Manchester City - Race Four Fourth Update: Spurs, City or Liverpool?
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Race Four Fourth Update: Spurs, City or Liverpool?

2 weeks on from our last update and time to forget 'The Sides of March' as the run-in intensifies. Today's question is have Villa slipped out of the reckoning...?

Two or three games on and the situation remains too close to call. Spurs remain the form side with Liverpool clambering back into contention, but Villa's progress has stalled while City's has stuttered.

Spurs still hold on to that crucial goal difference courtesy of erratic Wigan Athletic, but if either City or Liverpool can dish out a drubbing in the coming dramatic weeks, that situation could change rapidly with Spurs still to face that top three triple header.

City remain the only side out of the four contenders with league fixtures alone remaining.

Table on 19th March 2010:

4th Spurs P 29, Pts 52, GD 25, GS 53
5th Liverpool P 30, Pts 51, GD 19, GS 49
6th Man City P 28, Pts 50, GD 17, GS 53
7th Aston Villa P 28 Pts 49, GD 17, GS 39

Table on 31st March 2010:

4th Spurs P 31, Pts 58, GD 28, GS 57
5th Man City P 31, Pts 56, GD 19, GS 58
6th Liverpool P 32, Pts 54, GD 21, GS 53
7th Aston Villa P 31, Pts 51, GD 11, GS 43



03 Apr Away Sunderland
11 Apr Wembley Portsmouth FACSF
14 Apr Home Arsenal
17 Apr Home Chelsea
25 Apr Away Man Utd
01 May Home Bolton
05 May Away Man City
09 May Away Burnley


01 Apr Away Benfica Europa Cup
04 Apr Away Birmingham
08 Apr Home Benfica Europa Cup
11 Apr Home Fulham
19 Apr Home West Ham
24 Apr Away Burnley
01 May Home Chelsea
09 May Away Hull


03 Apr Away Burnley
11 Apr Home Birmingham City
17 Apr Home Man United
24 Apr Away Arsenal
01 May Home Aston Villa
05 May Home Tottenham Hotspur
09 May Away West Ham United


03 Apr Away Bolton
10 Apr Wembley Chelsea FACSF
14 Apr Home Everton
18 Apr Away Portsmouth
21 Apr Away Hull
25 Apr Home Birmingham
01 May Away Man City
09 May Home Blackburn

Who's your money on now? Give us a shout with your views!

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday March 31 2010

Time: 11:30AM

Your Comments (oldest first)

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No Villa are not out of it.They win their game in hand and are exactly the same as Liverpool. All teams have hard games the key is not to slip up in the so called easy games as all the teams have done to date eg Spurs v Wolves twice, us against Hull twice etc
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31/03/2010 11:44:00

It will be interesting to see how Villa fair at Bolton. Many Villains think their side's slump in form, similar to the end of last season and the battering at Chelsea has knocked the stuffing out of their squad.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 11:55:00

Its going to be a "look throigh your fingers at Final Score" month I think Got to be great for the neutral to have things so open
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 11:59:00

Hear Hear, spurstrings!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 12:16:00

city have a 4 match run against utd, arse, villa and spurs, and people reckon spurs have a bad run in?????? !!!!!
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 12:40:00

Le Crunch.....the very top teams get their second wind...........the rest start blowing!! I can see a lot of points being lost in that 4th spot run everyone involved, you wait and see!
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 12:53:00

Villa are out of it. Liverpool are relying on Spurs and City to drop points (both will), but can the scousers win all (maybe draw 1) of their remaining fixtures? I don't think so. I reckon if City don't win against Spurs, Spurs will do it.
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 13:24:00

despite being a spurs fan, i think yoursleves and liverpool will get there in front of us and to be honest i hope its your lot. Losing out on champions league will hurt liverpool a hell of alot more than it will hurt you and lets be honest , its only a matter of time before you make it there anyway. Besides Rafa deserves nout anyway. If spurs can beat either chelsea or arsenal at home and not get beat by City, then we could do it but i just cant see it happening. But regardless, we've both had a good season and this is where we have both wanted to be for a long time.
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 13:26:00

Tell you whats lads and lasses (if any)..Im not gonna put money down or get cocky on this prediction...but IMO I dont think villa are in it,Liverpool have no room for any slip ups and Spurs and City have a couple of tough games ahead...So now to be an ol faithful Im gona go with Spurs.But like I said,Im not betting money on this....Its too damn close
Daz Hotspurs
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 13:38:00

