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Shame On Wigan

Lando78 sent Vital Manchester City the following.

Now forgive me for being a little miffed at the moment, after all we have just drawn a sixth consecutive Premier League match.

Yet the reason for my sudden bout of dizziness lies not like most Blues sat staring into their Sunday night pint wondering when this rut will come to an end but elsewhere.

Nor is it because 'that lot' in Stretford won again against the Blue half of Merseyside either. No, its because this Blue has just returned home to see the Spurs score.

Now don't get me wrong beating Wigan at home is not something that should or ever will give me cause for losing the plot. What does rile me more than anything else, is the score by which they won this Premier League game.

For NINE goals to one in what is supposed to be the best league in Europe and possibly the world is quite frankly embarrassing. Jermaine Defoe scored FIVE and again let me make it clear that I have no agenda against the hugely talented Spurs pocket dynamo.

The problem I have is with the opposing team. I mean what were Wigan playing at, because it certainly wasn't football! What happened to the team that almost took three points off Man City last month?

Losing four nil is embarrassing enough and five or six might would be classed as being taken to school, but NINE is just beyond comprehension in today's so-called top league.

Anyone would think that Tottenham were the genuine title competition for Chelsea this year, but you only have to look at their latest attempt at playing a Top Four side to realise they are nowhere near.

Manchester United completely out-classed them in their recent contest and the Red Devils are hardly flying on all cylinders at the moment.

Wigan Athletic should sack their manager immediately for failing to inspire his players. For as nice a man as Martinez is, NINE goals against in the Premiership is just out and out incompetence.

All of the travelling Wigan supporters should have the cost of their tickets and accommodation refunded by the spineless overpaid players that call themselves entertainers.

In fact a memorial monument should be built outside the JD Stadium itself listing the names of all the poor souls that were victims of this disaster lest they never be forgotten.

The real loser is the Premier League however as the self-proclaimed best league in the world has to sit down and take the next day's barrage of abuse from foreign hacks squarely on the chin.

Shame on you Wigan FC ... shame on you.

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The journalist

Writer: Lando78  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday November 23 2009

Time: 9:08AM

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shame on you for writing this garbage.anyone would think that you were genuine title contenders this year but you only have to look at your recent games against burnley and birmingham to realize that you are so far off it's not even funny. we played excellent against wigan and all our goals were superb and to be fair it could have and should have been these scores happen once in a blue moon and there is absolutely no reason to write an article that knocks us and wigan in the same was just one of those days like when chelsea gave you a good hammering a few season back.
dwight schrute
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23/11/2009 09:21:00

You've got it all wrong dwight. This article was criticising Wigan not the Spurs. Well done to the Spurs for the win but Wigan's performance to let in nine is a disgrace and makes the EPL look like a laughing stock to foreign journo's who have long argued that the EPL wasn't the best league in the world. Your right these performances do happen and we've been on the end of a few back in the bad old days but it doesn't make it any better for the EPL when it does happen.
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23/11/2009 09:42:00

I do agree with both of you. Spurs deserved their victory and I do agree that Wigan fans should get some type of apology for the performance they got at White Hart Lane. That's not to say that we would've drawn or even won against Spurs but at least put in a performance that would've been worth the entrance fee. 9 is an utter humiliation for the fans and the team and everyone associated with that result should be absolutely ashamed. Even if we got a win against Sunderland next weekend, it'll still leave a sour taste in people's mouths and it makes me embarrassed to be a Wigan Athletic fan right now but I'll stick with my team through thick and thin and this just happens to be a bad time - they happen for all teams.
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23/11/2009 09:42:00

As a Wigan fan I find your Arguament Laughable! You claim we are terrible yet 2 seasons ago you were Royally Bummed by Middlesborough! I recall the score was 8-1! People in Glass houses shouldn't throw stones! We will bounce back.
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23/11/2009 10:03:00

for our latest attempt at playinng a top 4 side i.e arsenal where we got done 3-0 at the emmirates we were without defoe and lennon and as u can see they are very important players for us and vital for the quick attacking football we like to play. dont get me wrong we are not title contenders chelsea and man u and arsenal are very strong and will prove too consistant for the spurs over a full season but in all fairness spurs deserve the praise more than wigan deserve humiliating. the score line could and should have av bin 6-0 by half time but we went in 1-0 up. this could easy have finishes 14-1
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23/11/2009 10:09:00

oh yeah i forgot about that one capt_carl. hahaha 8-1 against middlesborough and 6-0 v chelsea and you have the nerve to write an article like this.please take it down because i am embarrassed for you.
dwight schrute
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23/11/2009 10:16:00

