Manchester City - Van Persie Banned For Celebration & Cynical Lunge
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Van Persie Banned For Celebration & Cynical Lunge

Vital Manchester City regular, MCFC_Goatboy sent us the following:

I see a lot of articles and press coverage about Adebayor's celebration and his alleged stamp on Van Persie on Saturday. It was out of is his fault the fans mutated into thugs....lets lay all the blame on him and ban him.

So what exactly did he do? He sprinted the length of the pitch and slid onto his knees in front of the travelling Arsenal support. This apparently is enough to make grown men to start throwing coins, bottles, chairs (anything they could get their hands on) onto the pitch and at the ground staff (knocking one steward unconscious).

Now what about Van Persie?

He scored and ran straight to his supporters in joy? No. He went straight to the City fans and started to swear at them. More than Adebayor did. With no reaction more aggressive than a few V signs going his way. What is wrong with us! That's not how it should be done. Just ask the section of Arsenal fans from the Adebayor goal. The police have received a complaint about Van Persie but no investigation has yet been started.

Now on to the alleged stamp. It does look bad. To me there does seem to be some change of movement there but I can't be sure. In the end I'm sure he's going to get a three match ban for it and if he did actually intend to do then so be it.

Van Persie, the poor victim of a brutal attack though? Take a look at the stamp video again and look at Van Persie's challenge. I'm pretty sure that two footed lunges are red card offences. Is this going to be reviewed by the disciplinary panel too?

So Adebayor is in trouble for both his celebration and the challenge but should Van Persie be getting just as many headlines? Arsenal fans will say no obviously because they apparently did no wrong on Saturday, according to most of the articles and comments I've read.

I'm a Blue so I say yes? The neutral I've no idea. I'd hope so but everyone wants to see the 'Arab' club fail so I don't know. What do you think?

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The journalist

Writer: MCFC_Goatboy  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday September 14 2009

Time: 8:40PM

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I agree Goat - if he meant it, he deserves the punishment. As for the celebration thing, I know the FA don't like it, but the City fans didn't act the same way when Persie did it, but worse (and before Ade did for that matter). Of course Persie's tackle could have been nasty, but it turned out it wasn't so it get's lost in the 'stamp' incident. On the up side of all of this, some reporters are likening the incident to Cantona's lunge into the crowd (unbelievable I know), and he came back a much better player. Can you imagine Ade better than he is now? Bloody hellfire! We won't need a squad of 11, just him and Given!
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14/09/2009 20:49:00

You mean Adebayor? :) I do agree with you're point. How does running across the pitch and sliding on you;re knees cause the fans to mutate into animals, and begin hurling things, they're grown men!
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14/09/2009 20:50:00

As a neutral i think Ade should get a 3game ban for the kick to the face and Arsenal should get a fine for failing to control their fans. (not sure what that fine should be, maybe a game behind closed doors?) As for Ade and Van Persie celebrations I'm ok with both.
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14/09/2009 20:52:00

Punishing players for celebrating scoring is a joke..... but after Ade's raking of Van Persies face I have no sympathy. If he were banned for 10 games I'd have only one complaint; who benefits? it won't be Arsenal or Van Persie but the teams Citeh meet with a weakened team. Man City should be deducted a point and it should be awarded to Arsenal. Afterall if he'd got a deserved red for the VP incident he would not have been on the pitch to score, maybe Arsenal would have then avoided the defeat. (BTW I'm no gooner, shudder the thought, puke...)
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14/09/2009 20:55:00

10 games? Christ did Roy Keane get that for crippling Alfie Haaland?
Johnny Baguette
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14/09/2009 21:01:00

from the heart he meant to stamp on his hand for me, and if found guilty then a 3 game ban he deserves (after the derby thou! ;) ), as for persy it was a very rash challenge and could of broken a leg had ade not jumped and he should be given a 1 game ban, what also should be taken into account is ades run and he stayed on his feet had he gone down inside the box under one of them tackles then we would of had a pen and the arsenal player would of prolly got sent off, this should be seen as an act of honesty and praised because if he really did have it in for arsenal alls he had to do was fall over and there down to 10 men, this has been blown out of all proportions and its all down to the PRESS
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14/09/2009 21:01:00

pantyhoes deducted a point and given to arsenal? LAUGH ive never heard anything so pathetic in my life and ive got kids!, how many players stay on the field that should get sent off over a season? LOADS you cant use excuses like that its PATHETIC, how many players have we all had sent off for almost NOTHING? AGAIN its LOADS, the fact is arsenal are very sore losers, and are trying to pull the wool over there supporters eyes over there shortcomings!
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14/09/2009 21:10:00

So he hasn't been banned for celebrating or lunging cynically then? Wow way to go with journalistic integrity there fellas! Rather a tawdry and bitter article, with a huge slab of unwarranted paranoia to round it off. I have no problem with Arsenal being sore losers, wouldn't ever want my club to be happy about losing. I find sore winners far stranger, and all we have heard from you chaps is anger, bile, bitterness and the aforementioned paranoia, is this the 'paradise syndrome' we keep hearing about?
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14/09/2009 21:28:00

