Manchester City - Bringing In The New, Good Riddance To The Old
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Bringing In The New, Good Riddance To The Old

Sweeping changes are about to hit Vital Manchester City members right between the eyes. If you want to know more, please continue to read.

In order to say the words, 'bringing in the new' I need to say, 'good riddance to the old.' So here I go.


In three years we have seen many changes. In the beginning we had three message boards but as time went by that number increased somewhat. That is all about to change, but in saying that these changes were forced upon me. Those who have witnessed the last two weeks escapades will know exactly what I'm talking about.

As from Saturday 20th March 2010 I will be closing access to our all of our forums and in doing so I will be deleting the existing ones. Once access is restricted I will be busy building brand new boards, many of which may or may not be based on our previous and popular forums. You'll just have to wait and see!

During the forum downtime (the front pages will not be affected and you will be able to read and post comments) I will be spending a whole day, yes a whole day reverting members points to zero. (It's labour intensive but worth every second). Why, because we need to rebuild Vital Man City from its foundations and in doing so everyone begins on a level playing field. We start again.


Keyboard warriors that's why. We need to revert the sites image to what it once was - family friendly. Over my period as editor and with the help of many of you we built up a certain degree of respect from our City peers. No slagging matches, no snide remarks but good old fashioned honest debate. I seem to remember being involved, or for that matter watching fantastic arguments develop but if in the end and if no compromise was made we agreed to disagree and we moved on. No hard feelings, no drunken rampages, we just shook hands and that was the end of it. Just think about it, that's what forums are all about isn't it? Debate, humour, taking the mickey out of the opposition but having a crack at the same time. Those days are sorely missed.

I can reveal the following, albeit many of the VMC faithful know what I'm about to say anyway...

Its taken years, blood and sweat but we have built ties with MCFC; and I know some of the clubs hierarchy (from time to time) pay us a visit. Not only that but current and ex-players and those in the media spotlight take a look at our site. I do not expect them to read abusive and threatening threads and posts against any individual member(s). Simple.

Break-away forum

Members who broke away and supported a certain individual and in doing so created their own forum. Well what can I say? As the saying goes, 'if you live by the sword then be prepared to use it'!!

The above remark is not a challenge, in fact it's meant to be thought provoking. Have a think why you followed that particular person and if you think his behaviour on VMC was acceptable even though he was banned 12 months ago for being abusive and well, being a bully... and after that I gave him a second chance, and yet he began his personal crusade yet again against certain members, then great. Stand by him.

My message is this - you are more than welcome to reregister but I make this clear. You follow my example or please, disappear into the ethos - I don't want anything to do with you. Those included in the banning must contact me first via email before setting up a new account. Sorry but it's the way it has to be. Oh and before I forget, there are two old members who are not welcome. You know who you are.

If I am a member of another City forum, now what?

It's a free country and contrary to popular belief I believe in 'respect for diversity'. It doesn't matter if you post on one or ten forums. That choice is your - you are more than welcome to post on VMC as well.

New usernames

If anyone wants to change their username in preparation for the new forums, again, contact me.

Fresh start

I am only prepared to do this once and once only. This site is YOUR site but as editor I am the guardian, someone has to do it but while it's my Watch you either support me or you don't. The choice my friends is yours.

Vital Manchester City is for the fans; by the fans

Click here to join in the debate on the club forum.

The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 14 2010

Time: 8:04PM

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A VMC record of 1200 forum visitors inside 20 hours can't be all wrong!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 20:08:00

Please stay tuned as our Editorial team builds closer ties with the club following recent interviews with Vincent Kompany and Gary Owen. Meanwhile, our ongoing negotiations with Celebrity Blues management continue.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 20:12:00

Back tro the year 0 in more ways than one. A fresh start after all that's gone on will be most welcome, hope anyone who's left in recent days will forgive and forget and get back on board, and to anyone who's not yet a member - why not get on board right from the start?
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 20:14:00

we all want the same thing and that is for City to succeed. as JB says an unprecidented number of visitors have been viewing and a number of new members have already signed up. It is for all City fans to discuss the current topics.
buzz lightyear
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 20:17:00

