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The Gaffers Post Match Reaction

After a tale of two halves, it's a case of two differing views and moods as Hughesy and Harry go head to head at the microphones...

Mark Hughes:

Firstly on the penalty...

'The ref has made a really poor decision that has cost us the game and it's really disappointing. There have been games this season where we've not deserved to get anything, but that wasn't the case today.

'I've no idea why he's given it. It was a speculative ball into Shay Given's hands, never a clear-cut goalscoring opportunity. Maybe the angle the referee had made him appear closer to the ball than he was.

City's boss went on to reveal the extent of his frustration...

'That's the only excuse I can give him, because fundamentally that's a very poor decision. I banged on the ref's door as I went past! But I don't think there's any point trying to speak to him about it.'

And as the European door slams shut for next season he sums up the game...

'We would have loved to be back in Europe and that's obviously not going to be the case now.

'We were much better in the second half. First half we were tentative and allowed Spurs to dictate, so they had the momentum, but after the break we were a lot more positive and got back to 1-1.

'We were all pleased for Boji, it was important that he got back on the goalscoring trail and everbody saw what it meant to him. With three minutes to go, we felt we were the team most likely to score.'

Harry Redknapp:

The Spurs saviour summed up his view of the game rueing first half profligacy as City again sat to deep on the road...

'We should have come in well clear - we had some great opportunities, played some great football first-half - could have come in two or three up for sure.

'It never got started the second-half and we suddenly lost our rhythm, they came on stronger and then it was game on. They got a goal back and really we're struggling to get a grip of the game then but we got the penalty in the end - that sewed it up.'

And on that penalty...

'It looked a nailed on penalty to me - it looked like he climbed all over him.'

And with the door still ajar for Europe...

'We have got to go to Liverpool for a very tough game so you would have to see Fulham as red-hot favourites but wherever we finish, seventh or eighth now, will be a terrific achievement.'


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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday May 16 2009

Time: 7:08PM

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a tale of 2 halves?? yeh should have been out of sight at half time only for your best player given,if you and your manager think you was better than us for the whole of the second half then maybe your ambitions are the same as his and you wont get anywhere because that was a very very poor citeh team today and it wouldnt have made and difference even with robinho and swp playing either and even elano knew thats why he faked his injury to get away from the field because he knew how crap you are.
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16/05/2009 19:38:00

I banged on the ref's door as I went past! - should have told him he was a feckin disgrace!
Report Abuse
16/05/2009 19:42:00

i hope he didnt damage the door because we will ask for over inflated prices to replace it like clubs are getting for citeh players lol
Report Abuse
16/05/2009 19:53:00

The fact is city should have never been in this situation in the first place. We have enough quality and time to secure a uefa cup place weeks ago. Spurs were practically relegated in december, still managed to get to a cup final - west ham have overtaken us with a novice manager at the helm - fulham have been fantastic despite not spending 110million like hughes. City have got worse and MK seems immune from critism from everyone. If hughes is still in a job in the next five weeks, i will dreading next season. No matter how many millions we spend.
enzo city
Report Abuse
16/05/2009 21:00:00

Enjoy your 5 minutes of fun Spuds, you arnt going to Europe either. Old Bagpuss' claim of 'It looked a nailed on penalty to me' says that he should have gone to specsavers.
Report Abuse
16/05/2009 21:06:00

When its the other way round 8thsin the manager says I really didn't see it. According to all the experts aparts from thfcambs it was a harsh decision, but thats football and spuds deserved their win on the performance of the first half. Now we have to look forward to see who will come in the summer even though we don't have european football to offer.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
16/05/2009 22:15:00

Just seen the replay of the penalty, very very unlucky, more like 6 of one and a half dozen of the other, the ball was nowhere near the spuds player and the benefit should have gone to the defender. It is a pity Benhani wasted the chance of the match.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 07:21:00

and just to think Buzz Lightyear, it wasnt even a "spuds" player, but a man united player who won the game!
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 09:40:00

At least we have the Tottenham fans on here proving why they are like the "Rags lite" (TM). Crowing about yet another undeserved victory, with about as much grace as the manure fans. Half hoping that Spuds do make it into Europe next season, 56 odd games will knock the stuffing out of their squad and they'll be back in mid-table obscurity yet again.
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 09:42:00

lol fithcolumnblue....a little bitter are we this morning? "undeserved victory" ?....the game should of been dead and burried at the 30min mark....we laid seige to your goal with only given preventing an embarressing scorline for you!...get real man...we did you home and away AGAIN....10 wins in the last 11 for midtable obsurity please explain?...we have been in europe the last 3 seasons, 2 cup finals in 2 seasons, and last years carling cup...and next to villa and everton we are the only club who have pushed the big 4 the last 3 or 4 seasons.....thanks for the 6 points, and look foward to collecting another 6 next season as per usual!.....oh yeah, we wont because you will have kaka, messi, tevez, henry, ribery...LOL yeah right! more like another de jong, kompany, etc etc !!!
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 10:37:00 sum your club up...your going to get kaka,henry,eto'o,ribery...more like your club will stay as it is which is messi....who on earth would want to move to citeh even if you was a good team? they prefer to move to london and they always will because as kaka proved money cant buy you what you want especially with you mugs wanting to keep hughes but saying that hughes is your limit because no top class manager would want to move to your shower not a chance.
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 10:56:00

