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Sheikh Mansour - The Best Owner In The World‏

Well if we ever needed the proof that in Sheikh Mansour we have the best football club owner in the world, then we need look no further than our recently published financial results.

Yes, not only do we have the richest owner of any football club in the world, but our owner has also further demonstrated his financial commitment to the club by making ongoing investments to ensure that we are debt free. Not only has the Sheikh converted about £300 million of loans into equity but he also purchased a further £90 million of stock to ensure our continued financial health.

What I really liked in the financial statement was that by deciding to turn loans into equity, he has ensured that no debt has been left on the balance sheet to be repaid in the future. By pumping this money into the club, as an ongoing investment, he has proved for once and all, that he did not purchase Manchester City to make any potential short term gain (unlike our previous Far East owner and many others) but is committed to the club long term. He knows that if he were in it for profit alone, then that could only be achieved by making City the most successful football club in the world.

This I believe is clearly his global aim, so watch out Real Madrid, Barcelona and the lesser lights of world football like Chelsea, Inter Milan and oh yes, that other club in Manchester.... Manchester Inthered.

Talking of them, I was engrossed by a recent article in the Guardian by David Conn, about the level of the Rags debt. He showed that since the Glazers acquired ownership of the Rags (by taking out huge loans), they have not invested a penny but in fact drained "The Swampees" of huge amounts of money to service their debt.

Between 2005 and 2008, he calculated that they have had to pay £263 million in interest alone but despite that, the debt has actually risen from £540 million to £700 million. What`s more, the projections are that unless large elements of the debt are actually paid off or refinanced in a hugely favourable manner, then things only get worse with the debt predicted to be over a £1 billion by 2017. That is of course if the banks and Monsieur Platini allow that situation to be reached.

Now, as we all know that would be a great pity. I mean, was it pure coincidence that the Rags lost to Leeds United last week? One just hopes they don`t go the same way doesn`t one?

Anyway getting back to my main theme, it all goes to show what a great owner we really have and for once, I have to agree with Duncan Drasdo, chair of the Manchester United Supporters Trust, who between his prawn sandwiches commented:

'We warned from the beginning that the Glazer takeover would saddle the club with huge debts and now we can see them biting. If it were a race, then United are dragging their owners behind them like a tractor, while City`s owners are providing rocket fuel.`

Now this just goes to show that even Rags supporters get things right occasionally… and thank you once again Sheikh Mansour and hey let the good times roll.

P.S. Also, thank goodness we have a Manager that talks about winning the title and is not worried about tempting fate. I mean ...whoever won anything by being worried about being positive?

