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Emmanuel Adebayor Is Innocent. Please Support Him

The tabloids have hung Emmanuel Adebayor to dry, we all know that and now, the FA has charged the Manchester City striker with violent and improper conduct.

Emmanuel Adebayor is more than likely going to receive an unjust two or three match suspension - this is plain and simple wrong.

We at Vital Manchester City would like members to add a few words of support in the comments section directly below this article. I am sure you'll agree when I say, the footballing world is a different place when it comes to MCFC. We are going to be persecuted for every little incident and we as a group of City supporters need to rally round and support one of our own. Emmanuel Adebayor is one of us.

In an effort to clear up any ambiguity please watch the following Van Persie incident. The FA will have the same video clips and it will be them who decide if Ade deserves to be punished. The Football Association has to make the right decision, the only decision - Emmanuel Adebayor did not intentionally go out of his way to hurt or injury anyone. He is innocent.

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday September 15 2009

Time: 3:30PM

Your Comments

I think if he meant the stamp and it looks like he does then he should get a 3 match ban. I also think RVP should get a 3 match ban though for his two footed lunge with both feet in the air in the same incident. I also think Arsenal should face some consequences for the behaviour of their fans and the consistent fouling on Ade.
Really.. From the second angle it is quite obvious to me that he is only moving his foot forward and down in order to keep his balance. The fact that RvPs head is there is his own damn fault for trying to make a stupid tackle. If adebayor had let himself fall down instead of keeping his balance it would have been a red card to RvP instead. So obviously the thing we can learn from the last few days: Diving pays! Trying to keep your balance does not! So DIVE DIVE DIVE!!!
Consistent fouling on Ade? Adebayor started that all with his deliberate stamp on Cesc in the first 12 minutes, not 15 minutes after he was hugging him before kick off. Ade will get the 3 matches for violent conduct now the ref has admitted he did not properly see the incident, and probably another one or two for inciting the crowd. What Robin did, although slightly over aggressive, and arguably malicious, was no worse than any type of tackle we see at least 10 times a week in the Premiership anyways, and the ref saw that clearly, saw it would be near impossible for the FA to retrospectively charge him, regardless of what you, me, or anyone else thinks.
Ozi Gooner
can anyone on here draw up a petition so that we can all sign it?maybe send a copy to the club and to the fa?
We will not turn round the punishment but what we have to do is keep on supporting our player Adebayor, as he is special and has been hounded by all and sundry. The siege mentality is now needed as there are a lot of forces against City and their wealth. We must all stick together.
It's fair enough defending your players ozi but to say when he caught Fabregas was deliberate is taking the biscuit. There is no way on this planet that was deliberate. If you think two footed lunges through the air go unpunished every other game too your deluded.
'Adebayor is one of us' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Hardly a 'two footed lunge' Goatboy, both feet were grounded, he won the ball, it may have had a lot of overt aggression in it, but isn't that what has been trumpeted about good, 'ard, British lads like Roy Keane, Nicky Butt, the Neville Bros., even Martin Taylor, as recently as last year? It was not the best tackle, I can admit, if he had of hurt Ade, I don't think he'd of shed a tear about it, but both feet were grounded and he was clearly going for the ball as was shown in the fact he won the ball cleanly, if he had of intended to hurt him as Ade did him he very easily could've. Ade on the other hand deliberately (and on watching any replay - as the ref himself has said - there can be no doubt it was deliberate) racked studs down a guys face. Comparing the two 'challenges' - if you can call Ade's that in any sense of the word - is quite frankly, ridiculous.
Ozi Gooner
Adebayor will have a strong bond with Blues now. He's already catapulting into Rosler, Goater, Quinn territory.
Johnny Baguette
'One of us' sorry, can't stop chuckling at that.
erm yes guilty.
Ozi - grounded?!? Are you blind? They were grounded at the point of contact maybe. It's just lucky that Ade saw it coming and managed to jump out the way.
Also he didn't get anywhere near the ball.
JB - similar sentiments to us a couple of years ago, ask Metz & Monaco supporters as well. You lot should do your homework before taking this excuse for a human being as one of your own.
PMSL @ the video title - says it all m'lud. The fact is you couldn't find any youtube clips that show it any other way. The prosecution rests.
I meant to post this here! What a stupid article. 4 games in and some one is out of sight over the horizon. Ade is guity and there is nothing to defend in that regardless of who you support. RVP's tackle on Ade was bad, he is guilty but he didnt kick him in the face, you get it? If RVP kicked Ade in the face intentionally he should get suspended and I couldnt argue with even a 10 match ban. You dont stamp someone in th face without intent to hurt the player. This is not even about football its about wrong and right and you guys defending an obvious brutal play make you seem worse than Ade. COME ON! cut the foolishness out! What is this world coming too? again, wait and see, Ade will soon have you against him Paulsito