City will sign more quality players in the summer than spurs. Fact - deal with it. And on your second point - want top manager wouldnt want to join a club with UNLIMITED TRANSFER BUDGET.... What club in the wolrld has ever had UNLIMITED BUDGET?????? il type this again if u couldnt understand this thfccambs...UNLIMITED TRANSFER BUDGET!!!!! It would be like offering someone euro million 50mill lotto ticket - and that ididot turning it down. With a UNLIMITED TRANSFER BUDGET top clubs will consider big bids for their star players, it only take one star to come to citeh in the summer and more will follow. If boro could juninho and ravenelli in 1 summer - imagine what city can do????? Footballers all crave to live in chesire and not overcrowded london. U can sign the excellent stewart downing and glen johnson. Spurs will always be a feeder club for man utd and the near future we will be cherry picking your good players too. "Citeh" will be aiming higher for top class players and ofcourse major success in the future will be guaranteed (unlike spurs) with UNLIMITED TRANSFER BUDGET. U cant win major throphies with spurs LIMITED TRANSFER BUDGET. Ask chelsea
enzo city
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 11:20:00

enzo what will it feel like to have an unlimited transfer budger u cant spend? ala kaka! 100mil offered and you left empty handed LOL!!!! you really beleive the worlds best plyers are going to leave the likes of barcelona, madrid, ac milan, inter, man u , chelsea etc etc....for a team who are nowhere near the level of the clubs they already play for! your not even in the uefa cup let alone the champs league,your living in dreamland!....look whats happened to robinho! his career has gone backwards since he joined you! how many times has he scored this year?....its more *****e like de jong (who?) this summer for you!....QPR also have a multi billionaire, and they have as much chance of landing the like of messi as citeh do!
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 11:45:00

chelsea where a top 4 team when abromovich tookover......big difference.
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 11:46:00

Chelsea sign vialli and gullit - boro sign ravanelli and juninho - west ham sign tevez and mascherano - fulham sign van der saar - city sign anelka - bolton sign anelka?!?!?!?!? spurs sign klinsman..... big players do sign for clubs without uefa cupfootball. If a player had choice to joining tottenham or city - spurs wouldnt stand a chance now. We beat u for money and ambition. AC milan accepted citys bid and will do again if we choose to bid for kaka. Theirs no shame in trying to aquire the worlds best, after all robinho accepted the challenge, We have 4 months to buy players, we will probably bid for 10 world class players - and we will only probably just get two... two top players that spurs could only dream of.
enzo city
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 12:58:00

....not to mention the other 4 or 5 quality players we will be adding to our squad. Spurs should concentrate on their policy of buying young championship players for inflated prices and playing them in your reserves or buying barcelonas starlet dos santos and turning him into an ipswich standard player. The only diffrence between the two teams that u have a quality manager. Respect due to redknapp. Chelsea were in the top4 team when ambrovich spent 200million and won em the league.... Villa were top4 untill feb after spending 30million in the summer, but tailed of because there squad was too are a smililar situation as villa a year ago with more than 30mill to spend, more than 200million to spend, we probably have a billion to splash. Do the maths lillywhites101, wont be long till city are major force.
enzo city
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 13:08:00

"if a player had a choice of joining tottenham or city, spurs wouldnt stand a chance" god you are need to step back, and check yourself bro....i stand by what i said and we will see after the summer....robiniho was a a unique case, he called a press conference by himself without the clubs (madrid) permission and demanded to be released! he was a bad influence in their camp, and they released him! if hull had the money he would of gone there, if stoke had the money he would of gone there! i remember a journalist on the streets of rio asking people their opinions of the transfer when it happened, and they all just assumed he had joined manchester united...they had NEVER HEARD OF MANCHESTER CITY! you really think you will sign a "superstar" this summer? i would be amazed if it happened, unless its a "former" superstar, trading solely on his name....face facts enzo, after all the money already spent, last summer and in jan, you will finish the season 2 points ahead of will continue to spunk 17 mil on players like de jong (who?) and people like kaka, terry, etc etc will continue to laugh off intrest from you!....thanks for the six points again as per usual, you lot really are so kind to us every season! lol
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 13:51:00

oh yeah, and the fact mark hufhes has been assured by your chairman he will be manager next season just goes to show the true ambition of city!!!!....i can just imagine the worlds elite players having a chat about wanting to play for mark "united" hughes next season! it any wonder why city are seen as the comedy club of the prem!
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 13:58:00

yes we are laughing all the way to the Bank of Abu Dhabi.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 14:19:00

