Manchester City - United Scare Tactics Win The Day
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United Scare Tactics Win The Day

City succumbed to a three one defeat in tonight's semi-final derby with the Rags.

Goals from Scholes, Carrick, Tevez and Rooney lit up a lively derby that will be remembered for al of the wrong reasons.

Some strange decisions by Howard Webb, a stonewall penalty, some reckless challenges by United and coins and a bottle thrown at Bellamy trying to take a corner were enough to put City out of their game plan and go out of the Carling Cup.

Their time will come though so don't despair too much, as we contributed CLEANLY to both legs and can hold our heads up high.

Congratulations especially to Given, Tevez, Boyata, Richards and the rest of the lads for playing outstandingly over the two legs.

Report to follow...

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The journalist

Writer: GloucBlade Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 27 2010

Time: 10:18PM

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Watched it on German channel DSF and they agreed with me that there were some immense City performances out there tonight. Proud of the lads. Richards, if he carries on like this has to go to South Africa. Our only fault tonight was our young defence failing to clear their lines three times. But I must say that playing a midfield so deep at Eastlands handicapped us in this tie. No shame whatsoever in this result and just look at the rags faces. Boy do they take us seriously now. Have to give Camel Gob the new hard man a mention. And the sweetest thing is we ain't going away and we'll be back. As for their scum tactics and coining, bottling, darts and golf balls this fortnight. Nothing else need be added. We won one battle. Respect. Forcing Taggart The Bin Man to field his strongest possible side. Twice. WE ARE CITY FROM MAINE ROAD
Johnny Baguette
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27/01/2010 22:24:00

United worked as a complete unit until the end the team, the fans and the ref! Oh Well, the FA Cup it will have to be then.
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27/01/2010 22:26:00

I thought Webb was going to take hold of the game in the first 5 minutes, but that was a conclusion too good to be true. And putting SWP out there at Owed Trafford is a nightmare every time. The refs will call fouls, but he would have to have his spine ripped out to draw a card. That being said, we lost because of defending (again).
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27/01/2010 22:27:00

I can't really pick too many faults with that article so there isn't really anything else that I can add other than come on Villa!
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27/01/2010 22:30:00

excuses excuses excuses dont choke on it but the best team won !!!!
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27/01/2010 22:41:00

Good performance despite the loss. Critics go on about 'egos' and 'mercenaries' - but all i saw was 11 men giving everything they had. Proud to be a BLUE.
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27/01/2010 22:41:00

Can't add much to what Johnny said, players did us proud and to be fair to Howard Webb I thought he had a decent game. The tide is definately turning, it's just gone out again briefly before it comes back in! Mancini went up in my estimations tonight, thought he played it perfectly including the substitutions. Never rated the Rumbelows cup anyway :)
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27/01/2010 22:43:00

It was a coin that got Bellamy, I think the battle missed him, the rags goalie tried to get it off barry and throw it away, but Barry gave it to the ref for evidence. I hope its a whopping fine.
Buzz Lightyear
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27/01/2010 22:47:00

Manure only got away with three elbows! It's a disgrace I tell yolu, I'm going to write to my MP. PS, replays show that Tevez got his legs taken away inside the manure penalty area - but I guess that doesn't matter at the swamp. Hats off to Howard Webb, he refused to be intimidated by the City players and gave the rags carte blanche as usual. Wonder how he keeps the transactions from the Inland Revenue? Must be a financial genieus.
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27/01/2010 22:49:00

So proud of the team. Very pleased for both Boyata and Richards who were immense. Garrido played his heart out but City are now a level too high for him. Great to see Tevez score again. With the demon of hindsight maybe Adebayor should have been brought on earlier, because we looked much stronger when he did come on... But JB has hit the right note here. We are getting close to the standard we are aiming for. At this level just an extra 1% wins the lot. Mancio will get us there. Amazingly, I'm not really disappointed. Next time we'll beat them.
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27/01/2010 22:49:00

For the coin... match should be replayed!
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27/01/2010 22:56:00

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27/01/2010 23:08:00

You blind you muppets????
Again Bellendamy should have had a yellow!
I agree the idiot who threw the bottle deserves a prison sentance - not just banning from footie - but the better team won tonite - wonder why no city fans have come onto our board this evening!
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27/01/2010 23:26:00

Dont worry fellas Garry Cook never breaks his word and has promised you a trip to Wembley. The Club have booked 3 slots on the Wembley tour on the 1st of April at 10am, 1pm and 3pm just call the club hotline to book your slot.
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27/01/2010 23:38:00

Oh and keep off the grass fellas.
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28/01/2010 00:03:00

You guys have no right to talk about penalties and refereeing after what happened in the first leg. However, I will give credit where its due. Given is possibly the most immense GK I have ever seen. Your boys ran their hearts out to shut us out on the wings in the first half. And finally, carlos tevez is a better player for you than he ever was for us, so fair play on getting the best out of him and well done to him for shouldering such a huge amount of pressure and coming up trumps in both legs (even if he did bring most of it on himself).
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28/01/2010 00:16:00

There's still the FA Cup and there's a very good chance of finishing fourth so it will still be a good season and at least a good player scored the last minute winner this time unlike in the league derby in September.
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28/01/2010 00:41:00

