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Mardy Arsenal Players Queuing Up In Ade Obsession

First it was van Persie. Then Wenger chipped in amongst the hacks hysteria. Now more Arsenal personnel choose to focus on Emmanuel Adebayor rather than their football season...

It's getting sillier now. Arsenal will not let it lie. Clearly Adebayor's immediate 3 game FA ban for violent conduct was not enough and the campaign has started to maintain focus on events during City's 4-2 victory last weekend in the hope of the player receiving an increased ban, even with an improper conduct charge pending.

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas alledges he himself was stamped on by the four goals in four starts City striker:

'I think this is a red card here. I was lucky my foot was in the air when it happened. You know this is football and it can happen...what he did was no good for football. I am very disappointed about it, very disappointed.'

Next up, Emmanuel Eboué, himself roundly booed at the Emirates Stadium last season:

'For me, Adebayor, he didn't do well and that is no good for football because you have a lot of young people who watch the game and then, they see that. But I am happy that the FA gave him a three-game ban, I am very, very happy about that.'

There's more. Alex Song goes after Adebayor and City skipper Kolo Toure and claims that he was er, slapped:

'I think that Kolo is talking bull***t. He's talking nonsense. Ade was a 'big brother' in London, I was almost living at his place, and he at mine. Once he went to City, it's true that our relationship was not what it had been before. I called him two or three times, and he didn't call me back.

Referring to Toure's assertion that Arsenal players refused to shake Adebayor's hand in the players tunnel he said:

'I'm not going to have a laugh with him when I see him in the tunnel. Afterwards, on the pitch, he started to kick. He kicked everyone. That's not normal! He was aggressive. There was a free-kick in their favour and he slapped me. Coming from him - I couldn't believe it. Nobody doubts what Ade and Kolo have done for Arsenal. To say that the Gunners were not grateful to them, that's rubbish...their reaction is abnormal. Kolo always was a leader on the pitch. He was always pushing us, all the time. I saw Adebayor at the end of the game and I talked to him. Calmly. The best answer for him would've been to do nothing.

Intent on maintaining the pressure on the goal celebration, Song continued:

'It'd have been more beautiful if he hadn't expressed his joy at scoring that way. I told him it was a really silly thing to do, really stupid. Yes, he disappointed me because the person I knew was not the person I met again that day.'

It's relentless.


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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 18 2009

