Manchester City - An Open Letter To Carlos Tevez From City Fans
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An Open Letter To Carlos Tevez From City Fans

The following was sent to Vital Manchester City from member, Wswilly3

Hi Carlos,

Your adviser Kia Joorabchian has made it clear that you will not be staying at Manchester United and are now choosing between two Premier League teams - Manchester City and Chelsea. In making your final decision perhaps you should consider the following four points:


City are a team on the upward curve. They are the richest club in the world in terms of their financial backing and their owners have shown that they are prepared to fund their team to make them also the best football side in the world.

As you know that will take several years of incremental building but with players of your calibre joining and with others to follow we will certainly be able to be a top 4 side next year and we will be in a position to win the Premiership by 2011.

You would be a fundamental and founding part of this transformation and you would be joining a team with real ambition, real intent and with real financial clout - in fact far more financial clout than that of a Russian billionaire who periodically seems to go missing before interfering in team affairs as he did with his insistence in signing Shevchenko, and in rotating four managers in the last three years.


You are a world class player and you quite rightly require to be treated as such. Manchester United did not do this either on the pitch or in terms of contract negotiations and they have paid the price for this - lacking respect and too little too late probably best sums up their attitude.

At Manchester City you would find the total reverse of this - you would be a major part of the transformation that would achieve the high ambitions that the club have. You would be fundamental to the future and treated that way by the owners and the manager. You wouldn't be a bit part but a huge cog in the intent that the club have.

Would that be the same at Chelsea ?...ask Shaun Wright-Phillips who moved there for over £20million or Nicolas Anelka who is isn't sure when he will be in the first team or not. At Chelsea there would be a real possibility of you jumping from the frying pan into the fire.


All the City fans I know are desperate that you join but I don't exactly get that same feeling about the Chelsea hierarchy. You are talked about in terms of a group of players that might join them including Ribery, Torres, Villa and Alonso, not as a landmark signing.

At City you would instantly become a cult figure, as your skills and work rate are hugely admired, as would be the fact that you were prepared to move across the City to help achieve our stated ambitions.

Equally it is quite obvious that the owners and Mark Hughes are desperate for you to join as a landmark signing and you will ensure that you are paid at the highest level in our salary structure - not so at Chelsea, I fear, where you would be just another signing and paid much lower than their cult figures - John Terry and Frank Lampard. Does this sound familiar?


It is clear that you and your family like living in this country and are very happily settled in the North West of England. Why change house, schools and location to somewhere which mighty only be 200 miles away but is a world apart in terms of being a similar environment?

You know that from when you were at West Ham - so why put your family to all that inconvenience and risk?

We are told you are making your mind up in early July - whatever it is we will respect it, as clearly it is your decision but please make the informed, sensible one and join Manchester City for the reasons we have listed above. We are ever hopeful and are working on your chants as I speak!

Can the Manchester City board do everything in your power and sign him -NOW!

The journalist

Writer: Wswilly3  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 21 2009

Time: 7:54PM

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I could not have written a more apt letter if I had tried. Now if you/we could just get that into his hands in the next couple of days...
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21/06/2009 20:06:00

Great article Wswilly3 - pity you sat on the fence thou!! (smiles)
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21/06/2009 20:09:00

Why not get Mark Hughes to deliver it by hand .....that should one up chelski
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21/06/2009 20:12:00

that is the best piece of literature i have read in some time and full marks to the author. if he wold only read it am sure it make his decision for him. sign hin up asap
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21/06/2009 20:14:00

Carlos, come to City, make you mark and become a legend!
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21/06/2009 20:17:00

city fans are rrrrreeettttarrttteeddd... mark hughes=mega retarded
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21/06/2009 20:21:00

Can we not send this to Teves?
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21/06/2009 20:23:00

Pots and kettles mr spurscretin101
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21/06/2009 20:26:00

Bleedn' Spuds. By christ they are a pain....
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21/06/2009 20:47:00

Good article. But maybe you are being foolish. You will never be able to admit that possibly the only reason any individual would currently play for Manchester City over United is money.
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21/06/2009 21:06:00

spuds fans take does it feel that you cant make you move in the transfer market until you know man city wont be going for that player? this must ***** you off because these days if a player has a choice between city and the once famous spurs then city always win and even your used car salesman of a manager knows this. and if you think thats because we are offering more money then that may well be true but at the end of the day if players cme to us just for the money then we will get all these players(just for the money) and its evident that we will be up there in the coming seasons because the more quality players we get even if they only come for the money then thats good for us and we will always be above you yids so ***** OFF you YIDiots
Mike Hunt
Report Abuse
21/06/2009 22:26:00

