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Spurs And Villa Out Of Champions League Race

Spurs and Villa are out of the Champions League race for fourth spot in the Premier League which is great news for their main rivals Liverpool and Man City.

That is according to Liverpool legend John Aldridge, who believes that both Liverpool's easier run in and City's ability to play attractive football and scores lots of goals will be the deciding factor.

'I personally think it's between Liverpool and Manchester City,' said Aldridge, 'It is obviously very tight, and I think it could go right down to the wire. We could be looking at the last day of the season being decisive.

'Manchester City are, at the moment anyway, playing the more attractive football, and scoring goals, but you look at Liverpool's run-in, and that to me gives them a slight edge.'

If only it would be so easy to count out a strong Villa side and exciting Tottenham team both as keen as mustard to take this year's chance of qualification to the big boys league

Aldridge may be right about Liverpool's run in, but the form of Tevez might have something to say about about the final outcome and if City can keep their home record going then the tough matches against Everton, United, Spurs and Villa will be the key.

One things for sure, and that's the race for fourth is shaping up to be the most exciting in Premier League history and that can only be good for the league as a whole.

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The journalist

Writer: GloucBlade Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday March 4 2010

Time: 1:53PM

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Ex-player has bias towards club, news at 10
is aldridge *****ed ? spuds and villa are very much still in this aswell as city and liverpool.
Villa probably have the easiest, on paper, run in of the group. Liverpool have been there before. Man City score goals but have a shocking defense and Spurs are in fourth right now. All still to play for them...
villa have the best run in out of the lot of us!!! its not like aldridge is gonna say liverpool are out of it tho is it? we all have a chance spurs fate will probably be decided if there is a winning team when we play at eastlands, we lose we are out of it, we win then game on COYS
John Adridge also probably said in the beginning of the season that Liverpool were gonna win the league this year ...The race for 4th spot is too tight to even guess..Liverpool do have an easier run but still I think it will all go down to the last day...Smashing stuff I tell you
Daz Hotspurs
A shocking defence? I've heard this and similar bandied about in recent weeks, maybe under Hughes there was truth in this, but since Mancio came in he has shored up the defence, perhaps people should watch City play instead of reaming off tabloid tripe.
i have watched city play and stoke beat them lol
only villa have a solid defence out of the teams trying for fourth but but there attack is a lot weaker and less consistant.
Villa have the best fixtures, Spurs play the best football and score the most goals, Liverpool have been there before and grind out the results ... which just leaves City. Is there something going around up there today or did the sun come out? This and the Bellamy for Defoe article are making me quite concerned for the mental wellbeing of our Oasis aspiring friends.
spursman79 - how did spuds do against Stoke?
Yes... only Villa have a solid defence... the hardest team to beat in the league must have a ***** defence... give me a break.
not very hard to beat........... 3-0 if i remember and it should have been more.
Bull - have a look at Villa's Run in!
amdy faye is better than robinho
Do Spurs never have an off day?
As expected, common sense off the blue Mancs and then the yids turn up and spoil it : (
Where does Aldridge say they are out of it? He is expressing an opinion that he thinks Liverpool or City will get it. Jesus, are you looking for a job writing for The S*n?
We have off days of course but we havent been out played by these teams when we lose to them, it's always due to the opposing keeper having the game of his life, we pummeled wolves at home and stoke and hull but we still lost, where as when we played city we made your "hardest team to beat" look like a bunch of mugs, i would probably take a couple of city players to spurs but city would love at least half our squad.
spuds fans - we live in the real world..fancy joining us ?
I knew Aldridge had gone mad when he said 'City's ability to play attractive football ' lol.
Spursman... stop trying to prove steff right.
The real world is working hard for your success,not buying with sone rich mans money
Daz Hotspurs
Hey the majority of Spurs fans live in the real world. City have to be favourites for 4th with Tevez alwasy likely to score and change games as he did last weekend. Hard pressure on your heels of course will be Liverpool who carry a 'been there before' mental capacity to pinch it at the death. Villa are not deep enough and somewhat industrial relying on stopping the opposition with a tight defense. Spurs are not consistant enough and lack the mental strength (yes some of us do know our weakness) But we live in hope, with Palacios on a likely 2 game suspension anytime now, Thudd out with ankle problems and Lennon out too, we are running low on options but don't count Spurs out of it! City favourites but Spurs will have plenty to say about it in the end
