Manchester City - Taggart Aims To Hide Debt By Claiming Frugality
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Taggart Aims To Hide Debt By Claiming Frugality

It's been coming and on the day that Carlos Tevez, the man he pursued by telephone this summer signs for 'liddle ciddy' Sir Alex Ferguson has given his latest state of the nation speech...

As has been well documented, USA chancers the Glazer family's purchase of Manchester united has left their club more than £700 million in debt with interest rising daily despite Taggart's well financed squad continuing to win titles with almost consumate big four ease and packing the swamp with day trippers for every home game.

More absurdly, the alledgedly gregarious Scot, after years of leading the way with record breaking transfer fees has chosen this summer, in which the rags have lost two essential strikers to declare that all of a sudden he thinks that transfer fees are too big:

'I said a year ago, when they took over at City, that this was possible' said the Stretford sage. 'Some of the values across the world now are amazing. The numbers that get tossed about. The values of players have shot sky high. I don't think any of the big transfers this summer are realistic but for some reason it has caught fire this summer. It's an unusual summer and it's very difficult to get value because of that.'

Probably more difficult if you haven't got the funds to compete with anymore, Fergie.

The most stunning aspect of Ferguson's sudden attempt at trying to claim some sort of moral football transfer ground is his statement that the rags multi million worldwide support will understand his new found belief:

'I can only placate the fans in one way and that's by not being stupid. We have that wonderful sum of money from Real Madrid but there's no way we are going to throw it away by putting an extra zero on the end of transfer fees when I didn't think it was value.'

Of course, these sentiments, even accounting for Real Madrid's staged massive payments are stunning considering what record 'MU' signings have gone before, often when rival clubs could only dream of such questionable 'value' fees.

Lest we randomly forget...

1995 'Andrew' Cole £6 million
1998 Dwight Yorke, £12.6 million
2001 Ruud Van Nistelrooy, £19 million
2001 Juan Veron, £28.1 million
2002 Rio Ferdinand, £30 million
2004 Wayne Rooney, £20 million
2007 Owen Hargreaves, £17 million
2008 Dimitar Berbatov, £ 30.7 million


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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 14 2009

Time: 2:07PM

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What nonsense! We aren't prepared to pay 60 mil for single players and what does that have to do with debt?? VERY few players in world football are worth over 30 mil and if you or Madrid are too stupid to know that, its your money!
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14/07/2009 14:16:00

Btw you do know that Chelsea in more debt than us right? Just letting you know. You're so stuck on this debt argument, its depressing! We'll keep bagging the trophies and you just keep harping on about debt. That'll do nicely.
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14/07/2009 14:20:00

We've only ever spent 30 million plus on one player (Robinho) my rag friend. Untied have paid 30 million plus more times than us so perhaps you're too stupid to know that. Oh and that 80 million you just got.... what is that.. a years interest on your debt?
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:21:00

Like Berbaflop you mean FU? You spend that much time over here on VMC, I get the feeling you'll soon be called ForeverCity! Hope you're watching SSN for the unveiling of Carlos mate! Rumour has it that Taggart made a last minute bid to sign Darius Vassell on a free (credit crunch and all that!) but he turned them down. Even he has standards ;)
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:21:00

Yep, we're fully aware that Chelsea area nother 100 million worse off than the rags. But realistically, looking at the rags squad as it stands now, until the club is sold the odds have to be stacked against bagging more trophies next season. Surely?
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:23:00

United are in debt no doubt, a United mate of mine said to me yesterday he's worried the frugality is a veil hiding serious monetary problems. However this probably doesn't need to be discussed on here, Tevez has just signed so lets focus on him and City.
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14/07/2009 14:25:00

LOL, good article!! Fergie publicly is allowed to spend Ronaldo's fee. Privately the Glazers are accruing interest on it as we speak and it will never be seen again.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:26:00

oliverblue - Berbaflop? The same player with 9 goals and 10 assists in the league last season? Oh I'll be watching Carlos Tevez make a fool out of himself for joining your club no doubt! From Champions league football to..........? From PL champions to..........?
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:33:00

That's over 3 million a goal (plus wages) so far.... bargain you're right.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:36:00

The days when the Rags could dominate the transfers in The Premiership are now going. Pretty soon they'll struggle to win anything. But Taggart will be off before then. He'll probably get Bruce or Allardyce to take the job on.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:36:00

butty1, they've been rubbing our noses in it for years mate. Time they had a bit back.....with interest!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:37:00

JB - You're judging our team ON PAPER like all the other smart ones! Ruud left us and all the years he was it with us he was averaging 25 goals or more a season in all comps. This was a higher rate than Ronaldo. He left and we won the league because someone had to step up and that was Ronaldo. Who knew Ronaldo had that many goals in him when he arrived? Somebody will step up and we'll move on! I'm just glad our defense is intact! Defense wins championships and I'm happy ours is still there and raring to go next season!
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:40:00

Who cares what FU and the other rags think? MU will no doubt put the price of their season tickets down now that SAF has seen the frugality light.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:42:00

I can see it now.... Fletcher with 30 goals lol
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:42:00

MCFC_Goatboy - Berba is no Ruud, he is the complete striker! He also has the natural ability to create and we benefited hugely from that last season! Without 10 of his assists in the league, I think we'd be looking at Liverpool's number 19!
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:44:00

Sindbad - We've already built a very strong squad over the years and don't need to break transfer records every year to compete. New managers in new teams rebuild and we don't have to!
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:46:00

I agree in principle Jonny but surely we can only really give them stick when we win something?
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:48:00

