Manchester City - Real Madrid = Project, Man City = Disgrace?
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Real Madrid = Project, Man City = Disgrace?

After the £59 million signing of 'that Brazilian', Real Madrid has been described of having an ambitious project, but City, as usual, are being targeted by the British press.

The following article was sent to us by Vital Man City member, C1TY SL1CKER.

Last night Real Madrid completed the signing of 'that Brazilian' at a reported fee of £59 million in a six-year deal of around £200,000 a week. Don't forget the club is paying the players taxes as well. Overall, this results in an astronomical amount, and although City had offered more cash and higher wages, that would have been a one off.

Now, after breaking the world transfer record, Real Madrid owner Florentino Perez has promised to bring in more talent, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, which would more than likely ensure another world record breaking fee.

Other reported targets include David Villa, Frank Ribery and Xabi Alonso, which in effect would join for a combination of around £120 million. This however was described as an appealing 'project' by 'that Brazilian' when he signed, claiming that it can only spell out positive things for the club. This sort of speculation has received absolutely no 'bad press' , not even by Mr Anti-cash himself, Michel Platini, who was so quick to pounce on Manchester City in January.

Platini is said to have a preference towards continental clubs, where as he seems to have a love-hate relationship towards British ones, such as Manchester City. We are a club with proven wealth who, despite being in a country hit by the recession, are owned by people who have proven wealth and are probably better off in these global conditions than many I could mention.

Real Madrid on the other hand are spending a lot more and are, despite making huge profits every year, owned by people in the middle of the worst hit recession country in Europe. There is no way they can keep this sort ridiculous spending going.

In my opinion Real Madrid have the support of the Spanish banks, who have no doubt assisted them with the Kaka funds, but should this sort of lending be allowed when the average person on the street is struggling to find a bank with enough capital to lend them even for a simple mortgage?

Many football fans think potential new City recruits don't go to Eastalnds for the project, but actually go for the money, where as at Real Madrid, they go for both. Real Madrid have struggled to bring through many youngsters in recent years, and the ones that have come through, such as Gonzalo Higuain, are about to be cast out of the squad.

Man City on the other hand, had three players in the Under-21 squad who just happened to beat Azerbaijan 7-0 last night. They also have one of the best youth academies in the country, which incidentally keeps on churning out talent like no other - granted, Arsenal are another.

Mark Hughes and his backroom staff are definitely not throwing money at people who might not be worth it, such as Santa Cruz for instance. We could have thrown a horrendous amount of pounds to get him, but decided that he was not worth the £20 million demanded by the Blackburn executives.

Overall, I find it disgraceful that people can attack Man City for spending, while teams like Real Madrid are spending a bloody lot more.


Real Madrid dream team...

Iker Casillas - in post
Sergio Ramos - in post
Pepe - in post
Marcelo - in post
Raul Albiol - £12 million
David Silva - £25 million
Kaka - £59 million
Frank Ribery - £60 million
C. Ronaldo - £80 million
David Villa - £40 million
Xabi Alonso - £20 million

Total = £296 million

Man City dream team...

Shay Given - in post
Nedlam Onuoha - in post
Kolo Toure - £12 million
Joleon Lescott - £15 million
Wayne Bridge - in post
Stephen Ireland - in post
Gareth Barry - £12 million
Robinho - in post
Carlos Tevez - £30 million
Samuel Eto`o - £30 million

Total = £99 million

I rest my case!

The journalist

Writer: C1TY SL1CKER Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday June 9 2009

Time: 1:24PM

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Gonzalo Higuain ISNT a former Real Madrid youth player! He was bought from River Plate. ;)
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 13:37:00

Elite club protectionsim goes right to the top of UEFA and FIFA. Meanwhile, the media silence over Kaka's stunning desertion of the AC fans who campaigned for him to stay is drifting into amazing compliance. He's now getting the martyr tratment for "saving" AC Milan. But had he signed for "liddle ciddy" today there would be some serious foaming going on. For the usual suspects check out our "Fools You Are" article below.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 13:44:00

hmmmm could also be cuz ur dream team seems to only have 10 players mate.?
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 14:05:00

you'll have to ask the editor because he decided to remove Alonso from it but not replace him. Still, is one player going to cost £197 million?
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 14:20:00

firstly you have 10 players in your team. secondaly that is NOT your dream team. ur just being manipulitive to make yourselves look better. man city built from nothing using their millions to change a lucky non relegation side to uefa challenges, don't delude yoursleves. Real madrid's side is mostly already there and are alrady challenging for top spot in spain-last season they won. also to make it fairer you should include all the prices of your players. BUT that can't be a dream team, that is a team of all you will ever amount to; you hope. who would want robinho over ronaldo or villla? you are using the information to make yourselvs look better even tho you are much worse. only 2 players in the team have not been bought in since the "revoloution", ireland and onouha, real madrid have 4. you are being so single minded it is ridicculous. I REST MY CASE
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 14:20:00