Boy have there been some Titanic clashes between City and Spurs down the years. We are now looking at a Hadron Collider of a clash at Eastlands!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 13:43:00

Johnny B...Thats what makes an already exciting EPL even better..CAnt wait myself..Dont know if my nerves can take it but it would be exciting if this could all come down to the final day..Maybe we can get Arse Wenger to make Tevez a wonderful Lasagna ....He seems to specialise in the dish..and that should make my nervers alot calmer.
Daz Hotspurs
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 14:08:00

Great posts from the Spurs boys - no abuse just support for their team and for football. We now pride ouselves on Vitalmancity at not having bullying, intimidation or over agression and thanks lads for doing your bit. May the best team win!!
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 14:22:00

City still favourites for me - Liverpool dark horses to sneak it aswell their run-ins the easiest. Spurs's run in too hard when you consider our injurys
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 14:27:00

Villa were never in it. As soon as we made the decision to go with O'Neill as manager we were destined to repeat the same mistakes of last season. The difference is that this season Spurs have got their act together and you lot have spent a rather large wodge. Therefore 8th for Villa, with Everton overhauling us. Again.
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 14:37:00

Cheers Wswilly3. Every team has there idiots who shout off about this and that. But all the spurs fans i know are reasonable and realistic and know what the score is, its just that we keep quieter than the big mouths thats all. I guess its the same at every club tho.
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 14:38:00

There's a rumour knocking about town that Mad Prof O'Neill could be in contention for the Taggart hot seat alongside Mr Moyes as early as this summer...
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 14:53:00

Jimmy-yid and all the other reasonable Spuds - Big hats off to you, love to have a banter and a bit of debate with rival fans, you're a credit to your club. All too often we have the "bigmouths" and WUM's taunting us, but your type of comment is always welcome. For what it's worth, I reckon I'll be needing to invest in some adult nappies before the season is out, although being City we'll probably beat Arsenal, Spurs and United - then promptly lose all the other games!
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 15:28:00

I dont think i can call it, my heart say Spurs and Head Liverpool not to mention my belly saying Man C.... To be fair its in the hands of both City and us but i really cant see either of us going unbeaten til the end of the season. Not sure how im going to watch it... Oh is the City Vs Spurs game on tele?
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 15:41:00

Check this marvellous site out JA.....
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 15:45:00

I will prefer Spurs or City(mainly Spurs obviously)...Give Liverpool a break outside the top 4...What I do like about the wealth of City is that you guys will attract more superstars to the PL...2 City games I wont miss is ...1 - City vs Manure (a hell of a derby this year and 2 - arse-nil vs City (Want to see the reception that Adebyor will get...I gotta say though it sucks having wanting Arse to beat you guys....but thats purely because im hoping for the best at Spurs...
Daz Hotspurs
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 16:04:00

I see us doing well against Chelsea and Arsenal at home you know. Cant see us losing both although its certainly possible, both are better sides than us. But at the lane i fancy our chances if we get some players back. But we (Spurs) will lose at least twice more this season with away games at OT and Eastlands the most likely. 1 thing for certain is that if we lose to Sunderland at the weekend our dream is over.
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 16:06:00

As long as it's not Liverpool and we see someone different there i'm happy.
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 16:26:00

btw can't believe 'HuddersfieldYiddo' said if we lose to Sunderland the dream is over, when Spurs lost to Wolves and then surged into 4th in there next five games. There'll be many twists and turns I'm sure.
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 16:28:00

Have to agree Art7171,anyone but Liverpool.I can honestly say if we (CITY) dont make it,i hope you guys do.I think that we will get more pnts than Spurs through April as im not sure that Spurs will get many pnts V scum,chelski or arse.We have tended to do better against the sky4 and do think there is more chance of us picking up 3pts v rags than there is of say Spurs beating Chelski and gooners. Either way it could come down to the CITY/SPURS game and i have a feelin it could be a cracker.
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 16:52:00

Villa definately aren't out of it but as there fan said before an overhaul by Everton against them is not out of the question, it is the first Villa fan i've ever heard criticise MON. In fairness everyone has been rather reasonable and realistic with their comments, i think spurs or Liverpool will nick it with ourselves finishing 6th. I certainly hope not and my mind changes left right and centre, the positive for us is that the harder games-bar arsenal- are all at home.
Once a Blue
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 18:37:00

For Spurs saturday is a big game, if we can get a win against Sunderland, I believe the momentum & beleif the team seem to have at this moment will see us through. However saying all that who could predict what the outcome will be, probably only the guy that rearranged the city spurs fixture as the pneultimate game of our season, whatever happens beats being in a relegation scrap....COY's
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 19:41:00