Time: 8:36AM

Your Comments

Alright lads? Look, I keep telling you. All this comes from the fact they cant believe you beat them good style. Neither can I, but there you go.
Nobby Allcock
Jeez these blokes are a bunch of sooks. Someone get them and their fans a box of tissues because they haven't stopped crying about this since Saturday. You'd think this was one of the biggest crimes in UK history the way everyones going on about it. Harden the ***** up and get over it.
20 articles since the match. Gawd you city lot are obsessed, we've totally forgotten about this already . Signed A.goon.
Congratulations on your 20th article on Arsenal in five days. Interesting you left Adebayor's quotes from this morning out of that piece isn't it?
Little Dutch
There's an echo in here.
Adebayor, The Sun: "People talk about us as being football players and the money we earn, but just because we are fortunate it does not mean we need to take abuse. If you were to abuse a man in the street for over an hour he would react and it would be a worse reaction than a goal celebration! There is only so much abuse a man can take until he reaches breaking point... I was being abused by people who six months ago were singing my name and the abuse was for no reason. I scored and I wanted to show people it is not a good idea to abuse me. I really didn't understand it at all. They were clapping Kolo but they were shouting personal abuse at me before the match even kicked off....I know a steward got hurt and I really do want to say sorry for that because he didn't ask for any of this - he was just a man doing his job. Emotions were running high for me and it is obvious they were for Arsenal fans as well....They had just seen me score the goal that meant they had lost the game and that was very hard for them to take. The steward was just doing his job but if things hadn't been thrown and people had stayed in their seats then that wouldn't have happened. Players should feel like they can celebrate a goal without the fear of being hit by things...I think, in terms of class on the pitch, we have overtaken Arsenal and that was a reason for some of the hostility...I am sorry Robin got hurt but I can't regret something I did not mean to do. Anybody who knows me knows I would not set out to hurt anybody and I would especially not mean to hurt an old team-mate. I really am glad Robin was OK because I know my stud was close to his eye but there was really nothing I could have done - there was no way I could have got out of the way in time... I could not understand some of the Arsenal players being disrespectful towards me. These are people I have spent a lot of time with and people I thought were my friends....I can just about understand the fans' reaction because they don't know the full story...However the way some of the players behaved is just crazy. When a man offers you his hand, you shake it. For them to act like that was a disgrace...I'm not sure if the fans understand what happened during the end of my time at Arsenal but I have done nothing wrong. An offer came in for me and, as I understand it, Arsene and the club accepted the offer the same day. It was not my fault I left, it was Arsene who wanted to accept the offer for me...Arsene has said many things in the Press but I only take notice of those who matter to me. I read his comments but, as the tattoo on my arm says, 'Only God can judge me' not Arsene Wenger."
Johnny Baguette
Little Dutch is spot on. Hardly any news wires are covering Adebayor's statement this morning.
Johnny Baguette
Certain irony in claiming that Arsenal won't let it lie when you seem determined to pick up on every word uttered. Maybe the fact that Kolo felt the need to go into the Arsenal dressing room to apologise to everyone shows that at least one person in a Citeh shirt accepts that much of what happened was the consequence of the way Ade behaved on the day. Ade claims that everybody that knows him knows he wouldn't set out to hurt somebody. People that know him rather well have just told you that he did. They were sensible and professional enough to wait until the ban for violent conduct was settled, so as not to influence it, before giving their opinion. As has been said already Ade had his own agenda for that game which seemed to be Ade settling some scores. Cesc's refusal to be drawn on dressing room relationships explains more than Citeh fans are able to understand about what Ade's real state of mind was. "Let's just move forward." he said "If this is true or not it just stays in the dressing room." Ade was a poor influence in the dressing room. If he has learned a lesson then you will benefit from it. If he hasn't he won't help you achieve what you aspire to.
Oops sorry double post. Just adding to the weight of Arsenal input! Bottom line is though that you got the 3 points. In football everything else is just froth and bubble.
Where did I say no news outlets are reporting it? I said YOU didn't report it. Which was pretty fortunate for you that you "forgot" to do so otherwise the title of your article would have looked pretty silly.
