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Villa, Liverpool & Chelsea: Pot, Kettle, Black?

Tom CTID sent Vital Manchester City the following.

So we lose Shay Given to injury and realise we have no adequate goalkeepers left. Reasonably we ask the FA if we can bring another keeper in on an emergency loan to cover (if we can't have Joe Hart back). After all everybody knows that a goalkeeper is a specialist position and the rules state that they can be traded outside the normal transfer window subject to FA approval.

At such a critical time in the season our nearest rivals, allegedly, have kicked up a fuss about us going down this path, but I suggest that they tread carefully.

Aston Villa

Aston Villa fans, cast your mind back to 2006. Do I recall a similar situation where your then first choice goalkeepers Thomas Sorensen and Stuart Taylor were both injured and you took advantage of the rules and brought in Crystal Palace goalkeeper Gabor Kiraly? I think you did.

To be specific, he made his debut in a 1-0 defeat against Bolton at Villa Park on 16th December, appeared a further four times and his last match was in an FA Cup third round 2-1 defeat to Man Utd on 7th of January where his last minute error gifting them the win. He returned to Crystal Palace on the 12th of January 2007. So you can't complain.


Before Liverpool fans can argue they too must cast their minds back to the 2004 season where once again injury struck the goalkeeping department. It was Jerzy Dudek and Chris Kirkland this time so once again they took advantage of the rules and drafted in Paul Jones from Southampton who made two appearances before leaving to join Wolves.


Chelsea too was hit with this problem in 2008 when Petr Cech and Carlo Cudicini were both injured. They signed up Magnus Hedman and I don't recall Man Utd or Arsenal kick up a fuss. So if Villa or Liverpool do try and appeal against us signing a goalkeeper cast your minds back and remember, fair's fair.

