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Do Us A Favour Sir Alex & Beat Tottenham

I say this with a heavy heart but Manchester City could do with the Old Trafford lot beating Tottenham on Saturday. Come on Sir Alex and do us a favour.

Tottenham have to travel to the so-called 'Theatre of Dreams' on Saturday 24th April and in doing so, and if they win the London club with go five points clear of City. The game kicks off at 12:45pm and is live on Sky Sports.

On the other hand Manchester City's match with Arsenal kicks off at 5:30pm (live on ESPN) therefore, the Blues will know before hand if they will be chasing Tottenham's two, three or five point lead.

With matches running out it's imperative we don't lose too much ground on Harry Redknapp's in-form team.

Come on Sir Alex, do us a favour and beat Tottenham.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Arsenal v Man City - 17:30
Bolton v Portsmouth - 15:00
Hull v Sunderland - 15:00
Man Utd v Tottenham - 12:45
West Ham v Wigan - 15:00
Wolverhampton v Blackburn - 15:00

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Aston Villa v Birmingham - 12:00
Burnley v Liverpool - 15:00
Chelsea v Stoke - 16:00
Everton v Fulham - 15:00

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 21 2010

Time: 12:38PM

Your Comments

It's funny how both teams chasing down 4th in the league need help from their rivals this weekend! May the best teams win
Agreed. Its going to be a nail biting weekend.
aaahhhhh the smell of fear!! manure are gonna have to play a lot better than they did last week as our confidence is gonna be well high, lucky for them lennon at best will only be on bench so we should stick to same team that out played arsenal and chelsea last week, we can taste the CL and so all we gotta do is take it. COYS
Wow, it's actually going to be a weird weekend. Spurs will support Arsenal, City will support United. I'm pretty sure the universe will get too confused and explode.
bernio3000 - I couldn't have put it any better myself!!
Knowing our luck, spurs will probably win.
Super City Slicker
unlike arsenal, man u still have a lot to play for. i hope arsenal dnt get rolled over again.
How can you post a ManU shirt on your website? Wow, you are REALLY desperate aren't you? Ha ha... you (like us) have your fate in your own hands and yet you're bowing down and begging BrokeBack ManUSA to help you out. Pathetic! You'll never be a big club with that mentality. Why don't you grow some?
I will be happy with a point! 7 from that 9 would be awesome! COYS
TShill7 - interesting comment. In fact its that interesting I think i'll go and have a snoozzzze. Boring!!
You do that Tudor, have a lie down. When you wake up you'll realise that all City have to do is win 4 games and they are there - job done. I repeat - pathetic! COYS
The best team will come out on top TShill7 and if its the Spuds then so-be-it. Personally I think the battle for 4th will be settled next Wednesday when you lot visit the City of Manchester Stadium.
AND WE WANT AR2ENA1 TO WIN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 21 YEARS (Since we needed them to stop Liverpool doing a Double-Double in '89). We do indeed live in strange and disturbing times.
In theory, I agree that United have more to play for than Ar2ena1 - but I think that Ar2ena1 will feel more the need to get a result on Saturday. The Adebayor issue aside, they will want to reassure themselves that there has not been such a seismic shift this season that they are now weaker than teams hitherto considered beneath them.
for starters its not next wednesday its may 5th we play citeh, who cares what arsenal do on saturday? i don't at the end of the day i only care about what spurs do, if we beat united who cares what arsenal do? if we lose who cares? it will be decided when we destroy citeh in manchester simple as that, was good fight and better luck next time citeh!! COYS
I like City and im glad its seemingly a 2 horse race between 2 big clubs with long suffering fans. Its gonna feel very ugly indeed wanting Arsenal to win on Saturday and il hate them even more if they bend over like they did against Wigan.
Spursman - you just had to do it didn't you? Come on here acting like a cocky little bell end. It's fans like you with that give Spurs fans a bad name, I know your type are in the minority but you sure do make a lot of noise, what's that they say about empty vessels? I feel sorry for level headed Spurs fans having to put up with numpties like you.
bluedud, how did you come to that conclusion? how am i acting cocky? you have a much harder run in than us now, we had to put up with your fans telling us we were gonna be out of the hunt by time we played arsenal, chelsea and manure and so far we have taking 6 from a possible 6, you might wanna look a bit closer to home when you use the word BELL END!!!
oh and speaking of bell ends, why the hell is there a manure shirt on a man city site? seems very desperate when you have to cheer on your biggest rivals, and if the berbatov shirt isnt a sly dig at us then i don't know what is, sad sad people, you will NEVER see an arsenal shirt on vital spurs no matter what the circumstance.
spursman, there is one actually with same type of article ... keep it fair guys.
Spursman - "when we destroy Citeh, simple as that" that my friend is cocky. And from what I remember from these front page comments were City fans saying Spurs run in is very tough, especially with them three games, not telling you what is or isn't going to happen, just giving opinions.
oh and he's now SIR ALEX is he? it really is pathetic when you think about it, "please do us a favour and beat the most in form team in the league at the moment, but we will go back to calling everyone at utd ****s after the match regardless of the score" and we are the fickle supporters hahahahahahahahahaha