Little Dutch
Alright lads? Not a clue you Arsenal fans. Why don't you just accept you got dicked twice in Manchester?
Nobby Allcock
Ony once in Manchester Nobby. The other time was in Salford.
Johnny Baguette. Are you not a bit of a hypocrite by saying Arsenal refuse to let it lie when your lot seem to make a new article on every bit of news. A new article for each of Soutgates, Keanes, Harry Redknapps, Piers Morgans, Alex Fergusons & ian wrights oppinion and thats just to name a few articles. Maybe its you guys that should stop talking about the Arsenal game, take the 3 points and concentrate on Man united.
We've been defending our corner under siege, paul. We're getting used to it. Now to see if we can stop the rags joining Chelski in opening up a 9 point gap on you whilst doing that ourselves.
Johnny Baguette
The difference is Paul we're fans and not an official part of the club. All we can do is talk about it. Your players perhaps should be putting in a few extra training sessions rather than whining because they're obviously not up to scratch at the minute. Ade is allowed because he's got some time off for good behaviour.
arsenal are just soft they moan about any team that might be abit physical, they moan abot bolton every season lols, excuses for losing is not very good, and cesc will soon find out what its like to be in ades shoes cos he will be off to barca next summer and will get treated like ade and hleb and anelka from the arsenal fans because they are animals and think they have right to abuse someone, arsenal have to be the worst losers on the planet dear god i thought manure held that mantal but arsenal are clearly the sorest worst losers in the prem enjoy finishing 8th arsenal fans no chimps fo ryou next season hahahaha , thats the real reason like ade says they realised we are better than them and didnt like it
i leave it with this comment form the big man,,,, "I think, in terms of class on the pitch, we have overtaken Arsenal and that was a reason for some of the hostility."
1 more thing sorry i cant help it, CESC why dont you ask the board to replace someo outgoing players you know just every so often? then maybe your fans wont be so biter when a player leaves or asks for 2009 wages!, you yourself cesc will be in the same boat as ade next season so you should of kept stum because you will only look like a hypocrite now when you leave for barca or even when you leave to join city
Mark i appreciate to an extent what most city fans have to say whether i agree with them or not. You have nothing useful to say except sit behind your screen and post a turd of a response. "arsenal are clearly the sorest worst losers in the prem enjoy finishing 8th arsenal fans no chimps fo ryou next season hahahaha". Were you literally laughing out to yourself. We did not treat Hleb or anelka badly, infact we applauded most who have left including pires, viera, toure, lehman etc. Ashley Cole & Adebayor are different and i doubt i need to state why. Whatever Adebayor says, the fans did not treat him badly at all. Yes we stopped singing his name after a summer of flirting with other clubs just to obtain a pay rise, then kiss his badge after his first goal. I suppose you would have to be at the game every week to see his attitude change, having a go at other players, lazily staying offside and not putting in the same effort as the previous year. I understand that he is now your player and you want to protect him and thats fine. As far as i am concerned we can put a line under all of this and move on. The facts are Man City beat us with a great performance, they took the 3 points, Adebayor was rightly charged, it will be a long season and i am sure Man City will have a good year pushing the current so called big 4. I hope eachothers fans dont feel the need to be t***s and post on eachothers boards taunting losses like mike hunt. Have a good season
i think all of what i say makes sense and IS THE TRUTH oh and errm i spose your sat inside the net rather than behind a screen ey balDrICK, face it m8 your sore losers your fans are bitter your players are bitter, we all have players we hate playing for us BUT WE STILL DONT ABUSE THEM like you lot do ffs benjani is always offside and a lazy git to but will still dont abuse him like you do with your players! even ones that still play for you, i dont think players should kiss badges i do agree on that point unless its his childhood club! but asking for a pay rise you know so he earns the same as chel and manure players isnt a crime is it? PAY UPTO DATE WAGES AND ASK YOU BOARD TO SPEND SOM ECASH i promise you will be happier as a fan and your players will be happy to cos they are earning 2009 wages rahter than 1990s, once again enjoy finishing 8th and thats if your lucky
Alright lads? Arsenal look to me like a team that misses leaders. If you want to be Champions you need governers out there and to me they sound like puffs.
Nobby Allcock