The big differences between the two are thus; the City owners are spending their own wealth. Madrid are not. If this galactico experiment fails like the last one did, Perez will walk away without having spent a penny of his own money. He won his election unopposed because nobody else could put up the deposit to run for election at Madrid, yet he gets help to spend this money from favourable financial institutions. As much as I do not care for the way in which the likes of Chelsea and City are looking to achieve success, at least it is at the behest of individuals responsible for the money they are spending.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 14:25:00

Real Madrid = One of the biggest teams in world football, adding an other couple of world class players to add the ones they already have. Manchester City = Mid table English side trying to get to the top straight away by spending ridiculous amounts of Arab money, practically buying a completely new team and squad. There is a quite clear difference, whether you want to accept that or not.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 14:45:00

Come on lads. The mood I'm sensing here from rivals fans, nevermind the glaringly selective inconsistent statements from the likes of Mr. Platini, is that it's OK for Real Madrid to maintain the European status quo but not at all for Manchester City to dare to even begin to challlenge it.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:07:00

I agree with every word of EvertonMike. You guys are just deluding yourselves by showing the above 10 players as your "Dream Team".
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:10:00

I pretty much agree... I was fairly disgusted by the treatment you recieved in january, however now that real are doing exactly what you said you would do last summer, they are being hailed... the only explanation I can think of is that you didn't use the word galactigos...
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:12:00

No, that's not the idea, JB. its the idea of splashing billions (Or even fractions of it :P), to just by success overnight! Your own chairman did not do the club any favours with his 3 year plan to world domination, you know..
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:13:00

it would be fine for you to challenge it if you were there on you rown merits to begin with. instead as evertonmike said your buyin your way to the top. would it be wrong for a club like mkdons to be pushing for europe after being promomted up the leagues thanks to some sheiks? you would say yes, but seeing as its happened to your club you think its all fine. y are u so single minded- its great for you that it happened but put it into perspecitive... before the money came in you were no aston villa everton, or even my club spurs, weve done the double over you for the alst god knows how many seasons. And yet now your gettingmore money thats going to be changing and you can't see why that is, you think you deserve the money which is frankly ridiculous
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:14:00

Pompeycarpet, would you hae said this- "I was fairly disgusted by the treatment you recieved in january", if you did not have mutual owners now? Laughable.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:15:00

the point of the article (since our visitors missed it) is that RM is being heralded for the same exuberant behaviour we exuded ONCE simply for the sake of trying. They're going to do it upwards of 4 times this summer, spending money they don't actually have on players they don't really need, and since they are a big name team it's not only acceptable, it's fashionable. That's the irritation we have with the media folks, as well as bitchy Spurs/Villa/Everton fans that are irritated that their clubs weren't the ones to get bought by the world's richest family.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:23:00

Nonsense, spursfan. You can't preach to Man City fans about what life is like in the lower divisions. We've been there. neither would I begrudge MKdons or anybody else for that matter the chance to shine. It's a disgrace that so many Premier League sides are allowed to operate under astronomical debt while sides head for the wall at the games grass roots. All you are doing is setting yourself up as an apologist for the "big four" who despite relentless massive transfer fees have never been slated the way City have. We have a brilliant Academy that Sheikh Mansour and Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak have committed to. The intent is to build a side around Academy graduates. City fielded between 5 and 7 Academy lads in the starting 18 week in, week out last season. Nobody in the media applauds that. Stunning. Until UEFA crack down and allow us to compete against the big four with a rule over homegrown players, then the only way we can compete is with a wallet. A tragic state of affairs but that is the way it is. We've been to heel and back across three decades so give us a break and let's get after breaking that boring top four monopoly.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:25:00

only robinho type players wanna join ur money team...take example of kaka.....eto wont cum he has already rejected to lower teams...dis is a fact u have to accept it....$$CITEH!!$$
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:27:00

