Manchester City - Lest We Forget: Henry's Race To Spurs Fans
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Lest We Forget: Henry's Race To Spurs Fans

Vital MC's massive never miss a trick massive have come up with a topical cracker. Blue Wolfie rewound the years to reveal Arsenal's Thierry Henry pioneering the chase to the rival fans...

Henry scores a belting goal for The Gunners at Highbury then heads off down the park to give it the Adebayor slide for a dramatic stare out with the Spurs fans who didn't exactly give it the thumb's up...

It would be interesting to hear what the pontificating Piers Morgan and co make of this one.


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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday September 16 2009

Time: 5:57PM

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Arsenal are above the law and FA and UEFA wont touch em. I hope manchester use this clip and others inb adebayors defense.
enzo city
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 18:05:00

This is with City comms enzo.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 18:10:00

Hardly the History between Henry and the spuds though was there, although it was a derby, Adebayor and Arsenal was bound to be volatile!
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16/09/2009 18:19:00

Lets check out that story .... Scores in front of the north bank ... check Heads left into the NW corner ... check Sprints down the West touchline ... check Passes half way line at 00:28 in video ... check Ends up at the Clock end in the SW corner ... check Spurs fans in the SE east corner ... check What ? Hold On ? you can see the goal way to his left as he runs down the pitch .... spuds would be the other side of that goal
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 18:20:00

Yeah Henry should've been a lot more tactful given his acrimonious move from sp*rs that summer especially given the way he had been constantly badmouthing his old team sp*rs for weeks before in the media. Are you truly that f@cking thick??? More desperate trolling for hits from a tinpot classless club with tosspot bitter fans who've spent over a century in the shadow of their infinitely more successful neighbours. T*ttenham of the north, no more no less. And judging from your recent articles with EVEN less class than Chelsea. When are you announcing Kenyons appointment? Bitter bunch of wazzocks.
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 18:30:00

Ok fellas. We'll be adding a photo later this evening. Stay tuned.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 18:33:00

Whoopee, can't wait, what is it a bagel?
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 18:47:00

Everyone knows that Arsenal and Spurs are, and always have been the very bestest of friends. Why, I remember when they all got together and shook hands when Sol Campbell swapped clu... oh, hang on, that's not right is it? (thanks for the mention JB)
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 18:48:00

In fact, why wait, nikolaijns.....
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 18:51:00

Sorry can't be arsed, off out to watch my team play in the CL, enjoy corrie or whatever. Try not to wallow too long in that bitterness girls, toodles!
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 18:54:00

Absolutely ridiculous comparison. Henry not only scored one of the greatest goals in the history of the Premier League, but also he was NOT a Spud ever. Adebayor's goal was nothing out of the ordinary.
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 18:55:00

Save it for later. Come on Standard.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 18:56:00

this is just awful but i have to side with the gooners on this one, it don't even compare to what adebayor did, the bloke is a thug and hopefully will get the book thrown at him, watching those gooner fans cry like a bunch of babies was total brilliant though lmao. COYS
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:08:00

HarshalD - so if Ade's goal was World class (and I admit, Henry's goal was a belter), then what he did would have been okay with you, the Arsenal fans and all the media? Thank you so much for understanding what he should have done. Truly appreciated.
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:09:00

oh and enjoy your last season in CL gooners, after this season everyone will jump ship and you will be fighting relegation with huge debts next season, city fans you will have the last laugh over all this believe me.
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:10:00

You seen that photo of your boys getting the big stare out in our forums spursman? lmao!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:16:00

yeh proper hard man was thierry henry lmao
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:23:00

but that's ARSENAL, they get off with such things - cue Eduardo dive verdict!
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:40:00

Gooner (honest!) here, have gotta say I think Ade had every right to rub it in a bit with the celebration, I'm always against booing as it only spurs players on and comes back to bite you, and Ade certainly bit us!! I mean, even playing for my village team if I'm getting aggro and I score I always have an 'in your face' exchange with whoever is giving me grief! If you don't play with that sort of passion you might as well not play footy!! And of course,Thierry did goad the Sp*rs fans and it was brilliant! We should stop watering down footy... Having said all that, the stamping thing was not on, if anyone did that in the high street they'd be nicked and its a shame he couldn't show a bit more respect to an ex team mate.. There's my 2 pence!
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:41:00

Nicely said JimmyMack - refreshing to hear that from a Gooner. On a side note, are we gaining an affinity with Spurs fans????????
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:43:00

At least he had the grace to acknowledge some of his own fans on the run back! Ade couldnt give a f*@k about you lot!
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:43:00

Alright lads? Here's a ManU perspective. Adeabyor is a fantastic player and it looks to me liek the Arsenal reaction was due to having slagged him all game, got thrashed and couldn't handle the defeat.
Nobby Allcock
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:50:00

