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Will Aston Villa Become Man City's Feeder Club?

Aston Villa keeper Stuart Taylor has followed Gareth Barry's footsteps and joined Manchester City FC.

Taylor (28) will replace Joe Hart (loaned out to Birmingham City) as Shay Givens understudy. Stuart is expected to sign a one-year deal as soon as the official tranfer window opens.

England born Taylor made only eight Villa first team appearances last season and unless Given receives an injury the 6'5' keeper can expect a similar season to last, either in the reserves or sat on the bench.

Now that the Blues have captured two Villa players and the official transfer window hasn't even opened, I sit here, scratching my chin and wonder who the third will be? Strange thing is, Aston Villa might just end up as Manchester City's feeder club!

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday June 24 2009

Time: 10:22AM

Your Comments

I thought it already was our feeder club......
Chortle.... Naughty, naughty! I think I see a storm on the Vital horizon! Good job you never said County. Now there would have been fireworks then! Nice site by the way. When does County get a makeover?
yes we feed you our left overs and dregs when we've got the best of them or didn't want them
Feeder club? Don't get ahead of yourself.
We believe in helping those below us, hopefully we have given you enough to help you stay in the Prem next season.
Next you will be saying Manchester United are your feeder club just because you made eyes at Tevez and they sold you Kasper Schmeichel after his youth days there. (He signed schoolboy forms for your neaest and deaest in 1999!)
We've already got Barry. I don't think any of their other players are good enough. Maybe they could take Darius Vassell off our hands?
we myt b gettin ahead of ourself but we'll be ahead of villa next season =) n left overs if barry was a left over y were villa fans nearly cryin callin him judas LMAO!!!
Why not Villa feeding City and Spuds feeding Man Ure
Absolute twat you are. Man City will once again finish below Villa next season. You can continue to have our unwanted scraps. How is Darius?
With mark Hughes in charge the only way is down
as im sure you were aware that has hit a villa nerve lol, and id just lke to say to all those that mention Villa finished above us this year, ok you did but this was a year when our club was in upheaval after the take over, and atl east we didnt have to suffer our clubs 'abject surrender' in the uefa cup now did we? congratulations on your show stopping end to the season to by the way 3 wins out of your last 15 games wasnt it?? sounds like relegation form to me
3 wins from 15 and we still finished comfortably above you. Jeez you must have had a really shite season, thanks for pointing that out!
Rearrange the following words- win dont cit-eh trophies
eh don't city win trophies.....
they are not that good to even be likened to a feeder club for us, they probably have maybe 2 other players that we could potentially have and would work for our club, but that it, they cant feed themselves into the top four let alone feed us with players
evidently basic reading skills havent made it to your area yet as the words 'season of upheaval' feature in my post(or is it just that you dont understand what the big words mean???) and i notice you failed to comment on your surrender,selective memory i guess or do you class the non apperance of YOUR team in a european competition that YOUR manager pushed for all of the season before as being i think its shite!! mind you i suppose you wouldnt want to point that out!
Feeder club??? hahahaha!!! You aint earnt anything, you are just going to buy success! That dont make you a big club. We have been an ever present in the premiership and won a hell of alot more than you ever will.. Stuart Taylor on a free and a fatty for £12million, lol! Feeder club.. yer right! £18million on Santa Cruz, one good season.. nice work. The arabs will get bored and the only way a club like yours can ever gain success will be gone and you will be a lower midtable premiership side yet again.
You can have our wafes and strays but that is about it.
I thought Chelsea was our feeder club...
Mr. McGrath... stop living in the past... you were a successful club in the 1800s since then you've won about the same us.
Ashley young may have a sniff at getting on the bench,just a thought
SouthCity, you liked Ben Haim, did you? Cert.
Forgot that I've not actually commented on the article. Aston Villa as a feeder club is just a joke of an article. We need to set our sites higher than a mediocre club on the decline with bitter fans.
And fellows, I dont understand why you guys are going for Taylor. He's not, erm, a very good keeper, is he? I mean, definitely not Given's quality! Whyt not just stick with Hart? He's showing all the signs of a great keeper!
We could buy james milner for the reserves oh happy days CTID!!!!!
Hart wants games to get in the world cup squad... he won't get them with us because Given is better. Rather than lose him we're letting him go on loan to the Midlands' biggest club.
