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One Day I Will Return And Play For Barcelona

Manchester City newbie, Yaya Toure has not even played a game for the Blues, but in an amazing statement the £200,000-per-week Premier League highest earner said...

'The day of the signing [for City] was difficult for me. I was sad because in all those years I only had Barcelona in my head and now I'm out.'

'I'm very sorry because the club is the club in my heart. My time in Barcelona has been perfect. Here I have my best friends and always thought I would end my career here'

'I want to thank everyone for what they have done for me. The people of Barcelona are very good who know much about football. I have no words to apologise to all the people who wanted me to stay.'

The younger brother of current City player, Kolo added...

'I go to City to help them grow and take them to the level of Manchester United and Chelsea. However, I am convinced that some day I shall return to Spain. My heart is Barca and some day I will wear this shirt again, I am sure of that. Barca is the club of my life.'

I am going to refrain from adding my thoughts and leave that to you.

Yaya's comments were taken from the Daily Mail.

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 6 2010

Time: 1:51AM

Your Comments

Berrrrrmp! lol. :D
Cover the badge and tell him to guess who he's signed for! Players like that are turning Man City into an absolute joke, full of mercenaries, like a diluted Real Madrid. Imagine if Kolo goes somewhere else? Or if one isn't picked, the other one will kick off. What a sorry state of affairs!
Going to enjoy beating this collection of money grabbers.
When's the school holidays over? Zbam and Klutch clearly have too much time on their hands.
He said it to a local Catalan radio station. AKA he is telling people what they plan to hear. Tevez said he'd go back to West Ham and there are a billion other examples. Yet another City-related issue blown out of proportion by the media, just like the false claims that Yaya is earning 220k per week when it is closer to half of that.
I do hope your £200K a week is an estimate bor a guess as he certainly isn't worth that.
His wages are plain wrong, who in the World as a midfielder gets more than the strikers. Maybe he did want to stay, but the club wanted to sell so they could use the money on Fab. Lets wait and see how he shapes up playing, talk is cheap.
Barca tried to get him to stay, THEY wanted HIM to stay, knowing how good he is (only politics keep him out of the first team, Busquets is the son of a powerful man in Barca and is also Catalan who the club always favours, but Yaya is much better!) but he wanted to be first choice so pushed for the move. Again, this is just another media attempt to make us look bad, Yaya simply told a local radio station that he'd love to go back to Barca some day, as that is what fans would want to hear.
I have to admit that when I first saw that I was annoyed. However after digging and seeing where this came from I don't believe a word of it.
SFC Forever
I have to admit that when I first saw that I was annoyed. However after digging and seeing where this came from I don't believe a word of it.
SFC Forever
Well Barca didn't try hard enough eh? Haha. As soon as the money was flashed in front of Ya ya he lit up. Its funny that SillyWilly3 is questioning how much this particular mercenary is getting when he sprouts his mess all over the vital network about how you boys are the richest in the world etc! Still though, its a funny story. Made me laugh. Cheers.
£200K a week and still can't buy his loyalty for a week, of course Yaya, Jô, Santa Cruz, Barry, Lescott, Adebayor, Touré and Robinho all came for "footballing reasons" and not the £150K a week your club throws at them.
This club and player are an absolute joke, I mean you lot are paying him 220K, that is an absolute joke in itself but yet he says he wants to play for Barca. Willy, I cant believe you criticised our transfer policy, when your teams transfer policy is an absolute joke, oif you guys dont get results all hell is gonna break loose and I as a football fan will absolutely love it
Rob - if you really believe that he's on that kind of money the" joke" is on you mate for believing tabloid thrash.
@ Bluedub - This is the opening paragraph of the article above..... "Manchester City newbie, Yaya Toure has not even played a game for the Blues, but in an amazing statement the £200,000-per-week Premier League highest earner said...". So Rob-EFC was wrong by 20k. I believe the joke is on you perhaps? I'm sure he'll accept your apology though! :D
Zbam - the alleged amount of money comes from tabloid reports, so I don't owe anyone anything my friend. Vieira was according to the tabloids on over 100,000 a week, then it transpired that he was on a pay as you play deal for just a fraction of that. All I'm saying is, if you believe the tabloids then worse fool you.
Ahh, the jealous rival fans are out again. Its like they're lurking around waiting for the slightest hint at trouble in the City camp so they can rejoice and make themselves feel better cos nothing worthwhile seems to be happening in their own clubs. Issue is in their haste to do this they end up being pathetically gullibe as if journalists aren't trying to boost sales for their newspapers by telling people what they want to hear! Get your facts right Klutch, Jo was here before the takeover. So what if Yaya still loves Barca? those are the exact words i'd want to hear as a Barca fan. You're deluded if you think all players are fans of the clubs they play for. I'd prefer a person to speak honestly than just try to be politically correct. End of the day Yaya Toure is a MCFC player and fans cant wait for the coming season, deal with it!