"If I am a member of another City forum, now what?" - so pray tell why were I and over a doyen others banned for doing just this? This is not a competition, and neither was it any form of attack or revenge, and yet that was how it was perceived without asking anything? No explanation, no email, nothing. Maybe you need to think about this.
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 20:23:00

To all those visitors reading this article why not join us as we start again and be in it from the new beginning.
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 20:29:00

Fantastic statement Tudor. As I understand it, a new start beckons based on supporting Manchester City but in the process showing that one has the maturity to respect the views of others, even if they are contary to ones own. Maybe we all need to change a little to achieve this (and that includes me) but that is in our own hands. I hope all members come to value the site and become proud of it, such that any guest coming on would find intelligent and honest debate not contaminated by constant swearing, bullying and intimidation. Its a refreshing and enticing vision which knowing the contributions of the vast majority of fans who have elected to stay will be achieved for the good of us all.
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 20:37:00

I rarely swore (and only then it ws obvioulsly and blatantly in jest, or being really annoyed with a result, as most were guilty of). Congrats on ignoring a sensible and polite comment, Willy.
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 20:42:00

I say don't have post counts, people are far too precious about them. I knew a guy on the old BBC606 forum (brilliant IMHO) who got his post count up to 9999 then deleted his account and started again because people were reading too much into it, quality!
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 20:57:00

Tudor, will mildly threatening behaviour still be allowed? Stuff like "I know your mam works at Tesco Failsworth"?! Go on!
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 21:00:00

Hi Bluewolfie: Sorry for any confusion as we are clearly at cross purposes because my comments were not referring to yours at all. I was simply trying to reflect on Tudors statement and show my support for them. His vision quite excites me and I think a bigger and even better Vitalmanchestercity will emerge.
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 21:08:00

This is just a thought, but perhaps you all might want to consider why more than a dozen VMCers have been banned for joinin *** if what is said is true, in so far that one may be a member of another forum, yet when they sign up for it, and reman a member here, they are banished? You can paint over it as you will and as you see fit, but banning someone for no reason when they have not gone against, or broken any rule or regulation on Vital is nothing short of disgraceful. [Edited by Tudor]
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 21:42:00

Hi Bluewolfie, I am sad you got banned. Football is about passion, and the history on MCFC that you did proves you love the club, hope you come back.
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 21:55:00

Can't come back John, I was banned, as I said without reason, as were so many others. Can you tell I am annoyed somewhat?
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 22:15:00

ha ha rejoin vmc>tudor you have lost the plot my friend ;)
Report Abuse
14/03/2010 23:04:00

Report Abuse
15/03/2010 00:13:00

I go away for 6 weeks and when I come home it looks like there has been a war on here!!!! What happened? Am I banned for not being around for a while? Whats going on?
Report Abuse
15/03/2010 01:07:00

No cahill3 the forums are being reorganised, to that effect everyones count is being set to zero and we all have to re-register for the forum section.
buzz lightyear
Report Abuse
15/03/2010 04:19:00

Fair enough, Thai, I get what you're saying. There is however, one tiny little difference; you are being asked to reregister for VMC 2.0, we were banned several days ago without comment or reason.
Report Abuse
15/03/2010 06:55:00

It's all a very sad situation. No point in going over old ground. The site won't allow me to log in or re-register anyway. Just says that my username and email is taken. Don't really want to re-register with a different username, as that would be defeating the object. flinty123city
Report Abuse
15/03/2010 10:27:00

flinty123city - i think you need to read the article again . . . Read from 'My message is this'
Report Abuse
15/03/2010 13:32:00

OK Thai - so we have to send an email. (Unless we are one of the two referered to as not welcome?) Assuming i am not one of them, as said on the forum last night, I'll give it a miss for now. I have never been banned from a chat forum in my life, and it is a little humiliating to have my record blemished. Any "acidic" responses I made were born out of frustration and dissapointment. One parting comment i would make is that it seems not everyone received a ban for joining the new site. It would be interesting to know what criteria was used to decide this? I did however, massively enjoy my short time on VMC and wish all those who showed me friendship well for the future.
Report Abuse
15/03/2010 14:05:00