b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t would you be okay with mk dons being heaped weatlh like yo. JB you are talking 100% out of your arse like all man city fans. and oh this astronomical debt? spurs make profits every year. spurs are in the clear. spurs do NOT operate in debt. so y don't u get ur facts right befoe you start bad mouthing spurs. addtionally i still can't beleive you think you deserve this money!?!?!?!?!! there wouln't be as much problem if you were higher up the league... but u weren't u were scraping to fight agaisnt relegation most seasons, then tehy come in and oh look top ten finish--- OH but u still finished behind spurs fulham aston villa and everton
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:29:00

go home spursfan, not one city fan has stated we 'deserve' the money, we're not insinuating it either. But we have the money, what are we supposed to do? watch the interest accrue every day? of course we're going to spend money on good players, just as your team would. we got dealt a good hand, we're going to play it. deal with it. we got lucky, and maybe someday spurs will too. don't crucify city because we've got a good stadium, and we are easily confused with the biggest team in the world when you say 'manchester'. its a good investment by our team's owners and of course they're going to make sure it comes good by doing what they can to turn us into a global brand. btw, we finished 9th last season. so in all fairness, we didn't BUY our way out of relegation into 10th place, jackass.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:36:00

Oh dear. Where at any stage have I typed that spurs are in the type of astronomical debt that Liverpool and the rags are? Regardless of that, I've got some bad news for you. Manchester City is not going to go away anymore. You're going to have to learn to live with it.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 15:57:00

SPURS HAVE SPEND 10'S OF MILLIONS AS WELL YOU ****. WHO HAVE YOU SPENT IT ON?!?!?! david bentley... roman pavlybull*****... and two players you sold and then bought back. Every team buys success, it's whether or not the money is money of your own and not of the banks. Where are spurs getting their money from? Hardly a billionaire owner. i'd be scared if i were you. So much as it being a dream team, really it's a team of players we've been linked with, same with Madrid. The think is, we're not spending £300 million we don't have this summer, we're spending £100 million we do have. Any team that gets money should use it, as long as it's theirs. I don't care if it's Man City, Pompey or ******** MK Dons!
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 16:27:00

Shame KAKA did;t go to City, I for one would have liked to have seen him in the English Game.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 16:45:00

Interesting that most of the comments supporting the status quo are coming from our supposed near rivals such as Everton, Spuds and Villa. All big clubs who have underachieved, and despite striving to break the sky-4 monopoly, none have done so on a regular basis. The Chelsea fans, meanwhile belittle us for tryting to buy success (pots and kettles gentlemen). If Manure, Arsenal or Liverpool were trying to assemble a £200million team of Galacticos would you all be shouting about it being a disgrace? No, because you have all been brainwashed into "knowing your place" in football, which is a good cup run and an outside chance of finishing fifth. Don't let the green eyed monster cloud your judgement ladies and gentlemen, City should be lauded for their attempts at wresting the Premier League back from the trap of boring predictability it has become. If it happened to your team you would revel in it, so stop dissing City for daring to think "above their station". Oh, and BTW JT_daniel, for the millionth time, it WAS NOT our chairman that mouthed off to the press, it was Suleiman Al-Fahim (the man attempting to buy Portsmouth) that came out with all the boasts, and he was very rapidly shipped out of our club. Pay attention!
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 16:51:00

Spursfan101 - are you an american by any chance? Because I note that you accused a Mancity fan of talking out of his arse without the slightest hint of irony... (apologies to SEV, ACN et al, but the spuds fans really are complete cretins!)
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 16:56:00

this is all jealousy from the fans of villa, spurs and everton, so ok they may finish in the 'top 10' each year with minimal investment in the team apart from spurs who spent vast amounts when ramos was the manager AND the same since 'arry took over, there is only everton who for the last few years HAVE consistantly finished in the top6,and done it on limited budget...all the spurs fans coming ot to vmc and saying it is wrong for city to spend vast amounts ARE jealouspf the wealth we have as there team's are not going to mbreak the top4 in the near future....and as for buying our way did'nt chelsea do it along with blackburn ?
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 16:58:00

yh but were not in debt are we? we live inside our means... if the sheiks left tomorrow ud be *****ed, if levy left tomorrow we wuln't have a problem, coz we are 100% clear (were *****ed wen the new stad. comes tho)
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 17:02:00

So if the money your spending isn't down to your owner, where is it coming from? I can understand you generated some from transfers out etc but that's only going to account for some of it, and yes, a new stadium would screw you up. Plus, we are spending perfectly in our means, our means are just a lot bigger. Finally, how many owners have invested a lot of money in a small amount of time, said they want to be in it for the long term and then just leave? They wouldn't risk losing so much money, and they'd need to sell the club, and therefore would demand a lot of money that only another rich person would only be able to afford, but that won't happen so end of.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 17:29:00

