Manchester City - Newspapers & Their Vendetta Against Man City
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Newspapers & Their Vendetta Against Man City

BlueWolfie sent us the following:

I had been, and still am, sick and tired of the constant City bashing in the UK media which then spread to all corners of the globe, by way of lazy websites simply repeating other reports word-for-word.

It had been mentioned as much in the threads of Vital Manchester City, on more than one occasion (read: too many to count), but the question was, simply why?

Some would say, because City were - and are - upsetting the balance of the Big Four, and as so many reporters supported these teams, it would be an easy assumption to make. But is it really that easy?

Maybe, because even though City have been around since the late 1800's - that what is going on at the club, makes an interesting story, and as the English way is to put someone down immediately, one could argue that it goes to follow that City are now fair game.

I had suggested to VMC members that they send me newspaper articles condemning City, or simply bashing them for the reason of selling newspapers, and to their credit they have been doing.

I could mention Michael Henderson at The Telegraph, who on January 22 of this year, laid into Manchester City as if it threatened him and his family:

'Being a laughing-stock in England was never enough for a club of such overwhelming ambition. Now, after a week of buffoonery unparalleled in the history of football, they have finally achieved the international recognition they craved for so long. Manchester's little-regarded other team is now a laughing-stock throughout the world!'

He does go on to say that Mark Hughes should walk out of the club, and that nobody would hold it against him.

Then of course we move onto the Arsenal game last weekend. Oh, the reporters had fun with that one!

Just prior to the game, John Holt of the Daily Mirror, stated that Arsenal fans should verbally lay into Adebayor, thusly...

'So please spare me the 'don't give him a hard time' line, he did well for Arsenal and other such nonsense before Saturday`s game. Adebayor deserves everything he gets.'

So according to Mr Holt, that would be okay for some of the Arsenal fans to be racist and then go on to verbally attack the player's parents? Nice, real nice Mr Holt.

After the game of course, the reporters really had something to sink their teeth into. Matt Lawton and Ian Ladyman, explained why, in their opinion, Adebayor was at fault for being able to start a riot, because well, y'know, people can't decide for themselves, that, that kind of action is simply wrong. And on top of that, they couldn't make up their minds whether he had 'raked' his studs at RVP, done a 'dangerous kick', or simply gone on a 'crazed rampage', so they opted for all three, but apparently it was important to remind everyone of how much he cost City in transfer fees.

Stan Collymore, who was no angel himself during his playing days - of The Sun (which likes to use certain words in capitals, such as 'BLINDED' because well, using lowercase letters isn't quite enough is it?

Oh, and also compare Ade to Cantona, in terms of losing it) was virtually demanding that the FA come down hard adding that he himself would give him a two-match ban and then let the FA take over, oh, and add a 'retrospective ban' for the riot he caused (see above). There were others, but this article is already very long.

Now, I know that the UK is a country that has free speech, and that these reporters are only airing their views, but more and more, these reporters are becoming the judge, jury and executioner, and as such, in their opinion, demand to be heard. But they must understand that (and I apologise to the great Stan Lee), they must learn to be careful with their words, because they must be responsible. Just as, so they say Adebayor had the ability by celebrating a goal, to turn regular fans into a raving mob, that put someone in hospital, their words can change the views of their readers, particularly as Mr Holt instructed people to do, to give him everything he deserves.

Our library of quotes and members comments can be found here.

May I suggest you take a look around the web and if you find a lazy ill-judged hack reporting on MCFC and you think the story is unjust, simply add the link.

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The journalist

Writer: BlueWolfie Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday September 15 2009

Time: 2:02PM

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very well done bluewolfe,hope some of the media hacks read it.
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15/09/2009 14:21:00

you are talking rubbish, if any team can moan about the media constantly having a go and rubbishing everything that happens then its spurs, it comes with the territory of being a big club, to say the top 4 don't get the same amount of stick is just plain ignorance, look at the bad press united got from the cantona incident and roy keane was constantly in the press for all the wrong reasons, same even goes for arsenal, viera was constantly made to look like a thug and more recently look at the bad press chelsea have recieved for the transfer of the young french lad, its not a press conspiracy against man city it's just bad press when deserved and last weeks game was disgusting from one of your players thinking he was above anyone on the pitch, ban him til january then we will be able to stamp (no pun intended) out this disgusting side of football, remember adebayor isn't the victim here!! COYS
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15/09/2009 14:39:00