ROFLMAO at anyone defending Ade on the evidence of the above video. This shows it in its best light and it is still clearly intentional. Yeah Goatboy, you're right, RVP does not get a lot of the ball, but my point that he doesn't go in to the challenge any worse than at least 10 PL players a week still stands, especially when you consider the fact he's a striker. It's not studs up and he doesn't make contact, so what should he be banned for exactly?
Ozi Gooner
You lot actually believe he did'nt stamp Van Persie on purpose? Look, charging him for his celebration is going a tad too far, but he's got to be punished for that stamp. That was outrageous. And about the goal celebration? That's outrageous too! Did'nt Henry do that for years? The gooners are being hypocritical if they cry against that. But he's got to be given a 1 match ban and a week's salary as fine for the stamp.
Dude, he did it with intent! this is so silly!
it's very unfortunate that Van Persie's face was where it was at the time because things might have been different
JT_Daneil, its not about the celebration its about everything surrounding the situtaion. Also Henry never did it to teams who he once played for, you get it?
And also constantly talked crap about. You dont keep talking crap and then add fuel to the blasted fire. Its lawful for him to do it but it is not wise because when you have a group of emotional people in a football match things can easily get out of hand. This was dunce!
If anyone understands the German language then you'll hear the commentator saying Ade is innocent. Blimey!!
no henry did it to ur fiercest rivals which in a way should make it worse!
As a Spurs fan i have got to say.. are you taking the p1ss? He did it, you know it and i know it and your blind loyalty will make fans who i rated highly in the past look like 'jonny big bo11ocks'. Guilty... now take your medicine and admit it. p.s. he will always be a gooner in my eyes!
do any of you arsenal fans ever see the everton fans going mad when rooney runs past them kissing the manure badge?, which ever way you look at it arsenal fans acted like ANIMALS and the fa should slam down hard on arsenal for failing to control their supporters
you tw*t wedgie, Henry never played for sp*rs, see the difference?? would any of us cared about 'barndoors celebration had we not had to put up with the useless backbiting greedy donkey for 3 years? not half as much. seriously take those grundies back out of your crevice wedgie, it's obviously making your eyes water and impairing your judgement.
Wedged. what a northern fairy you are
whiteboy i and alot of other city fans agree he should be banned for the kick, but the celebration and the newspaper witch hunt is a completely different matter, also the injustice of persygirl getting off with his 2 footed lunge, both incidents should be looked at, at the same time and both players punished (ok ade deserves more than persy) but the fact remains hes got off soct free!, anyway the city fans are wound up over the press most of all even you must of seen the articles in teh press asking arsenal fans to boo ade this has got to be unacceptable hasnt it?
How can that be worse? get real! There is always much more venom when you previously played for a team then continue to talk a bunch of crap and act as if you were loyal! the guy is a liar!You guys a flogging a dead horse on this one and grapping at straws to save yourself from drowning. Its quite ridiculous trust me. Ade is in it for the money my friends! I have nothing against Man City fans but this defence needs to stop.
wassup arseole fans do you not like the truth? ask your board to spend some of that cash they are hoarding then maybe you wont be so bitter everytime i a player leaves, NOW REPEAT AFTER ME, ARSENAL GOT OWNED IN MANCHESTER!!!!
I think this is called being in denial.
mark.mcfc, i ahve to say if you want to play with the big boys this is goingto happen. Your not in their gang yet and things will go for you and against. van persie slid in with 2 feet, yes, but he didnt intentionally stamp on a fellow proffessionals head! he did it. And articles like this will only turn fans of other teams against you. Had this incident have been Keane or Defoe at my club, i would have welcomed the ban. Where will this stop if not?
This article is laughable in it's pathetic biased lameness. Pleeeease support him lol. Crawl back ut of the footballing worlds 'arris and put away your tongue. Have some feckin dignity and take your licks. Shut up blubbering about a witch hunt too numpty, there are just as many articles defending the lanky scumbag, unlike whe eduardo recently invented diving THAT was a witch hunt. What you are witnessing now is the footballing world disgusted by a repugnant 'footballer' and his dangerous, violent, malicious actions.
Oi oi Wedged - judging by your lingo you're not from Manchester...that completely discredits you in Adebayor's (racist) opinion towards football supporters. Run along now.
One more time, this is very immature and please stop embarassing yourselves with this foolishness. I am not hating, you guys deserved to win but I think this being looked upon as a serious team maybe blinding you guys.
i aint from manchester? are you a pleb? do you wanna flake in that, is that good enough for ya balDrICK
Wedged, come on now? dont worry about Arsenal, so you get a few players and now you are a big team? Arsenal have owned yoyu for years but a few good wins and we need to but players? Please my friend, please!
did i mention racism?
You should delete this Article from this board as it make you all look simple minded.
Well, Paulsito, Henry did it. That's all I care about. Did you lot condemn Henry for it then?
