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Plastic City Fans Can Go & Do One

Vital Manchester City member, mcfcirish sent us the following.

It seems to me as though there are some City fans who want to 'stop the ride and get off.'

The recent sacking of Mark Hughes made many people, myself included, a bit uneasy. However, upon taking a day or two to think things over I came to the conclusion that, while it is not pleasant to have to put up with such things, we City fans will have to get used to this decision, and perhaps even more bizarre announcements in the future. Football is a business and sadly it is a cut-throat industry. The sooner people realise that the better.

I've heard some supposed supporters on many of the media outlets complaining about the owners decision. One fan even emailed Sky Sports News stating they would no longer support City and that they would support Manchester United instead. On another internet site I read a comment that simply said...'I wish we didn't have the money anymore.'

Ok, lets think about this for a second? Shall I give that clown Macintosh a call and ask him to come back as Chairman? Will we give Leicester City a call and ask if we can re-sign Paul Dickov? Perhaps we'll re-sign Bernado Corradi and Jihai Sun as well? Two players who wouldn't know a football if it hit them in the face!

All I heard for years when I went to Maine Road was, 'I wish we had a bit of cash.' Sure, I one of the people who said something similar but I wasn't alone was I?

Surely, people must have realised when the cash from the Middle East arrived by the bucket load it would change our club forever?

Now everyone is entitled to have a view on the club but wishing the new owners would pack up and go is madness. I've been a Blue for too long now to want the good times to go away just because a few tough decisions have to be made. If people want to support a club with no money might I suggest you go and support Man Utd. Oh and don't be surprised if you find its a cold and soulless place when you eventually get there.

In the land of the majority of true City fans who have sat and watched the club play the likes of York City, Gillingham and Stoke (back when their ground was half empty - any Stoke fan want to prove me wrong on that?) in the lower leagues and after all of that, we deserve a bit of a treat don't we?

So like I said earlier, if you don't like where we are heading then off you go, we don't need anyone undermining the club and where it wants to go. The true fans were here before the money and while its here we're going to damn well enjoy it.


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The journalist

Writer: mcfcirish Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 23 2009

Time: 2:25PM

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In direct relation to the article title... What will the remaining 4 fans do on their own though?
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23/12/2009 14:41:00

Agreed mate, i to was not so happy regarding the Hughesy treatment, not because he went but the way he went, i think that is the issue why so many City fans are disgruntled, but i like yourself as have many other true City's fans had a week to ingest what has happened and decided that for us to go forward as a club these things will inevitably happen, now and again in the future and the fans will accept them if it improves our clubs chances of being part of the elite band of clubs that preoccupy the Champions league season after season and our domestic top 4. I will back Mancini like i did Hughes and like i have backed every other City manager in the past 40 years that I've been supporting City, but like previous managers he has to come up with the goods otherwise he to will find himself out the door with another manager waiting in the wings, i have accepted this now and look forward to the remainder of the season.
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 14:47:00

"I've been a Blue for too long now to want the good times to go away just because a few tough decisions have to be made."..............ok nice statement, but.........erm... surely the good times have to arrive first? and as for your poll, city right to sack mark hughes?, your club are sitting in 6th place behind villa and spurs which on paper is roughly the correct position (maybe 5th even) and you sack your manager, not a tough decision...... a stupid 1.
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23/12/2009 14:55:00

On paper doesn't always explain the situation. Go and watch our matches before commenting how things look "on paper". Particularly our string of draws against lower table teams, and our 3-0 loss to Spurs. Much of what got us up the table happened early in the season, we've had relegation form more recently.
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23/12/2009 15:09:00

stu, when we (spurs) beat you 3-0, that was the end of a terrible relegation run of form for us, losing at home to stoke and wolves among some of the bad results, and our early season points tally kept us up there but the way that all the teams in the top 8 have lost games to lower table teams is testiment to the quality of the league, and i think that a kneejerk sacking of a manager who was on course for his agreed target position in the league, in the semi final of the league cup and sitting in 6th is more likely to hinder your season then help it.
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 15:27:00

what if mancini loses the semi final and finishes in 7th, does he get a pat on the back.....or his p45, all im saying is from experience with spurs, lack of management stability is not going push you further up the league
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 15:30:00