I don't think it's about 'knowing your place' fifthcolumnblue, but your comparing yourself to one of the biggest 3 or 4 clubs in the world. Of course Real are going to buy world class players, they are one of the huge dominant teams and that is who most players want to play for (Obviously as we've seen recently money can convince a certain amount of player, but that has nothing to do with this article). Players like Kaka and Ribery should be going to teams like Real, as that is where they will win the Champions League etc. I'd be willing to bet you'd laugh at us, if tomorrow we went in for ribery and spent all our SKY money for the next 2 or 3 years to get him here. You'd find it ridiculous, for a team in Europes second competition to buy one of the worlds top players, because it would be. We at Everton don't think we'll only ever achieve 5th and a good cup run as you put it, but we're quite clearly not going to start winning league titles overnight spending about £3 million a year after player sales. We need to make the next step into 4th, to get the money from the CL again, so we can then go out and buy players for £20-30 million, off of Europes top clubs. Not the other way around, that's how most clubs have to do it. You spend big on players after success. Not go out and try and buy world class players when you've won sod all for about as far as I can remember (I have no idea how long it has actually been since city last won something, but it's been a while that's for sure!) You need to get used to a certain attitude off of everyone, going to love to see you fall on your arses after the way you've gone about trying to get success. I wouldn't say that's jealousy, certainly not from me anyway, 7 years ago maybe I would have enjoyed seeing someone come in and buy us a title. But now we are so close to breaking that 'invisible wall', that I would be *****ed off if we sold out now, to have achieved it the right way would feel so much better now. You could tell at the FA Cup final, Chelsea fans after winning so much with Romans money, after winning the cup they all just sat there clapping. The cup means nothing to them now, and I don't think I'd ever get bored of seeing Everton win anything, after how much effort it's taken to get there.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 17:42:00

Good grief. Define the "right way" Mike. City's side regularly fields homegrown Academy lads. Academy lads at City know, like Vlad Weiss did at home to Bolton in our final game that they will get in the side if good enough. Sheikh Mansour has already ploughed shedloads of cash into our Academy and the new gym is something else. SWP, Ireland and Onuoha have been consistently some of City's best players this season.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 17:50:00

The only way to beat the knockers is on the pitch. The fans of Spurs, Everton and Villa will knock us because they thought of themselves challenging for Top 4. They see the City project gaining momentum and their confidence is shaken. The fans of Arsenal, Utd and Chelsea still feel confident they can keep City at bay. But the Barry capture has shook them up a bit. If we get Eto'o and Tevez on board they'll really start knocking us. The only way to shut them up is to go out and beat them.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 18:45:00

talking must be done on the pitch.
Mike Hunt
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 18:58:00

I urge all fellow city fans to ignore jealous fans of other teams. I couldnt care less what spurs, villa, everton, utd etc do.
enzo city
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 19:42:00

ud have to hope u beat us this season. tho with all your money you have to ask...why the ***** mark hughes ? a manager who managed to finish below a harry redknapp side that had only 30 games left when he joined... think about that yeah...?
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 20:01:00

spudsfan101 - you'ld have more friends (maybe even a girlfriend) if you weren't so patronising to other team's fans. Suspect thats why you spend your time on our site, it's perfectly reasonable to assume the other spuds have kicked you out for your irrational rants.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 20:12:00

jealousy is a terrible thing to have and im so glad im not jealous of the richest team in the world....oops i dont need to be as i support them
Mike Hunt
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 20:18:00

You haven't brought carlos teves or samuel etto yet. So how do you know they will be 30 mill each???
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 20:21:00

Has anyone at man city even given the slightest thought at how the club will fare if (god forbid) somthing happens to the arabs or they just get tired of splashing out their own money on a club they never grew up supporting. You would be crippled by the wage bills you are offering out. I mean look at wayne bridge wouldnt be fist choice at any top 4 club definatly not even second choice at Arsenal but he is earning nearly 90,000 a week. Do you really think he's worth it
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 20:41:00

I've been disappointed with Bridgey gunner. But he did improve once he'd lost his Cheslea arse splinters. I can't see the Sheikh doing one. Everything we've seen and heard, plus seriously, Vital MC is pretty close to the heart of the club, they are sound men of honour and stick to their guns. On a more global Abu Dhabi promoting tip, I suggest they are branching out for when the oil starts to run out. It's quite a ride for us considering we'd jsut scraped past Gillingham in the third tier 10 years ago!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 21:22:00