If city are laughing all the way to throphies in the near future, i dont care what jealous fans think. Id class newcastle and spurs more comedy worthy than city - look at spurs glourious list...(drunken players, santini in charge for a month, sacking jol disgracefully, dreadful start to the season, disgracing the uefa cup, transfer mastermind comoli wasting your transfer budget, stadium dislays, all your big players always beggin to leave to join united, sol campbell shafting u and going arsenal is the funniest) The list is endless... Good point lillywhites101 about hughes though, if we want to do big things soon, we need a big manager. I wouldnt be suprised if hes replaced - despite what hughes tell the press. But i fear he will stay on and that will be the equaliser for spurs, villa, fulham, everton next season. We will spend more than any club in the summer - i dont think hughes can lead us to glory. All banter aside - good luck against liverpool next week.
enzo city
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 14:26:00

If peolpe in rio didnt know who city were, then they surely wouldnt know who tottenham were. Or villa, fulham, bolton, everton etc. If a anyone from brazil is reading this and would like to know who tottenham fc are - simple - spurs are manchester uniteds feeder team. They have a unique partnership with manchester united that allows for all their top players to cry and beg to join united. Their are exceptions against the rule - sol campbell. I wont go into that though.... NEWSFLASH!!!!!! Adug are in talks to sign a feeder club agreement with spurs soon. Watch this space...
enzo city
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 14:41:00

enzo are you having a laugh? spurs comedy club? this is coming from the fan who supports a club that was owned by an on the run corrupt thai politician who had used to organize street parties around coms! LOL...we have a very healthy transfer budget that is ours! not some playboys money, you see spurs are a very wealthy club that generate their own revenue due to astute management of our club and a very good business plan...can city say the same? before the arabs you where on your knees...did you see the accounts that where published recently from when shinawatra was in charge! my god horrendous! and prior to him you where financially crippled aswell...if the arabs pulled out 2moro what would happen to city!....if you want to know how a club is run financially look at spurs, and if you dont take my word take the word of deloitte who say we are the best run club in the prem! with the best debt to assets ratio around! for our stadium plans, they are coming along very nicely thankyou, and work will commence shortly on our new world class stadium....tell me...are city still renting your stadium of the council! there is comedy factor!
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 14:48:00

Buying citys stadium would be the like 50pence to ADUG. So except an announcement on that soon. City are not owned by a playboy (khaldoon or even an abromovich type) We are owned by the ard sovereign atate by the royal family. They earn millions a minute through oil, funding city is like buying a pick n mix selection every week. We can cough and sneeze how much spurs have in the bank. The fact is Levy would sell spurs if he recieved a offer, hes been on record saying this. City were owned by an exiled thai poliction and had 50million debt. And were still deemed a better option to buy than spurs or any other club. The fact is burning at you lillywhites101, unlike your beloved rivals chelsea - you were overlooked again by a billionaire. Keep your sound finances (city are now debt free.... and filthy rich) and your seasonal 20 mill budget. Id rather be winning throphies like debt ridden united, liverpool and real madrid. I think u would love a city kit christmas lillywhites101?
enzo city
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 15:13:00

ha ha ha level of ignorance is really shameful! 20 mil annual budget?...i think you should look at what we were able to spend in the jan transfer window alone you moron!....also do a little research before you post...abromovich made a move for spurs before chelsea and was rebuffed...research it shouldn't take you that long....and what ever way you try dress it up you are just another club owned by a billionaire playboy who see's you as a toy! you had to sell because you where crippled financially....good luck trying to sign kaka again while he and the rest of us laugh at you!
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 15:52:00

City are owned by Abu Dhabi, the oil-rich Gulf state. ADUG. The Al-Nahyan family’s total holdings are said to be worth at least £26 billion. While ambrovich lost 4billion in the recession, we were maiking billions the recession. Wouldnt u like playboy owners like ADUG???? I sense that someone is seriously scared about city wealth... Someone who spends most his time on a city fans forum than a spurs "fans" forum. A secret city fan???? Dunno. Fact is - City are the richest club in the world. And we all know money talks, a certain spurs fan remains in denial about this... Id rather have kaka turn us down, than whatever average u bid for - and get rejected. Probably because of city. We may not get kaka... we may get eto or villa or henry or whoever. Maybe not next season but we will eventually. We CAN certainly get any spurs player with a stupid bid, like when our barbatov bid was accepted. Maybe we will go for king or lennon. Not the calibre of player were aiming for now a days, even for a team that will below u this season. Ouch that must hurt u... I understand why arsenal, westham, chelsea hate u lot. Concentrate on your own club. City shirt will be sent in the post to : MR VERY JEALOUS SPURS FAN, 11 MAN UTD FEEDERS ROAD, FALSE HART LANE,
enzo city
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 16:23:00

