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Adebayor Seals City Switch

Manchester City has clinched the signing of Emmanuel Adebayor on a five-year deal from Arsenal after his medical at Eastlands today.

The 25-year-old Togo international signed for the Gunners from Ligue 1 side Monaco for 3m in 2006, scoring a total of 62 goals in 142 appearances for the North London side.

Mark Hughes first confirmed that City were interested in the powerful 6`3 striker at the unveiling of Carlos Tevez, and now the deal has finally been completed, City manager Mark Hughes stated: 'Emmanuel has been one of the top forwards in the Premier League since he arrived from France and we are delighted he has agreed to come and join us.'

'Along with the other signings we have made in the last two windows he will greatly enhance our ability to compete with the top sides.

'His arrival is another clear indication that we are determined to augment the players we have here with the best of international talent.

'He adds vital balance and power to our attack. He has everything a top forward needs. He is versatile, powerful, quick and agile on the ball.

'I am looking forward to working with him as are the rest of the staff. He will definitely add a new dimension to our play. I have been a great admirer for a long time.'

Around 300 City fans greeted Adebayor outside the City of Manchester Stadium to which the striker expressed his delight:'It made me feel really welcome and special and I can`t wait to play for City`s fans and show them what I can do.

'I was born to play football and that is what I want to do. I have come here to make history for this club and those supporters. It what the chairman and the manager told me that they want too and I can`t wait to get started.'

The deal for the 2008 African footballer of the year is reported to be in the region of 25m and he joins an increasingly potent City front-line consisting of star strikers Carlos Tevez, Roque Santa Cruz and Robinho, taking the overall striker count to nine- not including on-loan Brazilian Jo.

With such swollen numbers, there are likely to be a number of exists from Eastlands including Ched Evans and Benjani.

Adebayor missed City's clash in the Vodacom Challenge which they lost 2-0 against the Orlando Pirates and will now head out to South Africa to join up with his new teammates.

It has been confirmed that he will wear the number 25 shirt.

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The journalist

Writer: Lincolnsmariner Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 18 2009

