like that actually knows how to type.........
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15/01/2009 19:59:00

Arsenal_1 u daft racist I hope you get booted off here, no room in football for people like you. Say Kaka is really 'worth' 30-35 million. How much does it take to get a player like him, mid-season? At least 3 times his value. It would be the same with a player such as Bellamy, worth about 3 million, yet we have to pay more than 10 to get him (although I hope we don't). Its all about ratios to get these players who clubs want to keep. You know all about that at arsenal with your massive fees poaching youngsters at 15 and 16. Come on Kaka!
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 20:19:00

I have always had my doubts about the type of person who would support Arsenal but having read the above posting I am now in no doubt Please stay away from our site
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 20:22:00

1 arse you are a disgrace go forth and dont multiply....
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 20:39:00

£110 Million... Yes it’s a lot but to "play you got to pay" and he’s AC Milan’s best player so its compensation for losing their best asset!
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 21:30:00

Without the racism, this will ruin football.
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 21:30:00

gunnerkid you have to admit it will make the prem more interesting than the same 4 teams having all the spending power and having a monopoly on the top 4 every year. It might be a lot but we need to get the good players you lot have been hogging because of your champions league money and appeal for years.
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 21:56:00

"thrilling as sex" ... i say that on the basis its bin ages lol.
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 22:18:00

110m pounds sounds a lot... but you need to consider that our money is in abu dhabi so it is a different exchange rate.
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 22:38:00

I cant leave without saying something about "Arsenal_1_Best"- Your racist comment is disgusting.
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 22:43:00

Well hopefully we can make the derbies a bit more interesting! Its no fun losing to a poor team like yours but winning against your lot doesn't add any special thrills to my day. I mean..... you are no threat to our title or history but with a better team we can have more fun on derby days! I say good luck in getting him!
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 22:44:00

Darryl28, this deal will make AC Milan exponentially better than Man City. The reason for that irony is why this will ruin football.
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 22:45:00

If this deal goes trough it will be a sad day in football as far as I’m concerned. I’m not a jealous fan and would gladly welcome other teams competing with the “Big Four” but this is sad in my eyes. Why not just save your selves the trouble of barging with AC Milan and just buy the Premiership title from the FA? Yes of course you guys have the right to flex your finical powers now that you have money but THIS is pathetic. You can all complain that Arsenal, Liverpool and MANU have all recently spent stupid amounts of money but Arsenal invests its money on youngsters taking a gamble that they will come good for them and Liverpool and MANU have both won and created great teams over the course of the league prior to all the money making the premiership a well respected league. Villa is pushing the big four this year with a small but well invested squad and is team respected by the rest of the league and if get into the CL next it will be well deserved. We all no the none of these players come to your team cause they give a damn about your team or history but for the money, Robinho sure as hell didn’t come for your team. Even though I have always hated MANU I know that after this trade you will become my most hated team in the league and I’m sure I won’t be the only one. Thanks for making a joke out of the EPL and professional sports. Special thanks to Chelsea for starting joke.
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 01:16:00

Why you don’t buy AC Milan for 300m and then you will have all the players. Hehe . . And no , it wont ruin the game , it will make more competitive . Hull , Wigan is complaining , and it comes from clubs who play 11 in defence , so that’s ruining of football .
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 07:19:00

Arsenal_1_Best: What a disgrace you are to Arsenal fans. I don't know many Gooners who would start giving it that. You must be foaming every time your multi-racial side walk out on the park. Consider yourself banned later today.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 08:16:00

all this talk about City's money is going to ruin football, is really beginning to p**s me off now, every single team and their supporters would give anything to have the money we have behind us now....and no one can deny it.....!!!............yes it is a lot of money to pay for one player........but remember when Manure bought Ferdinand ( quite a few years ago now ) for 30 mil ( ish )....that figure was three times what clubs were paying for players at that time, and there was none of all of this sort of talk around what is the difference now......other than downright jealousy and envy...... ManUre bought most of the team they have ...... Chelsea bought most of the team they have.... now its our turn at City..... so get used to it.....!!!
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 08:31:00

you can say what you like, the money being thrown around here is obscene! there has to be a cap on spending. has a Villa fan I have to say what martin and randy have done at Villa makes me so very proud, 8 English players playing on a regular basis and in the top 4 and all 8 cost less than 45 mill, if I were a city fan I would feel sick right now, and your remarks LINCOLNBLUE, prove your lacking between the ears! I take it your between 12-16 yrs age............... p.s if your not keep it to yourself!........UP THE MIGHTY VILLA!
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 08:45:00
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 09:30:00

I think if i was in your shoes i would of gone after Messi Instead. Or bought Villa, Xavi and Defender for instance
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 10:11:00

AC Milan this is Dr Evil calling, we want Kaka and we will be willing to PAY..... ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS! um um! Dr Evil this is 2009, oh!. ... we want to buy Kaka and will be willing to PAY................. ONE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS!....... um um! Dr Evil, now your just being a c4ck!
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 11:07:00

I've seen some news today that Zimbabwe is printing a new 1 trillion dollar note. I counted the 0's and a trillion is 1 hundred million million, which is apparently what Sheik Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is worth in pounds. This means that the Kaka deal is worth 1 millionth of his money which will be going into football, albeit in Italy. It is not our money so why should anyone have a problem of how The Sheik wants to spend his money, and lets not forget the rags and others have been breking the transfer records on several occaisions to get the best players. Now its our turn so less of the jealousy from you big four fans (soon to become 5 or six if Villa join) and for the rest of you just hope and hope that one day your club will have some good luck for a change as ours did.
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 11:46:00

Jealousy, hypocrisy aside. Where is the sense of achievment?
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 12:19:00

Bet you havnt slept much these last few days lol seriously hope you guys get him. It shows that not every club in the prem is only aiming for 5th place every year. Time for a change in the prem me thinks. Wish we had a chairman with as much faith (and cash). Well i better get back to my own page to see if wev'e signed any bargin bin players yet : )
Report Abuse
16/01/2009 15:12:00


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