I don't think you understand flinty124, you are not banned, the forums are being close and the reopened, all the members will have to re-register including me.
buzz lightyear
Report Abuse
15/03/2010 14:55:00

I was banned. Which rules did I break? Sev too, and let's not forget Sir T, and so many others. It is all well and good saying all must re-register, but ask yourself this: if you were banned from here with no justification, no explanation and no reason, would you honestly be saying "that everything is okay, I will come back"? This has become nothing but childish behaviour, it's pathetic.
Report Abuse
15/03/2010 16:39:00

BW,From what I understand from Tudors statement, everyone is welcome to re-register, except the two, that Tudor has, I think, told, also that anyone can be in any number of forums. Tudor is the editor of VMC and all he asks is that if you are a member of VMC then please support him as you do Manchester City.
buzz lightyear
Report Abuse
15/03/2010 19:14:00

Unbelievable! My last post was deleted, so I shall repeat it: WHY was I banned? WHY were so many others banned (Sev, and Sir T for example), WHY did no one question this? WHY was this allowed to happen? WHY was no one given an explanation. I will keep repeating this, until I get an answer.
Report Abuse
15/03/2010 22:41:00

I think BW you will have to email Tudor for that answer
buzz lightyear
Report Abuse
16/03/2010 04:16:00

That, unfortunately, is one of my points; I shouldn't have to, he should have been man enough to do that in the first place. Oh, well.
Report Abuse
16/03/2010 06:54:00

I thought we were all adults on here.
Report Abuse
16/03/2010 15:02:00

BW, In my own personal opinion and I stress that, It was just a question of supporting Tudor and that all he was asking, Tudor was hurt because of the way, some members vented their feeling in a personal attack on Tudor, which was against the rules. Tempers were lost and some things were said which cannot be undone. I stress again this is my own personal opinion and some members left because they did not agree with Tudor. I can only reinterate what Tudor has stated in the statement he has published, that anyone is welcome back to vmc that left if they email him first. again in my opinion, I am sure we all want to put this thing behind us and move on and that is very much what I think Tudor wants and does not want to drag this thing on for weeks and weeks, but a fresh start for all.
buzz lightyear
Report Abuse
16/03/2010 15:12:00

Fair enough, Buzz. But he need only have asked, and none of this would have happened. As for me (and presumably so many others, although I cannot and will not speak for them), why should I be contacting him? What exactly did I do wrong? Email and be reinstated? Why am I not being asked? I didn't ask to get banned, but then, I didn't actually do anything wrong, did I? It really is a very sorry state of affairs, that got out of hand because someone jumped to a certain conclusion without actually bothering to ask anyone at all. These threads about 'good riddance' certainly do not send out the message of 'email and come back' do they? As Vanz just said up there, I too, thought we were adults. This is more like a school playground at times, which does not make me happy because I enjoyed it here, as, so too, did others. What a waste.
Report Abuse
16/03/2010 17:25:00

I cannot answer many of your question BW, because I simply dont know, Tudor has built VMC up from virtual scratch and expected a bit more support, rather than ready threads about his decisions and probably the one that hurt the most was one entitled Tudor out and tudor has gone too far, these were wholly unacceptable for someone whose only cause was to gain respect for VMC and did not expect nor want what occurred. In my opinion he was damned if he didn't and damned if he did and expected a lot more support for his actions rather than the tirade of posts, which at times was over the top. You know me BW and I have all the time in the world for you and the posters who abandoned VMC and wish you would return. I am also a friend of 'A', and he himself did not want all this to happen because of him and he understands that he cannot return. I stress again that these thoughts are mine and I speak in no way for Tudor in this respect, but as you know he does have my full support. I wish I could turn the clock back, unfortunately when all this happened I was not well, or I think I could have stopped it all.
buzz lightyear
Report Abuse
16/03/2010 18:01:00