puffs? You say you talk the truth but you clearly talk rubbish. Pay up to date wages you say? We have the 3rd highest wage bill in the premiership minus city. Chelsea - £132.8m (£114m), Manchester Utd - £92.3m (£85.4m), Arsenal - £89.7m (£82.9m) Liverpool - £77.6m (£68.9m). These are facts. We are less than 3m from paying what Man united so its only you and Chelsea who pay more and over the top wages. Dont bleat on anymore unless you can back up your empty statements.
These were the 2006/7 wages, the 2007/8 were similar with us in 3rd place except Man united and Chelsea had increased by about 30% & us 13%. Obviously City will this year be above us. Hardly shabby anyway. Not to shabby anyway, Im sure all of our players can still afford to light their cigars with £50 notes
ahhh, wedged, i haven't read all of your posts - you're a thick **** mate, thick as pig**** with absolutely not facts. Hleb was treated badly? When?!?! Anelka still gets credit for paying for our academy. All this money's gone to your heads. Not that i'm excusing you, i'm sure you were a pr1ck beforehand n all.
Truth is these wind ups won't stop as this is the busiest that this no mark little forum has ever been. Why stop when all there'd be left is the dull drudgery from the likes of wedgie and filthycolumn? and the rag parrot nocock. They will still be writing shhitty threads like this in two weeks and probably in two months time, they have no other rivalry here as the manure board is a ghost town so they're trying to pitifully trying to manufacture a rivalry. It'll only stop when their season plummets laughably away. Stick your baguette up your arse sideways you WUM cock.
'busiest this no mark little forum has ever been' - yet on the monthly charts it's always us and the Villa forum in the top 2 and yours in at around 20. I don't actually care about that but you should at least try and know what you're talking about before you type nik.
it used to be because of their football (but I would admit that has improved) but blimey, they really want hang on to the old label...Boring Boring Arsenal. Time to move on guys.... its over, finished, gone, the game not the media and lets look forward to the reverse leg in London. By then we will have some more world class players on the park.... Game on
Blue Arab
ok A RSEHOLE fans i will type in the language you might understand seeing you lot are thugs who just want to abuse pplayers and try and get on the pitch after throwing not only everything in sight but throwing your DUMMY out also - so here goes.....***** OFF YOU LOAD OF *****HEADS. - thank you
Alright lads? How's it going nasty nik? Champions elect Arsenal this year?
Nobby Allcock
Bluemooner, we're all thugs?
Little Dutch Going by your impeccible standards of judging every single Arsenal fan by the actions of a handful, I look forward to your comments on these. Not to mention the riot when you played Millwall at Maine Road in Feb 1999 or the group of City fans arrested at Valley Parade for racist chanting in August 2001. Luckily, I'm a classier individual than you, I have no axe to grind with City fans whatsoever, they've never been anything but class every time I've been there. (Even on Saturday the "we were here when we were *****" chant was pretty good). Your pretty imature attempts to all of a sudden paint us all as thugs betrays your complete lack of imagination and is utterly offensive to the vast, vast majority of Gooners who are not as you are trying to paint. Now grow up youpathetic little child.
Little Dutch
Oh and we're all thugs eh? Well which club gamefully employed Joey Barton and Ben Thatcher for years on end?
Little Dutch
Two thugs isnt bad compared to a bung dealing manager (george graham), bed wetting alchol prisioner as a captain (tony adams), coke and betting addict (merson) garlic spitting red card specialist (patrick viera) tapped up arsenal hater (ashley cole) sly diver (eduardo) the ape (keown) .... And u wonder most of the country hates u?
enzo city
lol... all them posts you made about irrelevant past acts when I posted the video of 300 odd Arsenal fans on a racist rampage through Highbury (which for 20 odd posts everybody denied) then you start doing the same. Though the only two links you provided are for the grand total of 2 people. You also tell him to grow up for trying to portray Arsenal fans as thugs and then you go and try to portray City fans as thugs while at the same time saying you have no problems with them. Your pretty imature attempts to all of a sudden paint us all as thugs betrays your complete lack of imagination and is utterly offensive to the vast, vast majority of City fans who are not as you are trying to paint. Now grow up you pathetic little child.
