Manchester City - Vieira Sees Red As Inter Crush City
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Vieira Sees Red As Inter Crush City

Manchester City's pre-season campaign suffered a major set-back after they were thrashed by a largely second-string Inter team in Rafael Benitez's opening game.

City started on the front foot and their superior match time appeared evident. Tempers flared early on between the two sides, providing the large crowd with far more than just a lack-lustre testimonal.

Unfortunately, City's early momentum was quashed after the harsh sending off of Patrick Vieira, a rediculous decision by the referee who effectively ended the game before it had even reached the 25 minute mark.

The former Inter man jumped for the ball, catching fellow veteran Marco Materazzi with a trailing arm. Vieira only had eyes for the ball, but it was an early bath for the Frenchman and an uphill struggle for the Citizens from there on in.

Inter made full use of their numerical advantage and it was no suprise that they opened the scoring in the 39th minute.

Victor Obinna cut in from the left, sending a shot straight through Micah Richards' legs, past Joe Hart, and in at the far post to give Benitez's side a half-time lead.

Half-Time: Internazionale 1-0 Manchester City

In the second-half, City were left chasing shadows for the most part, Inter dominating both possession and chances.

The inevitable came early on, as the European Champions doubled their lead in the 54th minute.

Obinna's shot deflected off of Joleon Lescott and past the hapless Given, who had replaced Hart at the interval. Lescott has now been culpable for two goals in as many games.

Inter continued to dominate, but a resolute City side stood firm. Adebayor had little to feed off now that the Blues were on the back-foot, while Barry had slotted into left-midfield, providing little threat down the wing.

Inter introduced the likes of Samuel Eto'o and Stankovic, yet they failed to cause any further damage.

It took a wonder-strike in the 74th minute for the Italian side to wrap up the game, young substitute Cristiano Biraghi rifling the ball into the top corner from 30-yards.

Full-Time: Internazionale 3-0 Manchester City

Goals: Obinna 39' Lescott og 54', Biraghi 74' (Internazionale)

Team: Hart (Given 46), Zabaleta, Kompany (Ireland 79), Toure Kolo (Boyata 63) , Bridge (Cunningham 46); Vieira, Toure Yaya (Lescott 46), Barry (Wright-Phillips 55); A Johnson, Jo (Richards 29), Adebayor.

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The journalist

Writer: Lincolnsmariner Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 1 2010

Time: 3:05AM

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About somes it up 8th - thought Yaya Toure looked a class act though.
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01/08/2010 03:34:00

It seems every move flows through him - like a younger Viera. I hope the two swap notes! Cant wait to see Silva in action.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 03:44:00

Yaya was worth the ticket cost, for sure. Just got back from the game, the ref was favoring Inter the entire night. It was a joke.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 05:30:00

Never seen a Cityside who wins everything pre-season start the season well. We'll get it together.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 07:53:00

A red card in a friendly? Someone is having a larf and it ain't Vieira! Anyone know if the card wil resut in a ban for the start of the season? Any sight of Balotelli?
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 08:27:00

The game was efeectively over as a contest when the inept ref gotr conned by the Italian in the challenge.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 11:21:00

Good old Inter... won me some money, as did the Toffees!
Vanilla Ice
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 12:01:00

Already moaning and the season hasn't even began. Inter put you back into your place as will us, Chelsea and Arsenal and who knows Tottenham and Liverpool may also show you how football is played. Still can't play with the big boys.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 12:35:00

No, TheFamous7, obviously you didn't realize that the ref sent off Vieira due to Italian acting 22 minutes into the game. It's not moaning if you have a point. I was at the game, there was no contact with the player. Vieira went straight up for the ball, the ball hit the Inter player in the head, he went down like he got elbowed, and the ref sent off Vieira. It was pathetic.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 13:06:00

Keep clutching at those straws Famous.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 13:10:00

Last year's pre-season in South Africa wasn't great either. It didn't prevent us from having a flying start to the real season. We're still not playing with the best 11 and to lose 3-0 against the European Champion with a man down after 22 minutes in a friendly is not a disaster.
Blue ponderer
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 13:26:00

Ye but to lose most of your pre-season games is a disaster! And Famous... you forgot Everton :)
Vanilla Ice
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 13:49:00

That's not the case at all, VI. Each time City dazzle in pre-season, histoprically we start the season poorly. Time will tell when we wheel the big guns out this week.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 13:52:00

Time will tell... and i'm sure it'll show that City paid over the odds for players who need time to settle in the league. 5th or 6th place this year I'd say!
Vanilla Ice
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 13:54:00

