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Does Van Persie Suck On Humbug?

An unnamed source sent Vital Manchester City the following article:

It was interesting that Match of the Day showed footage of Robin van Persie apparently unable to look Adabeyor in the eye during the pre-match handshake on Saturday when Arsenal came to Eastlands.

It has been reported by a number of parties, and publicised on various websites, that the aforementioned Dutch star mouthed profanities at City supporters after scoring his goal. The extravagance of his sliding tackle on Adebayor was there for all to see. Had Manu not leaped like the proverbial salmon, he would have been scythed to the ground.

This is the context in which we look at VP's web-sulk on the Arsenal site. I am impressed by his erudition, and the extent of his classical learning. If he wrote this himself Arsenal certainly are standing by their promise to educate players. 'Sad and disappointed', 'mindless and malicious' - it's rhetoric that Obama would be proud of. Trial by media. Persie the prosecutor.

Humbug? Is it ok to cut a former colleague dead? To watch a vulnerable young man, with a weak grasp of English, harangued and abused by an angry crowd? To see his weakness - passion, the pain of rejection? To strike, then, as van Persie did, in a public place, with a scything tackle?

Which of us would not have reacted? We talk of these professional footballers, their vast wealth, their great responsibilities, the privileges they have. How many of us put ourselves in their shoes, and recognise the problems they face? Ade is not much older than my son.

If the Arsenal crowd, and former friends to whom he might have been expecting to turn for support, had treated him like this I could tell you how I would have felt about the incident. But I won't. I'm sure you know. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

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The journalist

Writer: Unknown Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday September 16 2009