Time: 7:20PM

Your Comments

You have no idea how happy Arsenal fans are.
that enormous whoosh you heard was the sigh of relief echoing around Stamford Bridge!
You have no idea how happy Manchester City fans are.
True Merlin mate! After all, you've got Daniel Sturridge! We'll have to make do with Carlos, RSC, Robinho, Adebayor and Bellamy. Oh well!
oliverblue offence mate but he was unhappy about being played as a lone striker and he will bang the goals in with someone at the side if him next season..your loss mate and you will see that.
Mike Hunt
I find it odd that city fans seem to doubt the sincerity of gooners who are pleased to see him go. I for one am delighted. It's not just a defensive reaction to try and disguise any dissapointment that he's left, it really is genuine. And it isn't just because of his his poor attitude, it's also because he's not really that good, and Hughes will be regarded as a cult hero for giving us 25m for him. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to put city down at all, I think he's probably a bit better than what you already have, and maybe he will do well for you, but he has been poor for Arsenal over the last year or so and will honestly not be missed. If he was half as good as he thinks he is, then he's be an awesome player, but sadly he is not. Mike Hunt (indeed) 2 years ago he was played as a lone striker and had his best year. Last season he was always played with a partner, but his general lack of technique, touch and awareness meant he was outscored by Van Persie and managed the same in open play as Bendtner, who started far fewer.
Ade signed for City because no Champions League team came in for him. That's no dig at City, but instead it's just the truth. There is a reason that nobody wants him. Adebayor will be another victim of the leaving Arsenal curse. Your midfield cannot give him the chances he was on the receiving end of during the 07/08 campaign.
Not our loss at all. The guy is a trouble making little tw*t who's greed and ego is only eclipsed by the amount of offsides and missed chances. And Adebayor played more games alongside another striker than on his own. Oliver, Tevez = average, RSC = average, Bellamy = average and Adebayor and Robinho are hardly not world class. the signings you have made are vastly over-rated. Had you signed David Villa and Eto'o, fair enough, buy you got Santa Cruz and Adebayor.
Are you planning on converting Bellamy and Bojinov into centre-backs this pre-season! :)
Why bother about him?
Look at how delighted he is in the picture
11-0-0. Good luck with the new formation. *smirk*
You lot are really interested in signing average players, are'nt you? Sheesh.
Sour Grapes Gooners! Adebayor will be a Sky Blue Legend... Come on City!
Did you know that Arsenal fans wanted him to be sold after his 30 goal season? They would have happily seen him at another club. You have signed a rotton attitude who is only a good player with Fabregas, Hleb and Rosicky creating 130 chances for him.
I have lots of mates who are Gooners and they like you lot are pleased to see him go. He misses too many chances, converting about 1/5. I would be dissapointed if we didnt have anyone else up front but we have Robinho, Tevez, Bellamy, Bojinov and Roque Santa-Cruz... Im sure Adabayor will do just fine :D
Doesn't compare to van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela, Walcott and a new striker (Chamakh I suppose)
He can very dangerous player, and I think he'll be desperate to restore his ego next season, so should do quite well, but then he'll probably just get bored, and after a couple of seasons you'll be desperate to see the back of him. Elano's got a big responsibility for you next season. He's the one who can create chances for all these strikers.
Wgat are all these gooners on jhere for? Welcome signing for me now he can fight RSC for the right to score 40 goals for God's sky blu heaven
We are basically here to warn you lol
The Gooners are soon to be suffering from 5th spot bitterness jackblue. Tom - Robinho not world class? Clearly you dont remember him destroying you last season!
That was the worst Arsenal team/performance in Wenger's reign. And no, Robinho is not World Class. Arshavin is World Class, Fabregas is World Class, Robinho, if he scored and assisted more, would be World Class.
Robinho is a world class futsal player, and Adebayor is a world class w****r.
Umm Tom... Vela is unproven, walcott is over-rated and bentner and eduardo are very average. Van Persie is your only 'world class' forward.
Robinho is a left winger NOT a striker. So 14 goals in your first season in the premiership is great. Imagine how muh he will improve this season? He finished 3rd behind anelka and ronaldo. Arshavin and fabregas are not world class. Fabregas doesnt even make spains firtst 11..... Adebayor = bad signing. He will flop and he wont endure himself to the fans or team. What a waste of money
enzo city
Tom - if you honestly think Robinho, Adebayor and Tevez aren't as good as Bentner, Vela and Walcott, then good luck to you! Keep the medication up mate!
oliverblue, add in RVP and Eduardo, like Tom said, and he's got a good case.
Sorry, if you think that Arshavin is not world class then you have no right to comment on footbal. he is the third best player in the world.
We have some sad deluded visitors fellow blues i think they are worried CTID!... they quite make me laugh actually
Oh yeah not to mention Arshavin
moonbeam1968, is it so abnormal to take a look at the views of the supporters of a club to which you have just sold a player? You can have your little chuckle if you want, because we just took 25million off you in return for a lazy****, albeit a talented one.
average players jt-daniel?what do you call daniel sturridge....
Rob, he is talented to a point, he is not in the top class bracket though.
Arshavin - third best player in world? Now that's funny! He might make our bench! Good luck to all Arsenal fans for the forthcoming season. Me thinks you'll need it!