That's the thing Goatboy, I'm not trying to paint you as thugs. I know that isn't the case because I've been to your ground that many times and never had anything but a good crack. I'm saying that it's easy to portray millions of supporters based on the acts of a couple of idiots. Every club has them and it's pretty offensive to have people I see every single week called thugs and racists because you are trying desperately to deflect away from your new striker. You lied about being an eye witness at a halfimagined event (you said you personally saw Arsenal fans smash up Turkish Cypriot restaurants in 2000 because a Turkish player scored against us. When we pointed out that Nayim was Spanish and that goal was scored in 1995, you strangely didn't show up again. A couple of half remembered events you pretended to be an eye witness for). I bear City no ill or their supporters, I regard you and the idiots mentioned in the posted articles as a minority. I still don't like that thousands of City fans use the term "Munichs" so liberally, (a subject you've continually avoided when I've put it to you) but then I don't like that Spurs fans are still referred to as Yids. Arsenal's membership is 34% non white, we had the 18th least arrests in the Premiership last year and 17th least they year before. Six Arsenal fans were arrested on Saturday out of 3,000 so excuse me if I take offense to you saying that we are "all" thugs and racists. Good luck for the rest of the season.
Little Dutch
It wasn't me actually... it was 5thcolumnblue and I have no reason to doubt him. He got the main points of the game right - he said UEFA Cup game against a Turkish side and a goal at the end that lobbed Seaman (which was the Zaragoza game). You can take that as lying or a half remembered match from someone who doesn't even support the team. 2/3 were correct for the incidents he was going on about (3 out of 4 if you include the rioting) but you lot latched onto the 1/3 (or 1 out of 4) that was incorrect. I can't be sure he's telling the truth... you can't be sure he's lying... just as you can't be sure Ade stamped on Percys head on purpose lol. I also answered the Munich question when you asked - I said it's not something I like or do because a City legend died that day too. What more do you want me to say? I've not denied it ever happens like the majority of Vital Arsenal posters do when faced with something bad about my club... I've give my opinion which is all I can do. Once again (I find I have to keep repeating myself to you because) I never said all. I started off saying 'the arsenal fans at the game who'... not all. Only when everyone on the Vital Arsenal boards kept denying everything did I use the word all and that was in the context of all the posters on that board - who if they don't condemn and only deny racist behaviour must support it.
The story had one purpose only which was to further the lie that Arsenal supporters were racist to a greater extent than other clubs. The lie was to embellish his role in it which clearly didn't stack up to add spice to the story. He would have known the circumstances that precipitated it only too well if he had genuinely been there. It was part of a sequence of other lies such as reporting as a fact that bananas had been thrown at Adebayor. There is no evidence or any formal observation by any reporting media to justify that insult. Indeed the pictures show the reaction to Ade was from a broad ethnic mix. The support for Toure widely reported yet ignored here in order to perpetuate the lie. I fully understand partisan sympathies and tribal instincts in supporting you own but using race to justify or excuse the acts over the weekend is cheap and nasty.
Erm excuse me folks, it was indeed me who brought up the incident surrounding the cup winners cup and the ensuing riots when the arsey girls lost. Please accept my humblest apologies for getting rather drunk on the evening and forgetting the exact details, but the pertinent fact remains that I witnessed arse fans kicking in their own. Perhaps if some of the more sensitive gooners would calm down I will revist the reasons for recounting my experiences. Firstly, the arsenal fans denied that anyone had sung the Adebayor elephant song. I clearly heard it from the other end of the ground, the media heard it and it was posted on several arsenal blogs that it had been sung. I particularly like the (pardon me if I've forgotten the exact url in case I get called a liar) chap on Arseblog who said he like the way the City fans changed the chant to "adebayor, he's hung like an elephant and his wife is sore!". So to deny that the song was actually sung at the match would suggest that some of your posters were lying. Shock. Horror. When the posters on Vital Arse changed their tune, they tried to pretened that this song was OK as it was not racist. I objected to this and suggested it was, and if anyone still thinks it's not a racist chant, please feel free to wander down Ladbroke Grove and sing it to the first West Indian or African person you meet. The Arsenal posters then came out with the astonishing "THERE ARE NO RACISTS AT ARSENAL!" Now forgive me for suggesting that virtually every club in the land (Including the club I love and support) has an element of idotic racist thugs, and that for the arse fans to suggest otherwise was delusional. You then vilely abused me and called me names (Boo hoo - not) So in an attempt to continue my argument, I mentioned an incident that I had