Time: 10:38AM

Your Comments

'Weak grasp of English' - where do you honestly get this from?! Truly idiotic, he speaks better than most Mancs.
Who do you (team) support shewore?
Adebayor's grasp of English is pretty damn good or have you not heard him in interviews? You lot are lucky in a way because you can afford a luxury player like him & then discard him when he cannot be bothered, which will happen. He really tried for Arsenal when he first arrived & it was his workrate which started to win over all the doubters. It was only once he had such a great season that his attitude changed & I have no doubts the exact same thing will happen with your lot. I always thought he'd have a great season for Man City & it's already working out that way, after all when he actually puts the effort in he can be an excellent player as he proved on Saturday & prior to that. The trouble will be when come the end of the season he wants a pay rise & to play for Barca or AC Milan. Thats when it will all go wrong, but as I say it's not a problem for City because you can instantly buy a world class replacement but others clubs like ours (& most others) aren't in that position.
Ashburton Gooner
You lot are beginning to sound increasingly paranoid. RvP's scything tackle was for more innocent than Ade's stamp on Cesc. It was Ade himself who set the physical tone throughout. Didn't look Ade in the eye? Were they life partners sharing an intimate moment then? As for 'Sad and disappointed', 'mindless and malicious' being rhetoric that Obama would have been proud of, it would only appear that way to those used to monosyllabic speech. I see the writer was too embarrassed to put a name to it. That's about the only thing that is understandable in the whole piece.
How times have changed.
Johnny Baguette
Indeed JB. I suppose you could amend the word 'How' and replace it with 'Happy' (days) lol.
City are on a hiding to nothing over Adebayor, and they don't even see it. If Ade has a great season, he will be off, I gurantee it. If he scores 30 goals for you this season (which looks likely) then he will go to either AC Milan, Barcelona or Real Madrid, not even the "richest club in the world" can stop it from happening, just ask Man Utd. Whether we like it or not, Spain is a more desirable location to play football, and these players will leave. And if Ade doesn't play well enough to warrant a move to one of these clubs? Well you've just given £25 M on a player who isn't worth it, to your rivals.
Times have changed indeed. The weight of expectation is falling heavily on you for the first time in many, many years. It's begiining to show on the pieces this week. For us it's nothing new, the expectation has been there for a long time. We'll deal with it. We'll see if you can.
I love all of these armchair warriors and their crystal ball predicitions.
P.S. Van crybaby certainly sucks on something, but I've never heard it called humbug before.
Crystal ball predictions maybe but not downright lies fifthcolumnblue. Now liars really do suck!
It's not a crystal ball prediction FCB, it's called knowing your history. Just look at Adebayor's career, he has caused trouble at every single club he's played for, that's not debatable, it's fact, you can look it up if you want. We foolishly thought Wenger could keep him in check, but no. The fact that you think your new found wealth makes you some kind of super-power is sweet, it really is cute, but this player will screw you over. And you know what, I'll feel sympathy for you when it happens because you're just too blinded by excitment that you might actually challenge for something this season .... and I find that completely understandable. I've never had a problem with City, I've always kinda liked em, so I won't hold it against you .... I just that kinda guy. Love and kissies.
Oh good god, it just gets better. I keep warning you how much you're setting yourself up for a fall. Enjoy Adebayor, he is a very good player who has the potential to be a genuine world beater. Enjoy his goals, enjoy the honeymoon whilst he's putting in a bit of a shift for you. But all this pathos driven schmultz is very dangerous for you, when he *****es on all of you next summer it will only lead to greater heartbreak. Enjoy the player, enjoy his goals, but don't expect the effort to last and don't become attached to the man. I promise he'll let you down.
Little Dutch
Is this the same Adebayor who rang Chelsea & the biggest team in Manchester begging for them 2 sign him b4 he signed 4 the club with the richest owners? The same Adebayor who was only signed because Villa & Carew said no? The same Adebayor who most Citeh fans had never heard of before he came to England? (Put Elano, Robinho & Tevez in that category 2.) History will repeat itself, & Adebayor will become 'disillusioned' & leave. Just think bk 2 his time @ Monaco. (You may need to wikipedia it though because it was before he came to England.)
Adebayor is a great player, but look at Saturday. His criticism of Bendtner in the press on the day of the game, his stmp on Fabregas, his slap on Song, warming up in the Arsenal half and barging past Denilson before the match, the stamp on van Persie, the celebration, the attempt to comer back and have another go at the supporters at the final whistle. Add to this his behaviour at Monaco, at Metz, the catalogue of incidents with his international team where he has either been banished or refused to play on countless occasions, the flirting with Milan and Barca, the blaming of Arsenal supporters when his 30 goal season was exposed as a one off. Adebayor is a character driven by hate and paranoia and occasionally violence (I'll ask you to Google the details of Adebayor's arrest in December 2006 for more evidence there). People of this disposition lash out often and usually lash out at the very people they are closest to (again, google the details of his arrest in London). Like I said, enjoy the player while you've got him (which won't be long) but be wary of the man. Very wary.
Little Dutch