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The journalist

Writer: Tom CTID Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 27 2010

Time: 8:01PM

Your Comments

Cheating b'stards......cheating, lying, creeps. Rule breakers, manipulators. One rule for one and another set for every one else eh? I'm starting to warm again to United. W@NKERS!!!!! Fcking Arab sheiks just buying up whatever they want. This is repulsive corruption.
Tony Rocky Horror
Think it's mainly the spurs who are *****ting themselves, especially at the thought of Joe Hart returning for the final three matches of the season. With 4th place at stake as well as Joe Harts WC chances he certainly won't be letting his concentration slip! Unless we do get Hart back (which is unlikely) it is more than likely that we are going to sign a keeper as BACK UP to Nielsen, not vice versa. Still, nice to see everyone getting their knickerss in a twist over the issue and accusing us of "Brown enveloping" the FA. LMFAO
fecking Man Cit£y. Man United all the fecking way!!!!! As Keegan once said "I'LL LOVE IT IF WE BEAT THEM, JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!!"
Tony Rocky Horror
Tony - have you forgotten to take your meds again?
TomCTID - some top research there mate. Nice one.
I have to agree Bluedub. Tom has produced another cracker - well done mate.
I have not seen any Liverpool fan or forum arguing that you shouldn't be allowed to sign a keeper, the only fans that seem to be making it an issue are the spurs.
Tony Rocky Horror, I bet you say that to all the guys. (Swoon!!) I bet you got you a real pretty mouth there boy, now you gonna pray and you better pray real good....squeal!
TRH the fullo moon must be effecting you. Manure all the way? Eurrgh!
We did sign Hedman but he never made an appearance for us, whereas your loaner will be a first teamer!
Not necessarily Merlin, the kid might get his chance with the loaner as back-up.
I believe we didn't have any registered GK for back up - you however, have 9. I do think you should be able to recall Joe Hart - he is your player. If it's not in the contract, that's your own fault and you shouldnt' be allwed to get someone else. You have a 3rd choice GK for a reason, when your first 2 are injured.
I also expect any emergency signing (wtpe of Joe Hart) to come in as back-up only Gunnar trains with our defence every day, so whilst he may lack first team experience, knowing his team mates has got to count for something. We're not exactly going to attract la creme de la creme at such short notice anyway!
The rules concern transfers between clubs, whereas Magnus Hedman was out of contract. Chelsea were therefore fully entitled to sign him when they wanted. I therefore suggest that you revise your article, or invite Citeh to sign an out of contract keeper.
Well, it's now being reported that the FA won't allow us to take Joe Hart back, but they will allow us to sign emergency cover.
Euroblue - you sound just like "Annoyed, Tunbridge Wells" LOL
I believe Villa, Spurs and Liverpool all have a fine selection of keepers you could borrow.
LAVillian - City currently have one available goalkeeper that is on senior terms at the club, the other keepers are on the books but not on senior contracts.
RiF, good plan - but do you think they'll loan us Reina (My personal preference), Gomes or Friedel? Or would they try to fob us off with a one legged donkey in the hopes of derailing our chances of 4th?
Martin Fulop has signed on an emergency loan deal according to the Official website:
Well I was counting on the one legged donkey option
Emergency sign whoever you want. You're not gonna get 4th. The Spurs Express is a one way train to CL Football & there aint nothin you can do about it.
According to a Sunderland fan I spoke to today, Martin Fulop IS a one legged donkey RiF, so we won't be counting our chickens!
"Emergency sign whoever you want. You're not gonna get 4th. The Spurs Express is a one way train to CL Football & there aint nothin you can do about it. TornadoYid" So that will make the headlines "Derailment at Eastlands" then!
Faacking Mancini standing there wiff that faacking scarf raand his faacking neck, faacking caant!!!! He would'nt understand Man City's history if Colin pulled out his pierced 'bell-end' and told him to 'roll with it'.
Tony Rocky Horror
And the tax dodger has a lifetime connection to spurs how exactly?
RiF, Are you a villa or a spuds fan? cos you sound mighty scared about who we sign as a back-up keeper, as i can't see why liv erpool will not let us get Reina as they can't get 4th so they heve nothing to play for as the Europa League is not in there radar normally is it? and Gerrard is on the wacky baccy if he thinks 4th is in there grasp, it's between CITY, SPUDS,and VILLA, Steven, Liverpool can only get 4th this year IF hell freezes over, and i get my alloys back from the scroat who nicked em.......
Tony - Meds?
I don't really care who you sign. Great - take Fulop, he's worse than Given so it still plays in our hands. I do believe Chelsea started their 3rd choice keeper this year in a Champions League game, am I wrong???A squad is a squad for a reason.
If Fulop is anything like Kiraly was maybe yez should stick with the Pharaoh
LAVillian - who says we're not going to start Neilsen? any squad needs two keepers, no matter who starts.
Nobody is suggesting we don't start our 3rd choice keeper LAV, it's a fact that we've got chuff-all cover if he gets injured. All going well Fulop won't get a game.
Villa fan here. I think you're perfectly within your rights to sign someone on emergency loan and I certainly have no problem with it. However, it's quite handy that at this stage of the season you're not going to get someone as good as you've lost. Still, Fulop is fairly decent and Nielsen looked solid for the short period he played against Arsenal. Hopefully our inept attack can still breach one of them though!
Yeah i thought the same thing as LA Villian until i read this article and if thats what the rules say, fair enough sign a new keeper it's the same for everyone.
Villa to win on saturday. I believe if that is the result then spurs will get 4th spot on goal difference against villa. If city win saturday and we beat bolton (as we are expected to) then it is pretty much winner takes all at eastlands. Im not anxious.....MUCH!!!!!
Nobody sensible has anything against you signing a keeper. I personally believe you have every right to take Joe Hart back if the contract between you and brum allows for it - hell, even if it doesnt - take him and pay the compensation - its the champions league!!!

