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Adebayor, In City Shirt, Asks For Recovery Time

City's Emmanuel Adebayor has made another interview in an attempt to further explain his difficult situation. To the dismay of many rival fans, he wore a Manchester City shirt...

The big striker held an interview with Sports Network TV and subsequently Sky News today and told the media he needs more time to recover from the shocking trauma of last week.

Togo's assistant boss, bus driver and press officer were all murdered and the big man is clearly deeply affected:

'If it meant going back (to Manchester) tomorrow, I wouldn't be capable of giving everything that I've got. At the moment, I'm just sweating every day and every day that God made. At the moment, I can't even eat — I'm losing weight, which is very difficult for everyone. I will take time and I will come back on the pitch at the right time, and I think my (City) boss and my team understand that is the most important thing.

'And they know I need time to recover from this, and at the moment I am just staying home with all my Togo team-mates. We are together.'

Adebayor revealed that his press officer died in his arms:

'It is difficult because my personal press officer died in my hands, that is the worst image I have had in my life.'

The big man contacted the excellent MCFC Communications Team who have subsequently been in contact with VMC today to say that he is deeply touched by the impeccably observed minutes silence afforded to Togo before the Blackburn game on Monday and is seriously concerned he has upset City's fans.

Explaining away the Arsenal shirt, Ade revealed that he lost all his luggage in the sustained 30 minutes machine gun attack:

"I realised this morning when I woke up that I was wearing an Arsenal shirt yesterday. What happened was that on the Angola border, we left all our baggage on the bus and ran away. So I had nothing to wear and the first person I asked gave me that shirt. I didn't even realise what I was wearing. Even yesterday, instead of going to my room to sleep I went to the wrong room.

"Everyone is confused about what happened. In our heads we don't know what we are doing."

City manager Mancio has admirably led the way in underlining the support of the club who are rallying around the Blues striker:

"I am in no rush. He has lived through a terrible tragedy. You can imagine the shock of a terrorist shooting at your bus and at some of your closest friends. What counts more than anything is the man and he was extremely distressed."

Adebayor's interview today has put a lot into perspective and this correspondent for one is feeling somewhat embarrassed at initially being horrified to see our striker in that shirt. No doubt many others who have posted here today will be feeling equally sheepish.

May the matter now be closed and understanding prevail.

The Guardian Link: Press Association Photo of Ade in City Away Shirt


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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 13 2010