Tudor just thought you might like to edit the bit about " jumping from the frying pan in to the fire " as we all know about his misfortune he had when he was a kid, just thought it might be a sore point, no pun intended, top post though
Report Abuse
21/06/2009 22:40:00

Matt_Us if it was about money... Teves would of joined United as they accepted to pay him highest paid player at United... he rejected? So yeah its about money!!! NOT!
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21/06/2009 23:08:00

It must be sweet to be a citizen at the moment! And i think spursfan101 has a touch of the green eyed monster, chill out pal.
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22/06/2009 01:06:00

You guys are in for a huge disappointement!
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22/06/2009 01:07:00

We are NOT intersted in signing him. So dont take silly digs at us. Please. You are free to buy Tevez or whoever you want. Its just the stupid rags that are linking us with Tevez. We already have Anelka and Drogba. If you want to believe the rags instead of using your own common sense, then I believe I have evaluated the standard of this site.
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 06:16:00

"Nicolas Anelka who is isn't sure when he will be in the first team or not"? Laughable. I dont remember Nico ever coming into the press and saying this? Or you have suddenly become Nico's aide and are releasing statements on Nico's behalf? "Russian billionaire who periodically seems to go missing"? Mr.A attends Chelsea matches whenever he is in London. Unlike your chairman, who spurts wealth as long as there is the black liquid in the ground, Mr.A needs to attend to his other businesses as well. Or have you turned into Mr.A's aide now and know his itenary so well, that you're sure that he goes missing during matches?
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 06:22:00

"but I don't exactly get that same feeling about the Chelsea hierarchy. You are talked about in terms of a group of players that might join them including Ribery, Torres, Villa and Alonso, not as a landmark signing." You muppet, you just read articles from the rags and you call the ideas derived from those as "Thoughts of Chelsea supporters"? Id your eally want to know what the supporters are thinking, come down to Vital Chelsea and put some sense in that thick skull of yours. We do NOT want Ribery, Torres, Villa and Alonso. Neither do we want Tevez. THAT is the opinion of the general Chelsea fan. We've got an extremely strong squad now, which just needs strengthening in a few areas, NOT any superstar names. Please, before writing an article, base your iformation on FACTS. Not what you assume them to be. Gwad!
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 06:25:00

"you will ensure that you are paid at the highest level in our salary structure", undoubtedly why the money grabbing muppet has chosen to move from United to Citeh.. "paid much lower than their cult figures" Of course, that's elementary. Any new player will be paid lower than the Club's Captain and Vice Captain. Oh, of course, you wont know that. You dont even have a defined captain and a vice captain yet.
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22/06/2009 06:28:00

"with players of your calibre joining and with others to follow we will certainly be able to be a top 4 side next year and we will be in a position to win the Premiership by 2011." If you notice, I choose not to comment on this. I'm not a Chelsea fan coming here and spouting nonsense about how you fellas will never get the success you desire or something. I'm sure you fellows will achieve success, because after all, this is the same model which we followed too! All I'm pointing out is that the sly digs at Chelsea was unnecessary and ill informed.
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22/06/2009 06:31:00

*Any new player will be paid lower than OUR Club's Captain and Vice Captain, seeing they are the most high profile players there.)-- Correction.
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 06:33:00

JT daniel, you've got too much time on your hands! it's only a game!
Ghost of 76
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 10:08:00

HAHAHAH Spurs You are a PLC who have to report to the Stock Market!!!! Allowing your bent manager to buy back players that you have just sold??!! Good look in the Championship when your money runs out! The best you could hope for is that cockney barrow boy Sugar comes back in and buys back Gary Mabbutt funded by some moody amstrad arieals
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 10:16:00

Erm, actually, I do have more time than I can kill, Ghost of 76. I'm on vacation, you see. :-)
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 10:22:00

JT - First we knick Robinho from under your noses and now Tevez! I reckon you should become Mr A's PA and tell him to get back to work to earn some more Ruble's!! Good luck with your new manager - William Hill have it at evens that Ray Wilkins will be your new 1st team manager by Christmas
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 10:25:00

"we will certainly be able to be a top 4 side next year". I am willing to bet you will not be in the top 4
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 13:17:00