Is it only keepers that can go on emergency loan? If not, I'm pretty annoyed fergie didnt sign an emergency defender before the fulham and villa games.
Just seen the post above that says you've got Fulop in - gotta be better than an untried 3rd choice.
Think it is just keepers Tuscan, as they're regarded as a "specialist" player, whereas I guess they deem anyone who can run about in the outfield to be capable of playing anywhere on the park. Maybe that's where man u have been going wrong all season - Dimitar Berbatov at Centre Half anyone?
Great article tom, good knowledge pal. I just can't believe how stupid we are - not putting an emergency loan clause in Joe's contract
I'd rather you sign a keeper as cover and then, with all the rules being correctly applied, we beat you on Saturday :o) I don't think anyone can ask for any different.
yeah but you see, you've made our point for us. we signed gabor kiraly. if you're going to sign someone equally **** (and with it give up any chance of 4th) fair enough. i, however, suspect you won't try to sign someone **** and THATS why its unfair. in all seriousness, I personally believe that the rule is a load of b*llocks, BUT i agree entirely that on the basis that we, and several other sides, have "benefitted" (as i say, we signed kiraly, thus didnt "benefit") from this rule in the past you should be allowed to also. i just wonder what young keepers must think of this rule. im guessing "thanks for the vote of confidence" isnt their answer.
As far as i'm concerned, City should be getting absolutely NO special dispensation whatsoever. Seriously, what a joke: they knew the rules before they started and yet, because they cocked up, they want the rules now changed to suit them!!!!!! Perhaps if they spent more of their time dealing with matters in hand at the club instead of trying to buy so called superstar players for obscene amounts of money when many people in Manchester are surviving below the poverty line-or trying to emualte their repulsive, more illustrious neighbours- they wouldn't be up ***** creek as it is. I know for a fact that Tottenham, Villa and Liverpool have already reached an agreement to take City to court over this, if it affects the outcome of the race for fourth.
Tony Rocky Horror
If Heart is on loan to Birmingham and is a member of ur squad then I think yh you should be aload to bring him despite I hope u dont :)
Bring him back* oh and nice research TOM CTID
Joe Hart*, Fu#k me man, It must be gettin late, My spelling = :(
What was Hughes thinking of not putting a 'recall' clause into Hart's loan contract?
Despite the facts stated in the article above, showing clear examples of other clubs signing keepers on loan during the season, some fans (spurs fans) find this hard to expect. The FA has agreed to it, just like in the past. Deal with it. The same FA is allowing portsmouth to sell players now before the window reopens. These jealous hateful spurs fans should be realistic. Id like nothing more to see their bottom faced manager and deluded fans cry on the final day of the season if city or villa clinch 4th place.
Super City Slicker
Tony Rocky Horror
TOM CTID...who were the GK's liverpool and villa had out on loan? how many keepers were on their books? seeing as though you are a "database of knowledge" why did you omit the fact that when YOU played west ham in 1996 they had Les Sealey and Ludo Miklosko injured and they were not allowed to get a replacement on loan and had to use a 17 year old acadamy player neil finn. you have scoured the internet for excuses to why this should be allowed but yet have failed to answer 1 fundamental question.... you have 9 keepers on your books and 3 of them are injured who's fault is that? and how does that constitute an emergency?
A spectacular thread. Inside a week, it could all be over....?
Johnny Baguette
What a ridiculous article. Nobody has kicked up a fuss or anything of the sort. Stick to your day job mate.
Jonah - Look at ther comments again, then go to Vital Tottenham and look at the 150 or so comments on their "City caught short" thread and then tell me. Then, kindly pick up a newspaper and read the stories about how Villa Liverpool and Spuds are eyeing up legal action against us Still suggest that no-one is kicking up a fuss? Keep taking the tranquilisers dude, they're clearly working.
Paddypower - as I pointed out earlier City have ONE fit keeper currently available that is on a senior contract, despite what The Times have reported, the others are on the books but not on senior terms. Get over it, a precedent has been set and City are only acting within the laws of the game.
City currently have four fit professional goalkeepers on their books. Gunnar Nielsen has 2 international caps and 10 Faroe Isles U-21s caps and has 11 senior club appearances. Arsenal lost Almunia and Fabianski back in September and had to field Vito Mannone who, at the time, had made 5 professional appearances. Injuries are part of football and if you have to have a 17 year old on the bench, too bad.
Little Dutch
I don't have a problem with city signing a backup keeper ( if he is purely used as backup for the present keeper). I believe Hart could not have been reclaimed as it is against FL rules for a player from a prem club loaned to another prem club to return. In any case Birming ham would hardly have condoned it as city's next match is against Brum. What worries me though is that Fulop is an ex Spur and it would be a bitter pill for him to save a couple of crucial penalties against us, good job Jermain has returned to form from the spot.
bluedub, would you not agree then that the fairest option would be to allow city to promote 1 or all of your numerous GK's to a senior contract rather than obtain the services of another international?
The whole thing is a joke. It makes a mockery of respect and fair play and exposes the inherent corruption at the heart of our national game.
