Manchester City - Spurs Goalkeeper Talks City
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Spurs Goalkeeper Talks City

Tottenham goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes has been Talking The Blues a fortnight ahead of the season's curtain raiser versus The Citizens at White Hart Lane...

Post an essentially dreary World Cup, 'expert' analysis of The Blues has been restricted to a desperate outburst from the rags' Paul Scholes and the likes of Martin O'Neill or Harold Redknapp acknowledging the City threat. We certainly haven't been subjected to the same ferocious criticism that we've grown accustomed to. Even the usual 'ruining football' hackery has subsided.

Anyroad, the Spurs Brazilian keeper has chosen the moment of his latest interview to offer some advice to East Manchester:

'You never win things with big names alone, you need to do it as a team, not only as names....'

The former PSV man continued:

'City have lots of big-name players, but last season I don't think they performed at their best. With the players they have, they need to do better than they did last season. If they put all their names on the pitch and work as a team, then it will be a great team.'

Gomes played a blinder at Eastlands last May in what became 'The Champions League race for fourth decider' and it will be fascinating to see whether his grasp of the bleeding obvious is mirrored by his grasp of crosses and shots unleashed from what will be a City side strengthened in all areas and carrying a nucleus mindful of that shattering defeat.

We could be in for another cracking contest!

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 31 2010

Time: 4:24PM

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Being honest, in my opinion. Whether you can, as he put it 'work as a team', remains to be seen.Too many egos, perhaps? Reluctant to sit on the bench? The likes of the rumbling between Given and Hart will surely only grow as players like De Jong, Lescott and Adebayor have to accept a squad rotation policy and the fact that, unlike at their previous clubs, they cannot be counted as 'essential' at City.
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31/07/2010 16:33:00

Well, Euro Champions Inter Milan who we face tonight rotate their squad as any successful side must in order to achieve. Surely City's players are tuned in to that fact.
Johnny Baguette
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31/07/2010 16:38:00

Interesting. I take it you disagree with Gomes.
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31/07/2010 16:47:00

Not necessarily, Johnny. Egomaniacs like Balotelli demand to be first-choice every week.He wasn't playing every week at Inter, therefore he left. Similarly, Adebayor wouldn't like being left on the bench, would he? Tevez complained at United that he was being rotated, therefore he left for City. Ireland wants to leave due to lack of playing time, apparently. Bellamy too.Even Given doesn't want to be rotated. And with Mancini's declared rotation policy, this could prove a massive problem.
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31/07/2010 16:54:00

Sorry, Balotelli didn't leave, he is in the process of leaving. Point stays the same, though.
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31/07/2010 16:55:00

If we sign Balotelli then it would be made clear about the pending rotation policy. If he doesn't like it then he can go and find another club for all I care. Same goes for all MCFC players. If the boss says this is the way its going to be then so-be-it. That's why they're called the boss. They can hire, fire or in this case, put you in the reserves.
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31/07/2010 16:59:00

Even if there is a rotation policy in place the best players will still get the most playing time and and be satisfied with that. Those who get less playing time will be even hungrier to impress when they get a chance. Ireland himself said that he would happy just to be a part of the squad and coming in in the 70th minute if that's what the gaffer decides. All of the guys on the team know that rotation will be necessary if the club is to compete in all competitions.
Blue ponderer
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31/07/2010 17:07:00

You can't disagree with Gomez, but I don't believe anyone at City thinks we can just buy names and win stuff, that would be stupid All a player has to do, if he wants to be part of a team that wins stuff, is work hard and know his job backwards, that goes for any player with a big ego, Mancini is the gaffer full stop, if you don't perform you will be passed over, simple.
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31/07/2010 17:11:00

Both Tudor and Blueponderer, true, but that doesn't hide the fact that players who were guaranteed a starting place last season now may not be,like Given,and players who were essential for their clubs before they joined City, like Lescott, adebayor and Bellamy, won't like being told they are essentialy back-up till the first team member they compete with is either tired, injured or not needed for a game of lesser importance. This will breed unhappiness, regardless of the manager's policy or intentions. it's happened again and again before, to managers made of much harder stuff than Mancini. Louis Van Gaal, Roy Keane at Sunderland and Alex Ferguson at United. Player-power is now an accepted curse, and there may be too much of it at city.
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31/07/2010 17:16:00

Some really good points DubaiSpur. It will be interesting to see whether Mancini picks the best team or the best individuals.
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31/07/2010 17:24:00

TheFamousNo7, for your sake, I hope the best individuals do in fact make the best team.
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31/07/2010 17:30:00

I guess it's impossible to keep everybody happy always. But I do think the subs that are part of a rotation would be happier than the ones who never get a chance because it's always the same 11 playing - I suppose only time will tell what will happen at City...
Blue ponderer
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 17:53:00

I dont think we are looking at the same kind of rotation policy that Benitez practiced at Liverpool... That was rediculous. Mancini still doesnt know the full extent of his players abilities having only been at City for a short time. People are right in the fact that some of the players may become disenchanted at sitting on the bench for a lot of the time, but if we are fighting on all fronts in every competition, we will need to rotate.
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 17:53:00