Another worried and jealous spurs fan again... The hacks set a agender and they are going through with it. Ask thug steven gerrard assaulting a man in a pub, beckham challeging fans at LA galaxy and shearer kicking neil lennons head almost of his body. All three cases didnt recieve no attention compared to cantona, keane, viera - who arent england internationals.
enzo city
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15/09/2009 15:01:00

Try being a Pompey fan it's endless, at least you can buy your way out of it, we can't buy our way out of a chip shop...
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 15:21:00

what am i worried or jelous about? its fact all clubs get ripped apart by the media, my point is man city are not being victimised!!
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 15:43:00

Yiu are missing a main point of the article spursmad - in that of responsibility to the readers. If theses writers believe that a player celebrating a goal has the power to take away self-thought and instigate a riot, then what power have words that tell the readers to abuse a player? Arsenal fans may not have read that report, even though they followed it to the letter (and then some), but that isn't the point though is it?
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 17:24:00

Vital Spurs City members on the increase! A 3 game ban for that when you consider what has gone before. Maybe even a 5 game ban for going to rival fans. Rooney, Fowler for starters have been doing that for years.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 17:50:00

so you are stating that a journalist actually said to the arsenal fans that they should abuse adebayor, hospitalize there own fans and start a riot? i never saw a riot just a whole bunch of unhappy fans and to be honest who could blame them? i remember when henry done the same to us and believe me we wasn't a happy bunch but at least he did't run the whole pitch to do it, your not victims of a hate campaign but you are the team that the whole EPL are looking at right now so anything out of line is gonna be magnified massively, you have to admit if a united player behaved in the same way against your team then you would be having a different view on the subject, just enjoy the limelight as it's been a long time since another team has gatecrashed the top 4 the thing is you shouldn't be like united and have players that cheat to get you places, adebayor has to be punished and in my opinion it should be severely.
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 17:58:00

Actually Henry did run the full length of the pitch - go to our threads and watch the video...
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15/09/2009 18:04:00

spursman yer a journo infact the whole mirror paper last week was asking arsenal fans and fans from every otehr club to boo ade, now if that isnt inproper conduct i dunno what is, HEADLINES LIKE "its ok to boo ade" and "why ade deserves everything he gets" these are printed in the press for heavens sake they instigated the trouble by working the arsenal fans up into a frenzy because the writers of the article(s) were arsenal fans to, they deliberately wound the arsenal fans up to get a response! and if you cant see that then your blind
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 18:43:00

it was almost organised hooliganism from the press
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 18:47:00

tell me did the press do articles like that about sol when he left your place? did the press throw petrol on the fires burning inside your bellies? did they purposely wind you up so your hatred was burning more, like they have done with ade and arsenal, did we get all the same headlines? like sol deserves everything he gets etc etc i bet they didnt because he signed for arsenal and the press dont give a shot about spurs or city aslong as there cosy top 4 are happy and cheating there way to success
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 18:57:00

oh ye you might be lucky and have 1 or 2 fans infiltrating the daily rags, so dont and wont have it half as bad as city because you will actually have someone fighting your conrner in the press office
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 19:07:00

very good points sir, i wouldn't go as far as to say the press fight our corner cause thats simply not true, i don't personally read the mirror as it makes the sun look like the best paper in the world (and thats saying something), at the end of the day man city got the 3 points so must make you the real winners in this sad affair, adebayor has no excuses whatsoever for the stamp, as i said no room for it in football.
Report Abuse
15/09/2009 20:09:00

One thing that makes me laugh is that clubs aren't allowed to show controversial moments on the big screens inside grounds, primarily because it may incite trouble and secondarily just because they are controversial. However some of these Journalists took it on themselves to stir up and incite trouble ever since the international matches finished last Wednesday and then on their little TV programmes they start using all of their super slo-mo replays from every angle to have ago at Adebayor but very little if anything is said about Van Persie's challenge and his conduct/celebration after scoring his goal. Where is the objectivity and where are the unbiased views as all their opinions resemble are a lynch mob as it fitted within their own personal agenda.
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 12:09:00


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