Aldridge is right. In comparision with liverpool, city play like brazil. Liverpool are terrible. I like spurs, but god their fans are the most annoying and deluded ever! If city collect three points at home against villa and spurs im confident we can do it. I wouldnt count ot villa or spurs though.
Super City Slicker
Hallelujah - a Spurs fan finally starts making some sense, fair play to you Michael. Oh and Spursman I'm still waiting for an answer to the question I asked you.
well we'll see wont we guys going to very close just who has the run of luck near the end of the season .....
Liverpool are as about as exciting to watch as Stoke. I hope we (spurs) get it and if we don't please not Pool. Anyside that plays with 2 of the most negative CMs in the league does not deserve CL footie. In fact they dont even desrve Europa. I can imagin Toress standing on the side at training and think what the F**k am I doing here?
mysonwill playforus
i know our weaknesses also, yes stoke beat us, currently we occupy fourth spot and we are hitting form even with a growing injury list, although some spurs fans are defeated in our quest for CL football i aint, we can do it even with our run in, the arsenal and chelsea games are at the lane, i see no reason why we can't beat man city AGAIN, and lets face it no game this season is easy even for chelsea or united, people are quick to count us out of the race when we are very much in the hunt and so far leading the chase FACT. COYS
I think Spurs and City are out of it, looking at the remaining fixtures its Liverpools on a plate.
I only saw edited highlights of the Pool Blackburn game but from what I saw they were lucky to win. If you struggle against Baclburn at home then you're not exactly set for a great run in?
mysonwill playforus
Crazy talk. How anyone can write off Villa and Spurs off at this stage is beyond me.
I've got to say fair play to Villa fans, I wouldn't begrudge them coming 4th. So many spuds adament they are heading for success. The article states what some Liverpool fan thinks, it disagrees and notes it's all to play for. Stop moaning saying spurs are the best. If you had some humility like Villa fans you wouldn't be hated. As for city, we have to be on the defensive with our club. We were ripped apart by the media when we were bought out, but don't confuse our defense of our team with arrogance please- we do not "expect" 4th or think we have more claim to it than anyone else. 4th is up for grabs, but at least we ALL agree, we don't want the scousers to get it!!!!!!!!!!
If city beat us in the league game then i will concede it and put them odds on to take fourth but i don't think they will, WE ARE TOTTENHAM SUPER TOTTENHAM......... WE ARE TOTTENHAM FROM THE LANE. COYS
I can agree with that eightsin, at the start of the season i would of liked to see man city do well but throughout the season the city fans have got so up themselves that i really despise the team now, im sure thats what you city fans feel about us spurs fans, we moan because of our club being succesful in winning cups in the past and the nearly fourth spot finish few seasons back but fans like yourselves also take it as arrogance.
we also feel we deserve a go at the CL having spent so much investing in the team which i don't think many can argue with, we havent had some mega rich oil tycoon*s take over and try to buy it, i guess bottom line is we both feel threatened by each others teams.
I think Villa have the easiest run in
its ours no-one elses. OURS
Once a Blue
Fair play spursman, decent honest reply. I think its self evident how passionate all sets of supporters are (apart from scousers... where are they?!). It pretty much boils down to 'may the best man win'. I'm sure spurs, villa and city fans will enjoy their new found CL status and they will take bragging rights, but credit to them for getting there. we all know how hard this season is, none of the teams have a perfect squad, we all have strengths and weaknesses. But at least the support is always at 100%. Thats what football is really about.
how times have changed, last year we would be arguing with Spurs about the race for seventh and now its the race for the Champions League
Either way, we still remain arguing with Spurs, and i Love it.
Once a Blue
We (Spurs) have the best home defense in the premiership 9 goals, City leak goals. We always beat City home & away (dont see that changing). Villa have zero goal threat. Scousers are *****e. Its Spurs all the way
Oh - and Aldo is a Northern Monkey and Scouse ***** with a calm calm down barnet
*yawn* this isn't news.
Jealous people are unhappy, bitter and angry people who believe that someone has something or someone they want, or they fear that someone is trying to take or has taken something or someone they love away from them. If spurs finish 4th this year, it doesnt matter. Its obvious city have a big future for many, many years. Some spurs fans find this hard to take.
Super City Slicker
