Manchester City - City 0 Inter 3
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City 0 Inter 3

Even without a full first team and a new manager, Inter showed a consistent approach to their football - in effect, if the opposition don't have the ball, they don't score.

With Pandev doing his better-than-Ronaldo dying swans and then the referee paying more attention to Viera's flailing arms than Materazzi's deliberate kick, it was clear that the intent was to ensure that City finished up short-handed. Also a few of us will remember that in his wonderful autobiography Brian Clough told us that the reason he did not get the England job was because the FA were never going to appoint anyone who referred to the opposition as 'cheating I-tie bastards'. I suspect that there were a few on show last night under the guise of Argentinos or of other South american origin.

So Micah Richards wonders why he is not getting a chance to play for England. When you consider that he failed to track the fairly simple run of Obinna down the wing, only latching on to it when he cut inside an unleashed a shot which although right on the button in terms of direction should really have been saved by Hart, it is not difficult to see why this player still needs to learn. And he's got to want to learn. And he still does not demonstrate that desire.

For the rest of the first half we began to wonder what the ball looked like, we saw that little of it. Similarly at the start of the second half when the same player got free on the other side of the field, hit a fairly simple shot goalwards and Lescott applied the finishing touch wrong-footing Given. Oh yes - -Lescott plays for us.

Again we chased shadows, again Adebayor couldn't hold up the ball, again it came straight back.

Biraghi's 30 yarder late on put the ice cream on the cake for the Italians.

The team selected by City could easily have been one that started a Premier League match last season, although I suspect that there were a few 'shop window merchants' on display last night and that in 2 weeks time we will see a totally different XI take the field against Spurs. It is clear though that Inter have retained this keep-the-ball ethos and that is something we have to learn at Eastlands. We also need to learn that we have to take whatever chances come our way and that was never going to be the case last night with 10 men and only Adebayor up front.

I think that tomorrow all hands are back at Carrington and against Dortmund and Valencia we should start to see our new team taking shape and like the 36000 season ticketholders and the remaining 9000 match day tickets buyers, can't wait to see what the new season brings.

This match will have taught us a few lessons and if we learn them, develop once again as a new team and defend well it will be a very interesting season indeed, especially as this is the year when the eclipse should finally start as the sun sets on the dark side of Stretford.

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 1 2010

Time: 3:15PM

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Nice to see a City fan not blaming the ref or the ball or anything else. Delighted that they lost (just because of the **** Willy3, Bluedub and fifthcolumnblue talk everyday). If only more City fans understood football like Pedmachine.
Vanilla Ice
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01/08/2010 15:20:00

A LOT of lessons to be learnt, but that is what pre-season is for. Obviously the sending off ruined the game, but things like that happen and we need to learn how to overcome them. Spurs lost 4-1 against Villarreal so we are not alone.
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01/08/2010 15:32:00

And Everton are unbeaten :)
Vanilla Ice
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01/08/2010 15:52:00

Worrying signs?? How strong was your team against Inter??
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01/08/2010 16:20:00

Well balanced, straight talking match view. Micah calling for England shout today but shoudl concentrate on staying in the City side first.
Johnny Baguette
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01/08/2010 16:37:00

willlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy where are you how are the 350m+ flops doing.Congratulation on your 3 loss from 4 games.There is still time to accept the bet.
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01/08/2010 16:37:00

"develop once again as a new team" dont worry if you cant develop it you can still buy new one
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01/08/2010 16:41:00

It's a shame that some of these Italians teams revert to going down under no contact at all, because Inter truly was a better team last night. They passed better, they looked better, they shot better, but had City finished with 11 men, the game would have been much closer. I don't know how they continue to get away with it, but something must be done about these fake injuries and hurried red card decisions. It changed the outcome of the game, how is that fair?
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01/08/2010 16:59:00

Welcome to the site Vanilla Ice and Rob EFC - notice we don't start a thread whinging about you - thats pretty infantile. Look forward to hearing from you again soon.
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01/08/2010 17:10:00

why are everton fans obsessed with us they need to get a grip
leve mcfc
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 17:15:00

Willyyyyyyyy--- u wonker!!! hahaa lost to a 2nd string Inter team..........what is ur Suggardady saying abt this?? Go n clean the toilet u muppet......
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 17:30:00

