Manchester City - FourTwogate: City Skipper Speaks Before FA Charges
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FourTwogate: City Skipper Speaks Before FA Charges

Almost impossible to focus on the derby as Planet Blue waits for confirmation of an Adebayor ban. Yet more is emerging of the events that led to incidents involving the big striker...

City skipper, Kolo Toure who was first on the scene to guide Ade away from the Arsenal supporters has spoken in The Sun of how nasty stuff that followed the striker through the warm up into the game had started in the players' tunnel:

'Even though he was the first to go and salute them in the tunnel, even those who had an affinity with him didn't want to shake his hand. For me that is unacceptable.'

There's no doubt that Adebayor was wholly unstabilised by what he was on the receiving end of, but of course, he will have to face the FA consequences for losing the plot. That's widely accepted across City's support.

Yet it is also time for Arsenal supporters to accept that the player was racially abused from their own seats and ask themselves how they would have reacted were they in his boots. The match was televised live in France amongst other countries and the Arsenal elephant-whore song booms through loud and clear repeatedly.

The ever astute Martin Samuel summed up the situation in The Daily Mail this morning:

'The Arsenal fans who sang the Adebayor song at Eastlands on Saturday, the one that insulted his father and called his mother a whore - and there seems to be disagreement over where it came from, but check calls were made to some Gunners fans in the top tier and they certainly heard it - have already been allowed to go far beyond what would be considered reasonable behaviour in any other domain.'

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday September 15 2009

Time: 7:38AM

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its ok its arsenal they can do what the like, persygirl looks like a right nobhead someone you would ***** if you went to the same school running off the the teacher to kiss and tell, what he missed out was his 2 acts of insulting someone by refusing to shake there hand before a game (wtf is the arse players problem?) i wonder if gallas is treated like that on his return to chelsea? and then theres teh 2 footed lunge at whatever way u look at it was a leg breaking tackle DONE ON PURPOSE TO INJURE ADE and that is in a way 10x worse than the stamp DISGUSTING ARSENAL and disgusting fans use the arsenal fans as an example to the spurs fans and ban them for LIFE
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15/09/2009 09:26:00

I feel there is a point being overlooked here, It's going to sound maybe more than a little crazy but never the less I'm going to make it because although I know it will never happen it's is maybe an indicator as to the true nature of certain individuals. So I'll make my point. We have all seen Wengerís outrage at the Eduardo dive and letís be honest it was I dive no doubt at all and however the authorities have viewed his punishment. We have also witnessed Mr Wengers defence of all thing related to his club and player by always stepping away first from a situation by saying he didnít see it, the problem or incident. So thatís O.K. step back take a look at things and come back with your thoughts when things have calmed down thatís the right thing to do, so well done Arsen, that attitude show you to be or rather makes you appear to be fair minded and honest. Now my point, sorry it took a little while to get there. If Wenger is so honest and fair minded surely then even though Adebayorís frustration got the better of him on Saturday and in some small way went most of the way to bringing out the pure hate of the Arsenal fans. Well how come Wenger has not come out and been as equally fair minded about Adebayor his former player and someone he must know quite well as a person. I know what youíre thinking, why should he and thatís a good point but letís think for a little longer. One of the things being thrown at Ade is the fact that he showed a lack of respect to his ex team mates, former manager and club. It again has to be said that there is some validity to that but hang on a minute isn't respect supposed to work both ways. Surely respect canít be demanded and then not even remotely returned. Letís remember at just this point that Ade did apologise and profusely if I remember correctly. I'm not saying Arsenal as a club caused problems for Ade directly but the fans of Arsenal are also part of Arsenal the players that worked with Ade on a day to day basis and that embraced him at the start of the game are part of Arsenal. So this is my maybe rather old fashioned point now the media frenzy has waned a little how come Arsenal or Wenger out of respect alone, not sympathy (Iím not asking for that) aren't prepared to show any respect what so ever to their ex-player and compatriot. I find it hard to believe that Wenger can become so angry at the dive accusations of Eduardo who clearly did cheat and cheated with no provocation and yet he witnesses firsthand the chants at Ade and after Ade had welcomed his players to COMS with a warm embrace, so why canít Wenger find it in himself to at least say a good word for Ade. I'm not saying he should come out and defend Adebayor to the hilt or defend any wrong doing but a few words on Ade's real character would clearly indicate that Wenger is a right minded bloke and is honest as he paints himself to be. Well I said at the beginning that this argument was a little out there but personally I can't lose sight of the truth within it, there is something there I just feel smell a bit off. Adebayor is being dragged through the streets by the press again today and I feel the way this whole thing is going we could see him being forced to drag a cross through the streets of London tomorrow. Wenger is like modern day Pontius Pilate he has washed his hands in my opinion of doing the right thing when he could restore some sanity to this media over the top persecution of an apologetic and decent individual. Wenger is showing himself and his club to be exactly what we have all suspected for some time, the defender of all things Arsenal at any expense to the truth and the demander of level of respect that he would never afford others. Hung out to dry doesnít go one tenth of the way to indicating how Ade is being treated over Saturdayís events the only people standing by him are us loyal City fans and the club, sorry and Gareth Southgate (Thanks Bud) isn't it about time a few others from the football fraternity at least gave a little respect to someone they are clearly singling out. They are demanding respect from him even after his apologies so who is going to give some respect back to him after the chants the comments about his Family. I hate to use the word victim it sounds like a cry for sympathy which I personally donít see as being in anyway necessary but a little respect to someone big enough to apologise would at least prove there is still some decency left in football. Please tell me Iím not going completely cuckoo.
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15/09/2009 09:31:00