Sharing the straws with the rags now are we VI? I suppose it makes sense from a financial point of view, but does smack of desparation.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 14:14:00

Desperation??? I support Everton... the only thing I smell of is optimism... and maybe Lynx Africa :)
Vanilla Ice
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 14:22:00

Spot on Philly, we were never going to win with that referee in charge. I can't believe Inter players were play acting in a friendly- especially to get a former team mate sent off. No class.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 15:04:00

The European Champions second string team Blue ponderer, don't make it sound as if you just went head to head with their first team with Jose Mourinho in charge. Dont forgot your good start to the season meant Tevez only scored 3 up until the end of December, maybe next time he wont come about form to rescue you in the remaining half of the season.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 15:16:00

Haha bunch of over paid players with overhyped fans simply glory hunters not trophy no top[ 4 this season !!! Wislilly03 yesterdays boyyzz still yesterdays boyzz.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 15:18:00

God I love it when City get a taste of their own medicine (serves you right for bitching on other clubs sites).
Vanilla Ice
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 15:23:00

Notwithstanding the fact that this was a preseason friendly (meaningless in other words) against the European Champions and we were down to 10 men, I have to chuckle at all the cretins crawling out from under their rocks to have a dig at us over the loss. To the rags - we lost against Inter, not some two bit Mexican side. To any Tottenham fans having a go(if you are) you just got dicked by the team that finished 7th in La Liga. And to our friend Vanilla Ice - you beat Norwich from the Championship. That would seem to be about your level. Still, the increasing desparation of your attempts to have a pop at ANYTHING that gives you hope we're not the real deal is filling me with mirth. Keep up the good work chaps.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 15:39:00

well said 5th. well said indeed.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 15:41:00

Yes well said... but makes **** all difference to the score and to our 100% start to the season. You come on our site talking absolute BS and then complain when we come on here to have a laugh. Until City win something you haven't got anything on any of us. If you win something then you can have a go at us, until then... Your nobody's!
Vanilla Ice
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 16:03:00

I'm not complaining VI, you are welcome to your opinions, just don't get upset if I happen to laugh at them. Capice?
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 16:32:00

Why would I care what you think??? Your obviously an idiot if you think City can achieve anything!
Vanilla Ice
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 17:52:00

I think you got that mixed up VI, its you who's brainless to think City can't achieve anything.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 19:05:00

City have achieved nothing in years (except for bouncing between leagues) and that won't change this year. Money can't buy instant success, especially not for a team like City... But if I'm wrong I'll be the first one here to say I WAS WRONG!
Vanilla Ice
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 19:13:00

fcb i wouldn't mention it if your team hadn't tried to win but the simple fact is you did and failed amazingly. Don't try that European Champions 8ull0cks it was their second string team! Clubs a joke, spending is a joke, fans are joke, ambitions are joke, an embarassment to the premier league.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 21:28:00

Which is it VI? City can't achieve anything or City cant achieve anything instantly? I don't believe a lot of us fans expect instant success but we expect its not too far off cos we jumped up 5 places last season and even a 4th spot this season will be an improvement. Dont get it twisted, money will get you quality players who will help push for titles so indirectly money can give you a very good chance of success, i know it s*cks but theres no denying it. Dont kid anyone, if you're proved wrong you wont be here to admit anything, and oh thefamousno7, your club's debt is the real joke!
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 22:13:00

Been in debt for ages me_innit, you've got to stop laughing its a real old joke. You may have that realistic idea me_innit but your friend wswilly3 has this idea that we're going to crash and burn and you're going to perform the double this season. Delirious or what?
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 23:18:00

It may be old but its still a joke and surely you're not going to tell me that its an ideal situation. We lost a pre-season match to the current Euro Champs after going down to 10 men on 20 mins and rival fans are having a party?
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 00:05:00

Pure desparation on their part me_innit. Loads more to come from the poor straw-clutchers to be sure.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 00:53:00

The euro champs second string team without a Mourinho with you playing a much more experienced and better side to that of other pre-season matches. Face it, you really went for the win, the team selection says it all, the excuses and moaning about a red card meant you will doomed to lose says it all.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 05:58:00