Football is not played on paper Paddy, it's normally played on grass.
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23/12/2009 15:42:00

paddypower, I don't exactly understand where you're coming from. Actually, I more think it's that you don't understand where we're coming from. Unlike fans of some clubs (Spurs) who have been able to sit back, put their feet up and watch their team consistently hit the top 10 of the Prem/Div One pre-1992, and win a few trophies on the side, the increasing majority of City fans as the years roll by haven't seen City win a thing in their lifetimes and have year on year watched our team face a relegation struggle from the very start, and several times not overcome that struggle. For us, this IS the good times, especially for someone in his early 20s such as myself, where some of my earliest memories are of hearing that City had been relegated and having to put up with the constant abuse from the United-supporting masses at school and outside of it (my parents moved south before I was born so I have no City-supporting friends around me). The point of the article was not to say that Hughes didn't do well enough and that we need to be better. The point of the article wasn't to say that we demand a manager to win a competition every season. Heck, for me I said on the day the season started that I want City to finish 8th this season and I'll consider it a success, and I remain committed to that. The point of the article was saying that because of the ignominious circumstances, too many fans are saying that and they need to get behind the team and accept anything that comes our way. I don't know what you want us to do, but it seems like you think that the only way we can absolve the club of blame is uniting as one to march on Eastlands and depose the board for acting so shamelessly, before promptly reinstating Hughes and swearing never again to sack a manager unless they relegate us first. I didn't see Spurs do that when Jol or Ramos went. We all know the club acted badly, but as supporters we follow the team, not the persons running it, and no matter how poorly timed the sacking was, turning on the board and ousting them is a sure way to destabilise the club far more than demanding a sacking for every league point dropped.
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 15:45:00

thats a good one bluedub, your intellectaul input is greatly appreciated.
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23/12/2009 15:55:00

Why do we need to get used to these things? We have an ownership that told us they were different and were basing their decisions on consistency. The problem is in allowing Hughes to make these multi-million pound signings and then firing him before he's had a chance. I have absolutely no City fans that I know around me, but am also not enticed to support anyone else. I just was hoping that the model the board was striving for when they arrived was different to what we saw in some of the bigger clubs. You know why? They said so! Now that they've changed strategy and have decided to be "cutthroat" we're all supposed to march in step and say that's the way it's done. I am looking forward to the next game as much as anyone, even those who hated Hughes. But I have concerns about our chairman and board from an idealistic perspective now, and that has nothing to do with how much money they're pumping in.
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23/12/2009 15:55:00

If a fan can calmly say he will no longer support the club, then he wasn't a true supporter in the first place. We may not like what they do sometimes, but in the end,we all love the Club and want it to succeeed. Look where the owners have taken us, from Jokes, to serious candidates. I was not happy with the way they dealt with the situation, but Cook did stress that he very much regretted the leak, I say to Cook, plug that leak and stop being an embarrassment.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 15:59:00

McfcIrish, top aricle by the way.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 16:00:00

lol, I gaurantee the person who e-mailed sky sports was a Manu fan!!! Come on!!! It will all be forgotten with a big win boxing day.... I for one hope u get stuffed so the circus continues but u wont!!!!
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 16:04:00

falastur, ok point taken about what you have witnessed your team going through and most other city fans, the point im making is that you dont want to get caught up in a managerial merry go round, yes spurs may have won a couple more trophies and finished higher up the league then yourselves most seasons, but the holy grail is as the article states CL football, and i honestly believe that had spurs given more time to a single manager then that would have been reached by now, we have had the money, all be it not as much as you lot now, but you are the only club to have spent more then us in recent seasons. what about the players that hughes got in, how many of them might feel disillusioned with what the club is doing, all the talk hughes had about where they fit in the clubs plans, HIS plans. now all of them will be wondering about their futures, being world cup season........sometimes its not just the manager that changes, its the whole atmosphere around the club
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 16:08:00

But that happens every time a manager is changed. You are right in what you say, but I don't understand what you are trying to achieve by saying it. We've had some of the most unsavvy boards in recent history, we've had so many managers in my lifetime I can't even name them all, we know how destabilised the club is when we switch managers. I could argue a case for sacking Hughes (but then I could argue a case for keeping him) but the fact is that Hughes has gone now. Any sensible fan will have a day or two of frustration, then must get behind the team 100%. I'm not even thinking about the destabilisation now, because frankly it's ancient history already. All we as fans need to do is support Mancini when the first game comes around. You being a fan who has watched Jol and Ramos sacked, I would have thought you would agree with this yourself.
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 16:15:00

why must i be trying to achieve something? is this not a forum to voice views and opinions?, the article said "its something we have to get used to and more bizarre announcements" im saying that its all well and good "getting used to it" and backing your new manager(who doesn't?) but your quest for success will more than likely take longer with the constant change in personnel, both management and playing staff, i just think that city fans should be wary of what hughes sacking signals for the future, as i said above, he was on course for the targets set down for him at the start of the season and your board have moved the goalposts on him, you mentioned jol and ramos, yeah i remember them... jol got us 5th place 2 seasons running the board courted ramos behind his back sacked jol in the october and employed ramos, an unproven foreigner who then promptly put us 2 years back from where we should have been..... sounds like history repeating repeating itself in manachester
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 16:49:00