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The journalist

Writer: Wswilly3 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 6 2010

Time: 10:42PM

Your Comments

Thank you Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, thank you
willy.....we have had our differences mate but thats a quality article - please get back on the forums its the new year and a new start ????
Some decent points of view and reference points Wswilly3, perhaps you should have copied in the Vital United editor so that they could have a proper article on their site and not more propaganda on their front page! I also echo the opinion of BM that you should return to the forums and I apologise for any part which I may have had in our falling out, although it was just a difference of opinion on such a trivial matter and forums are all about expressing an opinion, whether they are held by the masses or just an individuals belief. As its a New Year, time for a new start?
nikolaijns.......get *****ed you knob
Another idiot from Arsenal by any chance?
Nikolaijns - get ready to bend over for Stan Kroenke mate - you are about to become another yank bitch like the rags and scousers.
So is it the Yanks, Russians or just the English for you lot then? Plenty of jealousy I feel in amongst all of the squabbling and infighting with not an awful lot to crow about.
Whoever it'll be Kev you won't catch any gooner showing such cringeworthy public displays of crawly bumlicking toadery. Get off your collective knees and wipe the lovefroth from your chins. I'm truly embarrassed for you.
couldnt lend us a few mill could u, or even benjani back would do for starters
Super Bock 1898
Super Bock - I think that most of us would gladly let you have Benjani back for free as he would probably do Portsmouth more good than us. Looking back on events over the last couple of years it shows why your board were trying so hard to shift Benjani on to us as it would appear that this was towards the start of Pompeys money trouble. All the best and I hope that your transfer embargo is lifted, although I hope that City being linked to Younes Kaboul is just press speculation.
Agree with BM and Kev, this a great article willy. I don't mean to stick my nose in (like baconface does) but this isnt the first quality article you've written. I havent been on VMC that long but the forums are brill and it would be great to see you there mate. As for NIKOLAINJS, go and suck wenger's c*ck, 4-2, 3-0.
Oh dear eighthsin, resorting to personal abuse? that's a shame. Especially as I've seen that lovely pic of you on your forum :) You know the one, where you look like a spotty gormless slackjawed student with a really bad boyband hairdo. I'll put it down to over excitement at living away from home for the first time ;)
nikolaijns = keyboard warrior.
Agree with BM and Kev, this a great article willy. I don't mean to stick my nose in (like baconface does) but this isnt the first quality article you've written. I havent been on VMC that long but the forums are brill and it would be great to see you there mate. As for NIKOLAINJS, go and suck wenger's c*ck, 4-2, 3-0.
Great article Willy and as always very well written - now get back onto the forums where you belong.
Sorry lads, must have pressed submit too many times. As for Nikolaijns - no one gives a **** about what you say, you chat utter **** and have nothing better to do with your life. Go home
Hardly fcb, I'm not the one resorting to personal abuse. Just pointing out that you are collectively acting like screaming fainting groupies over your messiah and how pitiful it comes across to the outside world. Don't you think after Frank it would be prudent to wait a while longer before proclaiming him your lord and beardy saviour? Or do you just like the way the egg feels on the face?
Thanks scraggy, I am home but cheers for your concern, we have computers in our homes in London you see :)
I really do feel sorry for you, you dont have a clue
nikolaijns - you mean good looking right? Sorry but im not interested in your bumboy schemes... Dirty crettin.
I understand the working of the submit button want me to explain it? I also understand we relieved you of £40,000,000 to offload a born troublemaker and a lovely but over the hill defender which you all at the time predicted would be our demise and your benefit, yet you sit 6 points below us? I don't have a clue how that happened, feel free to teach me oh wise one.
cretin has one t little boy, back to college you go mummy will pack your lunch.
What is the eighth sin btw? Judging by the hilarious photo and your toilet trader vocab is it homosexuality?
Kudos for spelling your name correctly. Sorry but im not at college, im 23... Thanks for the interest bumboy- but no, sorry to disappoint :)
P*ss off niko, don't take it too far. You don't even know 8th.
You don't disappoint little fella, given how gormless you look I'm just impressed you know how to turn the computer on ;)
Yes... Try again at the humour and get back to me.
I hate Man Utd as much as the next guy, but they're ten times the club City will ever be. You'll need more than one of these Sheikh's to change that ..... you'd need a Ferguson ..... and he's one thing you can't afford.
Past your bed time anyway niko. Rocky, baconface is past it. He has been an exceptional manager I will give him that, but he isnt what is needed at City. Someone who can be as successful would be great though :)
niko :) liked the typed Bill Hicks impersonation earlier, no doubt none of these lads have the sense of humour to have caught that one though.
Ozi Gooner
Hiya Ozi how goes? As you can see I'm making lots of new chums. Whaddya reckon up for a bit of Kroenke brownholing? Oh Stan! mwah mwah thank you stan thank you mwah, your moustache is so lustrous and bushy tonight sir! Would you like to use my back as a footrest Mr Kroenke sir? yes sir thank you sir, did I remember to thank you for being such an obscenely rich businessman sir? You're welcome sir and my I say how delightfully wealthy your puckered little starfish tastes sir. :0
Niko I have read all your comments and your point is?
buzz lightyear