One word for you famous - CHIVAS. A strong rag side against some club from the mexican league. Remind me who won again? Seem to recall you and I were in agreement that preseason friendlies didn't matter. Guess they don't when manure lose, but when it's City, the hate figure for little sheep everywhere, preaseason suddenly becomes everything. Does that about sum up your pathetic attempts to have your desparate little dig at us?
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 08:58:00

fcb, you've got me wrong, pre-season friendlies don't matter, i've never said a thing about any of your other pre-season friendlies. This one however is very different from the others. Look at the team selection in comparison to your other friendlies why the sudden change? At looks as if Mancini went from getting players fit to really wanting to win the game. All i done is point this out and said that City still aren't ready to play and compete against the likes of Inter, Barca and etc. I also stated that you didn't play against the European Champions, you played against the European Champions second string team. Also going on to state the fact that during the second half of the season, after your good start, you had to rely on Tevez which might not happen again. All facts so why im being treated with such hostility and resentment i don't know.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 11:22:00

You're not being treated with resentment, its just that your points are baseless, Mancini was not even there for the match cos of family issues. We changed keepers and several players at halftime, played Cunningham, Jo, Boyata, Vieira et al, thats hardly our strongest side. Neither team played their strongest side even with Eto, Chivu and Pandev playing. We had to rely on Teves just like you relied on Rooney?
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 13:32:00

To all you City fans... come on Vital Everton and have a look at the ***** your fans have been posting the talk to me about posting on here. Your not all idiots but some are **** retarded. And yes me_innit, you might win something one day... but most of your lot are talking about every other club "sinking" and City being crowned champs of the world! At least you seem to have the sense to know you can't win straight away. And even having money doesn't guarantee you'll win anything ever.
vanilla ice
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 14:37:00

Not all are retarded here. Just a one ws-I've-got-no-weeny.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 15:18:00

I don't deny we over-relied on Rooney me_innit and from a neutral perspective after reading the report i assumed you went out for the win to make a statement. Very true JT_daniel.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 16:08:00

We'll i think your assumptions were wrong, wouldda been nice to win but we didnt and aint no shame in it esp as we had 10 men most of the game.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 17:36:00

I watched it on ESPN. Couple of obvious things. The ref perhaps, at a stretch, would have been able to handle a friendly, but this game soon went beyond his capacity to be able to manage. After all, there's nothing like this on show in the USA outside of WWF, and that's clean. The game over there is a lot cleaner. There is obviously no love lost between Vierra and Materazzi, and, if you noticed, a lot of the Inter team were down on Vierra. There were old scores being settled. And we all know that he's not a saint on a football field. On this occasion he was 50% in the wrong, and what no one's really commented on yet is that I genuinely thought it was 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. The ref only saw the backs of both men. When you looked at it from where the tv cameras saw it, you could see that Materazzi caught Vierra with HIS elbow, whereas Vierra caught Materazzi with his arm. Materazzi went down like a road-kill because he knew he was as guilty, if not more guilty, so he knew he had to play Serie A style and look as though his next stop was A&E. He's then delighted in the knowledge that Vierra's got a red card... and he's not even got a yellow. At which point he's on his feet again raving, miraculously.. Vierra's a bit-part player, and was going to be subbed anyway, but as we know 10 against 11 in a 'friendly' that was supposed to be a test.. suddenly became an experiment that no-one on the City staff had forseen or remotely wanted. It then became a game where Inter knew they could get the first blow in; of what could become an annual contest. It also became a game City had to extricate themselves from.. and they made a pigs ear of it, because they were unprepared for that circumstance. Yaya and Boyata played as well as they could. Micah tried hard, and his confidence has improved. Kompany almost lost it, and Lescott might as well have done. Alan Johnson was being asked to do things that he would never have dreamed of doing in an average game, and he quite quickly became a fish out of water. Adebayour was totally exposed as someone who could never play the Heskey role in a month of Sundays, and Ireland was impotent in the new circumstances. There was no-one in midfield once Yaya was forced to defend. In fact, there wasn't even a dream of a midfield. The only man who had any idea, when he came on was, as usual, SWP, and it'll be a huge mistake to get rid of him. But we were systematically taken apart, in the best of cynical Serie A traditions, purely because the ref had swallowed the Italian bait. He wasn't experienced enough in European football to see what was actually happening. City probably would have lost in any case to the European champions, but to take away any hope they might have had of making it a contest, after 21 minutes, was a travesty. Not one that matters, but a travesty, none-the-less. This was compounded in my own mind by the Eurocentric commentary provided by ESPN in the form of a nameless English pr**k who obviously knew much more about 'The European Champions' than he did about Manchester City, and provided the kind of one-sided commentary that you'd expect from a complete europhile. His comments on City were in the main pulled from a long list of misinformation influenced by seriously tainted British tabloid sensibility. All in all, a really wonderful night if you REALLY wanted to see NEARLY ALL of what's wrong in football, on the same pitch, on the same night. What a wonderful early morning that was!
roy harper
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 23:31:00


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