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Manchester Coppers Called In Over Van Persie

So, the Dibbles have received a complaint over Robin Van Persie alledgedly swearing at City fans after scoring the goal that precipitated an Arsenal collapse...

FourTwogate rumbles on...

We've debated earlier today that van Persie is often not far from controversy and Saturday's game at Eastlands was no exception. Could be Robin spoke to soon in aiming for the moral high ground post match.

Top pundit Alan Shearer has stated that van Persie should have got a red card for the lunge that alledgedly saw Emmanuel Adebayor see red and reports post match either in boast or condemnation from both Arsenal and City fans of him gesticulating towards Adebayor and to the stands both during and after the game appear to have potential substance.

Obviously a trial by TV and panic stricken FA official reaction is now called for. Let's get this game uber-sanitised.

Get your pitchfork, burning torches and keyboards out, 'Fleet Street' hacks!

What will Piers Moron make of this??!!


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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday September 14 2009

Time: 8:58PM

Your Comments

I think your article lost all credibility when you, in all seriousness, referred to Alan Shearer as a "top pundit".................
Little Dutch
How old is that friggin' camera that copper has? No wonder no one ever gets arrested anymore.
lol Little Dutch! And that's not a camera, I reckon it's a swearometer to catch more of these people who are ruining football.
Johnny Baguette
is it me or does that copper look abit like nicky weaver lols, i also have to agree with little dutch hahaha, what i did see on motd was them deliberately letting the persy clip roll so we could see him swear also shearer is correct as much as i hate him and even he laughed when lineker said weve all kicked someon in the face before now, i think the pundits actually got a kick themselfs out of it after all none of them support arsenal lols)
little dutch you lost all credability when you post anything on your vile site.
lol one complaint, presumably one that came seven hours later when goatboy watched the MOTD highlights. Forgive me for not holding my breath on this one.
I won't lose much sleep over nothaving your approval bluemooner. After all, "the people wholove me know how I behave. The fans over at Vital Arsenal are proper fans, at Vital City one week they support City the next they support United" etc,etc.
Little Dutch
And you lost all credibility when failing to correctly spell credibility bluemoomin. Hmm If VA is such a cesspit of despicable vileness, I presume you've been there so f@ckin often purely in a Pete Townend type research capacity?
little dutch sounds like hes been having one to many cans of dutch gold......
Townsend even.
So I never went the game and I called the police to complain? Wrong on both counts Nik. You are right though... nothing will come of it from the police. You see we acted in a civil manner when provoked instead of going nuts and throwing things so there's nothing really to investigate.
What about the City fans that threw things into our section? (I know because I saw), how civilised were they? Or the fans chanting "You're just a town full of Munichs" to my left. How civilised is taunting people who died in a plane crash?
Little Dutch
"little dutch sounds like hes been having one to many cans of dutch gold......"I was actually quoting your new striker. I'm pleased you can see how deluded and deranged his words are.
Little Dutch
Seeing as you said you think the elephant chant is ok and isn't racist Dutch I've decided to disregard everything you post because of your obvious mental problems.
Goatboy do you realise your screen name could be highly offensive to Mr tumnus?
How old are you little dutch? sound about six to me or maybe five, ask mummy will you
Also goatboy coming from a person of mixed parentage I find it offensive you think only black people wash elephants. and
And I suppose the arse fans that threw bananas at Adebayor were simply depriving themselves of their post match snack and had in no way taken said fruit items to the match in order to express their feelings towards a player of african origins? Your hatred makes me sick. I hate Roy Keane, but when he destroyed Alfie Haaland's career right in front of where I used to sit at Maine Road, neither I nor anyone else threw anything at player or stewards, no one stormed the barricades in an attempt to kill the man and there were no anti-irish chants. Spot the difference eh?
If you have images of these bananas that landed on the pitch or were being waved I will more than condemn that as a disgaceful act. Please provide a link.
If there were Iceman, surely given the medias proclivity for putting the boot in any racist outrage would be everwhere on every back page on MOTD, provide evidence here and we'll unreservedly condemn it, if you can't and it's hearsay based on a mate of a mate who talked to *****ed up Ned who knew someone that went to the game then seriously STFU.
Iceman.... are you saying I'm racist for complaining about racist chanting? Are you a retard? It's a racial stereotype... that's the point of the chant you numpty.