Jesus Christ - loads of money from some Arab and suddenly the city fans are more arrogant than the United lot. What will happen if god forbid you win anything? Goatboy you aint won anything since the mid 70s, since than we have won the league, european cup, super cup, and 3 league cups. Its not Man City vrs Villa though, there are loads and loads of clubs you can't touch in terms of success but suddenly you the dogs bollocks after what? It cant be last seasons position finish whatever it was, it can only be down to throwing money around on the likes of Barry and Santa Cruz!! Fuckin hell, talk about delusional!
lol, Tudor, very cheeky...!
the fear
actually villa have been far more successful than city since 1900, take a look at the record books, and we've never baught anything. If you do manage to break top 4 or even win the league, it will be down to money alone and will be worthless. When you win something by actually building success gradually then start getting cocky, until then jog on because your giving your club a bad name. I have no problem with city apart from this crappy section of fans who have gotten completely above themselves putting every other club down, and why? don't you think that any club in the entire world could have success if your owners took them on? your stupid if you think otherwise.
so far more successful means 1 more trophy? Since the 1900s as you suggest... City have won 2 league titles same as Villa, 4 FA Cups same as Villa... one european trophy (super cups don't count) same as Villa.... you've won 2 more league cups.... you're right 2 league cups is vastly more successful (since the 1900s). **** just since 1900s (to the poster who asked ****
Hope your pleased with barry,He can`t run or score goals.And stuart taylor doesn`t know how to jump whilst diving,Cheers.
Also... to the people calling us arrogant. If you're too stupid to see a joke actual for what it is then your gonna get these type of comments. We know we're rubbish... we've been rubbish for years... we know we're buying success... and you know what... we love it. As has been pointed out we've won f all for years and we've got one of the biggest fan bases in the country... I think we deserve any success this cash might bring. I don't mind if people say we've bought because that's the game nowadays. It's no longer jumpers for goalposts so deal with it.
It`s pretty simple really - Aston Villa Massively over achieved last year in a season where a-lot of clubs, City included had average seasons (but we were in transition!) However it seems that a lot of clubs are building for the future where as Villa well - You have now sold your best player (he wanted to leave a sinking life boat) and have a really average team thus as for feeder club for Man City no thanks… there is no one left too take unless we want Emile Heskey as a Steward on match days. I reckon Watford are more a feeder club for Villa - How is Marlon Harewood?
Feedthegoat, the fact you think Barry was our best player just says to me you don't have any idea about football whatsoever. Petrov was a class above him last season. Barry and Petrov play the same role and it isn't necisary to have them both playing in the same team, It just detracted from us going forward. Freeing up Barrys role for an attacking option in midfield is exactly what was needed. Fair Play to MCFC_Goatboy for pointing out that you know your rubbish and are just buying things. Thats fine, and I hope you do break the top 4, just don't go talking clubs like Villa down, Us, Everton etc do things the right way, no stupid debts, steady building and a lot of other teams could take what we do as a good example.
MCFC_Goatboy sorry my Rothmans guide must be incorrect as it has no mention of Man City's European Cups
Apparently the Cups Winners Cup is on a Par with the European Cup according to the Goatboy!
You must have the New York store & shopping guide.
Where did I say that Mickey_Villa? I said we've both won one European trophy which is entirely accurate lol.
Still living in the distant.....distant...................distant past poor little villains
In regards to buying success can you shed a light as to when clubs have been buying success and when they haven`t - also which clubs are allowed to buy success and which are not I`m slightly confused? Arguably the past decades results might not stand as clubs have bought players in order to improve and progress?? Is it some weird macho competition to see who can spend the least amount of money play boring football and still win trophies? Do you not feel slightly cheated that your chairman (a billionaire) is perhaps just siphoning off all the money he can and not investing in players? I welcome any club buying in great players as it make the PL a great spectacle and reinvests the money into the sport - its better than fat cats getting richer and the sport poorer!!
Good luck with Petrov - he's the best player and i dont think anyone wants to buy him!!!.....