Great article Willy as usual you talk sense, I feel FIFA in an article are having a go about both clubs debts threatening to bar them from tha champions league, but if you do have a rich owner who pays off all his debts debts, is that wrong? Everybody that the club has bought from has been paid, is that Wrong? Should we consider saddling the club with massive debts like united, who debt is growing, which means they owe money to creditors, is that right? I think fifa should be more concerned with clubs that have mounting debts, rather than those who don't. Are they going to introduce a rule that says you cannot turn debt into equity? get real fifa.
buzz lightyear
Arsenal keyboard warriors, top lads. LMAO.
Johnny Baguette
Here's the thing about all these comments - we have an overwhelmingly generous owner who wants nothing more than to see this club become an absolute powerhouse in the World of Football, and so we thank him for it. A lot. ---- Then we get visitors from other clubs who see we have no debt, and are recieving more revenue, and all they can do is take the p1ss. ---- You know as well as I do (and anyone else for that matter), that if he was your owner, you would be doing exactly the same thing, and yes, maybe a few of us would visit your article and try and wind you up; it is the way of things. ---- Just accept that we have the owner we have, and try and concentrate on your own matters at hand, be it trying to win the Premiership, avoid dropping out of the Premiership, wondering if you will have enough money for the next big transfer, or indeed worried that you don't have the money.
Converting debt to equity improves the balance sheet but still provides the opportunity to pay dividends instead of interest at a later date. But this doesn't solve the problem of long term continuous losses which eventually has to be covered. The club will have to make a profit at some stage and if Uefa have there way that might have to be sooner rather than later if you want to compete in the major competitions.
Arsenal Latest: "Meanwhile, Alisher Usmanov has clearly not given up on gaining an ongoing role despite the position of strength Stan Kroenke has engineered for himself on the board and on the shareholders' register. The Russian's Red & White investment firm has this week set a new 12-month-high share price of £9,250, valuing the club and its debt at a staggering £900m. And he will not stop there."
Johnny Baguette
Ah, the best owner is Roman, fellas. Shiek comes next. :)
And that Nico guy is here just to annoy you lot. Could'nt you just ignore him??
we tried that I think he really wants to support City but is afraid to come out and say it.... We love you Nico and your pram your mother pushes you round in.
buzz lightyear
Impressive that Arsenal story isn't it JB! Valued at £900m all built up from it's own resources and not a penny put into the club by billionaire sugar daddies. Making profits, meeting planned Uefa financial fair play statutes, money to invest. No wonder so many people want a slice of the action.
Big figures indeed, but how much of that sum is the aforementioned debt?
Johnny Baguette
I think this article goes some way to balance all the negative reports about our 'losses'. Its fair to say that our owner has brought this club forward MASSIVELY. Making money will take time, but its a long term project.
How's the Highbury sale coming on folks? The Economy is currently in the "DEAD CAT BOUNCE" stage, when the excrement hits the whirling blades again, do you think you'll be able to shift any more units? Will you still be able to fill the Emirates mausoleum with corporate prawn muchers (or is it jellied eels where you come from?)? I guess what I'm saying is that in your somewhat parlous financial situation perhaps you should debate the shortcomings of Arsenal's financial future and the uncertainty of your ownership situation rather than staring enviously at our riches? Oh and if it's sycophancy you want, none can rival your manager's continued sucking of Monsieur Plattinis man-member in the press. Glass houses and stones, although suspect that might be lost on those who feel they have a god given right to sneer at everyone else who is so clearly in the wrong.
Platini and Wenger aren't mates at all but if you want to know about Arsenal's extremely healthy financial state you'll find the last accounts on the clubwebsite. Double dip recession isn't a problem as the club sold some £50m of the HS units in this current financial year virtually wiping out the short term propert debt. In fact once it's completed we should eliminate most of the smaller floating debt for the stadium. It will take time to for you to make money while we rake in the profits over the coming years but the Uefa 'financial fair play' statutes' are due to come into force for the 2013/2014 season. Chelsea have been making continuous losses for 7 or 8 years and still don't look like breaking even anytime soon despite being in a better financial position when RA took over than when Sheikh Mansour bought into your lot. As things stand you may struggle to be allowed into European competition.
As things stand so might Arsenal in the coming seasons, but nott due to some artificial UEFA regulation aimed at maintaining the cosy cartel at the top.
Well from what I can see re Arsenal, I just get more confused!! "according to last year's accounts, with £93.3 million cash in hand, the debt was split between the £250.2 million for the stadium that has been taken out on fixed rate bonds over up to 23 years, debenture loans of £26.1 million and £139.3 million in property financing for the Highbury Square development." - Feck me and to think we used to talk about football!
Johnny Baguette
Valued at £900 million and they have pennies for a transfer budget, Arsenal have things in common with United by the sound of things!
Not confusing at all JB. Perfectly straightforward though as I said most of the HS development loan has been paid off by sales over the 2nd half of last year. Arsenal have spent more than £60m on transfers since summer 2008 not as much as you have but we're using our own money. Record profits last year - even bigger ones this year - we're effing loaded now - and it's all our own. No worries about financial fairplay rules for us. As for talking about football isn't this article only about money?