It would be nice, just to see the Arsenal faithful come down on RVP for what he did. One can argue that what Ade did (because of contact) was worse (although RVP has the upper-hand on the whole celebration thing). But other than one or two solitary voices, I doubt that will ever happen.
van persie is one of the most arrogant and unsporting players i have seen in a long time. and may i wish him and the arsenal fans all the best in their match made in heaven.
We all know that nobody would have made much of anything of any of RvP's actions were it not for what Ade has done. Anything RvP is guilty of could be found in any match anywhere thoughout the league. The fact that any issue is being made of it now is just to try to offset the obvious and inevitable consequences of the Ade's actions. It's a bit like motorists bleating that the police should be out chasing burglars. They may have a point but it doesn't really change or excuse anything.
lol Dutch... you go on about Adebayors arrest when Van Persie was arrested for rape. You lot defend your own we defend our own.... and amos... if two footed lunges and going up to away supporters and swearing at them are commonplace then our game is in as sorry a state as the section of racist thugs in the Arsenal support.
Van Persie certainly sucks on something - Oh yes its his little cry baby dummy! The thing is I have no problem if Adebayor is found guilty, the problem I have is that they have a duty to govern the game and call things down the middle. Every time you see Adebayor 'stamp' on Van Persie you see the Dutchman dive in from behind first and if he doesn't do that the whole flashpoint doesn't happen. This isn't a new thing in football as the retaliator always gets caught out rather than the instigator and if the referee saw one thing when reviewing the video then why didn't he see the second? I truly hope that we finish top 4 as we will have the FA and Media onside next season at somebody elses expense.
Difference is van Persie was acquitted and found innocent. You'll also remember that David Sommeil falsely accused van Persie of a racist slur (something despicably repeated by Goatboy at Arsenal fans) back in May 2006. Of course he retracted his statement later. Presumably when a City press officer informed him that van Persie is married to a black Muslim girl? van Persie's tackle was rash, but a yellow card and stern warning, nothing more. As Amos says, had Ade not reacted in the way he did you lot wouldn't even have mentioned it in your attempts to mitigate Adebayor. (Whose tackle on Fabregas early in the game was worse than RvP's ill advised challenge). The goal celebration is worthy of debate, I can see both sides of the story on that one and am happy to discuss it without the need to label you all as racists and thugs- I'm comfortable enough with my grip on the subject not to have to plumb those depths. But the stamp is indefensible and I think you all know it. No matter how often you suck your thumbs and say, "but....but... but Sir, look at what he did."
Little Dutch
persygirl remind me of tha blond lad in harry potter, you know the one you would love to ***** cos hes a cocky fecker but as son as someone does something to him hes off to tell daddy
arsole fans biatching! on our threads again? twoddle off back to your own site and accept defeat like MEN instead of making excuses for everytime you lose!, i can guarntee that if arsenal had won then this wouldnt be half as big as what arsenal are making it out to be,
I've said countless times he deserves a 3 match ban so obviously I'm not defending the stamp. In the return game I hope Hughes tells all the players to go in for two footed lunges because apparently that's just a yellow card offence. We'll see how you defend these types of tackles when 6 of your team have broken legs. 'To plumb those deapths'? Ok we'll just ignore the racist chants and the thuggish behaviour because even though they happened during the game they aren't pertinent to any discussion about the game. We won't say anything bad about Arsenal players or their fans because it's not pertinent. I have never said he was right to retaliate... though apparently it's ok for your fans to retaliate to a player sliding on his knees. I defend him in the Fabregas incident because it was an accident (and if you honestly think that was intentional then your 'grip on the subject matter' is as loose as your grip on reality.
Mark, you read my match report on the Arsenal page, where did I complain about the result? Goatboy, I've seen what properly bad challenges can do to player's legs, believe me, I was at Birmingham in Feb 08 and saw a man's leg snap in half. van Persie's tackle was bad, but a yellow card. If Adebayor's on Fabregas was not a yellow card then neither was RvPs quite frankly. You don't have to ignore racist chanting insofar as it didn't happen. We were goading Adebayor, that's for sure and while I think the celebrationw as way over the top, I see why it happened. I've said repeatedly, in posts and articles that those throwing things should and will be banned, I hope that they are. The thuggish behaviour you are trying desperately to hyperbolise in your attempts to deflect the attention from Adebayor didn't amount to much more than a lot of people leaning forward, shouting and swearing. Those that threw objects have no place in a football ground and will be dealt with appropriately. But calling all of our fans racist which you insist on doing stands up to not even the tiniest shred of evidence. There was no racist chanting- if you disagree then I would encourage you to forward evidence to the police so that those people can be dealt with. Arsenal sits comfortably below Man City in the arrests league for every season since 2000-01, so your attempts to paint us as thugs doesn't quite cut it (six were arrested at Saturday's game, 14 were arrested in the Villa Brum game). Finally, considering 34% of Arsenal's membership is non white and we unfurl a flag at every single game with every national flag in our squad sewn on it under the banner 'United Colours of Arsenal' I don't think the racism card stands up to much either. Add in the fact that Kolo Toure- a black Afrcian- had his name sung on several occasions and you've got one very thin/ non existent argument there fella.