This was never going to go down well with Villa. Though the article is amusing it is a little unnecessary.
MCFC_Goatboy, If you call a European Cup, European Super Cup, First Division Champions, 3 League Cups, Charity Shield and an InterToto. All since you won the League Cup in 1976, then yes you muppet with won about the same !
MCFC_Goatboy, Just another thing to set you straight, as you seem great at making up your facts. Villa's Honours; 1 - European Cup 1 - European Super Cup 7 - First division champions 2 - Second division champions 1 - Third division champions 7 - FA Cups 5 - League Cups 1 - Charity Shield 1 - InterToto We earnt our history mate and only Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal can better it !
Ancient history still using jumpers as goal posts for most of these.
HA HA - I knew this would whip up a sh!t storm. Seriously though, it ain't gonna happen, nice idea though...
nice to see your young stars leaving you, sturridge, johnson soon, hart won't be there for long, and you'll buy players, not a team, ireland will fuck of next year your nothing, and 'you won all your stuff in 1800's living in past etc' last time i checked that what history is? typical bone idol mank. you've took a 3rd choice villa keeper, and you claim non of our team would make yours clever thinking. we went out of the uefa cup on purpose, you were in it to win it, and you got knocked out by some 3rd world thanny team. selective thinking i think not <3 gl mid table next year are you newcastle in disguise?(8)
Pathetic little individual at least show your name typical villa fan
Anonymous thats villa next season,Let the good times roll CTID!!!
@ the one putting me straight.... I said about 5 times that I was on about since the 1900s... all the crap you won in the 1800s I didn't count as I was replying to the guy who said sing 1900. So I'm not making up facts you Muppet... you're just a little to simple to grasp simple sentences.
Be Carefull of the fall you guys it wasnt that long ago u were a few divisions below us so stop being so cocky.
A couple i think you mean.
We'll stop being so cocky when opposition fans stop being so bitter.
To the typical Villa fan, who remains anonymous - probably incapable of spelling his name, can just about grunt it! Firstly get a better grasp of the English language and learn to write coherently, you are not helping the credentials of fellow Villa fans!!! I have unidentifiable bacteria growing on my shed that is more intelligent than you!! Sturridge is the only player to have left and although it`s hard to stomach receiving C. £3-10million pounds on an unproven 19 year old that would not get a game - I`m sure we will cope!! Two things for you to digest 1. We purposely chose not to win the PL last season just as you say you did to go out of Uefa Cup??? 2.The off in F*ck off has two ff`s - other wise it would be f*ck "OF" which is just jargon??? F*ck of for now!
Heres a name for mr anonymous VILEVILLAIN sounds good yeah.
folks, lets keep this at least half decent and enjoy the banter. Seems to be a small glitch with some poster names coming up anon (so if you have posted and your name hasn't shown up, send me an email please at .. thanks)
The Fear
Hooking Villa fans is as easy as the six points we will get off them next year. Packs up fishing rod and goes home.
Nice one T, not frightened of rattling a few bells and getting a good response.
Buzz Lightyear
I'd rather pool from B'ham... we got the only decent player from Villa, and ashley young will be off to spain soon. enjoy your relegation scrap.
villa our feeder club ? i dont want this to happen because there fans would have to get a life and a sense of humour which they clearly aint. i remember when villa used to be a big club with great fans but all they are now is a load of jealous sad gits who moan about everything they can think of and cry that they are losing there best players to bigger and better clubs like city. maybe MON should come to us and be our scout and that way it would save us paying over the odds for players and they can simply be picked up cheap.
Mike Hunt
Sometimes a title just appears in my head and I run with it. It certainly proved popular on this occasion.
Yep. Just like United are feeders to madrid.
Of course we are a feeder club. Now you've swallowed two of our has beens here are few others you might like to get fat on: Nicky Shorey, Salifou, Marlon Harewood, Zat Knight, Isiah Osbourne. That little lot will meet your standard easily!!
You can hardly call Barry a 'has-been'... this is exactly what I mean about you lot being bitter.
Thanks for the offer mr anon but our AMBITIONS are much much higher than their standard you best keep them for a rainy day it's coming soon i think,Oh happy days CTID!!!!!
T remind me later to send you the book, How to win friends and influence people
Buzz Lightyear
Parcel Force or Royal Mail?
? tiny t
In relation to the article City fans are deluded *****
agree gg deluded ****s

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