witnessed while in London, cheering on YOUR CLUB (which I used to regard as a virtual second club due to my wife and her family being supporters). But due to several factual innacuracies, no doubt brought on by the fact that A) I had a skinful that evening, B) I can't remember much about City games from 14 years ago, let alone those of rival fans, c) the increasing vitriol of the Arsenal fans, I was branded a liar. Fair enough, if that's what you want to think, I'm a big boy and can deal with the disapproval of a few internet warriors. The fact of the matter is, I did not accuse ALL arsenal fans of thuggery, racism, hooliganism or strangling kittens. I have accompanied my wife to numerous Arsenal games and have only ever witnessed isolated incidents (aside from the CWC in 1995). But your urge to rant has seemingly clouded your minds and as I'm sure I said in my very first post, this is all heat of the moment stuff and you will realise how ridiculous some of your utterances have been. The fact is, the game was a week ago, and yet as several Arsenal fans have pointed out, there have been 20 articles regarding these incidents on Vital. This may have something to do with the fact that each day another arsenal player presents himself to the press to moan about how Adebayor is the antichrist, and our lapdog press print an article that causes most City fans to choke on their cornflakes. It hasn't escaped my notice that each one of our articles seems to attract comments from numerous gunners eager to keep the arguments as heated as ever, so we seem to have arrived at a self perpetuating cycle. Anyone bored now? I certainly am, although I hope and pray the FA are keeping tabs on what the Arsenal players, manager and club are saying to the press, as by keeping this issue alive, Arsenal are virtually guaranteeing that there will be crowd trouble for the return fixture at the emirates. Something for all gooners to celebrate? I think not. Adebayor is no longer an Arsenal player, so give it up. Now for the shocking part of this post - I did not personally witness any bananas being thrown onto the pitch. I have scrutinized the MoTD footage and all of the photographs and cannot see a banana. I did read on several blogs and message boards that bananas were thrown at Adebayor, but having spoken to several friends who sit near the away fans, they can confirm that they heard racist language (including the nasty, nasty "Black b*****d"), but no one saw any bananas. Looks like I succumbed to chinese whispers in the heat of the moment. If that's the case, then you have my sincerest apologies, and I have to say I am quyite relieved that your fans would not stoop so low. Now get on with your own football club and stop hating mine!
Long winded defence fifthcolumnblue but just for the sake of accuracy and for you to avoid further embarrasment if you are to persist with the story what you claim to have witnessed occurred after the 2000 Uefa Cup final against Galatasaray not the 1995 CWC final. You must have had some skinful to have lost 5 years! That was the point you were taken up on. The fracas had little to do with the result of the game and everything to do with the events preceding it. Both sides are going to see things from their own perspective but a rational look at what went on should tell you that whatever the circumstances racism played no part in the event. Those that sort to justify using the race card wouldn't incur hate for their team but should quite rightly be condemned as individuals for stooping so low.
Thanks mate, it was in 1995, CWC, Nayim lobbed Seaman. And your fans attacked anything vaguely Arab. Clever eh? Oh, and as to my apology above, once again I spokje in haste. There were bananas thrown at Adebayor, printed in the media. I saw the *********s bricking in the windows of the takeaways where many of them bought food before going to Highbury. You are bad losers, as espoused by your reactions to the 4-2. So please, feel free to call me a liar if it makes you feel that little bit better, but you secretly know I'm right, and that really annoys you doesn't it?
You see I knew you were lying. Nayim was Spanish. The thugs might have taken on a few tapas bars but not the Turkish/Cypriot shops you described. The successors of those thugs might even have attacked a few Manchester Joke shops after our defeat last weekend for all I know. The banana stories are anecdotal and graphic evidence would exist if it had happened. But anyway no need to persist. You have proven yourself to the confirmed, unmitigated liar I knew you to be.
Well done FCB, you have put these deluded gooner fans in their place. It's such a shame that none of those sissy girls had the balls to admit they were wrong but your points are absolutely spot on. Hopefully we've seen the last of their bitchin and moanin. But I doubt it somehow.