Time: 7:40PM

Your Comments

DAMMIT! That just isn't controversial enough! Couldn't someone at least have handed him a Match Attax card of Robin van Persie to tuck in his top pocket or something? Oh, well, back to the forums it is.
Oh, and I don't think any of the hysterical anti-city posters on here should feel sheepsih about it. Sheep-like maybe...
We will be adding a photo link shortly.
Johnny Baguette
No doubt we will be invaded again shortly but its about time that this non-story now had some closure.
do you have a link JB?
JB, sorry to heap discomfort on you mate but you're right to be embarassed, so should anyone who condemned the guy. I feel a lesson has been learned........
.....anyway, onwards and upwards!!
I backed him all the way from day one, i knew there would be a good honest explanation
I just like winding Gullible Gooners up. admittedly not difficult.
It's Grim Oop North
Gullible Gooner - is that an oxymoron or a tautology?
Still waiting for their arrival ...
I'm not one to say I told you so but..... :P
I'm fairly certain the cretinous colossus of callous comedy will be over shortly...
FCB - Its definitely the choice containing moron!
im not a religious man but 'let he who is without sin cast the first ******** stone' apllies to this story with ade wearing an arsenal shirt.
Where are the Vital Arsenal people?
Johnny Baguette
Blues, we just added further quotes.
Johnny Baguette
I posted a link to Adebayor's explanation on vital anarchy (My bad, but it was just a link, no comment!) but received yet another lecture on british humour from Mr Smug - not certain he'll be able to resist a visit to impart his higher learning and wisdom to us poor benighted northern plebs. We shall see.
Well done for adding these comments JB as there is nothing quite like the truth, the problem is that the Fleet Street hacks have already stirred the melting pot by publishing a non-story that the truth really won't matter a jot to them now.
I never doubted there was any 'intent' in what he was wearing the other day, and im glad that the matter has been swiftly resolved (being pretty much as we expected). Feel really sorry for him to have gone through such a traumatic event, watching someone die doesnt ever leave you.
Indeed. Please see my follow up comments in our forum Kev. I don't want those people knowing our business.
Johnny Baguette
Unfortunately, given the number of visitors we've been having today, I'd say the whole world and his uncle (OK, maybe just the whole of Norf Larndarn) are already well aquainted with our opinions on this matter.
ok i will get back to what i came on here for eh ? - a note to all vital arsenal fans...can you please give this article a mis if all your going to do is take the ***** or worse because its quite obvious Adebayor is really suffering in his private life with whats happened and he needs support from people. - i know arsenal fans dont/want to give him support but we as city fans are and if anything it should be us *****ed off with yesterday but we aint - i know some of you have been great regarding adebayor but please stay away if you are just trying to rile us because its not about football this its about human life thats been lost and the poor fella is in bits....Thanks
Well said BM, that was a point which needed to be made.
Guardian Press Association Link now added which includes photo of Ade in Blues Away shirt.
Johnny Baguette
Its funny how the Arsenal fans keep coming here and saying "I told you so, Ade this, Ade that, he'll soon let you down, hes lazy, he cant score, he is disloyal...etc". Yes they told us, but it just isnt so. Ade hasnt been any of the things that they said he was and they are just desperately trying to justify the way they hounded him out of the club. NOT AT CITY. We are glad to have him- so ***** off back to your own forum, thanks very much for your concerns.
And still waiting ...
Morning (evening UK) VMC - can't believe that a Gooner hasn't posted a reply on this article.
Come on Thai, even they get embarrassed sometimes!
I hope he gets his head right soon, it would be a great shame if he is out of the game for long.
lets not goad them lads because i feel this article should be kept in good taste - i dont want arsenal fans coming on and starting abuse because its not fair on the author or ade :0(
Bluemooner, i'm not out of order at all, I'll say what i like and go on what forums i like. I know he's a great poster by the way and also get the feeling he's a sound fella as well, i don't need you to come on here CAPS LOCKED and all that business to tell me, you're out of order telling me what not to write. Next time i post maybe i'll run it by you first. I notice only you had something to say. Don't tell me what to do again please. What are you? Some sort of forum policeman?
eighthsin - ...wearing an Arsenal shirt wasn't disloyal? deluded you citeh fans really are.
Gooner here. The more likely explanation is that he wanted to improve his "image" in Togo - where Arsenal is one of the most popular teams. Remember that he had initially tried to resist the transfer because he thought he might become unpopular in Togo. Oh well, who knows. Anyways you've got a troublemaker on your hands. Your problem.
Stunning that all things considered, and in the face of the facts we now know, we have Arsenal supporters still coming on here suggesting that the bloke wore the shirt out of a calculated disloyal choice only days after watching his friend die in his arms.
Johnny Baguette
Firstly I think to question whether or not the man has morals is beyond me, as much as I dislike the Arsenal what he did to Van Persie was disgusting! The guy is trash! beleive what u want but if u honestly think nobody said 'hey ade u wearing an arsenal T-shirt mate and your about to do an interveiw on international tv???'
What an absolute joke! Of course he wants to take his time. It is quite obvious that like Robinho, he doesn't want to be at Wastelands and is putting off going back. As for that so-called explanation about the shirt. Oh please! Didn't know what he was wearing???? Mr Fashion Model? You delude yourselves all you want. He's a nutjob and compulsive liar.
"Stunning that all things considered, and in the face of the facts we now know, we have Arsenal supporters still coming on here." Yeah stunning, particularly when you posted the link to this article on our front page.............
Little Dutch
I personally cannot imagine what goes through your head for days, months, years after your friend dies in your arms having shared with that friend a 30 minute machine gun attack. It seems that some of you Arsenal supporters can and that that person must be judged. Emmanuel Adebayor is not the monster you make him out to be. From what I have been told nobody who went through that attack had shirts on their minds at the time of the interview. Arsene Wenger who is an honourable man would be horrified at your comments as I am sure would most of teh team you support.
Johnny Baguette
Don't worry, Little Dutch, I won't be back there.
Johnny Baguette
ps LD, you missed off the end of the sentence where I didn't complain about Arsenal fans visiting Vital Manchester City. I complained about what they were saying.
Johnny Baguette
And Sajit is spot-on. This was the guy who was worried about his profile at home nose-diving because of his demotion to a mickey mouse club such as yours and who in the final hours was desperately phoning up Chelski and United to save him from the ignominy of having to wear your shirt.
Don't even begin to attempt to play the morality card. Citeh are in no position to do that. You laughed when THAT MAN tried to take Robin's head clean off with his boot. I have sympathy about what happened to Togo but it doesn't absolve Adebayor of being a disgrace to football.