How fantastic that playing for a fourth place finish is so important as it makes the season end really exciting for so many clubs - so much to play for and a lot of twists and turns to come. Lets also hope that the established top 4 definitely get breeched by either City or Spurs.
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 21:51:00

guarantee spurs wont get fourth it will be between villa, man city and liverpool. i like the way every1 is taking villa out of the picture wen we have a run in like that and could be fourth technically in three games, although that won't happen i will guarantee spurs will lose to arsenal chelsea and man u because they cant cope with good opposition and man city will lose to arsenal and man u and u have to play spurs aswell meaning one of u is guaranteed to drop points there and liverpool will lose to chelsea and i guarantee villa will drop points meaning that this will go down to the wire, i personally reckon liverpool will nick it with man city or villa behind them both dropping points, but wouldn't be surprised if city or villa got it, but one things for certain spurs will be put back in there place. y have u lot voted for spurs anyway as your favourites after yourselves to come fourth bet u it was londoners rading the site just voting on another teams site, how sad, u cant hide the truth that no-one likes spurs or spurs fans, and ive never heard anythink good about u as fans so this is obviously london *****s
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 22:11:00

I have to agree that Villa are not out of it for if they win their game in hand they are the same as Liverpool and arguably have an easier run in than some of their rivals. A lot depends how they react to last weeks drubbing.
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 22:22:00

I'm not writing off the Villa, don't think many City fans are Avillian136. At this stage of the season I won't even write off Everton making a late charge. It really is too soon to tell, and as much as I'd love for City to have it done and dusted within the next 3/4 games I suspect it will go right down to the wire.
Report Abuse
31/03/2010 22:57:00

Avillan136, even if Spurs loose all the 3 games against the big 3 (which is unlikely) and City loose to us, Man Utd and Arse(which is also unlikely), you guys still have to win almost every game till the end of the season. i cant see you guys doing that especially after the blow to your confidence after the 7-1 loss.
Report Abuse
01/04/2010 03:37:00

It looks like you don't like Spurs much Avillian136,just about as much as you don't like punctuation.
Report Abuse
01/04/2010 14:32:00

Well as a spurs fan I have always been of the opinion that we wouldn't get it and that so long as Liverpool didn't get it that I would be happy. I would have been happy for Villa as it would have been a once-off with Man City definately being there next year. But now I think Villa will fade away as they have been very poor. City had only one bad performance recently against a very good Everton side and have bounced back since. It will definately go down to the City - Spurs match which gould go either way but we can't even predict who'll be happier with a draw yet so it's too early to tell. One thing for sure is that this weekend is absolutely crucial. City will bank 3 easy points but if Liverpool lose (they haven't won an away game in months and are away in Europe tonight) it will be a huge setback for them that they may not recover from. Spurs really need the 3 pts but I don't think they will get it. If they do then expect the less experienced spurs fans to begin the celebrations early. I would sooner you's get it than us getting it and messing up in the playoff (becoming the joke of the nation as a result) as is likely to happen.
Report Abuse
01/04/2010 15:14:00

A lot of good posts in this thread. I wouldn't rule out Villa yet but i would make them the outsiders of the 4. I'm not convinced that Liverpool have turned the corner yet so that leaves City and Spurs for me. The match on the 5th May will decide who gets that 4th spot and i wouldn't put my money on any of the 4 making it. The fitness of Lennon could be a big factor for Spurs.
Report Abuse
01/04/2010 16:45:00

Avillain136, you "guarantee" a hell of a lot in that post. Are you Rafa Benitez in disguise? ;-)
Report Abuse
02/04/2010 00:40:00

like I said on the Villa site good luck in your fight for 5th place ;-) after all I wouldn't want to be biased or anything.
Report Abuse
02/04/2010 15:28:00

I think this will go down to the wire, spuds had a great chance to keep ahead of the chasing pack before there big games, but slipped up on what a lot of spud fans was thinking was a 3 point banker. I think all 4 teams will lose or draw games from now until the end of the season, but im not writing anyone off, regardless of who has the easier run in. we had to beat bolton yesterday to stay in it and we are, if anything people have written us off, which takes all the pressure of us now. cheers to a great end to the season and may the best team win :-) also revenge is sweet and lets hope we stick it to the chavski's on saturday at wembley :-)
Report Abuse
04/04/2010 13:33:00


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