Oh come on guys....forget this ***** was an awesome game of football n city leathered u lose Adebayour for a couple of games....u got RSC nearly fit....he's a class act!!!...n thats from a Rovers fan!!!
I have personally talked to several different City and Arsenal supporters who were at the match, and not one of them has told me they heard the racist elephant chant or saw banana skins being waved. So I don't see the point in backing up your argument with false hearsay. The charging of the pitch was wrong and I think the any reasoned fan will tell you that. As for van Persie, is a player not allowed to use foul language while celebrating? If so then the likes of Rooney, Terry, and many, many others are screwed. It's not like he had a mic and told the whole stadium to **** off, which, metaphorically, is what Adebayor's celebration said.
gunnerkid107 As I said... even the press picked up on it. You Arsenal fans can deny it till your blue in the teeth but it happened (the chanting). I didn't see any banana throwing though.
I highly doubt Martin Samuel was at the match, so I still have not heard or seen any eyewitness reports of racist chanting. Even on the off chance that it was sung, it would have only been sung by a very small minority of people. You cannot judge the whole away section on the actions of the few. Arsenal has had a long standing reputation as having some of the best away supporters in the country, so I'm quite confident in saying the vast majority of our fans were not involved in racist chanting. That tune hails from N17, not N5.
Your teeth are turning blue. I was at the match and heard it. Martin Samuel phoned Arsenal fans on the top tier who heard it. Some of you sang it and some of you threw chairs bottles and coins. Hardly a hallmark of 'best away supporters in the country'.
My teeth are off-white at best. It's easy to claim you were at the stadium on a practically anonymous forum. I just know what I've heard from people I can confirm were at Eastlands. By the way, it's quite late in Manchester isn't it? I nve to say it's a strange time to be debating on a football forum, for someone who claims to a be City local.
Name call all you like goatboy its not going to convince me, a person with a black parent that (a) that song was being sung and (b) that its a racist song. If somebody called my dad a goat washer and my mum a whore I know which one would be more offensive. If you are so sickened by this song il go check the Arsenal vs Spuds match reports for the last 2 years and hopefully see your outrage that it was being sung during those games. Funnily enough during the period it has been sung by the spuds not 1 complaint from an Arsenal fan (the most culturally diverse fanbase in the country) to the police or the football authorities, its a s*@t song its not even funny or remotely clever, in fact it doesnt really fit the tune of the original song properly
Also Im still awaiting evidence of the banana throwing.
Just played back the game which was shown live on Canal+ and I can 110% back up the statement from all my pals that were in the ground. The elephant/whore song was boomed out absolutely crystal clear. Time to start accepting it. Meanwhile: "According to a significant percentage of the Arsenal supporters who travelled north to Manchester on Saturday, the mother of Emmanuel Adebayor, the Manchester City striker, is a prostitute, while his father is employed as a menial labourer washing elephants." Read more:
Johnny Baguette
It matters not players are supposed to be above that and a trawl SSN seems to gather more sympathy regarding the celebration and it also seems that the press are those urging that Adebayor be punished again! The ref saw it and issued a yellow card, if Adebayor is punished again for the celebration then the yellow card should be recinded, but as you cannot recind a yellow I can't see why a player should be sanctioned twice. As for the complaint re van Persie, again heat of the moment stuff and certainly not worth wasting poilce time on. All players swear, are we going to complain everytime a player swears, of course not. The fact is that this has been boiling up all summer since his transfer and the Gooners fans and the press have had a go all week. I think if you look at the replays throughout the game, it was definately get Adebayor day and he just defended himself, but thats not how the FA will see it. SWP got a three match ban after the Stoke game last season after Delap visciously kicked the ball against him while on the ground, but that did not excuse his reaction and the same will be for EA.
Buzz Lightyear
Absolutely spot on Martin Samuel: "It is the morality of the internet messageboard, in which unspeakable insults can be traded from behind the shelter of pseudonyms. This time the safety is in numbers because if, one by one, those Arsenal fans had been let on the field to say what they liked to Adebayor's face, with no holds barred in the aftermath, as they say in boxing, the clever money would not be on whitey."
Johnny Baguette
not in one line of that article does Samuel mention racism, he says its deeply offensive which it is but doesnt mention race. He also doesnt confirm he was at the ground, a guy called IAN LADYMAN (a relative of Ronaldo? oops dont want to be offensive towards trannys..) did the match report that I have read. Your new striker was booked for his celebration and thats the matter dealt with, any fans who threw objects at him are as stupid as Ade himself and if identified should be dealt with. The on pitch stuff the FA will deal with.
