Manchester City - Adebayor: FA Reply To Disgruntled City Fan
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Adebayor: FA Reply To Disgruntled City Fan

Carl Tilson, also known on Vital Manchester City as mcfcthriller was so infuriated by the Adebayor / van Persie incident he felt he had no choice but to write to the Football Association.

Carl wrote...

Relating to the controversial celebration I strongly think Adebayor did nothing wrong. When having fans singing songs with inappropriate lyrics about the man's family and being chanted with racist abuse - that then becomes very personal and something you cannot ignore!

So in defence I believe that having abuse thrown at you throughout a match - it is quite warranted for him to score a goal and celebrate at the same fans! Unlike Robin Van Persie when he ran off the pitch to the City faithful and unleashed a mouth full of expletives where the fans didn't react in any way so the conclusion on this dilemma is Adebayor did no wrong doing...

Other footballers have in the past had controversial celebrations towards fans for example Wayne Rooney... Why is it that if your part of Manchester United you get a pardon?

There have been many incidents in football where bad tackles have been exempt...

Well relating to the Van Persie incident where it was alleged Adebayor stamped on his head...It was NOT deliberate as the video from a different angle clearly show that!

Adebayor was quick footed... Robin Van Persie missed and slide ahead of Adebayor under his feet, Adebayor's momentum forced him forward and it was impossible to place his feet away from his head hence the contact with Robin Van Persie's cheek...

When considering further action please take into account that two footed tackle and the behaviour of Van Persie, in the interest of fairness if Adebayor gets punished I think the FA should also punish Robin Van Persie.

Thank you... my rant is over.

Please FA let Emmanuel Adebayor play the match against Manchester United

Carl Tilson

The FA response was...

Dear Carl,

Many thanks for contacting The Football Association.

The FA strongly condemns any form of offensive chanting and works closely with clubs, police and football partners such as Kick it Out in tackling this problem. The FA remain committed to making the game family friendly and call upon clubs and match day police to monitor and deal with these incidents accordingly.

Offensive chanting has no place in football. The FA's policy is to encourage all clubs to work towards ridding the game of the small minority of supporters who try to ruin the experience of watching a game for the vast majority.

With regards to the Manchester City v Arsenal game, we have asked The Greater Manchester Police and the clubs to identify those supporters involved in any violent and aggravating behaviour. The FA would like to see anyone found guilty of such behaviour face action through the legal system and banning orders from football.

Stewards are trained to deal with racist and other incidents and they and the Police do what they can to deal with foul and abusive language by spectators. Football matches do tend to provoke all sorts of comments or chants from the crowd; some of these go beyond what is considered to be acceptable. Dealing with this on a match day is a difficult task, but it is a criminal offence to shout racist abuse at a football match.

We do appreciate all of the feedback we receive from supporters. This feedback is collated and used to build a picture of public opinion and is subsequently fed back internally within the organisation. Please rest assured your suggestions will form part of this feedback process.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Kind regards,

Tracey Bates - Customer Relations Assistant Communications

MCFC will know later today (Thursday) or tomorrow whether Emmanuel Adebayor will received a three-match suspension.

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The journalist

Writer: Carl Tilson Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday September 17 2009

Time: 10:22AM

Your Comments (oldest first)

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Great to see the fans taking this up. Top stuff. This is whats happening elsewhere. ... 40353
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 10:46:00

Might help if I post the proper link in.
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 10:48:00

The stamp was deliberate. End of... he will be foung guilty of stamping and by attempting to justify his misplaced foot u are making a fool of yourself.
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 11:03:00

Alright lads? Did you see this bellend?
Nobby Allcock
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 11:36:00

no mention of what they are gunna do with persygirl for swearing at the city fans, they just ramble on about spectators and completely ignore the fact persygirls celebration was worse
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 11:42:00

lols nobby there is some very bitter ppl out there, i seriously mean this ARSENAL are the most bitter and twisted set of fans ive ever had to sit near at a match and that includs utd and spud fans!
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 11:45:00