Good show from the lads, great to see richards hit form. Tev and bells never let us down. Boyata did well spells, though i think onunha should have started for his experience. Why didnt petrov play?!? swp is a myth to me, another poor showing for me. Im frustrated with citys midfield in recent games. We just dont controll the game from midfield, Ireland has been in the comfort zone all season since his new contract, barry has been awful to say the least, de jong cant pass a ball 5 yards. We need playmaker in midfield to dictate play, a left back who can handle cross field balls and a creative attacker to replace robinho. Im proud to be a blue, all city fans can take heart - with our wealth, we will be in more finals in the future and we wont be worrying about adminstration in two years like the dirty rags.
Super City Slicker
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28/01/2010 01:03:00

iceman mut be arse fan jealous , an you still believe whinger in hes words thay he can win the cl an pl, how many years have we hears this
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28/01/2010 01:42:00

good game hoping city wud go through, man u just jammy as always
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28/01/2010 01:43:00

brighter things ahead for ye, next season
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28/01/2010 01:44:00

ice man is an arse fan not sure i they had a trip yet to new wembley, wont happen this year
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28/01/2010 01:47:00

Proud of the lads and proud of the performance. No excuses from me but boy have we got those rags rattled. Good to see that AF kept to his word and played his KIDS. Can't wait to see his full strength team against the Gooners.
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28/01/2010 02:12:00

Hahah I can't believe you can moan about decisions when we oh so got cheated out of a win in the first leg! You may win a trophy one of these years but you definitely won't get it going through us! Oh we'll see to it that, THAT NEVER happens!
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28/01/2010 03:11:00

Let's not even forget that Evra got hit by a lighter in the first leg and other objects were thrown. Are you that blinded by hatred or stupidity
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28/01/2010 03:13:00

first of all HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA to all the city fans running their mourhes off before the game. And secondly i also seem to recall Evra being hit with missiles in the first match. And as for your clean form of football, i suppose Tevez's lunging tackle on Brown is well within the rules of the game then. It just seems like there's a lot of bitterness, why can't you just accept defeat gracefully for once as you always tell us to but congratulations to the minority portion of the city fans who have done so.
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28/01/2010 06:03:00

Nice bit of bellendery from Nobby Allcock and Eric Whiteside to wrap up proceedings on this thread. Yep, Evra was hit by a lighter on his hand. This following the shower of coins aimed at City fans from your dartless, golfball-less scratters after the police had got them partially controlled. Football? The gap is closing and you know it.
Johnny Baguette
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28/01/2010 07:09:00

The gap is closing and City are becoming a better team - but it still rankles thos Blues that we won and are in the final - whereas CIty ARE NOT!
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28/01/2010 07:15:00

It's not that we lost, it's the manner of your snide win that p1sses us off NW. Just for once I'd like manure to play a fair game, but that's just not in your DNA now is it? If we'd been playing Arsenal and they'd thrown so many elbows (not that they ever would), they'd have had three sendings off and the game abandoned. But the rags get away with murder yet again! Typical Manchester derby then - you cheat, we lose as a result, we complain about it and you call us bitter! Some things don't change eh?
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 08:16:00

Sterling effort by all the lads, Mancini will know by now where we need to strengthen to push for the top, well done the Young Blues. As for United, very Chelsea-esque performance, by all means neccessary - if I was a supporter I wouldn't be proud of the way my club got this result, and I'd sure as hell want to know how long we could keep on getting away with it without spending money on replacing the pensioners. Green and gold till the club is sold? What's that all about? (I do know BTW, just want to hear it from a nonchalent rag).
It's Grim Oop North
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 09:23:00

come on city fans, what did u expect with HOWARD "im in the sky fours pocket" WEBB officiating. agree that city should never av got a pen in the 1st leg however i'd like to know how many games man u have lost with webb as referee?
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 10:37:00

5th - Bellendamy was just as bad in first leg as he was in this yet escaped going into the book - and what about Tevez challenge on Brown in first leg?? BLINKERED YET AGAIN!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 12:14:00

We are evolving as a team whereas you lot are only getting worse.
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28/01/2010 13:25:00

Bad luck guys,was hoping you'd go through,a final containing two teams who actually wanted to win the cup would have been great for the neutral,as it is now I am firmly in Villa's camp come final day.Who know's,maybe we'll see a rematch of the 81 FA cup final this year.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 14:16:00

Again, I can't believe some of you blues are blaming the referee for their defeat. Mike Dean put your first leg goals on a plate last week and how Bellamy in particular made it through both legs without so much as a booking beggars belief in itself. Anyway, a couple of cracking cup ties and I wouldn't despair too much as I would not be surprised if you got to the FA Cup final this season and will have a decent chance of taking a top four place. Your time will come, but you don't help yourself with all the stuff spouted by the likes of Gary Cook before you've actually won anything. As for black-messi's question, Webb has refereed 28 United matches, we've won 18, drawn 4 and lost 6 (one of those to City at Old Trafford). He has given us 50 yellows and sent off two United players in those games, while giving the opposition 48 yellows and no reds.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 18:00:00

Lando - when you have been as successful as we have been and dominated football for years then spout off, until then shut up with the drivel crap
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 18:07:00

Foreveru****d. Can't speak for everyone on here but i'm definetly blinded by hatred for your 'club' (or whatever you call it) and all your p***k fans, the none p***k fans i can tolerate, just. Tuscan3000, starting a message with 'you guys' guarantees no one will read it, just a pointer for you.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 18:19:00

Oh yeah, I don't blame the ref.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 18:20:00

SO Im a p****k fan??
Just cos we are close rivals doesnt give you the right to hate me as a person
I like some of you guys in here as I can have a light hearted banter about it, but some of you are just plain n0bs
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 22:33:00

Report Abuse
28/01/2010 23:12:00

FU - yet again you display your smug Rag arrogance by talking about Liverpool, do you think I give a ***** about your petty squabbles with their fans? City are on the rise and will win titles and cups over the next few years, the only way for Utd to go is down. You can bleat on and on with the scouse about history but the problem there is it's in the past, what matters is what happens now and in the future. Do you think Cappello shouldn't have Lescott in his England squad then? Don't be so *****ing stupid.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 09:15:00

Any missile throwing is well out of order and should be severley dealt with no matter what club
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 16:57:00


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