I'm trying to think of something and I can't LMAO
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:57:00

Nice to be appreciated BlueWolfie, I just get a bit embarassed by our fans all squealing when the real reason we're all in a huff is that we got soundly beaten by a team (your lot!) that are gonna be pushing all the way for a top 4 finish...
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:58:00

Manchester la la la eh lads?
Nobby Allcock
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 19:59:00

I sure the hell do hope so JM - and I have to say it, but umm... your CL game this evening... umm... WTF?
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 20:00:00

Hey lads, Arsenal are getting dicked!
Nobby Allcock
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 20:06:00

Dear oh dear, oh dear oh dear is the only reaction I can muster right now! We'll finish with a 4-2 win I bet though, watch this space!
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 20:08:00

Alright lads? I've just seen that photo and them Arsenal lads on here mustnt know there old ground!!! Henry the First!
Nobby Allcock
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 20:42:00

Gobby nocock are'nt shhhhhhitty supposed to be your weak arse local rivals? so why all the crawly bumlicking? Has Zae bored the living shh1te off you on the manure page? Wheres that glorious photo we were promised then Johnny? Having difficulty with all this new fangled technology?, c'mon use your loaf :)
Report Abuse
16/09/2009 23:11:00

It must be you having the difficulties nik... you don't know how to follow a link to a picture. C'mon use your loaf. In case your having trouble copy the following link.. paste it into your address bar (top of the page)... and then press the 'enter' key. or an even more direct link
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 02:57:00

lol thanks goatboy, I do know how to follow links. We were promised it here though and that's what I'm waiting for.
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 08:40:00

Alright lads? Hey, Nasty Nik. What do you reckon to that photo then? Bang to rights.
Nobby Allcock
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 10:11:00

It's a classic picture Gobby, and I'm glad I got your bezzy city mates to put it up :) this place is feeling more like home every day! - OK heres my view and final words on this situation. Re Henry, watch the video, he runs all along the pitch looking all the time at his OWN fans, I genuinely think at the end of it he went to ground not because it was in front of the sp*rs fans but because he was knackered, something he has since admitted. He would have carried on for another lp if he had the legs lol. There is no arms aloft antagonising of the sp*rs fans and I don't think he even bothers making eye contact given the position of his head. Now I know this is a lot to take in Mr Nocock so do concentrate, Henry NEVER played for sp*rs, he never left them acrimoniously and he never spent the weeks leading up to the game taking every opportunity to badmouth his former club. Adebayor had NO eyes for his own fans and NO other intention other than to run his forrest gump arse down to wind up Arsenal fans. Henry was a genuine sp*r of the moment victory run. Barndoor knew EXACTLY what he was doing, had it planned pre match no doubt and should be punished accordingly for reckless incitement. Back under the bridge now little trolls, feeding time is over :)
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 11:49:00

I see that the Greater Manchester police passed on a complaint to the FA about Van Persie and his celebration and use of foul language and he has only received a written reminder warning him about the FA's code of conduct. It would seem that fans have to respond in the manner of mindless morons in order to make their point and get the FA to take a complaint seriously in order to get a player banned!
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 12:13:00

Alright lads? Nasty Nik, here's a Champions take on it. Your excuse for Terry Henry is a bit weird. And that rocky said he went nowhere near the Spurs fans. Did he ever go to Highbury back then? You know this. I know you do. If the bitters were the ones being dicked by Arsenal when Adebayor did that run you'd have smugged it and laughed and that Van Percy thing would have never got a mention. As it is u got stuffed and to this day still can't handle it.
Nobby Allcock
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 12:42:00

Why do you say alright lads? at the start of every post Gobby? that is more than a bit weird it's getting positively creepy. . Your team may be champions but you are most certainly not - Unless they're giving out golds for crawly bumlicking these days :) Your opinon matters little to me as the evidence is above for all to see, yes Henry ended up at the away end but that's just incidental as he celebrated with us all the way and there was NO incitement or antagonism at the end of it - just a rather knacked striker. If Adbayor had done that for us on Saturday, my thoughts would be that I'd have been gutted that we hadn't shifted the poisonous son of a whhore over the summer, thanks but 25 mill every time. I can't handle it? lol I think you'll find that compared to the bitter and bizarrely angry waffling of the likes of mike hunt and filthycolumn my posts have been in general light hearted and banterful. If you wanna see people not handling it, take a trip to the VA game article against liege, and witness the bile from this sites' members (and the term members is 100% accurate) pouring forth. At least they have some though I guess - still chasing tumbleweed at yours huh?
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 14:29:00

Nobby is a Rag, simples!
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 15:24:00


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