When you say it's all your own, do you mean as in the investors, share owners, cos if I'm correct, the money City spend is their own, ie, it's Sheikh Mansour's club and he can spend what he wants. What I also don't get is how come Arsenal aren't in there buying big?
Johnny Baguette
Cause Wenger is anally retentive JB and prefers to hoard the cash under his mattress He keeps it next to his spectacles.
When I say it's our own I mean it's money we have earned from our own activities as opposed to having persistent trading losses picked up by someone else. City don't spend their own money they spend someone else's - Sheikh Mansour and MCFC are separate legal entities. The first significant profit we made was only in our 2nd year in the new stadium. On the basis that we will only spend it after we've made it we spent £36m in financial year 2008/2009 (after post tax profits of £26m) and just £11m (plus anything we might spend this month) of the £36m we've made last year in this current year. We also have a wage bill very close to ManU's plus we have invested a significant amount of our player budget in renewing existing player contracts to ensure we don't get caught in the Webster trap. So we are spending big but spending from our own resources which you will also need to do once the new statutes are introduced. In reality you'll have to do so at some point in time anyway - it's just a matter of when.
Nikolaijns-I think you will find it was you who start throwing insults. What exactly is wrong with a fan writing an article in appreciation of their owner, especially considering his investment has taken City from massive debt and mid table obscurity to a debt free club with real aspirations of challenging for major honours in the coming years? You say this reflects on us badly in the eyes of the world, I would suggest that your ramblings reflect very badly on Arsenal fans.
Wswilly3- great article mate.
Have a break from the calculators and watch five superb goals........ "Five Of The Best From City"
Johnny Baguette
i' Arse'nal'as ground Under a MORTGAGE or have they piad it in full with the proceeds of the 'units'(are they the flats at highbury?) and if so, it's the cheapest ground EVER built in the rip-off town that they call London, as for a small garage sized house that is going for £100,000 to £200,000. and can they get the same firm, that did Emirates to build the olympic stadium and not saddle the rest of the country with mountains of debt..... or am i totally wrong? :-$....
Hi Bluedub, read through it again, I never got personal with Willy, or Blue wolfie, my posting was in jest and was aimed at the collective sycophancy on display. The fact y'all got personal with me shows I struck a nerve. Buzz my point? Surely you're an intelligent chap and can work it out? I have an inbuilt aversion to all out sycophantic toadying. Mansour is not doing this for you but because he is innately bored and needs a vanity project, you lot acting like his personal harem despite never meeting the man does no favours to a set of fans I'd previouly considered to be pretty savvy and grounded. Obviously it's an exciting time 2 be a city fan and I do hope you knock utd to the areas second club after being in it's shadow for all time but articles like this should really only appear after he's been around for 5 - 10 years. Cheers!
"I have an inbuilt aversion to all out sycophantic toadying" nikolaijns - Do you really? Didn't hear you objecting when it was directed at your good self. Pity l'arse fans don't like it up 'em as the thread now seems to have been mysteriously edited and then frozen. Still, thanks for the laughs at your expense!
Hi nikolijns; Firstly, although it took some time, it was at least good that by the end of the day you and bluedub had a reasonable discussion. We all understand that fotball fans wind each other up - one starts, one retaliates etc etc. However let me explain why I wrote the article, which I assure you wasn't about being a sychophant, although I have to admit that I genuinely believe that in Sheikh Mansour we do have a fabulous owner ( a thing that supporters of Portsmouth, West Ham, Liverpool and the Rags etc, etc would dearly love!!) No why I wrote the article was to try and redress the balance on all the bias that we have to suffer from the hypocritical hacks of the tabloids. You would think from the way they reported our financial results that we were in crisis and in huge debt and not Manchester United. The only two articles I saw that seemed to recognise the truth were the one in the Guardian and the one by the guy from the Rags Supporters trust. It was exactly the same when we didpensed with Mark Hughes - you would have thought we had reneged on paying him his £3million compensation and that we were the first club that ever set up a replacement before firing the manager. We all know that is standard practice but the Rag biased press had a field day. And before you accuse me of being paranoid I assure you that many of the reporters have admitted their allegiances and even our specialist reporter on the Man Evening News, a certain Stuart Brennan is a Rags fan. So if you want to take the ***** switch from arse licking to paranoia because I don't care as at the present time it is absolutely great to be a City fan - just as it was when we won the league in 1968/9 - and I remember that well. The truth is we have had so many barren years that being 5th with a game in hand, in the last 4 of the Carling Cup and the last 32 of the FA cup and not having to worry about relegation or finances is just smashing ...... thank you again Sheikh Mansour. Please also note I haven't had a go at your team or any other apart from the Rags, whom I freely admit, I despise. Cheers Willy.
willy - get back on the forums mate :0) -nikola and the other ********* fans get *****ed you****s - cya on the forums willy
Nikolaijns- I notice that your initial post was removed, it appears i was not the only one who found it offensive. I never said you got personal with anyone, it doesn't have to be personal to be an insult. In regards to your comments concerning Sheikh Mansour where you suggest "he is innately bored and needs a vanity project" is delluded to say the least. May I suggest that you do some research on Sheikh Mansour and in particular ADUG, it might help you understand why this project was undertaken.

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