Report Abuse
09/06/2009 21:36:00

Don't be annoyed C1TY SL1CKER. The idea is to generate debate, something in which you have achieved, not only on Vital but on other City forums as well. Great article mate and keep 'em coming.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 22:50:00

It seems ridiculous the notion that ADUG shouldn't be able to spend what they want on players they want. It is their club as well as ours and we all want it to succeed. What club can magic their way into the top 4 with their own cash generated from merchandise and tickets....???? NONE. Everton are the closest that they come, and although EvertonMike is a bit of a tool, Everton deserve a lot of respect for what they have achieved. This, however, is not enough. It is evident that you can only crack the top 4 by splashing the cash and deluded fans of Villa and Tottenham surely cannot claim that the money they spend is coming out of tickets and shirts! Jokers. Money has to be spent to compete at the top. That is our ambition and that is what we have got to do.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 23:13:00

i've spread onto other forums? haha is that a good thing tutor? have i won the award for the most comments on a article yet? haha
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 23:31:00

I think some people don't get the fact that you spend in relation to the funds available so yes, City aren't one of the worlds recognised top teams but they are one of the one of if not the richest team so they will look at top players and spend bigger. At the end of the day if you are trying to improve your team you will try to sign the best players you can get for your money at that time. If you can afford the best players in the world you will try to get them it doesn't matter who you are. Its not a case of aiming too high its doing the best you can using what you have available. In City's case its money thats available, so let the fun begin.
Report Abuse
09/06/2009 23:33:00

Spuds fans really make me laugh all those hundreds of millions they're clubs spent over the last 25 years and never come close to winning the league a couple of cups but please PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
10/06/2009 00:01:00

Gunner24 - The arabs walking away is not likely any time soon, "Face" is an integral part of Arab culture and leaving City would be an unacceptable admission of failure. The ADUG and the Abu Dhabi Royal family are highly successful business men and they have shown by their vast investment in new training facilities (as well as a mooted purchase of the ground and plans to develop Eastlands) that they are in this for the long run. Surely as a Gooner you must admit that you'd be better off with say Kroenke or Usmanov assuming outright control of the club and splashing their cahs rather than being limited by how much the PLC will spend? Won't hear any cries of "Arsenal Ruining Football" if that happens as you are already an established G14 team, and they are untouchable. I would be more worried if I were a Spuds fan, with ENIC losing loads of cash, as their revenues whilst large will remain fairly static until they have a new ground, and that's not likely in this economic climate. What chance of ENIC getting rid of Spuds as an investment of only limited growth potential?
Report Abuse
10/06/2009 10:20:00

Enzo city, take a bow son! :D
Report Abuse
10/06/2009 11:45:00

First of all what Real Madrid is doing is not cool, but the reason why that many people donít care is cause they are ONE OF THE BIGGEST CLUBS ON EARTH. Real Madridís brand name is world renowned; you can find people wearing their jersey in the poorest countries around the world. Man City has what 40, 000 maybe 60,000 fans and a couple of ex-Chelsea fans that just follow the richest clubs? How on earth would you compare the two? Just think about it if both City and Real offered Eto the same salary who do you think Eto will choose to play for? Even if you offered SWP and Ireland a guarantee that they will start in Realís starting 11 or Cityís starting 11 with the same pay they would both choose to play for Madrid. So yes Madrid is over paying for players but they still offered Kaka less money and he signed for them. When a player signs for Madrid, Barca, ManU, Liverpool, Milan and Juve they get paid more but they also put on a Jersey worn by the games greats so its an honor to be considered good enough to play for them, When you sign for City you sign for the money and only the money and Thatís the difference between your spending and Realís Spending. Good luck next year
Report Abuse
10/06/2009 20:06:00

My my this article caused a stir, I don't like to poke holes in people's comments but I guess I'll make an exception as I don't really like Tottenham. Spursfan101 bless you're cotton socks. "weve done the double over you for the alst god knows how many seasons" FALSE, you did this season, fair play there, but not last, remember Nedum's header?? Also the general consensus is that we're 'buying the league'. What do u want us to do with the billions we've inherited? Sit on it? Do nothing? Surely ANY club in our position would spend spend spend? Also to the Villa and Everton fans looking forward to Europe next year, good luck, I bet you're excited to see you're team not take the competition seriously and get knocked out before it all gets serious. I say, what is the point of a whole seasons work to get into Europe if you simply roll over and die when you get there?
Report Abuse
10/06/2009 23:21:00


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