Manure are 1 or two injuries away from finishing outside the top 4 next season. I don't care how many Wellbecks or Macheda's you have, and I don't care how many young players with potential you have bought (Nani - Haahahaha) face the facts - you have spent your transfer budget on 3 players that don't even begin to fill the gaps left by tevez and winker boy. Quite frankly I look forward to the cries of "Fergie Out" and the slowly dawning realisation that the Glazers really have bent your over and had their way with you.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:49:00

FU - love the way you feel the need to hang around a City forum desperately trying to defend your team's state of affairs. A sure sign of nerves if ever there was ;)
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:50:00

It's followed me from the school yard, butty1. One crack in the dam and they give it to us, we give it to them and ever more shall be so. Christ help me when we do win something!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 14:56:00

fifthcolumnblue - Hahaha I like how you laugh at Nani when Jo has been superb for you right and I know who costs more! One or two injuries? Haha how many times did we have to reshuffle our team last year?? We were in almost 8 comps and had to keep reshuffling our backline and midfield constantly. We couldn't field the same team for two striaght matchdays. Rooney was always out, Ronaldo only had 18 prem appearances due to inury, Rio played jus 24 games last season due to injury, we didnt even have a defensive midfielder in Hargreaves for the entire year and SOMEHOW we still won the league! So I'm not too worried about injuries. And I'm very sure we'll be hearing 'Hughes out' more so than any manager next season! Frankly, I'm looking forward to the realisation that no matter how much you spend, you'll still be **** and will win **** all!
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 15:06:00

FU, I've got to hand it to you mate. Like a lone machine gunner firing in all directions from behind your sandbags. Great stuff!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 15:08:00

United have financial problems, that is obvious, but it isn't going to do a Newcastle next season (positionally or monetary). However, the writing is on the wall, and what adds to the hurt is that their lowly neighbours are spending money, like this league has never seen, and all for one purpose. Say what you want about Taggart, but he is no fool, and he knows that we are going to overtake them, be it next year, or the year after, but he knows it will happen. ----- Oh and I would like to point out two things FU; firstly, yes Chelsea does have a bigger debt, but a huge chunk of that is an interest free loan from Abramovich, meaning it never gets worse, which isn't the case with your club's; and secondly, to actually try to use Chelsea's debt as a way to make your own club's debt seem not so bad, is quite frankly ridiculous. Should I compare my broken cheap hi-fi, to my friend's slightly more expensive broken hi-fi, saying mine isn't as bad as his, because his cost more?
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 15:09:00

BlueWolfie - I'm not trying to make our club look any better! These are facts aren't they? They are in more debt than us and have been for a couple of years despite ours being the one only continuously growing!
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 15:20:00

The only thing continuosly growing at United is your debt FU. I have several mates who support your club and they abandoned their season cards last year due to your popular decision to charge them for cup games. If your die-hard Mancunian fans are getting fed up and leaving, how long do you think it will be before the tourists up sticks and follow them through the exit door? Your entire strategy as a club is to guarantee a full swamp by selling to corporates and day-trippers, so if you begin underperforming then these too will abandon ship. If you fail to qualify for the CL then your whole corporate model becomes unsustainable. That operating loss you posted last season is a sign of things to come.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 15:47:00

FU - you're clinging to a sinking ship mate. simples. United are headed the same direction as Newcastle. Enjoy.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 16:10:00

FU, i love your comments, you are so wise and informative. I cannot understand why United haven't sacked Ferguson and put you in control. Better still, get Capello to sling his hook and lead us out of 40 years of hurt. C'mon you know you can do it. ForeverBitter.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 16:26:00

love the debt, if manure dont win owt this season there value will drop quicker than a stone in water, and with 700m debts and a club that is worth less than the debt thats called negative equity and the banks dont like that so i expect to see a closing down sale sign very soon over at the swamp {everything must go! and please turn the lights off on your way out of the swamp as we can no longer afford the electric bill cheers!}
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 17:13:00

Haha you all cling to false hope its hilarious! Almost like the delusion that you're going to be challenging for top honours next season! We have record deals all over the place, we have fans all over the place, money comes by from all places. We may be in debt but we make more money than any other team in the land comfortably. We are the most valuable football brand and everyone wants to be associated with us. But nice try though. Hang on to that little hope of yours that somehow we're going to dissolve. I mean, you do need something to cheer about if your season turns into **** again!
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 18:30:00

fifthcolumn - There are thousands on the season-ticket waitlist. If someone gives theirs up, there are thousands more who will pick it up. Its quite simple really. You don't even have a full stadium during UEFA Cup matches! When was the last time you had a full house? Were any of you alive??
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 18:33:00

Umm... other than to obviously save our supposedly disallusioned souls, what with us all being poor liddle Ciddy fans and all, why are you here?
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 19:29:00

Oh, no, wait. Forget that last comment - I have just been to VitalManchesterUnited, and there is so little going on over there, that I suppose you have to come here for something to talk about. (Oh and kudos for being top of your Vital Man U poster league, with a staggering 77 points, no really, you are a star.)
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 19:38:00

I concur with BlueWolfie - Forever unhinged you are a legend in your own lunchtime. But like all good things it was destined to end. Now lunchtime is over, so back to work with you.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 23:14:00

Actually BW is right. The last time I was at 'Vital' Manure there was a virtual tumbleweed bowling past.
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 23:53:00

You in-breds are certainly ones for short/deluded memories!! *****ty as a club are poor and will never be able to generate the type of turnover seen by United. At the moment you have a billionaire willing to bank roll old sparkless' dreams. The Glazers may have loaded United with debt but there would be a queue of billionaires gagging at the bit to get hold of the money and trophy generating machine that is United. Keep singing your blue moon cos you'll be going down with Ricky Fatton. lmfao ;)
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 08:49:00

More wonderful words from someone who apparently hasn't even posted anything on his own Vital MU page at all this month. You just can't help yourself being drawn to here, can you?
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 10:52:00


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