I think that shirt was polyesterit melted like a bin bag,quite apt i think...CTID
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 12:00:00

mark.mcfc.wedged - They are doing nothing against Van Persie, the Police passed on the complaint to the FA and he got a letter reminding him of his future conduct so he has got off yet again. Both Jamie Redknapp and Graeme Souness said on The Champions League coverage last night that Van Persie went for Adebayor in an attempt to injure him but Adebayor got out of the way and Redknapp went on to say that Van Persie is being treated as a victim when he sparked it all off even though Adebayor didn't need to respond as he did.
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 12:19:00

whys it gotta be arry sticking up for us lols hes the man i love to hate, but hes speaking sense on this one so fair do's to the man
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 12:30:00

i also found it funny that the diver scored arsenals winner too, so not only did he gain an advantage in the dive he was also allowed to carry on playing to steal a point from another team! (i bet wenger didnt see the goal thou)
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 12:32:00

Alright lads? The great Eammon Holmes got it right on Sky this morning when he said Arsenal won 3-2 but should Edwardo have been playing.
Nobby Allcock
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 12:44:00

Eamonn Holmes is listed in Viz's seminal "@rseholes and Tw@ts of The British Isles."
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 13:05:00

Jesus on a Yamaha. Look at yourselves, 19 articles about Arsenal since Monday. Seriously, you have to admit that's pretty sad?
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 13:28:00

Pontificating nonsense, LD. Where have you been?
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 13:36:00

And Little Dutch we won that match!
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 13:37:00

Ah Jamie Redknapp...the most unbias of all pundits, especially when we're talking about The Arsenal
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 14:12:00

Kevinho - we did indeed mate. We won the match fair and square.
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 14:12:00

little dutch and sheWHORE..if thats what we want to do on our site then its upto us and if you dont like it you dont have to come on here so go and stick your heads up your cheating arses you ******** clowns.
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 14:22:00

arsenal fans are only bitter to out going players because there board constantly fail to replace them! tell me would the arse fans hate ade so much if they used the money they got for him to buy say david villa?, the only reason they hate most outoging players is because they ask for UPTO DATE WAGES and to be on a par with the chelsea and manure players, arsenal fans think a player should play for them for 50k less than a spuds player earns!, its your board you should be chanting at and not outgoing players who earn you 22m profit, you do it to most players who leave your trampy club to earn a proper footballers wage!
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 14:33:00

ive noticed that cesc has kept quiet because he knows hes the next one to jump ship and he knows you will treat him like ade/hleb/anelka and many others
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 14:36:00

Well Hleb has never come back to Arsenal since he left. According to 2007-08 figures, Arsenal's wage bill is a fraction below United's and third to Chelsea's. We doubled Adebayor's pay in the summer of 2008 and got not a lot in return. Still, at least we actually bought our new ground instead of "tramping" off the council, eh?
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 14:47:00

Or possibly Mark, Cesc might be treated like Kolo Toure was on Saturday by Arsenal fans?
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 14:48:00

no you will treat cesc the same way as ade, cos you think you have the divine right to treat people that way, yes you doubled his wage AFTER HE ASKED and look at how you treated him for it!, its no wonder he didnt perform is it, i dont see chelsea fans booing JT do you?, fact is you are bitter to most outgoing players but it is your board you should aim the anger at afterall if they did spend just a little bit then you might be alot happier, truth hurts init lads but you should demand more form your board atleast level wages with the rest for you current players!
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 15:08:00

Little Dutch - Tramping off the council? Is that the best that you can come up with? I think that our owner could build us numerous grounds if he wished to and it is a well known fact to those with any knowledge of our club that the council are reluctant to sell Eastlands to us because of the healthy rent that they collect. That is why we are apparently looking at alternate plans. I'd still much rather have our owner and rented ground as you put it than the in-fighting and cliques that arewithin your boardroom and lack of significant investment.
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 15:09:00

the arse board has earned 100s of millions from player sales over the years and failed to reinvest that into the team, and when they finally sell the club after they have bled it dry they will earn 100s more millions too, YOUR BOARD ARE GREEDY AND YOU SHOULD TELL THEM THAT
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 15:23:00