Any fan silly enough to say they would quit their support for city over the sacking of hughes is an idiot. Fans pointing their anger at city and not hughes management skills is also an idiot. I urge city fans to grasp the fact - we are aiming to achieve BIG things. If it took fergie 5years, if it took wenger a season and half, if it took mourinho just one season to win the league. Why cant city try and do the same? Why must we hang around for five years failing? Why must we ignore hughes under performing? Why doesnt anyone refer to mark hughes as a cheque manager?????? Hes underachieved. We have the resources and now a proven thropy winning manager. Hughes wasnt ADUG choice, now they have their man - mancini. Im sure stability and success will follow. After all they are prepared to pump millions into the club. Its stupid to suggest they dont care about the club. City have made mistakes being poor and now being rich. Sven was treated worse then hughes, peter reid and brian horton also. Whether city is britished owned or foreign owned - mistakes are evitable. I beg fans to stick 2 fingers up to the media and keep supporting city. I feel 100% more confident in city getting close to top4 place than i ever did under hughes. And if ADUG decide to replace mancini with mourinho, guardiola or rykard in the summer, guess what - i will still be supporting my beloved club.
Super City Slicker
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 17:13:00

Absolutely ridiculous! Not the article, but these reactions that apparently have come. Who cares what they think? They are not City fans, they have not felt the hurt and anguish, and therefore will not truly feel the joy in the times to come. F*ck off and go 'support' someone that gives a **** about your opinions.
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 18:07:00

bluewolfie your the type of ******** who give city fans a bad name, no-one is slagging city off you moron, this was a grown up conversation about things that happen in football and has happened to my club as well, and you resort to that sort of comment? go and take your head for a s.hi.t.e you a.r.s.e.h.o.l.e.
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 18:58:00

Good sentiment Irish. Hughes was one of the best managers we have had in AGES (in terms of moving the club forward). I think we have just been so bad for so long- anything remotely positive seems brilliant. The decision has been made and we HAVE to view this as a positive step forward. We are looking at top 4, not top 6 anymore. I am upset Hughes wasnt given more time, but football is a results business and we wern't quite there yet. Lets all get behind Mancini and look forward!
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 19:33:00

PS: Jihai Sun was one of the best players we had back then!!
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 19:34:00

Paddy, you really want me to sit by and let idiots who know nothing of City say these things? They have joined this club for the glory, which is fine by me, as far as the club generating revenue, but, all of a sudden they are voice of reason gimme a frigging break! I have seen and followed this club into obscurity and back again, and although I may not know everything (which I damn well do not), these 'fans' can go take a running jump. ------ As for your wonderful comments about 'grown up conversation'; are you for real? Do you want no money at the club? Do you want to be fighting relegation? It's okay to suddenly change your allegiance and support the red half? THAT is what is said in the article, and THAT is what I am taking issue with, and no, I am not going to lower myself to your standards by being abusive to another poster.
Report Abuse
23/12/2009 20:12:00

Er...these fans who are willing to jump ship now, full of moral outrage, how long have they been supporting City? I'm 43, and I reckon I consciously started supporting City in early infant school, when all the class started to declare their allegiances, and at no time since have I even considered changing teams. I have added to teams I follow, such as Altrincham, Celtic and Barca, as I followed football, admiring other team's attacking flair such as KK's Newcastle, AW's Arsenal etc.., but never ever will I discard the Blues. In the many years since I became a Blue, there have been numerous incidents far worse than the sacking of MH, which a "plastic" fan could have taken offence at and bailed out, so again, how long have these attention - seekers been true supporters? I truly do not understand these so called fans, their viewpoint is completely alien to me, and I suspect to 99.9% of all football fans the world over. CTID is not a glib statement, we mean it.
It's Grim Oop North
Report Abuse
24/12/2009 09:11:00

well said grim
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
24/12/2009 09:31:00

In response to Buzz Lightyear's comments on our page, Merry Xmas lads and have a good new year, no doubt Manchester will be having it large on the 31st!
Report Abuse
24/12/2009 09:59:00

lol BlueWolfie u cant rant and rage as much as u like but unfortunately u guys are the new chelscum. A new bandwagon that everyone wants to be apart of. Funny that 2 months ago I read an article about how Citeh was the club with the most new supporters.Oh and by the way those fecheads that u hate so much who's opinion u dont want are the feckheads who u need to buy merchandise etc.(or did u think the clubs money would just come from Daddys wallet. Now i may be wrong but if I wasted money on a rag citeh shirt and went to watch my team defend like girls then I have every right to my opinion on the subject... Dont u???
Report Abuse
24/12/2009 15:05:00

Mix - You have a right to an opinion, but to say that you (and I don't necessarily mean you, per se), want to go suppor the red half all of a sudden, is simply ridiculous. To say such a thing would mean, you are not a City fan but a football fan, who has jumped on the bandwagon, of a team that is on the up.
Report Abuse
25/12/2009 20:09:00

mix26,thank you for validating my point and therefore my article :)
Report Abuse
25/12/2009 22:10:00

Everything is fine with a win
Once a Blue
Report Abuse
26/12/2009 19:27:00


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