9-1 is shaming, but is only marginally worse than 8-1 Lando78, what did you say, was it shame on you? Do your research before you tear into other teams.
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23/11/2009 10:22:00

Settle down lads if you want to start bringing up past results then it will be your lot that gets embarressed.
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23/11/2009 10:36:00

relax bluesnozza it's not like we are going back 60 years to dig up the archives for embarrassing results, we only have to go back 2 years gotta admit though that's it's hypocritical to write an article like this when only 2 years ago you got hammered 8-1 and 6-0.
dwight schrute
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23/11/2009 10:52:00

You are completely missing the point of the article. It is not a criticism of Spurs, far from it. It's firstly a criticism of Wigans performance which you can't deny was poor and the effect their poor performance has on the reputation of the EPL as being a quality league and the possibly the best in the world. Results like these happen and most teams, ours and yes, yours as well have been on the end of a few hidings in the past but whenever it happens it makes the EPL look a little lop-sided and not the quality league that some pundits would have us beleive.
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23/11/2009 11:25:00

Bluesnozza you don't seem to be able to follow the arguament we are having, you said "It's firstly a criticism of Wigans performance which you can't deny was poor and the effect their poor performance has on the reputation of the EPL" What we said is that we performed poorly, No denying it we were tonked! However it is extremely hypocritical for a Man City supporter to bring this up and call us an embarrasment when two season ago you were similarly stuffed by whats now a Championship team.. At least Tottenham are good.
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23/11/2009 11:32:00

i completley understand what you are saying bluesnozza but i cant agree with you as people have already ponted out your fairly recent thumping at the hands of borough point out that these things and results happen when one team is up for it big time and the other just isnt. to start having a dig at wigan is pretty poor because im sure they wont be having a good day as it is
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23/11/2009 11:44:00

Lads the simple fact is this result is yet another example of how poor our league can be and is nothing short of an embarrassment. Our losing at Middlesborough was just as embarrassing and every Blues fan on the planet said so at the time including Stevie Ireland. This doesn't excuse Wigan this season.
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23/11/2009 11:51:00

you mention tottenham's recent attempts at games with the 'top 4' but our last one was without defoe, lennon, woodgate and our best player modric (who's still out and even without their best player they still beat a good premier league side 9-1!). name me any team in the world that would survive against one of those sides without their 3 best players? you saw what damage lennon and defoe did to wigan yesterday. everyone bangs on about 'liverpool are without gerrard and torres, and arsenal are without van persie' yet when spurs have key players out they are 'nowhere near the top 4' or just pretenders! there's no reason why people should think liverpool/arsenal/manchester city/villa are better than tottenham.
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23/11/2009 12:00:00

Nice one capt, now put on your reading glasses and have a closer look at my response, the bit where I said 'Results like these happen and most teams, ours and yes, yours as well have been on the end of a few hidings in the past but whenever it happens it makes the EPL look a little lop-sided and not the quality league that some pundits would have us beleive.' Remember that bit matey? No hypocrisy here mate, I acknowledge we have been on the end of a few as my response clearly says and I acknowledge our defeats and yours and anyone elses are equally bad for the EPL so don't get too upset at me mate for trying to help you better understand my response and the article. I tell you what though, I am really looking forward to Wigan's next visit to Manchester. 10-0 anyone?
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23/11/2009 12:01:00

lando78 who cares what the pundits and media think about the EPL. what people here are trying to tell you is that these results are FREAK results but they DO happen from time to time(just ask roma), but there is no reason to write an article about it and putting down wigan because you made yourself look like hypocrite and a very big one at that.every league has its embarrassing moments, remember real madrid getting thumped by that 2nd division happens buddy, get over it.
dwight schrute
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23/11/2009 12:10:00

bluesnozza every league has it's low moments, serie a has had plenty while madrid not long ago took a battering from a 2nd division team and bayern took a beating from wolfsburg bremen and barca who all put 5 past them last year, but if you say there is no hypocrisy in the article then maybe you need to put your reading glasses on as well.if the article was just about how these scores can make it seem like the league is overrated then i would leave it at that but it's clearly not.
dwight schrute
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23/11/2009 12:23:00

what r u banging on about mate, u lost 8-1 to bloody middlesborough, u stupid tw*t, shame on u!!!! Climb out ur own arse, ur team r turning into one of the most hated in the country, and let me tell u something, when adebeyour and tevez start sulking and after no top 4 finish this year, u little arab prince will get bored very very quickly!!!
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23/11/2009 12:55:00

I think it was more everything spurs did came off,then wigan rolling over and dying. The truth is city they are the teams you have to beat to get into the CL,dropping points gainst the top 4 is always allowed for....thats why your illustrious neighbours always do the business and the other 3 lag behind!!
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23/11/2009 13:04:00