The season was over after our pitiful performance last week. Ref decisions may have cost us today but a point would have been no better than a loss anyway so I really dont know what all the fuss is about. Credit to Harry Rednapp for taking Spurs from 2 points after 9 games to 51 points after 37 - Excellent performance Credit to Roy Hodgson (Manager of the season for me). Thanks to our help he has turned Fulham from relegation certainties to European likely's in the space of about 60 games. - Excellent effort. Credit to Tony Pulis for keeping Stoke up despite the limited resources he has and unbelieveably they could actually finish ABOVE us! Now the onto the master of all managers HUGHES! £100 million plus spent on a bunch of average players, hardly any of whom would even make the squad of a top 4 side. (2 were in a squad of the top 4 but rarely used and you can often see why - especially in the case of the useless Bridge!) Out of both domestic cups to poor opposition, Reasonable performance in Europe but as always fell before the final fence. I really cant believe the owners are backing him with their money. He will never attract top 4 type players and we will always be average with him in charge. We need a major clearout. Only Given, Hart, Nedum, Dunne, Ireland, Kompany, De Jong, Bellamy, Petrov, SWP, Bojinov, Zabaleta and Robinho are worth keeping in the squad. The rest can go and that includes Bridge, Richards and Elano. Ste , Cheshire 16/05/2009 at 21:17
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 16:44:00

Funny thing is lillywhite i actually agree with 90% of the MEN post by this fan. Ask any city fan on this site - ive been critcal of hughes, his tactics and signings. I dont like mark hughes and we have been crap this year. I can admit this to you. Congratualations to reaching a cup final and finishing above us this season. I dissagree with u whole heartedly that billions to spend wont change citys fourtunes in 2-3yrs. I feel u secretly know this - hence uve spent entire day eagerly awaiting my responses. I havent resulted to calling you a maron or a prat, despite of the idiotic ramblins u have shemefully posted. I was going to send u a city shirt in a large adult size, judging by your previous postings - i guess il be sending u a kids shirt now.
enzo city
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 17:06:00

"shemefully posted" that manchester pikey dialect?
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 17:57:00

Report Abuse
17/05/2009 18:05:00

hey thfccambs, lilly white put up a good fight. But was reduced to rambling and getting insultive when they were losing the agrument. She did well at the begining though. Post your comment, if i deem it worthy - il reply to it. Im not expecting much coming from you jealous spurs fans though.
enzo city
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 20:55:00

us jelous??? lol we have a solid club with no debt and funds are available to us to build a solid attacking team mate...your club is a shambles still after wasting god knows how much money since that clown hughes took over...i look forward to beating you twice again next season but we wont the season after because you will be in the championship...mug
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 21:28:00

Wow such a informative and intelligent argument there... Thats two kid city kits i will be buying for spurs fans this christmas with sol campbell number 10 on the back. Hey dumb (lillywhite101) and dumber (thfccambs) u guys are hilarious.
enzo city
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 22:30:00

if thats all you can throw back at us enzo the icecream man then your a silly little citeh fan..we will finish higher than you AGAIN next season which wont be hard seeing you will be bottom 3 lol
Report Abuse
17/05/2009 23:32:00

I told you thfccambs, if you post something worth my response i would reply to you. If u want for me to reply should have - a good topic of debate, based on your opinion, then provides facts and then a reason to your logic. The childish fan rambling of "you will get relegated because i am jealous of u despite finishing higher than u and taking 6 points and you have billions and you cant buy kaka and my mummy makes go to bed early" is pathetic. Seriously - i know 10yr kids who debate better than you. And u called me "out of my depth" Judge my previous posting from above against a worthy-ish opponent lilly white, compared to your contribuation. I average more than 100words - u struggle on 20words. You beat city yesterday and you still have hatred against us. Funny how money affects some people... Hey kiddo heres some basic home work for u - tell me why u think city will be relegated next season? List your points, hey i may even agree with u on some of them. If your planning to say our arab billions are fake monoply money, well thats just plain stupidity. Not as stupid as u though. Oh and make your response more than a few sentences. Then i may reply. Use a pen if u fancy drafting it 1st, no crayons must be used thfccambs. Good luck.
enzo city
Report Abuse
18/05/2009 00:39:00


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