I'm Spurs and think that City will finish fourth this year because our run-in is hard. But this article smacks of arrogance a bit. Its like when were you ******** *****? About 14 months ago? Now Spurs and Villa won't finish above you. It maybe true but how quickly are City fans turning around from their roots. I hope we never get taken over by a billionaire owner it ruins football. You probably will finish fourth but not off the back of swear and blood. You're just like Chelsea now, not really a proper club. Just an identikit fantasy team.
off the shelf
Joe Lewis - 16th richest man in england(Sunday Times Rich List). major investor in ENIC International Ltd, majority shareholder of British Pub group Mitchells & Butlers, onwer of SK Slavia Prague and Spurs. His estimated wealth is over a billion. His billions isnt ruining football then? I prefer billionaire owners to invest their money into the clubs they own. Unlike Joe Lewis.
Super City Slicker
"I'm Spurs and think that City will finish fourth this year because our run-in is hard. But this article smacks of arrogance a bit. Its like when were you ******** *****? About 14 months ago? Now Spurs and Villa won't finish above you. It maybe true but how quickly are City fans turning around from their roots. I hope we never get taken over by a billionaire owner it ruins football. You probably will finish fourth but not off the back of swear and blood. You're just like Chelsea now, not really a proper club. Just an identikit fantasy team. off the shelf" at least you agree with the article.
To focus on the 'run in' is not wise. City lost at Hull, Spurs lost at Wolves, United lose to Everton and City win 4-2 at the bridge! None of those results would have been predicted. The run in can make some difference but mental strength and form carrying forward will be the acid test. One thing that this group all agree on is - WE dont want it to go to anyone wearing RED - "He's just a fat Spanish *****!!!" - Someone mentioned Villa fans having humility, like that is admirable, humility for Villa fans is sensible what do they have to shout about?
I added that Villa jibe because they hate us, and never stop telling us that they hate us - they don't talk about much else other than how much they hate Spurs - shame really! they have a perfectly balanced view, in that they have a chip on both shoulders!
I think most villa city and spurs fans are far to smart to fall for this retards guff. As someone said he also tipped Liverpool to win the league and I know Spurs have and probably city and Villa have beat them this season already. If there's and justice one of the three will beat this( terrible footballing) side to 4th
I'm a Villa fan and I don't think we'll get 4th but I never thought we'd win The European Cup either ! Something no southern Jessies will ever win ! up the Villa !
Spurs fan 'ere. trust me boys, these pages seem to draw the slightly less objective spectrum of spurs fan. They do make you chuckle though, dont they. Good luck with the rest of the season. Wouldn't get your hopes up for next year, as we are going to do the treble :P
zzz - sorry mate, it's not a year ending in 0, so can't see a Tottenham treble. BTW, what happened to this year? ;-)
sensible spurs fan here!(honest) come on it really is to tight to call 4 teams 4 points covering us games in hand for 2 teams! i think it is an awsome spectical to have this fight in our league each side has your own edges too bring in to the mix! but its too close to say now as a spurs fan our inconsistancey is always terrifying and then injuries too! m city you got tevez play some decent footy and got your defence in order villa extremely well organised play some footy too! then the pool! the team with the experiance mental strenght wot ever! i will say its spurs inconsistant results tha has cost us 12 points or so lost an i do believe lost for what ever reason tha has made this race so exciting and has made for a nail bittin finish to the season! i hope its our spot but good luck to all and lets enjoy it! after all isn tha what its all about
Michael, There was I beginning to take a shine to you and then you come out with your cliched statement about chips on both shoulders and your vaguely Churchillian comment about Villa supporters and humility. (The great man said something similar about Clement Attlee who ended up not being too dusty as Prime Minister.) Tut, tut! Humility is the absence of false pride. Humility is in truth the foundation of all other virtues. So it is NOT derogatory to say that most of us who support Brum's finest have a degree of humility. Oh, that we could say the same about most of the Spurs fans that post on these pages. For the record, I doubt if we'll get fourth but I have hopes that we'll win the FA Cup.
I reckon the final placing of all four of the clubs vying for fourth spot will have a lot to do with who can keep the most players fit! Let's face it, with Gerrard and Torres both playing the scousers look quite able. Take them away and who knows? Villa have the lightest squad in terms of strength in depth, so it will be crucial for them to have the likes of Dunne, Milner and Agbonlahor available. Spurs are beginning to suffer a few injuries, with Huddlestone, Lennon and possibly Bale (after last night) unavailable, and with their best central defender having glass knees, they might suffer the most. City have only recently managed to get their preferred defence together for more than a game which may prove the decisive factor in our favour, but there is no denying that we need Tevez and Given to stay fit for the remaining 11 games if we want to maintain our challenge. It really could go down to the wire, and I truly hope the best team wins, but unfortunately it could still be the scousers.