You say there's no criticism of Spurs but there blatantly is. By slating Wigan so much you're taking all the credit away from Spurs. No doubt if you won 9-1 with Adebayor getting 5, you'd literally want to feck Ade, and you'd be singing "title challenge" from the rooftops. Nope, instead we won 9-1, which quite frankly has nothing to do with you lot, and you're going to point the blame at Wigan, why? Because you're not in the top four? Stop drawing games! Just to make it completely clear, if the reverse had happened, none of us would have spat our dummies out because you beat Wigan 9-1, its embarrassing.
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23/11/2009 13:09:00

Also where is the JD stadium?
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23/11/2009 13:12:00

I bet hes chuffed wiv this article, its got more hits then the all articles put 2geva in vital citys back catalogue, even if he is talking s***
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23/11/2009 13:17:00

i say shame on dave whelhan who rang sky sports news this morning an tried to defend the team.calling for him hous in the bahamas too i believe,not sunny old wigan.
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23/11/2009 13:26:00

What a muppet!
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23/11/2009 13:53:00

i bet city would pay 500m to win a game 9-1 bluesnozza .
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23/11/2009 14:03:00

and what this about tevez wanting to retire after world cup???? 25m well spent there then!!!
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23/11/2009 14:05:00

wigan should apolagise to all their fans who paid as extortionate attendance fee to get in to WHL, and give them it back after that abject performance, but if i was a wigan fan i would'nt hold my breath,if its not forth coming then i'd go to the rugby side and give them my money instead and stuff the football club,
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23/11/2009 14:21:00

I really think beating teams like Wigan 9-1 is what Spurs is capable of. Well...9-1 is a bit much, but to win with 3-4 goals in almost every home game would have happened almost every time if spurs had the same winning mentality of the ManU/Chelski players.....! So I hope we are a bit lucky this season, and then in a few years we will have that same mentality. Oh, btw, I think the Mentality is City's biggest problem as well!
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23/11/2009 15:34:00

Fair play, i can see the point of the article and he wasnt insulting Spurs. But like people said you guys lost 8-1 to a team much worse than Wigan. Youre right we are miles away from Chelsea and Utd, but so are you guys. Both City and Spurs are very similar IMO in terms of quality and i think wel end up finishing very close in and around that top4 along with Villa and Liverpool.
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23/11/2009 16:20:00

i think it is insulting hudd. to both wigan and spurs and it nothing other than spite
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23/11/2009 17:46:00

these comments have got a bit out of hand, well done Spurs, bad luck Wigan, what is there to argue about?
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23/11/2009 20:32:00

This is definitely an insulting article to both Wigan and Tottenham ,Wigan are a good side and will bounce back ,and they have a good young manager with alot of passion vision so they will be fine. But get over it we were red hot in that 2nd half and if you think its just their bad play ,then basically to the scribe of this article get stuffed ! P.S please beat le arse though when you play them.
Report Abuse
23/11/2009 21:49:00

There is nothing wrong with this article what so ever. The author stirred up debate, perfectly. Nice one Lando78.
Report Abuse
23/11/2009 21:53:00

Ok Tudor feel free to remove your head from your own arse anytime soon.
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23/11/2009 22:01:00

i think the PL should be proud they have a team like spurs who have a very exciting squad, play there football the right way, who do not try and buy there way to the top. before u start arguing how much we spend our club is very well run and makes a net profit of over 35m a year after tax consistantly, that is how we fund our signings(through our loyal fan base and support) not a random billionaire. this is what is making the prem look bad not(these super rich ppl that buy teams and treat them like a new car) not WIGAN.
Report Abuse
23/11/2009 22:32:00

I think that the 2nd half performance from Wigan was shameful as they shipped 8 goals with some Sunday league style defending but their players have done the honourable thing in offering to refund their supporters who travelled to the game.
Report Abuse
23/11/2009 22:38:00

Lando mate - you have wrote some great articles in the past but this is not one of them. These results happen in any league in the world and for me it was just a bad day for Wigan and a great team performance from the 'Spuds'.
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23/11/2009 23:30:00

We write what we feel in the spur of the moment and I was disgusted for the Wigan lot who travelled down to watch that 2nd half. Fair play to the players for their gesture it's more than our lot got last term. Now just the monument to think about DW!
Report Abuse
24/11/2009 00:11:00

City lost 8-1 to Boro. Boro are now enjoying trips to Watford and QPR, enough said!
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24/11/2009 04:22:00

Utd played us 2 months ago lol. This guy is a moron.
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24/11/2009 04:23:00

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24/11/2009 17:53:00

Well Lando - no matter what people say about this article it sure caused some heated debate.
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25/11/2009 02:16:00


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