So it's not racist then. Thanks for clearing that up.
Johnny Baguette
There is no point trying to reason with these gunners supporters as they simply can't comprehend the points we are trying to make. Even when the evidence is presented in black and white they will not believe it. These people are from another planet.
'The clever money would not be on whitey' So is Samuels saying that Arsenal only have white supporters? Racism can be where you look for it. I am sure there are some Arsenal fans that Adebayor wouldn't want to face but Samuels is right about the anger amongst fans of all clubs demonstrated at many grounds and on internet forums. There would be little wrong in Adebayors actions in celebrating the goal if taken in isolation but when wrapped up with everything that preceded it, much of which Adebayor was the architect, then it was foolish and incendiary. The same can't be said for his stamp on RvP though however much you might argue mitigation it was a vicious act. He needs to put his hands up and if he gets punished as he should then he and City fans should just take it and move on.
There are some increasingly deranged posts here which I thnk demonstrates the extent to which a lot of you are trying to make excuses because you can't defend Adebayor. Why would I give a rat's arse what Martin Samuel says when he wasn't at the game? That song did not go up, I know because I was sat in amongst 3,000 other Arsenal fans. I'm not going to take the moral high ground on that one, Arsenal fans have a chant that is sung at every single game of which the prevailing lyric is "and Harry Redknapp's mother is a whore." The accusations of racism are increasingly hysterical and falsified. Even if that chant went up, no, it's not racist and has no racist agenda to it. It's deeply unpleasant and not particularly funny (which you come to expect when it's a chant invented by Spurs fans), but it's not racist. I don't understand why you think saying someone cleans elephants is racist, it just isn't. I know some of you have tried to use the national stereotyping chestnut, but what about Northeners singing "you're just a town full of rent boys" or Londoners singing "we pay your benefits" or people singing about Scousers being thieves. Surely it's no worse than any of them? The accusations of racism are even more hollow when 34% of Arsenal's official club membership is non white, if you were to take a straw poll of visiting Gunners fans I was sitting next in with, I'd say about 1 in 3 would be of African or Carribean descent. You cannot provide an answer for why it was Kolo Toure- a black African- had his name sung warmly on a couple of occasions (most notably just before the second half when he came over and applauded). The increasingly deranged accusations of racism show a tenuous grip on the argument, from fifthcolumnblue coming onto our page and claiming all Arsenal fans are racist thugs, to the incredibly offensive and downright incorrect insinuation that bananas were thrown at Adebayor. That is a callous and unfounded accusation not borne out of any evidence whatsoever and borne entirely out of frustration because you have a tenuous grip on an argument with a load of strangers on the internet.
Little Dutch
Well it's your words against countless others who were at the game, or as I was, listening at the TV, LD. I don't know what else to add.
Johnny Baguette
There are a lot of things you could add. You could acknowledge the point that the chant, if it was made, isn't overtly racist and no more offensive than a variety of different chants made by different clubs including those with Munich references. You could accept that despite a plethora Sky cameras able to pick up the minutest detail there is no evidence of the presence of bananas. You could agree that the regard the travelling fans demonstrated towards Toure belies the whole racist slur. You might see that this whole racism nonsense is just a mask. You could even agree that given the circumstances, while not a hanging offence in my eyes, Ade's celebration was foolish and provocative. You might even take the view that stamping on someone's face is a vicious and spiteful act. But probably, like indignant motorists caught for speeding, you'll prefer to look in every other direction rather than where the real fault lies.
arsenal = DISGUSTING , arsenal fans = DISGUSTING and ban them for LIFE,
"It is the morality of the internet messageboard, in which unspeakable insults can be traded from behind the shelter of pseudonyms."
Well that's a brilliantly constructed counter argument Mark, well played.
Little Dutch