Wenger and arse fans have respect? You must be joking. As Kolo rightly points out, the arse players showed absolutely no regard whatsoever for Ade and then took out their frustrtations on him time and again on the pitch. Don't you think whinger would have told them to stop their rough treatment of the player if he did not condone such behaviour? And who do you think held van crybabies' hand when he went to the arse website to instigate the witchhunt? This bunch of sore losers could not win by fair means on the pitch, so went out to create maximum hysteria in the hope that our best striker is hit with a lengthy ban and we thus drop points as a result. It smells more than a bit blue_heart, and just shows you the levels of venality that wenger will sink to when he knows his chances of staying in the Champs league are receding.
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15/09/2009 09:48:00

Sorry fifthcolumnblue you sound a little angry, this point was supposed to be just that a point. I was not trying to throw the verbal equivalent to a plastic stool out there. Are day will come we well overcome this endless Biase for sure.
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15/09/2009 10:07:00

And sorry again that's Our day will come.
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15/09/2009 10:48:00

City and adebayor should launch a complaint to FA about the racial abuse by the arse-nal fans. Damages caused to stadium should be charged to arsenal. RVP should recieve punishment for his celebration and the FA should warn wenger to keep his players from intentionaly targeting players to hurt them during the game. Judging by arsenal disciplinary record, 16 page document in defense of eduardo dive etc - i doubt much would come of this. As long as adabayor punishment is FAIR, all city fans will accept it and wont go rioting in the stands, unlike some mindless supporters.
enzo city
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15/09/2009 12:16:00

we are all expecting a ban, but lets wait and see. I can't see his goal celebration going any further than the yellow card. The RvP incident has to be proved beyong all reasonable doubt that the player intended to cause the injury. That is difficult to prove. there is no doubt that Ade caused the injury, it is whether the intent was their. I do think you could prove that and another yellow card should be awarded. It wont be but thats a possibility aswell.
Buzz Lightyear
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15/09/2009 13:16:00

ok ok i know he had to get a lota stick and they probably deserved it but the van persie incident needs to be assesed and some kinda punishment must be delievered as for the arsenal fans if u cant take it dont dish it out its plain and simple u ran ur mouths he replied with a goal and thats all that matters in the end
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15/09/2009 13:22:00


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