Nayim is/was Morrocan. Sticks and stones mate. I saw your fans attack anything that was vaguely arab in origin. End of. Calling me a liar is just part of what I've come to recognise as a collective psychosis that seems to be affecting your club and fans. So, to recap - The elephant song was NOT SUNG, we misheard it. OK, the elephant song was sung, but it's not racist. There were no bananas thrown. Oh, well there were, but it's only a mindless minority of thugs. There is no racism at Arsenal ( because calling Scottish Celtic supporters drunks is in no way a racial stereotype either) Adebayor tried to blind Van rapist. Oh I wish one of the coins had actually hit Adebayor (perhaps to blind him?). Mike Hunt, we will not tolerate name calling on this site (Gunnerlou) Mike hunt you are a total ****, filthycolumn you are a Liar. Please remind me to go onto wikipedia tomorrow and add the words Arsenal fan to the definition of Hyppocrite. I suppose I'll have to wait for the proof of the pudding, as your true nature will surely be exposed when we visit the Emirates for the return leg of the hate match. Judging by the thinly veiled threats, I'm certain there won't be any racist abuse of OUR player (you know, the one you hounded out only to receive £25m pounds from us), nor will you throw anything at him, nor will your players take sly digs at him every time he's on the ball, nor will you attempt to beat up any of us Northern chavs that has the temerity to pay £4000 for a ticket to the corporate box that is the emirates. No one wearing a blue shirt to a pub in the vicinity will be harassed or beaten up and of course the Police and stewards will all be looking forward to their day off as they will undoubtedly be rendered unnecessary. Because the saintly behaviour and impeccable demeanour of ALL arsenal fans will certainly come to the fore, starting with the polite applause you reserve for the 30 goal hero that is Emanuel Adebayor.Come on chaps, your bile is starting to infiltrate the blood/brain barrier and is depriving your neurons of oxygen.
Nayim was Spanish, born in Spain and played for the Spanish national team having started his career at Barca. He has a Moroccan parent but that wouldn't justify attacking Turkish restaurants which aren't 'vaguely Arab' anyway. Anymore than if he had ever drunk a pint of guiness would justifying trashing Irish bars. You didn't see anything of the sort in 1995. If you insist you are right about the CWC event then you are lying about what you saw afterwards. All of the evidence you are using in your pursuit of your absurd racism calumny is anecdotal. There is no graphic evidence though the number of cameras present would demand that if it existed it would have come to light. Was the elephant song sung? Some say yes but the only graphic evidence so far supports the Arsenal version of the song sung Hearsay and invention is all you seem to have.
What about the graphic evidence of the banana throwing mate... (best quality I could find of the celebration rest have been took down). At about 26 seconds in there's clearly bananas landing both sides. As for the elephant chant the fact that many Arsenal fans have even confirmed they heard/sang it says it all. Face the truth and stop denying it.
Alright lads? I used to work at smithfield market and they are 110% bananas that are thrown at him the moment he goes to ground nobody can deny that. Terrible.
Nobby Allcock
Clearly bananas!!!! Give it up goatie!!!! There are plenty of better images than that. Even still ones. Those aren't bananas. Bread rolls, bits of pie, whatever. Even if it is claimed that Arsenal fans heard the elephant song sung then its still anecdotal while there is graphic evidence to support the main away fans version of events. Facing the truth is what many of you have determined to play the racism card have steadfastly avoided doing throughout this whole saga. But it has gone on long enough to now be sure who the committed liars are and we can rest assured in the knowledge that they know who they are to. Alright lads??? Cocky Allknob used to work at Smithfield Market ( London's wholesale meat market) therefore even he can recognise a banana when he sees one. What a complete and utter pillock.
Like I said before, not a clue. There is a world outside London and another smithfield market......In 1973, Smithfield Wholesale Market was re-located to a purpose built complex in Openshaw. It caters for fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, game and poultry, making this one of the largest of its kind in the country.
Nobby Allcock
You've missed the point Allcock. I know there's a market in Manchester as there is in London but whether it's a meat market or a fruit and veg market doesn't give you any special ability at being able to identify bananas. They are universally recognisable everywhere - except in Manchester apparently. To claim some superior powers of banana identification because you once worked in a fruit and veg market is the height of stupidity marks you out as a pillock. Clueless - you most definitely are.
I can spot a banana from a mile off, no mither. Its in the blood after all these years. In fact at the MU social club we often did a challenge and I could smell and identify any fruit from outside in the car park when it was put in the foyer.