Johnny, I do know what it's like to have a loved one die in your arms, I've experienced it myself more times than a guy my age should have. It does NOT make you go blind. I'm tired of this argument (which you lot have desperately tried to whip up at every opportunity, enticing us over here and then when nobody came, posting links to this article on our front page). If you want to believe Adebayor that's entirely up to you and if you keep wanting to deflect the argument onto soemthing else so you don't have to face the real issue, then fine, it's up to you. I've had my say and frankly have nothing else to add. Save for the fact that you guys childishly trying to sabotage our forums every other day and going with the wind up attempts at every single opportunity is really quite childish and a poor way to run a fansite in my eyes. Concentrate on your own club, if fans of other clubs come over, engage with them properly without feeling the need to shout "racist" or "OMG LOL, u iz disrespecting the dead by not liking Adebayor." Oh and don't moan about fans of other clubs coming onto your forum when you all explicitly come onto ours demanding comment here.
Little Dutch
Again, LD you don't read the full sentence which continued "having shared with that friend a 30 minute machine gun attack." And again, I repeat that I have no issue with rival fans visiting this site. In fact, history shows that I actively promote it.
Johnny Baguette
To all those fans who have come on here passing negative comment on Adebayor after such tragic events: Shame on you.
BLUEDUB Adebayor wearing his old teams/rivals shirt on an international interview. Shame on him. For acting like it doesn't matter. Shame on you. City fans have lost all interest in how there plays act simply because ALL city players are there for the money. Because that's all you have, money. You build a team on that, obviously you're gonna have loose ends and disloyal players. Which is why you won't win *****.
Errrr, who in the Togo team gave him an official Arsenal polo?
shewore- you have obviously chose not to read Adebayor's comments regarding the t-shirt, frankly that does not surprise me. May I suggest you read yesterday's interview before you post another comment.
Yeah i was just wondering what official affiliation we have with the Togo squad. Didn't he have the trackies on as well?!
Fuikaka- your level of intelligence astounds me.
No he didn't have arsenal trackies on shewore, that was yet another attempt by your resident comedy genius to wind us up, as stated in your forums. Or do you spend all your time reading about Manchester City these days? I can see it now - all the little arsenal fans with their faces pressed up against the window of the club they used to laugh at. (or is that their tongues against the window - can't decide which)
Um, you mean look down on? We'll always be able to do this as we've earned our right to be at the top (or there abouts) your presence there is through pure luck and nothing else.
I know I've used humour to interact with the Gooners on here, and some of it is a bit near the knuckle, and invites cutting remarks etc back, but I'd like to make a serious point or two regarding the whole relationship with Ade, MCFC and the Arsenal. Firstly, we came into money from a position of extreme poverty, compared with the Arsenal's successful, well run position. Then we inevitably used said money to buy those players inclined to the challenge and or the money, drawing comments from those teams affected. We responded to those comments in the only rational way - by emphasising our potential re the money, and the "sleeping giant" aspect of our club, we could hardly compete with recent cup success could we? This I suppose gets the reputation of mercenary big head fans, which we're really not, we've endured a lot over the years, forgive us a little over excitement after receiving all our birthdays and xmas' at once! You Gooners were swift to explain why you don't like Ade, but we were also swift to defend our new boy - and perhaps everyone deserves a fresh start - as football supporters used to disappointment, we can see positives where others may not, and maybe we actively delude ourselves in the search for those positives, but this does not make us bad supporters. In a tit for tat argument with other supporters, we're always going to play to our perceived strengths, money, stability, loyalty ,size of club, history, and you will always play to yours. I like to use humour to try and overcome some of these arguments, and the occasional tongue in cheek abuse. Where it becomes tedious is when we degenerate into a slanging match. Hopefully as grown-ups, we know when we've gone too far. I think deep down, we all know T shirt gate is a storm in a teacup, which has gotten out of hand, compared to the reality of the terrorist attack the Togo team endured. Unfortunately as more detail emerges of the incident and subsequent consequences upon the survivors, what was said on forums in haste has begun to look tasteless and embarrasing for many concerned, and I think some people are now defending positions they took, probably wishing they had waited before posting out of emotion before the facts were in, but now too entrenched to admit they may be mistaken. I'd like to state as a football supporter, I really enjoy the banter with opposition supporters, and often with our own, long may it continue. Without it, I doubt we'd be on these forums at all. However, I do respect every fan who supports their team loyally, and that does include the Evil Empire up the road (can't really hate a team my Grandma and many relatives and friends also support in truth - what would we argue about at Xmas?). I do respect other football teams who play exciting football, who treat their fans well, and behave as we the fans would like them to - this is the beauty of football for me. I'm off for a cup of Magic Camel Milk now (wouldn't it be brilliant if it really existed!!), all the best you Gooners.
It's Grim Oop North
Pure luck eh, shewore? At least your jealousy is now open for all to see. I guess arsenal have been unlucky this season, after all, you keep having "accidents" every time you visit us. Hell, I'd even go as far as to say that Greater Manchester is an unlucky place for you, as you seem to have had a little accident at the swamp earlier this season too. Guess Mr Magoo must have walked under a ladder or something.
We won the league in Manchester FCB - how many times you done that? It's grim oop north - good post, mate.
I was at Old Trafford with my wife (the Gooner) the day you did shewoe - Wiltord, 1-0. How many of your armchair buddies can say the same? P.S. Agree with you on It's Grim's post, an excellent assesment of the situation.
Dunno mate best ask them? Personally i wasn't there for that one, couldn't afford it then and being a youngster at the time i had other reasons as well. Been all round europe since full time work has kicked in though, something you'll be able to savour going forward.
Top post Its Grim Oop North, it would be a fitting and proper post to draw a line under this whole event.
Certrainly hope so Shewore. Hope I might even make it down to the Emirates for one of those European nights you mentioned some time in the near future. Heard it's a pretty damned fine stadium. :)
The Video footage of Ade's latest interview has now been embedded into the article.
Johnny Baguette
LMAO BM. Check out that video. Clearly a "compulsive liar" "nutjob" and "disloyal." Wearing that polo top was obviously calculated. FFS.
Johnny Baguette

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