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Brilliant Bellamy Next For Adebayor Hate Campaign?

Nevermind Javier Garrido copping for a Tevez bound thrown coin at the swamp today. The hacks are focusing on Craig Bellamy alledgedly thumping a rag pitch invader...

No doubt an ideal opportunity for the pisspoor Football Association to turn a blind eye to the latest Old Trafford Extra Time disgrace and ensure the precedents they have set this past week are upheld.

Arsenal's Robin van Persie was 'reminded of his responsibilities' for dementedly swearing at City fans in his goal celebration last week.

For Adebayor, the case still continues as the campaign for him to be banned for his own goal celebration was gobsmackingly backed this weekend by Barcelona's Thierry Henry who history serves, has some gall...

Lest We Forget: Henry's Race To Spurs Fans

Meanwhile, not one hack or pundit has dared to question Sir Alex Ferguson openly joking with today's fourth official Alan Wiley whilst pointing to his watch after the rags fourth goal so the FA needn't worry about that one, either.

Considering the above and the relentless sanitisation of this game, then Bellamy, who has been an absolute revelation in Sky Blue with his speed, passion and never say die attitude is sure to be facing a 'Fleet Street' firing squad. Manchester united are a far bigger Big Four fish than Arsenal and legions of their fans will already be typing complaints to the FA from their planes, trains and automobiles throughout the night.

No doubt expecting the next get City witch hunt, Mark Hughes has already spoken out:

'I did not see it but the guy should not have been on the pitch. That is not acceptable. I seem to recall Brian Clough clipping someone around the ear and he was lauded as a national hero. Maybe it will be the same case with Craig but I doubt it.

'I'm sure people will make a nuisance about it.'

Sparky went on to confirm that Garrido is unharmed. 'Something came from the crowd but he is okay.'


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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 20 2009