It is shaping nicely - hope Villa (my team) do it but I fancy that too many games may ask too much. Think City or Liverpool really need to get that fourth place, if not sit back and watch the fireworks
It wasn't too long ago that Arsenal would have no chance at the top spot and he way some were going on about Liverpool, you could be forgiven for thinking they were gonna get relegated. --------- City have the best chance of all of the teams, not least because of the games in hand, and after essentially destroying Chelsea, who knows what could happen.
haha blue, this year is out of the window as Levy has yet to appoint me the post of manager. Even though i have proved that Harry is a year behind me.
Oi seem to think we have said this about us finishing 4th and we aint - aldridge has said it not us and we are only reporting what he has said - oh and you lot are just as hated as us but you are hated because of that dodgy used car salesman of a manager.
jesus get over ur fluke chelsea win
black-messi, you obviously didn't watch a minute of that easily controlled match that we walked away with.
Which one? First or second?
Rather have Villas 2 trips to the twin towers than Man Citys 5th place anyway.
If wend up 5th I agree you with mate.
Why are so many Spurs fans such nonsensical, delusioned imbeciles?
erm the twin towers were knocked down and don't exist now, shh don't mention wembley to man city fans, its been 30 years you know lmao
fifthcolumnblue, actually it's the year ending in a 1 so get it right but that was messed up in 2001 so its gone now.
@Longman-- because most of us are having very sensible and proper discussions on the vital-spurs site about how hillarious Crouch is or how much we hate ar*enal, rather than trolling other clubs' sites for a bit o nonsensical, delusioned banter. Be warned though, this thread was picked up and circulated to us "normies". My 2 cents- if it's not us then my head says L'pool since another pretender cracking it this year will probably make it a big 5, especially if it's you lot with the financial backing to actually use it as a starting point for something much bigger. However as someone else put it, I'd rather watch Stoke than scouse, and if the scousers make it into 4th spot I might give up on English football and support the Mexican premier league instead. You know, sombreros and all that- OLE!
Man City supporters are becoming arrogant with their financial backing...Get over yourselves and prove yourselves 1st before rating your surrounding competitors
Daz Hotspurs
Too early to write anyone off, the team that will make the fourth place, will be the team in form at the time. Whyether CVity can take the victory at Chelsea into the next game is another matter,but the confidence is there.
Buzz Lightyear
Anybody fancy Portsmouth for a late run?
This one is going to go to the last game of the season so we will just have to wait and see.
After this weekend games played will be; Spurs 29, Man City 28, Liverpool 29, Aston Villa 26 - Due to Villa's cup efforts. As it stands now there is 1 point seperating all teams. Do either Liverpool, City, or Spurs really want Villa behind with 3/2 games in hand. And Villa's next 4 games being S'Land, Wigan, Stoke, & Wolves? Aldridge is a clown and he always has been.
And Villa have the best defense in the league - on current form / goals against.
haha when have city played attractive football?? since mancini hs took over you have been horrible to watch. look what happened to you at the lane, if you think were out of it then more fool you.
stig you are wrong, spurs play fulham in the cup this weekend so we wont be on 29,
We don't play at the weeked stig so we'll stay on 27
villa may have the best defense, but by far have the worst attack, and are the poorer team. between spurs citey and scouse
Tell you what,this has been the most exciting season for most teams (def not for portsmouth)...But as much as I would love Spurs to be in the clear for that 4th spot,Im just loving the close race we are having to that spot..Thats what this is all about,pure 100% entertainment...may the better team (not liverpool) win...It will be interesting to see how you guys do next season (city that is) as with the squad you have now and additions in the summer how you guys will pan out..One thing I do like about the wealth of Man City is that you guys will atleast prevent real (fake) madrid from bullying the Prem league by taking advantage of their cash flow and taking all the superstars out..It will be great if your team can attract supersatr footballers to the EPL as this is where the action lies..
Daz Hotspurs
I have to say I think John Aldridge has been quite clever here. He obviously wants Liverpool to make it and by saying its between them and Man C has placed a huge amount of pressure on City. Liverpool can handle the pressure as they are used to finishing in the top 4 but City are not and will struggle under pressure as we have already seen this season. Before you all start the abuse Spurs and Villa fall into that category too but he has taken the perssure off them by saying they won't make it. Having said all this, who the hell is John Aldridge.. must be true if he said it right?