I didn't know of this 'Tudor out' thread - perhaps because he had already banned me for whatever reason he had decided upon (or not, as the case maybe). I hold nothing against you Buzz, I really don't. --- Maybe he himself needs to explain himself properly, warts and all, and apolgize for the terrible mistakes he made. Of course you cannot speak for him, and neither do I expect you to. -------- But we live on, and those that know where we are, are more than welcome to join us.
Report Abuse
16/03/2010 18:59:00

I would like to try to put all this into a sensible perspective. Tudor decided to ban BM. Some agreed and some didn't. At the end of the day, it was his call. I was one who vehemently disagreed with his decision. However, I have found Tudor to be a great and dedicated person who has run this site tirelessly and thankfully so that City fans can enjoy FREE of charge entertainment and friendship. I have moderated sites before, and believe me, it is a thankless task - Its impossible to please everyone. I do sympathize with the degree of personal hurt that this sort of negative reaction can inflict on such a dedicated guy. However, I myself did not appreciate being banned (never been banned from a site in my life). I joined the new site because of my friendship and mutual respect for BM and did not want to lose contact with such (in my opinion) a decent and entertaining guy. I am a relative newbie, and feel personally humiliated by receiving such a ban. Therefore it is not difficult to imagine why Woolfie (who has been a massively respected member and moderator here) feels so massively let down because of his support for a friend. The same goes for most of the other "disciples". The way i see it, bottom line is, there has been a small disagreement on both sides, which has snowballed into a massive degree of hurt and indignance on the part of both parties. I feel that with a bit of give and take from both sides, the whole thing could be happily resolved. Any chance guys? flinty123city.
Report Abuse
16/03/2010 19:05:00

the thing i dont understand is why have all the members who came along to the other site been banned just because they are are friends with me ? - this is really unfair and by doing this you have got the backs up of some fantastic people who gave everythign to VMC - why cant these members post on more than one forum ? - ok i know it has been said that these members can now rejoin if they send Tudor an email to ask if they can come back but what have they done wrong in the first place ? - this has been blown apart for no reason and its quite ironic im the one who has got the blame for all this and i didnt even have the right to reply when i got banned even though i sent Tudor many lines oc communication which he ignored and then went on to make a statement..well a few statements regarding me that was 99.9% false and one of them was that he had banned me 12 months ago which was a total lie because 12 months ago i asked tudor to delete my membership on VMC which he finally agreed to - i dont know why he says he banned me or was that just to finish off the statements for people to view just a one sided statement ? - anyway people got in touch with me which was great and i appreciated the support but i never once told people not to come on here and in fact i told people to come on here because there wasnt quite a place like this anywhere and i really enjoyed my time on here and i put more into the place than i did harm and i have been hung out to dry by not having a right to reply - the other site wasnt ever set up as a rivals site to this but was just setup as a way of people who got banned could come along and catch up with each other which they did and it was good to see them aswell - im actually very unhappy all this has gone on because there wasnt any need for it to be honest and all that i wanted was to put an end to it and plod on somewhere else and catch up with my mates and even meet new people on the other site but once word got out Tudor wasnt happy just because i was over there and couldnt handle people wanting to actually catch up with me because they LIKE me unlike the the way things have been put across on here and that people didnt want anything to do with me - ok i did fall out now and again with a few people but come on we are all adults and it was never that bad and ive even seen members like sheikitallabout swearing at mods leading up to my ban - there was only ever a slight few that didnt get on with me and from what ive seen there was plenty who did get on with me and thats shown by the support ive had not only by people joining the new place but SILENT few that have contacted me in private to say what they think and i wouldnt betray them by naming them on here or anywhere - so..cant this just be forgotten now and i will toddle off back to the stone i crawled from under and you lads can just get on with doing whatever you want to do ? -oh and i also thought it was out of order saying that i thought i was bigger than VMC because that was a terrible thing to say and so untrue and i did take offence at that - all i ask for is for the banned peopel who was unfairly banned to be let back and post from sunday(i believe) rather than have to crawl and email Tudor to be let back on because they havent done ANYTHING wrong and that includes BW because all th elad has done is his own business and nobody elses and im sure most people post on other forums ?? - anyway this is all i registered on here for just not to say my bit and i will leave you to the Wswilly3 show and how ironic Tudor said i thought i was bigger than the site eh ? - for all those who thought id been banned for bad things then NO i didnt it was just because it was a first class witch hunt and Tudor couldnt wait for my departure as i found out - good luck to all th epeople that reamin on here who i dont see on the other palce because i met some great people and would love to see them again someday even by email -GOOD LUCK and Cya
Report Abuse
16/03/2010 20:51:00