Mark, I know you're a wee bit deluded, but are you honestly saying you can't see why Arsenal fans are upset with Adebayor? Not even a little bit? Or why Monaco or Metz or Togo fans? Honestly, all I'll say is wait for the summer mate, you're in for a treat and your denial will only lead to more anger when he *****es on you too. He didn't so much ask as demand, touting himself to all and sundry in the process. If Cesc acts the same he'll get treated the same. But you still pointedly and deliberately ignore the great reception given to Toure on Saturday, or Pires when he came back last season, or Vieira when he came back with Juve, or Seaman when we played your lot in 2003, or Ljungberg when he came back with West Ham, or Parlour when he came back with Boro, even van Bronckhorts, who ws awful for us, was applauded at the CL Final. It's fine to stick up for your own player (your own for now) but to be that one eyed just destroys any argument you think you have. It's just childish mate. Kevinho, Arsenal raised capital for their ground and pay it off within the brackey of their own income, the Council built a ground and you rocked up there. Nothing wrong with that, the Milan clubs do it too. But if I'm gonna have a City fan seriously talk about our board's lack of investment when they invested half a billion pounds on a football stadium for our long term future whilst your lot mooch off the council, you've got to expect it's a pretty obvious comeback.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 15:28:00

"But if I'm gonna have a City fan seriously talk about our board's lack of investment" serious lack of investment them words are very true dutch, and excuse me while i choke but dont the BANKS OWN YOUR GROUND your a hypocrite just like wenger and its still your boards lack of commitment that makes you gooners angry, yes i agree some players do get to me and otehr fans and theres nothing like booing these players but you lot take it too far with abuse PLAYERS DONT HAVE TO PLAY FOR YOU WHEN YOU ARE PAYING 1990s WAGES!, toure may of got a great reception from your bitter lot i bet you wasnt there thou! dunne will get a great recpetion from our bitter lot to, but the fact still remains your angry because your borad have FAILED to replace not just 1 player but several!
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 15:52:00

I'm not sure why you're making presumptions about my opinion of our board now, but for the record I'm very happy with the current baord and with the job they are doing. I hope Kroenke adds a little marketing savvy because I think we've fallen behind there in recent years, but I'm happy with them. I've written for Vital Arsenal for over three years as well as the Gooner, so if that were not true I'd be taking a massive and stupid risk denying it here. The banks do not own our ground, we borrowed money from them and pay it back with capital we raise ourselves. I think people would call that a mortgage. Some fans don't like our current board, but I don't think that really informs their opinion of Adebayor. In fact, the vast majority were angry that the baord raised his wages in 2008 and wanted him sold. Again, your contention we are paying 1990s wages doesn't stand up when our wage bill is virtually equal to that of Manchester United. Given that our team isn't equal to United, I would ask questions of whether we are indeed paying some players too much. I gave Toure a hearty round of applause and will again when he comes back to the Emirates. Yet again, you're falling into the trap of trying to deflect attention every which way but not really succeeding in proving anything at all. I'm not sure what our board has to do with our fans disliking Adebayor's dishonesty or his ramblings to the press or his phoned in performances last year. Again, a number of our fans are angry that we haven't adequately replaced good players, personally, I don't think we have as well as we could have. But you'll struggle to find any who'd include Adebayor in the list of names they pine for. As for your questioning whether i was there, again another deflection attempt. But the fact that I wrote a match report about it from an eye witness point of view, using my given name on a site I have written for for three years, well someone would be able to call me out if I wasn't. Alternatively, look up Timothy James Frank Stillman on facebook (if you're on it), send me a short message, I'll reply and that will give you temporary access to my profile. Thereupon you will see photographic evidence that I was at the ground on Saturday. Alternatively, you can try and continue to deflect attention in some other way and argue about the price of petrol and how that is responsible for Arsenal fans treatment of Adebayor?
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 16:09:00

petrol arsenal fans? wtf are you on! i would say that the press are responsible for the way arsenal fans behaved and ofcourse the fans themsles were animal and if you wanna fill your car up to make us abit richer then thanks ;)
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 16:15:00