Mark You missed the point I'm making; that we need to look at the whole punishment regime and adjust it so that the victims get benefit of any judgement. With Ade banned it's MUFC who will benefit next week, and the week after....
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14/09/2009 21:33:00

When I submitted it I had a question mark at the end of the title.... as for your reply.... you're right it was a bitter article. I'm bitter because of the blatant double standards and the fact Adebayor has been hung out to dry by the press and Van Persie is coming away from it looking like an angel when his behaviour was just as bad. His celebration was worse.... I said Adebayor deserves a ban if he ment it.... I'm just questioning why RVP is getting away scot free.
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14/09/2009 21:34:00

persy will prolly get a suspended 1 game ban against ades 4 game ban, this will only be done to appease the city supporters with a quick wink in persys direction from the FA, in otherwords he will get off scot free apart from a reprimand, anyway whos the first to dive on saturday? i bet ladbrokes have already opened a new book all on diving we will have lineker and Co judging each dive on motd giving there marks out of 10, maybe the league could be decided over the best dives? just a thought....
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14/09/2009 21:51:00

Arsenal fans are just too precious and deluded,their club can never do anything wrong so theres no point debating with them life's too short.Goodnight fellow blues CTWD....
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14/09/2009 22:03:00

You'll excuse me if I'm lean on the "there, there treacle"s. Having only recently seen my club the subject of a REAL vicious witch hunt, chased the length and breadth of the land by Vincent Price and his horde of angry horseriding holymen for daring to conceive of the evil that is diving. But now *whisper* the ban on Eduardo has been rescinded. That's not stamping on faces, ankles, or putting the safety of his clubs' stewards at risk all for his vainglorious ego, nope we're talking diving to avoid being clattered by a fat feckin lump like Boruc. RVP never played for city, had he done so I'd understand if you got angry at an OTT celebration. This ain't about city and never will be - sorry!, it's between us and that wazzock. I appreciate y'all and the loyalty you show your own, but you just happen to be the club he ended up at, despite his and his agents last minute desperate attempts to blag otherwise. He is the one that has waged war on Arsenal, we were happy to let things lie but all we hear from him is the hate and yep that word again bitterness for the club, manager and fans that made him. A particularly thorny bed of roses does he build for himself (had to get a bit of yodastyle in)
Report Abuse
14/09/2009 22:04:00

nikolad, go home you ted, you made him hate you yourselfs or are you too blind to see that? the trouble with the dive is its opened a new can of worms, players will now be diving CHEATING all over the place he didnt need to dive to avoid the keeper he was past the keeper or are you really that blind? and niko this isnt really about arsenal its about the hatred spouted in the press, the press that YOUR fans write inciting the crowd to boo and calling for thuggish behaviour i ask you is this acceptable in the national press? which should be unbiased on ALL aspects of reporting, this is why city fans are angry, the same thing will happen next weekend to when we beat manure, first it will start with nev says this and rio says that then it moves onto the reporters giving there own opinions which in turn leads to hatred because they just cant help but write a biased piece (and all the reporters support the top 4) its not fair that an arsenal fan can slag city off in the press and get away with it when its his job to try and write an unbiased piece rather than provoking a riot!
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14/09/2009 22:30:00

I am home thanks wedgie, appreciate your concern though. Maybe it may be a good idea to wait longer than four games to pledge undying love and support for the poor lamb? I mean doubtless he needs his own innocent victim support unit but we may actually have some just cause for grievance and I will be back here reminding you good people when he starts acting the cvnt and trashing your club as he will inevitably do in good time. Your post makes me lol with it's naivity, surely not players diving CHEATING all over the place??? help help our league is in danger! and you call me blind? wakey wakey son it happens every weekend and has done for years. Also how naive are you to think that all sports reporting/writing should be unbiased? when most of the people writing are ex players with allegiances to old clubs? get real wedgie! If it upsets you that much stop reading the crap I could happily spend the rest of my life in blissful ignorance of the anti Arsenal gibberings of the likes of Collymore, Mellor ad that terminal spud loser Matthew Norman, I read one article saying how it was acceptable for us to boo the bozo from Togo given his appalling behaviour and if you weren't city chances are you'd probably agree, noone ANYWHERE called for thuggish behaviour so please stop with the unfounded blubbery it does your argument no favours. You also have completely contradicted yourself in the very same post because obviously when manure players shoot their gobs off it lead to justifiable hatred and reporters poncing off every word and stoking the fires. But when Adebayor has spent all season thus far taking every feckin opportunity to take verbal pot shots at Arsenal and the press loving it and jamming their rags with his rambling vitriolic self absorbed cack it's all our fault?? Take off the blue tinted glasses there son, there's only one visually impaired person in this conversation and he's the one with his crackers up his crack. :0
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14/09/2009 23:13:00 just have to take off those blue-tinted specs and acknowledge the severity of your player's actions. RvP's tackle was ill-timed and malicious but that was not a career threatening tackle. On the other hand, Ade-minor could've taken easily Van Persie's eyes out! You also claim RvP was having a go at your fans after scoring. Well ok fair enough but how is the relatonship between your fans and RvP? Is it a very unstable one teetering on the brink of epic violence? No, but this is how it is with Ade and Arsenal fans and he still failed to acknowledge this! He could've very well been rushed to the emergency room had the Arsenal fans got on the pitch. This would've gotten your fans on the pitch as well and then we could've seen a full-scale brawl. Another thing is, RvP didn't go out of his way to have a go at your fans after he scored did he? Ade, on the other hand, felt the need to ran like a drunken gazelle to the other side of the field to goad opposition fans. Fans we all know aren't on very good terms with him. That was a very dangerous thing he did and it's a shame you're letting your club allegiance cloud your arguments on this issue.
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15/09/2009 01:57:00