Paulsito, there is a simple option. Go back to your native vital home page. It's the VCiteh's site and they will talk what they want to! Stop whining man..
anyway its defo time to put this one to bed you got owned and you dont like it, its time to move on we need to set our thoughts on manure, us fans need to be mentally ready as much as the players, im sure the hacks will be out in force for the derby so weve got this all to come again next week what fun ;) anyway guys no hard feelings towards our poorer southern neighbors its bound to hurt them realising that they are now the 5th best team in the prem ;)
I kind of like it here JT? you cannot appropriately defend your case so you want me to leave. Hey I am trying to help you guys not look like fools in all sincerity. Anyway, bye bye! Wedged you are a good man!
A warning Wedged, the season is a marathon not 4 games long. Perspective please. Remember its he who laughs last, laughs the best" Time will tell!
GOONers fans you are total arsewipes - its quite obvious ade will get a ban because the SKY 4 will have made sure of it but be afraid be very afraid we will still finish above you morons - by the way what a great and apt name you have SHEWHORE lol
Im sure you saw it as She Wore but i like the play on his name. Yours is Blue Moaner ha ha im so funny let me add a little abreviation... LMAO there you go
bluemooooon you're always standing alooooone without a clue in your head, without a thought of your own.
The video evidence is not conclusive. Anybody that says the video is conclusive is of very small intellect and very large ego. There can be no doubt that Van Persie was injured by the boot of Ade, but to say it was intentional is a whole other thing. Keeping in mind that the video is in very slow motion is misleading. Watch the incident (it is not a challenge as Van Persie is the player making a challenge) in real time and it looks very different. My personal opinion is that when Van Persie took out Ade's legs, Ade was okay to come down on top of him...I don't think he intended to get him in the head but I think he was okay with landing on him. As to the celebration.....Van Persie's conduct post goal was far more insulting than Ade's run and slide. I would rather someone slide on their knees in front of me (in their home stadium never the less) then tell me to ***** off repeatedly. But this is a personal preference. Perhaps the members of the FA meet each week and open with a good old ***** You to one another to get things going. This is a mockery and injustice but it isn't the first time and won't be the last time an such a thing occurs. Ozi gooner......thanks for visiting our site and having an interest in our club. While I don't agree with what you wrote I can understand your anger. I just think you need to look at Van Persie's challenge and conduct a bit closer. While he is a great player he certainly isn't perfect. His arrogance and aggression shouldn't be brushed off solely as he is a hard competitor. If this was true your damning of Ade would amount to the same thing. You can't have it both ways I'm afraid.
god bless adebayor
steve bhoy
The celebration and the stamp you are entitled to your own opinion on. But calling Adebayor "one of our own"and implying this will create a bond between him and you lot. Jesus, youlot are gonna be so *****ed off come next summer, you really are. In fact,I'm saving this one and I'll come back to you in September 2010 with the link and see what you reckon. Adebayor's got such a strong bond with you that he pointedly ignored every single one of you when he scored. Enjoy the man's goals, he is a very good player indeed. But don't get too sucked in, it'll only increase your frustration next summer. Believe me.
Little Dutch
Mike Hunt
Ahhh poor ManSh*tty, gonna be without Adepaymemore for the Manchester derby. Now I am looking forward to you getting spanked by ManUre and Hughes and you pathetic fans crying at OT. Then you can comfort yourselves with your new found friend Adepaymemore, who cares and loves you so much that he wasn't bothered to celebrate with you. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!
he still loves arsenal you knob thats why he celebrated in front of you on saturday HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Mike Hunt
Everybody laugh at Arsenal- hahahahahahaha
Still can't stop chuckling at 'one of us'
Oh do be quiet shewore!!
its funny how wenger came out yestersday and attacked mark hughes over his stance on all of this. he said 'show it to 100 people and 99 of them will think its awful,the one is hughes' how funny it is wemger that you didnt see the pathetic dive that eduardo used to cheat to put the final nail in celtic's champions league coffin. the blind leading the blind as arsenal fans are the most deluded around.
I think that we'll all agree to disagree on this one - Adebayor is a City player so all real City fans will stick up for him where as Arsenal fans have their own agenda against him and are bitter after losing the match so want their pound of flesh. Different angles tell different stories and the referee was ok with both the Van Persie tackle and the alleged Adebayor stamp from less than 5 yards away and all the arguments and animosity have been stirred up by interfering television companies and newspapers who are looking to fill their air-time or column inches with things that get them publicity.
Wengers comment was brilliant regarding Hughes wasnt it? ha ha!!that was a classic.
Paulsito you are a *****er. I feel sorry for you in a way that is bordering on pity. Good luck in your rehabilitation and reintegration back into society. I wish you a speedy recovery.
Hughes is a little hypocritic, though.

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