You've lost wedgie there Dutch, not to mention owning him at every turn, I'm cringing for him here, he's so far out of his comfort zone and flailing badly....."Hello coastguard....yes I'd like to report someone in difficulty...hurry he's going under.
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 19:34:00

I think we'll see the City fan community close ranks with Adebayor. He will get massive support.
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 19:36:00

"Jesus on a Yamaha. Look at yourselves, 19 articles about Arsenal since Monday. Seriously, you have to admit that's pretty sad? - Littledutch". Yeah mate, and the common denominator seems to be you and the other haters commenting dozens of times on each and every article. Fan the flames, the fire gets bigger eh? As for your board, I can fully understand why they are not investing in the team, as they have decided to make the investment in the Emirates stadium instead. Fair dues, it's a long term investment which has increased your cash flow no end, but if the hate mob don't make the champs league this season you will be pretty *****ed and all of your best players will disappear sharpish. However, the whole lack of investment may be irrelevant soon, as I've heard one of your major shareholders is shortly about to sell their stake to Usmanov (oh, look at him lying again, just like radio 5 were lying when they reported the story), which will take him over the mandatory 30% needed to launch a takeover of the club. So, the arse fans and goons who criticise City for their sugardaddy and accuse us of trying to buy the league will be outraged and boycott there club if this happens eh? Didn't think so.
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 21:33:00

in 1963 the sewage works in cairo had a major malfunction and stopped working for 12 days,it cost the arabian government a lot of money to fix it, the point of this anecdote is that this is the second time in 46 years that the arabs have spent over 100 million pounds on a heap of ****
cornish gooner
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 21:50:00

Well if you keep posting articles about Arsenal, stands to reason Arsenal fans will comment. I've got no issue with the way City are competing, the distribution of prize money for the CL clubs has caused it really. We've allcontributed to the "greed is good" league, so we're stuck with the consequences. I'm not mad about sugar daddies, but hell every business has the right to run as it deems fit. I'm not aware that at any point your owners have even come into the discussion. I will be deeply, deeply unhappy is Usmanov takes over our club, he's a despicable individual and it troubles me that he is involved with my club. Will I boycott the club? Probably not, because I'm a sucker for it but it certainly won't feel the same knowing I detest the man that owns the club and everything he stands for. If we are muscled out of the CL places and some of our players leave, fair enough, if they weren't good enough to get us there in the first place then it's see you later. I'll still be at the club, that matters to me. Everyone else can do as they will. For the record, I didn't much give two *****s about Adebayor in the wake of his leaving, check the thread pre match fromlast Friday where I said I wouldn't bother booing him but can understand those that will. Not the way I operate.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 22:26:00

....but since I read his pathetic interview the morning of the match, I have developed a real distaste for him.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/09/2009 22:26:00

Cornish Gooner - Is that the pile of crap that beat you 4-2 at the weekend and have a 100% record in the league with 4 wins out of 4. What does that really say about your team and you should really think before you speak and embarrass yourself next time!
Report Abuse
18/09/2009 01:07:00

Wedged - jesus mate, your posts are ******** embarrassing. Glad you knew when to stop though.
Report Abuse
18/09/2009 08:26:00

shewhore i just tell the truth and the real reason behind the bitterness from your fans, and that reason is the failier to replce players that you sell, if you bought villa with the ade money you wouldnt even think about ade anymore! so shout at your board for it and even wenger! city wuill win something long before arsenal next win something and thats your managers and boards fault and you know it but you prefer to take it out on players instead even when there wearing your own shirt your a disgrace to real football fans
Report Abuse
18/09/2009 13:19:00

Just to point out that Arsenal have 13 different goalscorers already this season and have scored 21 goals in 7 games. Clearly we don't miss Adebayor that much.........
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
18/09/2009 14:24:00


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