From Arsenal Mania Forum, Feb 2008: Arsenal Fans on Tottenham Racism: Quote: "If chanting about Eduardo's injury isn't bad enough, they have now lowered themselves to the level of racist chanting. I only heard the other day about the racism suffered by Avram Grant's family at the Carling Cup final and hopefully they will be punished for that but if anyone ever hears the dirty c**nts chanting this little number, then I suggest that it is reported just like this dirty group on facebook should be - adebayor....adebayorrr....his dad washes elephants and his mum is a whore!! ... 266&ref=nf The description of this group is also highly offensive and not only should the group be banned, but the creator and everyone in it should also be banned. Not only is it a blantant racist remark to assume that because Emmanuel Adebayor is from Togo in Africa, his father must therefore wash elephants, it is also highly disrespectful to a man who is no longer with us. For those who dont know, Emmanuel Adebayor's father passed away not so long ago which just makes this chant even worse than it already is. Can you imagine how Emmanuel Adebayor himself would feel on a football pitch if he was subjected to this chant? Its disgraceful and I really think something needs to be done about this, its completely overstepping the mark. I think if they are caught chanting this they should be thrown out of all cup competitions and the league until they can learn that this kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable."
Johnny Baguette
Interesting JB but what does it change? The opinion of someone purporting to be an Arsenal supporter doesn't make it anymore racist than the opinion of a supporter from any other club. It doesn't even make it anymore offensive that Adebayors father may have passed on than chants concerning the victims of the Munich air disaster. It's just another smokescreen to hide the real issue. You might wish to look elsewhere but in the end it comes back to the same issues of Adebayors actions and their consequences. the wrongdoings of others doesn't provide sufficient mitigation to avoid that reality.
You have to smile at the simple Londoners. Little Dutch tells us of friends of friends not singing the Adebayor song, yet nikolaijns tell us to STFU. Although remarkably neither can find any condemnation of the Arsenal coward that threw the missile that knocked the steward out, or did that not happen because a mate of mate said so??? Amos, where was Adebayor´s celebration wrong? It wasn´t. You just didn´t like it. It was only made worse because he thinks your fans are tools. A reason that is becoming more valid every passing day. Here is a clip from You tube. There is obviously a bent shaped object thrown at Adebayor, although, it couldn´t obviuosly be a banana. Also tell the fat sweaty tool in the yellow top to behave himself, embarrassing isn´t the word. I will leave the last word to this Gooner. ******** adebayor.... i hope sumone stabbs him... or sumone hits him in there car, ******** blac basted, glas hes gone from arsenal, they dnt need him. Wait till he come to emirates... the only way hes gunna leave is in a box. ***** YOU ADEBAYOR!!! afc4eva
southern nancies, NOUGH SAID!
Amos, got to be said that on that link there are a few more than one Arsenal supporter saying that Spurs singing of that song was racist. I can well remember the outcry at the time. Yes, Ade's going to get banned. He shouldn't have reacted and kept it together but that's easy for me to type here. Considering the outcry, it will be a heavy ban that the *****poor hack reactionary FA will deal out, but considering what they've let go before and what led to the incidents, we can't expect an even handed resolution to the situation.
Johnny Baguette
little dutch there is one deluded person here and thats you.
More simplicity is what you need here. Niko suggested unless you could provide any real evidence for the racist slur then STFU might be sound advice. If the object you refer to were a banana Sky would have picked it out. It is likely to be anyone of a number of other things - a bread roll, piece of pie it's least likely to be a banana. If you'll read the relevant articles over at VitalArsenal they don't fail to condemn those that threw things. Adebayors celebration was wrong only because of the circumstances. Circumstances that he should be aware of. I have already said I don't think it is a hanging offence and that I understood Ade's desire to give a metaphoric finger to fans that were on his back. But that doesn't alter the fact that it was a foolish and provocative act. Finally what's the point in citing one idiotic Arsenal supporter as anymore representative of gooners than many similar examples that could be given of City supporters? The issues don't concern who has the greater number of idiot fans, they don't concern racism either - just whether Ade acted like a prat or not. It's no more complicated than that.
JB, frankly I don't much care whether Ade gets banned or not. I won't take any satisfaction from it though RvP might. I would much rather have taken some points out of the game. We didn't, Ade getting banned doesn't make up for that, and in the end that should provide more than enough smug satisfaction for your lot.
While we are at, Chelsea and the rags are already threatening to disappear over the horizon from Arsenal and City, who looked likely to be giving the rags a real challenge on Sunday are soon to be down to Bellamy up front. I know a few Arsenal fans who were hoping City could peg united back this coming weekend. It's looking like we won't have the firepower.
Johnny Baguette
The police are always reluctant to investigate professional sports match incidents as the respective governing bodies usually deal with them. The only difference is when a criminal offence occurs and a complaint is made. On this occasion, no criminal offence is made out.
Knocking someone out isn't a criminal offence?? Can you be my brief??

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