The thing that makes me laugh is that the Arsenal supporters like nikolaijns are screaming bloody murder about Ade's goal celebration like they are blameless in this incident but the truth is now coming out about the sort of songs and chants that were being sung at Ade by the travelling fans from the warm up onwards. These people have to accept some responsibilty for their own actions on the day and not pile all the blame onto Ade who let the emotion get the better of him. As for the stamp, theres no condoning that behaviour and the player will be punished in due course. Are the Arsenal supporters blameless here? Absolutely not, hope they get a ban (doubt it, but that would be a fair outcome.)
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15/09/2009 03:05:00

Forever United, A referee is supposed to ref a match in the here and now. History is not to be taken into account as it leads to bias. Im sure you believe Keane has been booked sometimes because of his reputation. How can you say tht Van Persies lunge at Ade was not career threatening? He managed to get out of the way.Many players have had careers finished by tackles from behind.Haarland for one.This is why this tackle is outlawed. Did you not see VP run off the pitch to the City fans giving them a gobful? You, my friend, like me, are biased.
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15/09/2009 07:38:00

i must admit persygirl looks like a right nobhead, infact he looks a bigger drama queen than the recently departed winking pony
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15/09/2009 09:32:00

If was known that a girl cheated on every boyfriend they ever had, always wanted more money and now they wanted to be with you wouldnt you be skeptical? Man City people, congrats for the win, it was deserved but your defense of Ade is a joke. It was him who came out conflicting interviews within minutes, "I'm staying", 2 secs later "We have to see and all this crap", I am sure you will be able to find the videos. He wanted out and held the club hostage for more money and if you follow his career and even his national team you will see the guy is all about gettin paid. He is not Man City fan but a money fan and the sooner you realize this it will make you feel better when he shows his true colours, its coming. As far as RVP, he shouldnt have done what he did but he never played for you, nor did he run around the whole stadium and he also hasnt been chastising you in the media every chance he gets. It not that Ade ran that makes it bad it is the the situation surrounding it. RVP's tackle was an mis timed and very bad slide tackle that you see in every match and to suggest he should be banned is a joke. Ade intentionally stamped on the guys FACE! what is there to defend? You got the 3 points you should be happy as this guy shouldnt even have been on the field. God bless!!
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 15:27:00

Slide? To slide your feet must be on the ground not travelling through the air. The only time they were on the ground was at the point of contact when Ade who saw it coming managed to jump out the way.
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 16:20:00

Well for what its worth MCFC_Goatboy I think that you wrote a decent article and it is becoming apparent that the FA have double standards, particularly when one or more of their beloved big 4 are threatened. Clattenburg now says that he would have sent off Adebayor if he saw the incident but nothing has been said about the Van Persie lunge from behind. At least the FA and Greater Manchester Police are looking at banning some of those animals from the Arsenal end though.
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15/09/2009 16:41:00

I just have to wade in on this one - it is just appalling that the FA have moved so swiftly to ban Adebayor especially as Man. Utd. are due to face Man. City on the weekend. If at anytime in the storied history of the league there was a hint of protectionism of the Red Devils this surely is it. I agree that Van Persie's lunge was indeed a Red Card offence but Adebayor while he did stamp at Van persie never made any contact but on the intent he is guilty. If he is to be punished, Van Persie as well as the referee, for his inactivity are as deserving of punishment as is Adebayor!!!
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 19:20:00

I am a City fan and do agree with what you are saying on the crowd trouble thing. It is ridiculous to say that any player celebrating a goal by just sliding on his knees no matter where it is on the pitch is enough to make adults start to riot is just plain stupid. They are old enough to know better. Abusive behaviour on the other hand is another thing along with abusive celebrations. On the stamp thing I do feel he has to be punished if it was deliberate and it does look bad on that respect when you look at a replay. I don't think you can go of pictures because cameras take numerous frames per second and you can just choose the shots that look worse even if it is an accident. As for the lunge, even united fans have said how bad that was to me at work so how it can go unpunished i don't know but it probably will.
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15/09/2009 21:08:00

Interesting, isn't it? That the match ban is fast-tracked? Hmm.
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 21:58:00


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