Hoho, you are another of the brainless gits, arent you Feedthegoat. Why dont you do as your name suggests and feed the goats instead of interfering in adults talking?
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 13:18:00

And F*ckthegoat, William Hill have it that Citeh will not win the PL before 2015. Did I bring it up? You asked for it. Becoming all stuck up, now you are on some arab's oil money, arent you? I have a lot of respect for many Citeh posters over here on VC, but that definitely does not include you.
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 13:20:00

*VMC :-)
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 13:21:00

Dear dear JT daniel you do seem to have an anger management problem. Please do not get so worked up on your vacation, it will not do your blood pressure any good at all. Could I suggest that you go out to your local park and perhaps have a play on the swings - they work by going forward and then backwards - you should get the hang of them after about half an hour. Have a nice rest of the day off. Wswilly3
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 13:54:00

JT_daniel I was going to have a look at the Chelsea Forum, but literally could not be bothered! For info Michael Owen is available - I reckon Chelsea might be able to get him from right under Hulls nose? Let us know how you get on with those swings (might want to wear a crash helmet)
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 14:04:00

Wswilly3, if you really had a case for doubting my intelligence, I suppose you would'nt have read my posts. Or read them and not understood them. Well that speaks volumes about YOUR intelligence than mine, you see.. Fortunately for you, I had a rough idea of your IQ levels when I read your sorry article. Now I have a clearer picture.
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 15:06:00

F*ckthegoat, judging by the oozing stupidity of your posts, I can only assume you mentally retarded since birth, or that you've had an accident somewhere. Wish you a speedy recovery.
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 15:10:00

Think, ****thegoat, think. I know its difficult, but think. I've not criticized anything related to your transfers, except the stupid digs at Chelsea. And measure it with your (supposedly) witty replies.
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 15:11:00

Get used to it people, everyone hating you that is! Although i will love you if you knock Le Arse into 5th!
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 15:41:00

lol I'd love that too!
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 16:45:00

JT daniel I see some common ground - no Arsenal in the top four and no Manachester United, who will be minus Ronaldo and Tevez plus Giggs and Scholes are soon drawing their pensions. So that will just leave Chelski, City and Liverpool to scrap it out. Is the power base of Premiership changing?
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 17:31:00

Giggs and Scholes are retiring soon? without those two we have no chance! They may have played less football than Park Ji Sung last year but seriously, we could be in real trouble! Despite the fact that Robinho wants to go to Barca and Roque Santa Cruz is made of glass; I'm sure the mighty goal scoring exploits of Tevez, Bellamy and SWP will have Wenger and Fergie quaking in their boots!
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 19:01:00

Never a truer word Tuscan 3000 .... you are pretty sharp, aren't you .... but don't choke on the prawns .... remember you have to take the shells off. By the way have you ever been to Manchester?
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 21:15:00

tuscan3000 if you could kindly link me to the article where robinho says he wants to go to Barcelona I would be grateful. Laugh all you want at us, but you're going to be paying inflated prices just like the rest of us very soon, by the way who are you going to replace Ronaldo with, Valencia? LOL not that much quality on the market at the moment for the right prices, not like you've got unlimited resources is it....
Report Abuse
22/06/2009 22:25:00

Thanks for the prawn tips Wswilly3 - but I usually just get mine already in a sandwich from Greggs! Also, its really kind of you to invite me to Manchester as I have never been. Perhaps we can exchange details...
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 02:32:00

Well, I dont think United will drop off the top4, but Arsenal or Liverpool will. Look at Liverpool, they are selling Arbeloa for whom? Johnson. The very same Johnson who cannot defened, but can put together a good crosse, occasionally.. Pathetic.
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 06:26:00

Tevez's relpy goes as follows..."Dear Deluded **** who also reside in Manchester, ***** off it is a **** of a place, you are a *****ty little team and Chelsea are the team for me, now ***** off and go back to shagging your family members, love Carlos."
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 08:02:00

Thanks for the post TeddyLyon and I hope your stutter gets better with treatment
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 12:05:00

Hey, I cant see the new MC site yet!
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 12:48:00

JT daniel: Apparently it will take a day to settle down but keep watching s there is an article scheduled comapring the Top 4 clubs for next5 season ..... you migt be surprised at it's content!
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 15:35:00

Okay, Wswilly3, I hope its not too controversial! :-)
Report Abuse
23/06/2009 16:25:00


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