Time: 6:34PM

Your Comments

First it was a push on the rag invader, then we heard it was a shove, now a punch. What next? Rags are already queuing up to call for justice. lfmao.
Johnny Baguette
They showed a video of it on SSN... he give him a soft little push to his head. Then Ferdinand I think it was grabbed Bellers by the neck. I want him banned for trying to strangle our player lol.
not a chance the rags will be punished for either incident but bellamy will prob be banned and fined.
The fan got what he deserved, because he shouldnt be on the pitch. Did he get a punch -no. did he get a slap - no. did he get a kick - no. He got a push...... what is football coming to?
enzo city
That sums up Camel Gob as the tosspot we all know he is, if that's the case, Goat.
Johnny Baguette
There was nothing in it JB lol just as there was nothing to the Bellers push.
You guys were robbed . The Goal came 90 seconds AFTER the extra time of 4 minutes was played, even though there were no disruptions in extra time. But i just wonder, did you'll not have substitution's still to make, ******** the manager have run down some time after the 3rd equaliser ? - ZeeNut (A Chelsea fan)
Nonsense. If a fan should charge the pitch, he deserves to be thumped, good on Bellamy.
Zee nut are u seriously stupid?
Robbed, absolutely robbed. If you lot are signing some petition protesting the blatant fixing of that game, then I'm signing it. Absolutely robbed, just like UEFA robbed us of a CL final last year..
no disruptions in extra time, apart from free kicks, corners, bellamys goal, substitutions carrick for Anderson, robbed u say? the spurs were robbed by ur cheating, blatent penalties not being awarded like today which happens on countless times, Well played Rio if he did grab that little prat Bellamy by the neck, show him whose the bosss, UNITED UNITED
y is ther so many CFC fans here, u losers, robbed????? yeh right u been mugging off teams with decisiosn for today. what cant city fans get thru ther thick deluded dumb blue skulls, a MINIMUM of 4 minutes!!!!
isaacb25, you demented fella? You have some serious mental issues? Act normally and debate like a normal guy. Whichever club you support, I'm sure they have fans who are a lot better than you..
Somebody ban this idiot, please? There is nobody and no articles down at V United, so he goes to other forums and irritates.
JT daniel y are u so petty to be requesting for me to be banned on an internet forum site, woah some people these days, Care free wherever you maybe u aint got no history!
isaacb25, so i am stupid because i think City were robbed ? Well, they WERE, by Sir RedNose's magical mystical watch !!
magical watch, lol. Minimum of 4 minutes there were a few corners, free kicks, one sub and also bellamys goal celebrations lingered on past the 90min mark that equated for more time. So Spurs shoudln't be agrieved about the clear few decisions that went against them, most noticable keans penalty incident?
Minimum of 4 minutes Minimum of 4 minutes Minimum of 4 minutes Minimum of 4 minutes. i got a record at home that's stuck just like that. scratched too no doubt. must explain ;)
johnny come lately
isaac, you're a riot. you got that perfectly right (congrats, should we courier you the citation already?). carvalho on keane was a crystal clear penalty. as was assou-ekote's handling of the lampard's FK. but obviously you didn't see that, cos you were tuned in to cartoon network then. for the umpteenth time, it was incompetent refeereing, not blatant robbery.
johnny come lately
ha ha, tell me, which language would you like that translated into?
johnny come lately
that fan was lucky it wasnt the bellamy of years gone by........he would have kicked the head off him!
cartoon network lol JCL u really are full of jokes aren't you
Chelsea fan here !! First off, let me say that I think that you guys were robbed. I think the FA has shown that Man. U are their poster team by lending them hand after hand. 7 minutes extra come on. Fans like players need to know their place and stay within their boundaries for the Good of the Game!
The most common reply from rags to every post relating to the result is one word. "Bitter". Now call me old fashioned but scoring 3 fantastic goals from open play to then be robbed by a corrupt ref. Angry but not "Bitter". OK lets take a look at it from a different viewpoint. Tevez being Boo'd constantly. A coin being thrown at and hitting a City player. A rag invading the pitch to attack Bellers. Im sorry rags you will need to speak up a little, who's bitter?
RAFBlue its a mini metallica documentary and james says 'we love you manchester' :D
first of all 4-3 and bellamy will get what he deserves he should of just let the steward get on with it and hughes time recording is bull MOTD sayed it was 56 sec for the celebration so blame bellamy and add 30 secs for sub so it was 1 sec over time ha ha, plus u could add a few seconds for the ball to be retreived from the fowl
we dont blame our own players,we leave that to other 'fans'. ctid
Come on lads, this is getting stupid. I'm sat hear watching MOTD and reading this and some people really are making us look like d1cks. There is no allegedly to it, he went up to the rag when he was already being dealt with by stewards and shoved him - no need. Yeah I think he's f@@king ace and the way he skinned Ferdinand was unreal, but lets face it he went over the top. We can't use the 'he shouldn't have been on the pitch' cuz thats obvious and what the stewards were there for. Yeah I'd ov tw*tted him too which is why I'm not on a pro (also I'm not good enough), but I've been on the pitch at main road, at Wembley and sure enough one day I'll get the chance at Eastlands but the players should only get involved when they are directly at risk, not when the guy is bein manhandled already. Lets drop the time added on stuff too, as MOTD said it was bang on pretty much and thats Dixon and Hanson too so were just playing into their hands so they can call us bitter etc. Chin up and back the lads for the next game, let this one go FFS.
They're only allowed to add 30 seconds for goals though according to the rules. I don't even know where he got the 4 minutes from. 3 goals 3 subs and no injury stoppages... no time wasting.. that's 3 minutes max in my book. They very rarely give 30 seconds for each anyway it's always less.
It doesn't matter though. We lost. We move on. Next time when we've gelled a bit more... our forward line isn't injured or suspended there'll be sweet revenge. Onwards and upwards.
I walked into the pub in Chorlton tonight in my City shirt. Passed a table of about 15-16 rags, all in their colours, all singing away as if they'd won their cup final. As I walked past, they shut up and looked away. I stared straight at them and not one of the ****s would look me in the eye. They stayed silent for the 10 minutes it took them to finish their pints and then they silently skulked off into the night. Strange, but never before has a defeat tasted quite so sweet. The manure fans know what happened today, and they're so embarrassed that they can't even get up to their usual gloating! Two points robbed, but one hell of a lot of respect and sympathy from the rest of the football world (with the exception of a few bitter and twisted arse fans). Fuggin lovin it.
Mancmania - the only people on the internet who feel the need to refer to themselves as "Mancs" are rags fans who are just a little bit embarrassed by charge that they're not actually from Manchester. In fact, the rags are so bothered by most City fans (not to mention our club actually being FROM Manchester, that they feel the need to call their websites "Republik of Mankunia and other such wayne key crap. So matey, haven't seen youy around before, and if you are indeed a City fan rather than a Rag, I'd suggest you start backing the team today, rather than waiting for the next game. But then again, you don't sound much of a City fan to me.
Its not worth a ban for what Bellamy did to the fan,The referee saw it and spoken to Bellamy, he did not issue any card to the player and that is the end of that.
buzz lightyear
No card shown to Bellamy, he should have shown one to himself!
MOTD say the ref was correct with the injury and sky sports with andy gray say the injury time was too long. MOTD will do anything to kiss uniteds arse to get fergie to talk to them again.
enzo city
Turns out that Taggart publicly slated Atkinson last season for losing united the FA Cup by favouring Portsmouth. Another Funny Old Trafford Thing.
Johnny Baguette
It's more a case of what goes around comes around. You beat us last week due to a corrupt official who didn't have the balls to send off Adebayor for wreckless challenges on Fabregas or RVP & failed to spot a blatant penalty. Yesterday you lot were lucky to still even be in the match by the end regardless of what injury time was added on. Man Utd were far superior & it's only the blinkered Man City fans & a few worried Chelski supporters that cannot see it. You scored 3 goals but lets face it two of them were due to ridiculous defending, hardly goals you created yourselves.
Ashburton Gooner
This newfound love between manure and arse fans makes me want to puke. However, it is nice to see the arse fans conceding the title to manure and admitting that their season will consist of nothing more than a scramble to try and stay in the champions league places. Chelsea are the team to it's only you and a few worried manure fans that cannot see it. I suppose goals created by ridiculous defending should be chalked off then eh? Guess that's City 2 Rags 1 then.
Arsenal and the rags together in electric dreams. Remember this lads.
Johnny Baguette
fifrthcolumnblue, we gifted them goals directly by glaring mistakes, we actually still created are chances regardless of how they defended. i must admit that chelsea do look like the team to beat this season but only time will tell, plus when u come up against a big4 team it will prove whether you've really got what it takes i suppose
isaacb - we've come up against 2 "sky 4" teams already, and we've stuffed 7 goals past them. Think that's more than just a statement of intent don't you?
P.S. Isaacb - I'm a City fan, not Chelsea.
It seems that a large part of this post on the City pages has seen arguments between United and Chelsea fans and yet more whinging Gooners.

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