Manchester City - Will Real Madrid Receive Similar Treatment?
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Will Real Madrid Receive Similar Treatment?

Mark Hughes gives his reaction to Real Madrid's world record £80 million bid for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Hughes also questions whether the Spanish giants acquisition of Kaka will be treated in the same way compared to when City tried to capture the Brazilians signature way back in January.

The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 11 2009

Time: 9:35PM

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Of course they won't receive the same slagging as City did.
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11/06/2009 21:41:00

You won't hear a peep out of PRATINI !!!
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11/06/2009 21:53:00

Its all because city have the cheek to try and disturb the powers that be in world football...I was discussing with a friend earlier, but what kind of buisiness are milan running when they rejected 100 million only to accept 44 million less, 5 months later...can they afford to throw away the equivalent of 8.8 million a month and whatever they would have saved in kaka's wages????
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11/06/2009 22:01:00

A little slow here on ManCity, Platini already complained about the sale.
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11/06/2009 22:03:00

Klutch please provide us with this evidence in the form of a link!!!!
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11/06/2009 22:19:00
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11/06/2009 22:20:00

Deejayvu - Milan didn't reject City Kaka did, as he did Chelsea. Just remember Money can't buy you everything some players just donít care as much about the money as other players. Torres admitted that he rejected Chelsea even though they offered more money to Atlitico and him so he can play for Liverpool and Rafa, Villa rejected Chelsea to play for Real Madrid again even though Chelsea offered more $$ to the club and the player, Ribery has stated that he would rather play either in Spain or stay in Germany instead of playing in England.
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11/06/2009 22:20:00,19528,11827_5375178,00.html
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11/06/2009 22:22:00

Inferiority Complex?
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11/06/2009 22:28:00

Klutch...I beg to differ....berlusconi pulled the plug on the kaka deal, hence Garry Cook claiming famously "they bottled it" If Kaka was really concerned about the plight of milans finances then he would have been forced to sign for city as milan would have persuaded him to join for the huge fee....berlusconi is the prime minister for italy and was due to be standing in the elections very shortly after, and pulled the deal after the huge media/fan pressure that was unexpectedly coming there way for considering it....power is worth more than money so he pulled the deal, got re-elected and accepted less money 5 months later....
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11/06/2009 22:48:00

platini advised real madrid were "excessive"... city were "ridiculous" in the following can you compare the 2 you fool
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11/06/2009 22:52:00

Deejayvu - You could be right, but thatís not how I see it. I have no grudge with City but from what I saw 5months ago Kaka rejected the move not Milan and Berlusconi came out when the deal didn't work out to try to show he was Milanís hero. Yes it was election time but I don't really believe that other then maybe 2000-5000s ulters would change their vote due to a players sale...would you if he was your prime minister?? Football fans are fickle when it comes to players and rightfully so, Milan fans have already forgotten about the sale and are looking for new stars their club can sign. Same thing when Torres left Atlitico, sure their was protest to the sale but when the club bought Forlan the fans forgot about Torres, we forgot about Owen a couple weeks after he was sold and already ManU fans are talking about Benzema and Ribery and Ronaldo hasnít even been sold yet. Iím sure if it was just up to Berlusconi he would have sold to City bought the player didnít want the move
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11/06/2009 23:06:00

Not the richest Club you thought you were are you ?????
Tiny T
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11/06/2009 23:21:00

lol how can you compare City to Madrid you fool???? Would you address 6ft11 feet(2.11m) 265lb (120kg) person that was *****ing you off the same way as you would address a little skinny punk?? Thatís your answer
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11/06/2009 23:23:00

Klutch, City never actually got to put an offer to Kaka, Milan stopped the sale, because of the fans causing problems and it was voting season for the Prime Minister and his ministerettes, got him a load of vots that did by seeming to resist the advances of City and then taking half the price in the end. As for City, we will get there in the end that you can be sure of.
Buzz Lightyear
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12/06/2009 07:32:00

No Real will never treated in same way as Real is not an English Club.
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12/06/2009 07:49:00