Little Dutch
If he connected then thats a different story. Just like if adebayor had missed him all together then no action would be taken now. Are you saying he should get a 3 match ban for an attempted lunge which missed. Maybe we should give noble prizes out for attempted chemistry too.
paul_ownz - An attempted lunge is intent and I am forever hearing in football matches that intent is supposed be treated as if the player had connected.
Yes to a degree you are correct Kevinho, but no more than a yellow card(which he was entitled to). I have never seen a missed challenge get any more than a yellow.
paul_ownz - Didn't Graham Poll once send Dietmar Hamann off in an Arsenal v Liverpool match at Highbury in a live Sky match on a Monday night, when he actually sent 3 people off. Hamann lunged in but didn't make any contact. Though then again that was from a referee who also thought that 3 yellows equalled a red!
Does not ring a bell so i looked it up. 'Hamann tugged at the jersey of Robert Pires as the Arsenal forward raced down the right flank. Poll showed the Liverpool midfielder a second yellow and then the red card. Tring referee was technically correct under the laws, Poll decided that after reviewing the video he was "too severe" and has asked the Football Association to wipe out the second caution.'
After looking further it was Viera who got sent of for a lunge. But it was a second yellow card. 'Vieira, still angry, chased every yellow shirt he saw until launching a two-footed lunge at Hamann. He played ball rather than man, but the wildness of the tackle convinced Poll to give him another yellow.'
The rule for serious foul play states: 'Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force and endangering the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play.' You do not have to make contact. If Adebayor hadn't of been good enough to get out the way then RVP's 'challenge' was a 2 footed lunge endangering his safety. A red card offence. Dutch.. you go on about the Eduardo foul... well that was just a one footed lunge... RVP went in with both feet and Ade is lucky he could avoid it.
Alright lads? I don't like that van Percy. He's a bit weird if you ask me.
Nobby Allcock
I don't like him either... he stamps on babies... that's why Adebayor stamped on his head...
Hello, as a bona fide confirmed liar here (as labelled by all of the Arse fans), I think it might just be time to start ignoring these pathetic idiots. If the likes of little dutch cannot see the blatant hyppocrisy in calling for Adebayors head because he "could have blinded" Van persie, whilst defending posters on their own site who were upset that Adebayor wasn't hit by one of the missiles thrown (not that a coin in the eye could cause blindness or anything), then they really are not worth the effort. The arse fans clearly come from the Ron Atkinson school of race relations, as they seem to be adamant that chanting about elephants in the context of an African player is not racist in any way shape or form, and think nothing of blythely inserting the racial origins of our new owners into every other sentence regarding our club. So, time for us to rise above and leave the poor deluded arse fans to their orgy of hate while we concentrate on taking their place in the champions league. And then they can have a real reason to hate us.
You being a confirmed, unmitigated liar isn't a label fifthclumnblue - it's a fact. Trapped for 'intending to deceive' you were. A great big porkie trying to perpetuate your lies. I don't know how you can sleep at nights. But then, I suppose even if you told me I wouldn't be able to believe it.
Amos. Racist in the context of arabs?
Iceman... if you think that's racist then you must also think a white person with Wright-Phillips' name and number on their shirt is racist. You stupid tool.
Amos... he's not a confirmed liar you lot are confirmed retards. He was talking about a UEFA Cup final you lost against a Turkish side then suddenly you all said no it was a Cup Winners Cup game against Zaragoza and went off on one calling him a liar. The 2000 UEFA Cup final against Galatasaray not ring any bells mate?
Its Racial stereotyping is it not? I guess its ok if the guy or girl with the Wright-Philips shirt blackens their skin like a minstrel aswell is it?
If the facts don't fit the lie then just change the facts eh goatboy. He was talking about a goal Nayim (who he claimed was Turkish) scored against Arsenal which he claimed sparked a riot that he witnessed but wasn't reported anywhere else. Nayim didn't play for Galatasaray and Seaman didn't concede a late goal in the 2000 final a game we only lost on penalties. Fifth lied - not that it would be easy to spot amongst all the other lies peddled here.
iceman - it's not racial sterotyping because they weren't dressing up as Arabs... they were dressing up as our new owner.. one person... not a race... as for you Amos..... you lot will try and hide any racist behaviour... do some research you tard and you'll see that everything he said about what happened after the game happened. You can all hide your heads in the sand all you want but the rest of the world can see you for what you are.... delluded racist thugs who can't admit it when you're in the wrong. You disgust me Amos for trying to hide all the bad things done at the game and deny all the trouble after the UEFA final.
So what he doesn't remember the details of the game he's not an arsenal fan... he was only watching it because he wife wanted to. He remember the main stuff... UEFA Final... Turkish side.... you lot picked up on the goal and assumed he's on about the Cup Winners Cup final. He got more right about the UEFA Final than that but that doesn't help you defend your racist thugs does it so no... lets go with the Cup Winners and call him a liar because we're all ******** angels not disgusting racist ********s who should be put up against a wall and shot.
Watch this video you lying *****s -

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