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We're Back In Business - The Future

After the turmoil we at Vital Manchester City bounce back with vengeance.

With a bit of luck the constant spamming from a certain member has now subsided and we move on. Should that particular person re-emerge can I suggest you ignore the fool!

Now what?

As the title says, we at Vital Manchester City are back in business. More will be divulged in a Mail Shot however, for those who are eager to hear the latest...

We are about to unveil a brand new VMC co-editor. Others are waiting in the wings but this particular person is a god-send. He has published a couple of awesome front page articles and dare I say it, much of his information is first hand. All I can say is we are very lucky to have him onboard. His identity / username will be announced in the email Mail Shot.

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Our future is mouth-watering, trust me. When one or two other sites have been abandoned we'll be still around and kicking ass.

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday April 9 2010

Time: 10:58PM

Your Comments

Tudor, Sounds great and I have to say after the turmoil this site is better than ever. Its lost all its intimidation, bullying, crudity and idiocy and since the turmoil I cannot remember one bit of aggrivation but instead members respecting each other's views and chatting intelligently about football. The ones that left prefer another style and fair play to them - they have their site we, thanks to you have ours with a different ethos. Hope the co-editor is the ex-footballer as he clearly knows what he is talkimng about.
Cooking on gas lads!
Honoured. Truly honoured. Thank you.
Moving on up!
Time for us all to move on, we're not coming back!
'One or two other sites have been abandoned'. Which ones would they be?
Good. Now please leave us alone. You have your own forum so how about using your energy to build up your own site, but for gawd sake please, just go away and leave me in peace to run this site.
still the same kiss arse eh wswilly?how do you get your air?
Would have been nice (and polite) to get a reply from my equally polite email.
You lot are obviously bored and want to be a part of VMC. Fine, but how about having a little think first. Obviosuly Wolfie's forum is not up to scratch otherwise why be here. Everyone is more than welome, even Andy (he must contact me first) but Wolfie and sindbad can go and do one.
Great news Tudor - can't wait to get my mail shot
Trust me TBF but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Onwards and upwards and everyone is more than welcome, except (yup I kept everyone waiting) two former VMC members. Mike and Sindbad
What exactly did I do? Almost 1 year I gave this place with no complaints, no breaking of any rules, and then banned. With no explanation, no reason. I hate to say this in public, but it has gone on way too long, are you not man anough to explain? Can you not stand up and be counted? We accept members who wish to be a part of both forums, yet you do not? I am sorry Dave, I really am, for I enjoyed my time here, but you have destroyed that feeling- Why you did it, I have no idea. I wish you all well.
Mike - I had word some time ago that someone was going to upset the VMC apple cart. I wasn't told who but I thought it was Andy. Now Andy and I had a mutual understanding - if he fecked up once more he would be history. As it transpires that person followed Andy (when banned for the second time) and quicky set up his own forum. Now i've set up blogs and forums in the past but no way would have anyone set up a forum as quickly as you my friend, In other words.....Andy knew how much I would put up with (he always pushed the VMC rules / boundaries but never quite broke them except on the first bannibg. Acting on intelligence from a member I decided to quickly ban him but as it happens I got it wrong - and how wrong. Andy worships this site, ask him. He can return under an alias but this has gone too long. Sorry Mike but you broke the cardinal sin. You spammed by forums and that is not acceptable. You are not welcome - simples! As for everyone else..we have never had a crossed word, execpt when Sindbad was either high on drugs, drink or both, That bloke can burn in hell. Others on your forum Mike are welcome just so long as they adhere to the rules.
Still haven't answered my initial question though, have you? WHY DID YOU BAN ME INITIALLY? Come to thnk of it, you banned 11 others, but for the point of this post, I am more concerned with why me? Never spammed anyone, never broke any rules, never did anything wrong; in fact was a valuable member and loved this site (an dare I say, an asset?). You had my email. For shame, Dave, For shame.
Mike - This has to be aired for everyone to see. Initially I couldn't be arsed to answer dozens of emails / PM's on this subject but now its time. I banned Andy - Andy got the hump and between you and him you decided to set up a break-away forum - fine (I do not want to know the exact details). What annoyed me was the way YOU and Andy handled it. The pair of you spammed via PM and linked to your new forum. I had to stop that hence why your initial 11 members were banned from VMC. I had to stop the flow. Now the issue has moved on a tad. I will not accept anymore spamming. If you are like me then you should be creative. You re-search members and allow the forums to grow in its own time. If you spammed any other site you get an immediate ban - simples. My advice - folk will choose which site they want to post on. If its Bluemoon, MEN, you or VMC I couldn't care less, HOWEVER, I am in charge of this site and I will NOT accept bullying, intimidation or anything similar. I insist this this a family friendly site, no swearing (inless within the context of the post). You on the other hand are aiming at something I am not. GREAT for yor Mike now please, go away and leave me to build a respectable site.
Fair enough, but never PM'd anyone for at least a week AFTER you banned me (and the other 11). One could perhaps surmise you were angry and therefore made a mistake with that emotion (you even banned a member who posted saying he wanted to stay on this site!). Still, what is done is done, and the mistake you made, is the mistake you made and there is now no going back on it; the damgae yu did, is done, Again, I wish you all well.
Bluewolf - At least we agree on something, and about time too. Now that we've washed our laundry in public we have to move on. I am not a member of your site and have no intention of doing so. All of my downtime is spent on re-buiding VMC - may I suggest you do something similar, BUT without spamming my boards. Thank you.
Agreed, you did make a huge mistake; at least on that we can agree on, even if you are unwilling to explain why. No spam from me guaranteed - I swear.
Then we move on. In saying that there is no reason what-so-ever for you to post on VMC anymore. You and I have had our say and that is it. Good luck with your forum Mike but as from now I will not respond to any other post made by you except to delete it.
Kevinho has got it right - time to move on and people make their own choice and leave the other site alone. Simples, no hostility, no intimidation just an easy choice of what site suits one's own preferences and we all move on. We all support City and should have no bad feelings about different City sites as long as we are not openly negative and keep to our own business.
Still room for people to use both sites once this whole thing calms down. Sure there are some people who won't touch one or the other with a barge pole, c'est la vie, but all are welcome over here if they want to bury the hatchet (and NOT in Tudor's head eh? ;-)
Couldn't agree more 5th - as they say in Thailand 'Up to You'.
I'll drink to that.
buzz lightyear
I couldn't have put it any better myself Buzz!!

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