me_innit - Thanks for correcting me mate, I’m glad to know that Cook is good at wasting everybody's money not just the Sheikh cash lol. O and if you don't enjoy ppl having a laugh at your club when there is the "slightest hint at trouble in the City" then you might want to tell your members Wswilly3, fifthcolumnblue and some others to stop spewing their garbage on other fans site.
Look Klutch, i dont think the Sheik is complaining about money, he can obviously afford it. Do you honestly think Cook is allowed to spend money without authrisation? Its childish to suggest thats the case. OK, from what you're saying i guess you 'enjoy ppl having a laugh at your club'? good for you! If you have issues with certain members deal with them personally, dont tell me about it. Good luck with the situation your club is in, all the best, i personally dont have an issue with Liverpool fans. Like i said these are exciting times for City fans. CTID.
Toure is on closer to 160k a week, bonuses excluded. More media tripe, but even if we showed people like Klutch his pay slip, they would stick both fingers in their ears and shout "la, la, la!" as they need ammunition, false or not, to fuel their venomous hatred for City. They are bitter that we are the rising power in world football. Prolly a fan of one of the Sky 4 or an Everton bitter.
you're right Stu, I believe Klutch is a Liverpool fan, that conveniently forgets that Torres said something similar to Yaya when leaving Athletico. As for Zbam, SWP said something similar on leaving City to join Chelsea.
Still no offence to Toure, but he isnt worth 150K a week, he is 100K a week max, and to be honest would you blame me for thinking you signed him on a 220K a week, I mean you signed Lescott for 24mil, Im an everton fan and I couldve told you he isnt worth 15mil. Also do you guys actually have any proof that he is on 160K a week, or is that coming from a City fan????
Here is some proof that he is receiving 220K, from all the sources I have read he is getting anywhere from 200-220K, I havent read anywhere that he is receiving 160K or whatever.
This does not bother me in the slightest! As long as he does a decent job for us, then goes back to barca, i am not fussed at all!good on ya yaya. Who would not want to play for barca?
Rob, how is that proof? You have serious issues if you believe everything you read in newspapers or some website. I guess its easy for you cos you want to believe it.
He won't go back to Barca. He was already ousted from their first team by the political move of promoting the talented but inferior Busquets. In a few years time when he's touching 30, he won't be getting in Barca's team still. Once again, it was telling fans what they want to hear as so many footballers do.
Cheers for the mention Klutch, but since when did having an opinion you don't happen to agree with translate into "spouting garbage"? I don't agree with your spoutings on Yaya, but as deluded as you are I'm perfectly happy to tolerate them. Hell, you give me a jolly good laugh sometimes!
fifthcolumnblue - I'm honored I can make you laugh cause you and SillyWilly are two of the biggest clowns on the whole net. I'm more then willing to tolerate your garbage but it seems some City fans don’t care to hear my point of view when I point out that your club is just like the vacant cities that your owners have built in the middle of the desert, full of bells and whistles but lacking passion and life.
paying a medoricre play 200 grand a week haha, what u gona do when the uefa rules are enforced? you're *****eddd tbh
Klutch - burning any flags lately? Go team Liverpool, awesome!
jackstan - far from mediocre and you know it. You mention the new rules, that is exactly why I believe these CLAIMS that Yaya is getting that amount of money to be ludicrous. Sheikh Mansour and his associates didn't become multi-billionaires by being stupid with their money, so why would they start now?
Learn how to spell jackstan, you embarass yourself.
That's just it Klutch - your point of view is so bigoted that we aren't interrested in hearing it. When you come on to accuse us of being passionless, you base it on what exactly? The 28000 crowds we got in the 2nd division, or a few tabloid reports slating us for not buying English players? If you have something constructive to say or even something mildly interesting then I'll be more than happy to listen. But if you're just here to spew mindless bilge (see, you do have a lot in common with the Everton fans after all) then don't expect a warm welcome.
fifthcolumnblue - How am i "bigoted" exactly? you and Willy go around Vital talking Sh!t to other people about their club but yet get offended when people have a laugh at your lot for paying 200K a week for an average midfielder. Plus your owners also believe incorrectly that if they build it people will come and just like their cities thats not going to be the case, now i'm not saying you guys don't have great fan base in Manchester but you don't have and won't have the global fan base to break even from year to year. Also prior to meeting you and Willy i actually had a soft spot for City and its fans but your two quickly made me change my mind
Klutch - Yaya an average player? Get a grip.
How long does it take a single brain cell to change?
You shouldn't hold your breath; unfortunately you will always stay stupid. ;)
Yeah, sure Klutch, like whatever.

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