I thought when I found VMC that I had found a forum where I could express myself, without being foul or abusive, and without people being foul and abusive to me. And that is the way it was. I really enjoyed it here, discussing City and other broader topics with like-minded people. I never witnessed any threads where anyone was being abusive, sure there was a little teasing every now and again, but nothing a grown-up cannot handle by simply ignoring. Then suddenly a prolific poster here was banned for no good reason that I had witnessed. That person was BM, who everyone knows can sometimes suffer from verbal diarrhoea, but other than that is basically harmless and regularly demonstrates his love for MCFC. When I came on here at ungodly hours he was often one of the few still around for a bit of banter. Then suddenly all hell broke loose, BM was banned, and VMC had, in my opinion, lost a valued contributor and friend. So it was no surprise that when some of us heard about the new forum that we should want to post there too, to keep in touch. We had no intention of leaving VMC, even though we disagreed with what had transpired. Then to suddenly find ourselves banned for no reason other than we had posted on the other forum was a difficult pill to swallow, one which seemed like a personal insult, that as valued contributors to VMC we could be so easily cast aside in one fell swoop, that was really upsetting. I am nearly 54 years old, with a grandkid, I am a professional engineer. I have no time for playground antics and chat-room power struggles. I've seen it all before and moved on, real life is far more important. So I will not email requesting reinstatement, because I feel badly treated by the one person who I had hoped we could depend on to maintain balance without over-reaction - Tudor. I cannot see a way back here, short of Tudor allowing all members back in unreservedly, even BM and whoever else is the mystery second member that is unwelcome, and with a private apology to those who have been unlustly banned. Tudor must realise it is the right thing to do to bring our MCFC family back together again.
Report Abuse
16/03/2010 21:27:00

That seems to me like a fair assesment, and i do think there was a witch hunt against BM. But i re-iterate, I don't think Tudor took any gratification in the banning - it seems to me he was trying to do what was right for the site. "Los tres amigos", (all of whom i have tried to make my peace with) didn't really need to take this to a personal level - A little over two weeks ago, we were all buzzing and all excited after a massive win over Chelsea. Now it's all gone to rat-***** and quite unneccesarily - Tudor, i emplore you to reconsider ALL the bans and re-instate all banned members without forcing them to email grovel to have their bans rescinded. All banned members, I emplore you to accept the olive branch (should it be forthcoming) and continue to post on this great site (as well as any others if you so wish). Tudor, please respond.
Report Abuse
16/03/2010 21:41:00

I stress again whats in my thoughts and my responses are what I would be feeling if I was in Tudors position. Firstly I would be upset and feel betrayed, If posters felt the way they did, why not simply stop posting, but it went beyond that. I would then say Ok is you don't support me stuff the lot of you. If you want to come back I want your support and I want you to email me and tell me that if you do not like my decisions then there is no point you being here, The main aim of the site is to discuss the goings on about Manchester City. It is not a power struggle to say who is best but I run this site to the best possible way I can for the majority of people that will be seen to be done, but not everyone agrees, that is the nature of life. The rules are there simply to follow. I welcome you all but I want most of all to able to run this site with your assistance because the site is for you to enjoy. .......I am not Tudor, but I bet I am close to what he is thinking.
buzz lightyear
Report Abuse
17/03/2010 04:50:00

I am sorry Bluemooner,but that is the way it is and I respect Tudors decision on this and with regard to 'S' I hope I never ever see the guy on a forum again. we will speak soon I hope and discuss the team we love best. CTID.
buzz lightyear
Report Abuse
17/03/2010 04:53:00


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