Nobby Allcock
Them curvy yellow things is clearly oranges innit. Cockney retards.
Like I said few people have trouble recognising a banana except those who deliberately wanted to confuse it with something else. If bananas had been thrown at Adebayor the TV cameras and the newspapers would have jumped at the opportunity. As for your party trick at the MU social are you sure it wasn't just a way for others to get you to stand out in the car park for a while? Maybe they were just trying to tell you something about your personal hygiene?
Amos, you certainly do have comedy value mate.
Question for all these arsenal fans in here. straight answers please, no lectures. If Adebayor could be sent for a crimes against humanity trial and shot to death on the centre spot by van Percy, Song and Febrgas and Ebouey before your next home game, would you feel better? Justice done? or could more be done?
Nobby Allcock
C'mon nobby, what about sticking adebayor's head on a spike in the centre circle at the emirates?
Lets face it, mate. Thats the level that this is at.
Nobby Allcock
They're clearly bananas. I'll download a copy of match of the day and up a clearer video and get some screen grabs for you. I knew you'd deny it... yellow banana shaped pies and bread indeed lol.
I thought City did balti pies not banana pies or have you all gone upmarket?
Nobby Allcock
The level this should be at is that Adebayor will pick up a fine and a warning for his celebration which is all the offense is worth. That he will serve his 3 match ban for violent conduct which is no less than he deserved and the handful of imbeciles that threw things at him will be banned and maybe fined if the police pursue them as they should do. The level this is at is that City fans aren't happy with that and the 3 points they gained (which is what it was really all about) but have to justify Adebayors failings by branding all Arsenal fans as racist thugs. It's ********* - and dishonest.
Most City fans are happy with that. We're not justifying the stamp. The fact is there were racist chants and banana throwing no matter how much you deny it. Speaking of which I've uploaded a better copy of the match of day video for you.... 9 seconds in you see the bananas (unless you're an Arsenal fan then you can make up a story about how you were actually throwing cattle or some other bull). You can actually see the banana come out of the skin when one of them lands.
Amos racist thugs is just the start, then theres all the arsenal press inciting hooliganism, and then theres the arsenal mafia type borad hoarding 100 of millions, arsenal are a disgrace to football and everyone saw there true clolours last week!
Here's a still from it ... if their not bananas on his left then I'm the pope.
Off to confession with you goatboy! You are just seeing what you want to see. If those indistinct images had been bananas the media would have had a field day. The symbolism wouldn't have been lost. I am happy to leave you lot where you want to be. I think it's the right place for you.
You're pathetic amos.
Gon then, amos. What are those things then? Do Arsenal fans take packed lunches?
Johnny Baguette
Amos, I'm perfectly willing to accept the 3 match ban for the "stamp" and a fine and warning for the celebration, and I think you'll find the vast majority of City fans will accept that as well. What would make me happier would be if the Vital Arsenal posters would take a step back and admit that YES, the racist chant was sung by a substantial number of the away fans, and that YES, at least two cretins within your ranks threw bananas at Adebayor. No one, least of all me tried to make out that all Arsenal fans are racist thugs, as I more than most know that's not true. But virtually every poster from Vital Arsenal tried to deny everything, despite damning evidence to the contrary.This evidence even extended to eyewitness accounts of the incidents from arsenal fans themselves! To make the specious claim that there are NO racist fans at Arsenal is simply risible. By bringing up the incidents after the 1995 CWC final, (and being branded a liar as a result) I was merely trying to point out to you that there are indeed racists at your club. Other posters have presented youtube video's of the same thing happening after the 2000 Uefa cup final, so whilst there is a laudible degree of multiculturalism at your club, certain demons from the past are yet to be eradicated. And believe me, I am not singling out arsenal as the only club that has this 1980's remnant lurking in the shadows. So thank you for being possibly the first Arsenal fan to agree a sensible punishment for Adebayor's celebration rather than the 10 match ban that was mooted by some of your supporters, but it would restore my faith in the Arsenal fans if you would just be brave enough to admit that these events happened! Neither I nor my fellow blues have anything to gain by making false allegations, and above all else, no one is lying to you.

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