The Tailor
I wouldn't say we (Spurs) are out of the race, we have as good as chance as most. Villa have the easiest run in, in terms of teams they have to play, but the way Tevez is bossing things, City are probably favourites IMO to claim 4th spot. As much as I hope Spurs get it, we have been far too inconsistant this season (guess everyone could say the same this year!). Although Liverpool are battling out some rather boring wins at the moment too. For Spurs, the key game is City away. Then at least trying to hang onto something against the top 3 teams that we have to play on the bounce - not really likely looking at the odds! Cracking season finale though!
We will still have games in the bag although I would prefer points on the table. If we had a decent striker we wouldn't be having this conversation. I used to love Man City fans as for me they were the real fans of Manchester but now your doing a Chelsea I see this as the last year the Villa can break into the top 4 without smashing the bank so if you lot don't mind ease up please THANKS UTV
Mrtin O neil has never won a game with villa in the month of march since he started at villa park...Hopefully that continues
Daz Hotspurs
Haven't read all the other posts here which seem to me mostly from Spurs fans, but the headline is pure nonsense. I wouldn't rule anyone out down to and including Villa, but I suspect the key game will be our yet to be re-scheduled game at Eastlands. COYS
I like City always have done, unlike Villa fans i think they seem less cocky and bitter this season and wish them evey success.
Reckon this will go to the wire which is great and don't see how anyone can predict who will get 4th spot - each of the contenders teams have there pros and cons. If Villa don't take it then must admit would prefer it be City. Can't stand the Red Scum and less said about most of the Spud supporters on here the better.
does anyone actually give a ***** what *****y spuds fans or *****y villa fans think ? JOG ON HALF WITS
bluemooner you blue nose half wit, it is fans like your self thats turning you city fans into the joker team. *****y citeh there gonna win ***** all. the blue moon that will be forever in the red city
the *****ty spurs team that kicked the great "hardest team to beat" man citys butts 3-0, bluemooner you are a sad pathetic excuse for a football supporter but then again you are from manchester!! Can't argue with man utd fans so you make articles to ruffle feathers of other teams, you should be used to spurs finishing the season above you so don't know what your crying about.
What makes me laugh is a few seasons ago you never heard man city fans saying a single thing, then some arab pumps trillions into the club and they wanna argue with the big teams, they have no argument though, lets all come out of the woodwork because we have money, what else do you have????? team full of players that are only there coz of their greed, milan offered £80,000 a week to adebayor so city offered £150,000!!! i mean you actually have to pay that guy that much money!! he aint even worth what milan offered, as much as i hate wenger he is very clever and don't sell players unless he don't like what they offer which he obviously saw that adebayor offered nothing coz he is crap!! your club is a joke £24m for lescott!! WHY???? like liamspurs said you will win nothing.
SPURSMAN they have many people on there debates saying they just started supperting them i wounder why.. glory boys moving from another club, yet still they dont fill out manchester city council stadium
they are so funny, on another article they are saying what a great player PAUL DICKOV was!! and they are the long time supporters! you couldn't make it up hahahahahahahahahaha
except that wasn't said spursman you mentally challenged nonce... we were talking about history and he is a legend.. he saved us going bust... it's your feeble mind not understand context that is saying what a great player he was... your mother must be ashamed of how you turned out.
Well it don't seem to bother your mum how i turned out!
omg i can't believe i stooped so low as to retaliate to the mother thing, i apologise for that but it's your fault, i don't wanna get personal so lets keep to football banter, again i apologise for stooping so low.
i think even your fellow man city fans can see you are the mentally challenged one when you try telling us that paul dickov had style!!
lol no worries... me too. I'm done venting now anyway. As I finished off in the other one... good luck with the rest of the season.
fair enough goatboy, like i said at begining of season i was really excited for mcfc as wanted to see them succeed, i hate man utd and wanted to see them taken over by a real mancunian team but the arrogance and supporters jumping on the band wagon really killed off my excitement for your club, good luck though and may best team finish fourth, as long as that team aint liverpool............. or villa............. or man city lol. COYS
Look like the banter has finally finished, thankfully. Thanks goes out to everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing the Spuds fans soon.

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