Stunning to think that there are still people out there absolutely sold on Berlusconi's £100 million spun Kakagate. Even after Kaka's admirable loyalty and Milan's need for him have been so ruthlessly exposed. The absolute Anti-City hysteria that swept through European football's elite establishment and subsequently the British Media that followed in January because "liddle ciddy" dared to rock the accepted status quo looks appalling now considering the meek acceptation of the Ronaldo and Kaka signings. I don't know where you get your info from klutch, maybe you are in Italy but Italian pals of mine based in Milan are absolutely furious and think the whole situation stinks. Saimon Blues is also spot on re Platini and co. Far more reserved over Madrid's "ruining football" because they are not a Premier League club. As for Tiny T's embarrassing "your piggy bank's smaller than their piggy bank," it's modern football fanspeak garbage like that that sees more and more fans walk away. Do you want us to delete that post?
Johnny Baguette
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12/06/2009 08:11:00

Vital Network Admin: Hackspur. What a disgrace to Tottenham Hotspur.
Johnny Baguette
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12/06/2009 08:14:00

What is it with spurs fans and coming onto OUR site and hurling abuse? Not even the manure fans in all of their arrogance would bother spouting such worhtless drivel. Hackspur, you are a first class onanist.
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12/06/2009 09:36:00

Comment deleted and member booted off the Vital Football Network, there is no place for people like that here and with comments like that you do not even get a warning!
Sorry for the offence that was caused for anyone that had to read what was said.
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12/06/2009 09:37:00

Thanks Admin! Nice to see that idiots will not be tolerated, that's what makes Vital so much better than it's "rivals" LOL
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12/06/2009 10:00:00

Platini hasn't really come out and criticised Real in any way.His comment was more of a generalisation of European football rather than a direct comment at Real. Saimon_blues has got it spot on in my opinion and until there is change within the powers that be English football will suffer simple as that.
Pastor of muppets
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12/06/2009 10:01:00

Before I start this post let me say I have no grudge against City and would love to see you guys knock out Chelsea, Arsenal or ManU out of the top 4 but I think you guys really look at these situation with tainted glasses. First, as proud of you guys are of your club your not Real Madrid, Barca, Milan, Juve, United or Liverpool, these clubs are old money they have had the worlds greatest players play for them over the years and when these players retire they get good jobs at UEFA and therefore their ex club gets better treatment. Look at it this way, if you won the lottery tomorrow and became a billionaire over night you still canít do and get away with half the stuff the Queen and her crew can get away with and Real and the other clubs I mentioned are like the Kings of the football world and you guys are just another rich person in their world. Iím not saying its right but thatís how the world works. I guess what Iím trying to say is that you guys should stop comparing your self to the worlds biggest clubs cause for many years if ever your not going to get the same treatment.
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12/06/2009 14:55:00

Funny isn't it when we made our bid for Kaka the press came out and gave us a caning ...then came the idiots from other clubs doing the same Real have gone over the top we still get the idiots from other clubs on here putting the boot in us again ...just goes to show if you proudly wear Sky Blue you have to put up with a lot of crap because they are worried we are actually going to achieve what ADUG promised us.
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12/06/2009 21:25:00

some useful comments on here but where people get we actually made an offer for kaka is rediculous, we were given permissiion to talk to him and provided he agreed personal terms, then and only then would a price have been mentioned. what really infuriates me is that our beloved club has had shredsa torn out of it by fifa and uefa hierarcy for a tabloid price ( as it was the tabloids that branded around 100 mil ) nothing confirmed by eother city ir milan. yet look at madrid now, blatter today even saying ronaldo is worth the money!!!! come again. me thinks its time to change the people who run our world football organisations to people who will not be so obviously biased to the current big clubs and will not stand in the way of smaller clubs trying to give themselves a better standing in football by giving sill caps on how much a club can spend. if a club goes into debt it is their own fault and therefore should not get help from any goverment especially. anyone remember when real madrid were bailled out by the spanish goverment to the tune of around 400 million?
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13/06/2009 11:30:00


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