Tony Rocky Horror
Paddypower - perhaps that would be the fairest way, but I can't understand why such a furore when other clubs have used this PL ruling to their advantage before. In other words your gripe is with the rule makers not City.
Tony Rocky Horror, please shut the f00k up. Your rambling on like a Doomsday Preacher and it's getting old. Are you a troll or what? Jeez..
I'm still in favour of stikcing with Nielsen. The lad has been worked well hard in training and knows the City set up.
Johnny Baguette
No qualms with City taking a keeper on an emergency loan. I'm a Chelsea fan who did remember us taking Hedman a few years back. We could though take the moral high ground by also remembering that we took on a player who was out of contract, not one who had already this season played a number of games for another premier league team. However as I said, even though I will be willing Villa and Sp*rs to finish above you, I think it perfectly reasonable that you should have professional cover in goal. p.s always nice to hear angry spuds fans, lol
wee dennis
Chelsea signed him on a FREE TRANSFER. Makes sense to you??
there's nothing wrong with the rule especially next season when we will all be forced to register a 25 man squad however it shouldnt apply here. it seems u have cover but are unwilling to use them and are seeking more qualified backup to gain an advantage. yes we know shay is amazing and joe hart is on loan and cant return but this is a kick in the teeth to ur still availible 5 keepers that they are not even trusted as backups
why is our name being dragged in this...u can sign 2 GK now for all we care...we have never said agains this...then why is it tht u guyz are having a go at us??
Another example of the FA taking the obvious decision and doing the complete opposite. Obviously Us and Villa are not going to be happy and may be viewing with tinted specks but the fact that supporters from clubs like Pompey, United and Chelsea are all of the same view when it has no direct effect on them shows what a disgrace this decision it. If you literally had NO COVER AT ALL I could understand it but you have a 3rd choice keeper and should have to play him. Chelsea had the very same problem this season and got on with it.
Although i like City, i think this decision is nothing short of disgraceful
Its a disgrace but no point moaning. Spurs will get 4th fair and square and then we'll sit up on our moral high ground and point and laugh at your rich classless asses.
i am not blaming city bluedub, most clubs would have done the same but if the shoe was on the other foot then city fans would be on vital spurs saying pretty much everything that has been said here, by granting this the PL have made a mockery of their own rules and transfer system, and have left themselves wide open to clubs abusing this rule, so a club can have as many GK's on their books as they want but as long as they do not sign senior contracts and any club can dip into the loan market at any time for a new one if the others are injured?
fair enough paddypower, the law is an ass, like I said that's not City's fault, hence the villification of City in some of the comments on this article are totally unwarranted. I don't recall such a stink being kicked up about this when it happened in the past. Do you?
How is the decision a disgrace, it's a rule so why not use it when you have your 1st and 2nd choice keeper out. I don't think any fan would complain if they used the rule. Anyway, we have chosen Fulop not Buffon. The keeper we have chose is nowhere near the standard of our 1st choice keeper, you'd think we'd just been guaranteed fourth by the view of some numpty's on here
Once a Blue
Dear Premier League, Emile Heskey isn’t very good and we’ve got a couple of crucial games coming up. We left ourselves a little threadbare in terms of attacking resources, so is it alright if we buy another striker? Yours sincerley, AVFC.
Haha, nice one thesparkatron!
Also, the parents of this new keeper of yours missed a trick by not naming him Philip surely?
Once a Blue, what you have been allowed to do is not within the rules though and thats why us "numpty's" are a bit peed off about it. The rule is if you don't have any registered senior GKs to use then you are allow special circumstances to draft someone in. You however DO have players registered that can play and simply don't think they are good enough. At most you should be allowed to bring in someone to COVER your genuine players ie Neilson. Whats the purpose of a 3rd choice keeper if when required to use him you're allowed to sign someone better? It makes no sense and is a total nonsense.
Well, we're desperately short of RB's and don't really want to use the kid, Walker, so I'm sure City wouldn't mind loaning us lot Richards, just for 3 games. Seems fair to me. I think it's a disgrace and can assure you that if Gomes went down we'd be told to make do with Alnwick. At the end of the day it doesn't change anything. 4th is still ours to win and it'll be decided on the pitch. 3 games, 3 wins and 4th is ours. The "emergency loan" (Fulop is to start against Villa if reports are to be believed) will still be a disgrace. COYS
MJB Spur - you are WRONG, we have one registered keeper left. Three injured, one currently on loan and the other four are not on senior contracts.
MCFC were given permission to sign an emergency loan goalkeeper and that's exactly what we've done. Now we move on and concentrate on beating Villa, Spuds and West Ham. CTID.
"Its a disgrace but no point moaning. Spurs will get 4th fair and square and then we'll sit up on our moral high ground and point and laugh at your rich classless asses. Darbinho" Rather be rich and classless than just classless like some people I could mention.

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