Whats going on with Robinho, City fans?. I guess he's coming back from Brazil but he's another who doesn't like sitting on the bench, getting subbed or coming on for bit parts. Buy big names and they want to play. Buy expensive players that are happy sitting on the bench picking up their millions and maybe they don't want to work too hard when called upon? I'm sure it seems a nice problem but Mancini has his work cut out just with ego-control I reckon.
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31/07/2010 18:11:00

I think Mancini has been quite clear on what happens with players who are not happy - the best example of that is Robinho. the message is:" if you're not happy you can leave, if you want to stay you have to work your socks off to be part of the team". Regarding Robinho now, the ball is entirely in his court. If he has some dignity left in him he'll give it another go; a player with his ability could have a place in the city team it's al about how much he wants it now...
Blue ponderer
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31/07/2010 18:25:00

Players like Adebayor, Barry, Bellamy, Ireland, and Micah have all come out and said they are happy to fight for their spots and understand rotation. The whole "ego" thing is being overblown by the media. Not every player is Robinho. Watch the interview with the Toure Brothers, do these two really look and sound like the "dastardly mercenaries" bitter rival fans and agenda-driven media hacks would suggest (Kolo didn't complain once when he was dropped to the bench last season, BTW)?
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 18:46:00

they are mercenaries though, do you seriously go from barcelona/valencia with regular CL football to man city for anything more than money? i don't think so, maybe there is a challenge and a chance to write history BUT that was available before rich arabs bought the club and yet i didn't quite see them queing up to sign then or did i miss that bit? i don't think you have bought players with big ego's but you have definately bought money grabbing mercenaries.
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31/07/2010 19:02:00

Their will obviously be a few grumbles from players it happens at all the bigger clubs....but i think Mancini is a good man and a man that should demand respect and if the palyers do start getting to vocal im sure he will tell them the options available to them...obviously knuckle down + wait for the chance or find another club!!! its that simple for city as they have the spending power and aslong as the Board stand by their manager then the players will have to accept that city are gonna push for the title and rotation is needed. i obviously hope that starts to sink in from the 2nd game in after defeat to us ;)
only 1 spurs
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31/07/2010 19:09:00

Sp spursman, if you get an offer of doing the same job tomorrow for an extra 5 quid an hour, does taking it make you a mercenary too? Most people would. Footballers are only following human instinct of moving to a higher paying job, that does not make them bad people. Of course, some are bad people and it becomes clear who they are. Incidentally, I'd guess most of those coming have been sold on the idea that we will be in the Champions League fairly soon, so one or two seasons without CL football isn't going to kill them.
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 19:23:00

Its people like spursman79 who give spurs fans a bad name on other boards, anytime you post here you're calling our players names, give it up mate and take a cue from posters like ''only 1 spurs'' and be decent. Playing football is a job so if you dont get this concept by now stop being a fan, you talk absolute bollox!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 19:23:00

Good to see cutting edge debate still alive and well on the Vital Network. Unique!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 19:25:00

ok so i had a job that paid say 5.5m a year, would i swap it for a downgrade in job for say 7.5m? probably not as with 5.5 i would be happy enough i would imagine and if the job is better then no need for that extra 2m as i would be happier in the job that was better, comparing footballers wages to the average persons wage is totally stupid, im talking the TRUTH and you know it, where was these players say 3 years ago? wanting to join city where they? bet they had never even heard of your team.
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 19:41:00

You're talking absolute bollox and everyone knows it. Is it so hard to understand that the prospect of helping a club that hasn't won anything for decades but now has every chance of doing so is more attractive to some players than just joining a club that wins trophies for fun? And in Yayas case getting to play with your bro in the same team before your career is over? Obviously we weren't in this position 3years ago were we? Dont even know why im bothering with someone who talks no sense.
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 19:54:00

Spursman. Obviously before all the money came in and before City had any chance of competing for the title, no world class player in their right mind would sign for us...They would sign for Chelsea, Manure, Liverpool or Arsenal where they'd get the most money and the best chance of playing Champions league. This is completely logical and we are intelligent enough here at City to understand that. Now that City can pay top wages and attract the best in the world we can compete for titles - that's how it works. To say that only mercenaries come to play for City is true in the sense that most professional football players are mercenaries - they play for money and for glory. If you're honest to yourself, do you really think the players you have in your squad are only there because of the fans, or because it's nice? I didn't think so...So who were all these homegrown spurs players again?
Blue ponderer
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 20:08:00

Let's wait for the influx of world class talent to arrive at White Hart lane for the opportunity to play int the Champions League whilst fitting into Spurs' wage structure before we go calling them names shall we? I'm not holding my breath, and in reality, not many spurs fans are. You've already lost out on one decent player (Joe Cole) for refusing to pay him what he wanted, how many more are going to decline your advances? Footba is a money oriented business, and even manure are finding it difficult to attract players nowadays. So Spurs really do need to catch up to the rest of the big boys if they want to maintain their current staus.
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 20:57:00

we will maintain our current status regardless of our wage structure, we did it last season and we will do it this season.
Report Abuse
31/07/2010 21:46:00

I think Blue and fifth hit the nail on the head. Tell you what, give them gooners a good thrashing and we'll ignore the gratuitous money spending. :-)
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 10:45:00

We'll most certainly give it a go Brizzle! ;)
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 13:12:00


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