RamsesV: does it have a picture of an arsenal shirt with the headline "please mr wenger do us a favour and beat city"? i doubt it somehow
bluedud, there was plenty of fans telling us we had no chance, im not cocky im just confident as we totally destroyed your team at the lane, i don't see that mancini has your team playing any better than hughes did and we always do well playing city away, CONFIDENT not COCKY
Spursman your comment was cocky, no two ways about it. In regards to your Hughes Mancini comment may I suggest you check your facts, both managers have now played 17 games and it's quite clear that Mancini has improved the team.
To confirm there is a goons shirt on our site, in our most recent article! Anyway peeps we all need to calm down, nothing is straight forward and there will be more unexpected twists and turns yet! All I can say is Burnley away worries me, as we all now what happened at spammers a few years ago on the last game of the season! Lasagne anyone.................................? Good luck all!! COYS!!
Why is it getting nasty? Both of us are the 'poor blue relations' to our respective scummy Red neighbours. Man City and Spurs fans should stand up for their teams and not worry about what our enemies are doing. A quirky weekend means that we won't cheer nearly as loudly if the old Vidi-printer shows our neighbours as having suffered a loss. Multiple heartaches see us with the same mindset - full of hope, but feels too good to be true. Both teams have excelled this season and as long as we don't let the Bin-dippers back in its all good. May the best team win - lets not slag each other off or bow down to the Red scum! Enjoy the roller-coaster! Best season ever! COYS
improved the team? in what way? more points i suppose, it certainly isnt by brining in viera is it? after watching the wigan game at eastlands the other week i was gutted we wasnt playing you then coz the gaps in the middle of the park were huge we could of easily beat our 9-1 demolition of wigan against you that night, i don't fear spurs playing citeh and why should i? hughes also demolished arsenal twice this season so will be very interesting to see how you fair against them on saturday especially considering they are suffering badly with injuries now.
spursman79 whats the matter with you? 1.we want Arsenal to win just as much as they want United 2.there is a arsenal shirt currently on our vital page 3. You are comming accross as cocky and I know we beat city at WHL but our Away record is nothing to shout about against the top sides!
Why is it getting nasty? Both of us are the 'poor blue relations' to our respective scummy Red neighbours. Man City and Spurs fans should stand up for their teams and not worry about what our enemies are doing. A quirky weekend means that we won't cheer nearly as loudly if the old Vidi-printer shows our neighbours as having suffered a loss. Multiple heartaches see us with the same mindset - full of hope, but feels too good to be true. Both teams have excelled this season and as long as we don't let the Bin-dippers back in its all good. May the best team win - lets not slag each other off or bow down to the Red scum! Enjoy the roller-coaster! Best season ever! COYS
Hasn't Mancini lost more games in those 17 than Hughes did?
MullerTheYid, i am disgusted to hear that we have a goon shirt on our site, do you have a link coz i will have something to say about that, its disgusting and sad to do that, who would stoop so low? better not be ox!!
Agree with comments, it shouldn't get nasty... there isn't a real rivalry as yet... at least wait until the last game of the season if it's still tight between us before the insults start flying... ;-)
DazzaTHFC: 1: i dont want arsenal to win (i want spurs to win and if we win our next 4 then we are there so who cares what the goons do or don't do? it's what we do that counts end of) 2: i wasnt aware of the goon shirt on our site and i think it is also disgusting to put it on there the same as this manure 1, 3: im not being cocky!! what city or arsenal do don't matter to us it's what we do that will decide our fate, it's ours for the taking or ours to lose, man city or arsenal will NOT decide our fate as we are not relying on them to drop points they are relying on us to, 4: if we beat united and city also win we are in with a shout for 3rd let alone 4th so i will not be cheering on the gooners!!!!
Nope, we need the spurs to WIN. Go Yid Army! (just for this weekend, though. lol)
im not getting nasty im just defending my corner and opinion, i will never cheer on the goons no matter what it means, i only retaliated to being called a bell end which was un called for and the first insult thrown, i have nothing against man city but i still firmly believe we will finish fourth.
Othello - Mancini has lost more but he's averaging more points per game. He has also plugged our leaky defence somewhat, still needs improving though.
TShill7, I think you have GONE MAD! When did we become poor relations to the Woolwich Wanderers? We've won more European trophies than that scum, for a start! Just cos they've learnt to play football over the past ten years, doesnt make up for the 100 years of mindless ***** they originally offered the world. Have a day off!
oh a chav joining in now lol, funny aint it that because of us beating chelsea you are now cheering us on hahahahaha
I'll be supporting the Scum on Saturday and you lot will too.
Spurs fans are so nasty - makes you proud, doesnt it! Lol