no I agree with that. He can be a real handful for defenders on his day, but he doesn't have the touch of a top class player, and his timing of runs aren't exactly perfect either, hence the offsides. If it wasn't for his physical attributes, he'd probably wouldn't have made it as a pro.
oliver, you havn't got a clue is you are being serious. I hope you are joking in some form of football "banter", but if you truly believe that Arshavin would be a bench player at City then I suggest you watch some more football.
Either that or stop watching football alltogether, it might not be your thing...
give him a chance and if he doesn't perform sub him
Tom, if you think Arshavin is in the top 10 in the world, let alone the top 3, you know very little about football indeed. Robinho is not world class? Not to be condescending, but you appear to be a person who learned everything they know about Robinho from a wikipedia page. Good luck next season out of the champs league.
I have a good feeling about Manni. I think he's come here to achieve. It feels right. I have a feeling that he's probably landed in the right place at the right time. His hairstyle evolution will tell us a lot about ourselves.
roy harper
LOL well said Roy. He seems determined to succeed and with Ireland, Robinho and Tevez feeding him through balls, he could do very well.
eighthsin were not planning on using bellamy as centreback mate coz we will have LESCOTT for that mate ;0)
Mike Hunt
Adebayor is at City because he is unwanted at Arsenal and by every other CL club. If he could have stayed at Arsenal and feel wanted then he would have done that over moving to City, but he burnt his bridges ..... those of you thinking he will be a City legend need to thinka again. If he plays well enough to actually be considered a legend then he'll be away to the first big European club that comes in for him .... and if not, he'll just be average.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating .....lets see how he goes for a new team and new fans .....if he turns out like all the gooners say he will then I am sure they will be back to remind us .....however I challenge any of them to come back and admit they were wrong if he performs well...
americancitynut - Have you ever bothered to watch Arshavin play? Because if you had, you would know what I am talking about. And yes, Robinho can out in World Class performances, but that does not make him World Class. He needs to score and assist more - be more effective.
Time will tell.and we are going to need time for so many new players to mold in to a team......some harsh words coming to the blue half at the start me thinks
Whats this stupid myth about robinho not assisting and scoring much. Didnt he finish 3rd top scorer last season - hes a winger,, N0T a striker. Did anyone remember how poor drogba, henry, kuyt, berbatov were in their first season. Robinho has out classed them in his 1sat year and will improve next season. Name me better left winger in the premiership. If arshavin was world class - top european teams would have snapped him up in his early 20's. Instead only totenham and arsenal spoke to zenit about signing him at the age of 28.... not ac milan, inter or barca. Hes a great player, but he isnt world class. Only a handful of players are ( ronaldo, messi) As for adebayor, i admit u gooners did one over on us with this deal. Im sad we have signed him. Hughes is thinking he can revitalise him - i hope he can.
enzo city
Ashavin is world class. He is the third best player in the world.
The only thing i will say to you Enzo City is that Henry scored 26 goals and got 11 assists in his first season. But dont let facts get int the way .
Henry was also 22 and his first year playing up front so 26 goals & 11 assists seems pretty good to me. Robinho also only scored 3 goals in his last 22 games. I am not debating that he is world class though and with the better quality around him will be even better this year. Arshavin will be quality as well. He still got 6 goals & 7 assists in 14 starts. Hardly bad now is it
enzo city, I think the point about Henry has been cleared up, but two of your other examples were Kuyt and Berbatov. Most Liverpool fans consider Kuyt's first season at Anfield to be his best so far, but is Kuyt the kind of player you'd like to think Robinho could be? Is Dirk Kuyt a world class striker? I don't think many would say so. As for Berbatov, he's not in the "world-class" category either. Despite his obvious talents, he's never scored more than 15 goals in the Premiership. That's not bad, but hardly world-class. He can link play up well, but he drifts in and out of games too much to make him a top, top player. Robinho has world-class potential, but he's been known to have a bad attitude and although he has games where he beats defenders for fun, he also goes through plenty of matches hardly engaged at all, and his poor defensive ability leaves his full back very exposed. Personally I'd rather have a fit Rosicky or Arshavin on the left, possibly Nasri too, even though they're not strictly wingers at all. As for Arshavin, he was a late developer, but anyone who's watched him in the Euros, the Uefa Cup and since he's been at Arsenal will know that he is world class. Contrary to what you say, he was in fact courted by Barcelona, but they weren't prepared to negotiate with Zenit, who were desperate to hold him in captivity.
Give up fellow Blues! We are clearly wasting our time. Let our strikeforce do the talking. Hopefully these deluded Arsenal fans will be back on VMC in May apologising for their errors as they finish outside the top 4. Is Vital Arsenal crap by the way?
mcfcirish, he scored a beauty.. And you lost 2-0 to whom? Erm Orlando Pirates. Where do they play? In the local park?
JT and it is a *****ty little local park as well, pitch is covered in dog crap and that pretty well describes Ade.

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