i have said from the start when you sacked hughes you should have gone for mourinho, money is no object to city and had you got him you would be looking at 2nd or 3rd right now, do you agree or do you think mancini was the right appointment?
I fancy us for a point at Old trafford as we are on great form but I cant remember seeing Arsenal lose 3 in a row but you got to fancy Adebayor and Tevez against Judas and Silvestre! a key weekend could be the one that follows this as we host Bolton and you guys host Villa who are a very decent away team!! And spursman79 anything can happen in a game of football so surely you would want city to drop points now rather then rely on us to win at Eastlands? Man Utd practically begged us to beat Chelsea last weekend so its swings and roundabouts there is nothing wrong with wanting a rival for a position to drop points and therfore see nothing wrong with this article
i never said i hope city win the game, i just said under no circumstance will i cheer on the goons.
Bluedub without a doubt Mancini has made city stronger, I remember watching your game with Bolton just before your visit to WHL and rubbing my hands together at the holes in your defence! And in the match at WHL to put Silvinio on Lennon with no support was criminal from Hughes!! Having said that do you think Mancini has added unnecessary pressure on your players by guaranteeing 4th? oh and worth a mention he looks like a right "bell end" in that scarf now
I hate saying this as much as you guys with United but go Arsenal (even hoping Sol Campbell has the best game of his life)..So there it is,go Arsenal and go Campbell...For the sake of Spurs...And as much as I wanted to see Adebyor score a hatrick against the gooners,im hoping he does not score a single goal(except own goal) and Van persie scores a hatrick..
Daz Hotspurs
spursman - at the time Hughes was sacked I didn't like it and said as much on here. However I think we appointed a great manager in Mancini. If he is given the money to bring in the personnel to suit how he wants to play I believe he will get us to where we want to be.
after spending the money you have so far do you not think you have enough? especially with the squad limit next season, where do you feel you need to improve?
Dazza - if Mancini doesn't believe what's the hope for the players believing it? Spursman - central midfield is most urgent I feel.
central midfield??? de jong, ireland, barry, m johnson (when fit), viera (debatable) and even kompany can play there, hardly a bad midfield is it? you can have jenas if you like lol
Nothing creative there, Irelands form has been shocking, M Johnson if he gets fit is quality, but given the last two years out with injury I'm worried about him tbh. Swap Ireland for Modric?
spursman79, ive just had the misfortune of reading your posts and your exactly the type of spurs fan that makes me cringe. A couple of decent wins and the over confident 'we're going to do this and that' starts. No wonder other teams hate us so much, no wonder they revel in it when we blow it. Has supporting spurs taught you nothing?? yes we can beat anybody but we can lose to anybody as well. Just when it seems all good we have a habit of shooting ourselves in the foot. So next time you're feeling confident, how about adopting dignified silence on a rival fans webpage rather than blowing your gob off about 'we can get 3rd and how we're going to smash them' .... no we cant and no we wont.
jimmy-yid: just a typical closet fan, "oh i better not say anything coz as always i expect spurs to lose and i have no faith in them, hey i might aswell be a gooner!" confidence breeds confidence, nothing to do with the last 2 games, look at it over the season, yes we have had our ups and downs but all teams have, our team is finally playing the football we know we can and its gonna take a hell of a team to beat us at the moment, bluedub no thanks we will keep modric but give you 8m for ireland.
I was wondering if Man city feel they have a better team than Spurs?
Tony Rocky Horror
LOL though we're praying Woolwich Wanderers stuff your lot too!!
Tony Rocky Horror
Ha Ha has the world gone mad! Hilarious Tudor, all I had to do was take a look at ur pic and the title and enough was said. Even more funny is old Berbasulk shirt in the pic. I hate going to OT but I do beleive Spurs could nick a point. Arsenal are there for the taking but they too could bounce back from a shocking loss. All the best lads and its been one hell of a showpeice for the prem.
I'm glad you like the article Mix26 (lol). Mind you and according to the map stats (take a look at the yellow dots - previous reader stats) I would have said i've stirred up a hornets nest. But to be honest I felt it needed doing. This weekend is going to be a cracker no matter who you support - simples!
Spuds win at stretford and we lose to the gooners fourth place has gone then?
Buzz Lightyear
You'd have to say that was the case, I'd say Buzzer. They'd have seen off Arsenal Chelsea and the rags in quick succession which would in my book see them meriting it. We have to win every game.
Johnny Baguette
Arsenal are gonna wanna win to stop us from coming up and over taking them. we arent to far behind them, especially if we win and they lose. All to play for! Imagine if spurs got 3rd and city got 4th lol. and the scum (arse) got europe! Quality stuffs
Many of you have summed the situation up very well. Spurs and City have four games to play - whoever wins all of those will finish 4th or maybe we will be 3rd and 4th. Come Sunday the picture will be a lot clearer - the best results for me this weekend would be a Spurs draw and a City win - now that would make me very happy.
Exciting times!

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