Well, if pre-season friendlies are a gauge, we're the second best side in the world, having disposed of Barcelona last pre-season for some trophy they had held on to for years! Really now. Chelsea lost to Ajax. United lost to Kansas City (and some Mexican team). Liverpool lost to Monchengladbach. Spurs were hammered even worse than us by Villarreal (who aren't the European champions). I guess the Premier League really is a joke if you believe pre-season friendlies are a testament of the quality of its clubs. =)
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 17:38:00

Haha bunch of over paid players with overhyped fans simply glory hunters not trophy no top[ 4 this season !!! Wislilly03 yesterdays boyyzz still yesterdays boyzz.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 17:38:00

leve mcfc - how are we obsessed with city??? your fans come on our pages every day talking **** so we're just here to see how boring Vital City is, cause if it was any good ur members wouldn't be on our site 24/7
Vanilla Ice
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 17:51:00

I'm with Vanilla on this. I thought I'd pop over and see why Willy was always on Vital Everton, it's good to see you're not all like him.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 18:00:00

Never been on VitalEverton in my life and don't intend to, but it's sad when you're reduced to s*******ing at pre-season bumps in the road. Roll on the real thing then we'll see who's laughing then.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 18:22:00

pacific_ocean_blue - perhaps you should look on Vital Everton and Vital Arsenal and Vital Liverpool, eh? Willy tries to be cutting but just comes across as a bit of an idiot. Bless him.
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01/08/2010 18:29:00

We are only doing what Willy has been doing for months... and I must admit it is fun winding you all up!
Vanilla Ice
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01/08/2010 18:55:00

VI - for the record, I don't come on talking *****e about Everton. I come on to Vital Everton because you lot seem obsessed with slagging City off, I am merely defending the team I support.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 19:25:00

Looking forward to righting some wrongs against Everton this season!
Johnny Baguette
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01/08/2010 20:31:00

"Lessons to be learned" - dont tell me you guys have finally twigger that money doesn't buy you class. That a successful team is a team that can play together or even maybe that too many egos in one teams isn't good. Perhaps you might've twigged how hard it is to compete in matches against big teams. Maybe you've realised how many of your loyal City players are there for the money. No, I didn't think so and you call us stubborn and ignorant.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 21:21:00

Lol, a u****ed fan going on about how City are trying to buy success, oh the irony.
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 22:20:00

You can say what you like about our spending we never went overboard the way you have. You don't perservere with poor form you quite simply buy to replace. You're not trying to make a successful winning team your just buying until you find the right short-term combo. How many successful teams has Fergie had with the money you've spent?
Report Abuse
01/08/2010 22:58:00

With utd losing to chivas 3-2/ liverpool losing to b'gladbach 1-0/chelsea losing to kaiserlauten 2-1/ spurs being thrashed 4-1 at home with 11 men against villareal. Even derby and reading have beaten premiership opposition lately. Its a funny ole pre seasn this year. Viera isnt good enough for city and im not saying this because he got sent of. Funny how the papers and sky sports ignore citys victory against the timbers, they report the results after that win to sensationalise their story. Looking for a big improvement in the next game,
Super City Slicker
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01/08/2010 23:42:00

Plus Villa just getting whooped 4-1 by Benfica, preseason games are more about getting fit than anything.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 00:11:00

Sorry, did I just hear someone say that they were "Delighted" that City lost a preseason firendly? Get a life saddo. Does supporting your dour humourlsess club really rot your mind that badly?
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 09:02:00

Hey guys rob-EFC here, I have told you that Man City are *****?? Well they are if you want to know, and your right Super City Slicker everyone did lose, except for EVERTON. Willy lad, how are you going. I find it funny that all the city fans are finding excuses, one is blaming Inter for diving, the othe rsaying it has been a funny ole preseason, just face it, you lot are nothing but money grabbing whores, cant wait for the Arabs to get sick of you lot and ***** off, they picked the wrong club, but congrats to City for tricking them into buying your club
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 13:45:00

Hey guys rob-EFC here again, to the guy that blamed Inter for diving (PhilyBlueMoon) guess who mancini coached before Man City????
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 13:58:00

Hey Vanilla Ice here - God I love Rob... he only speaks the truth. City for relegation :)
vanilla ice
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 14:33:00

Rob and Vanilla, we get it guys, you're internet gangsters(please dont sh**t). And by your reasoning Rob, since Everton haven't lost a preseason it means you're going to win the PL right? Interesting point about picking the wrong club, so thats what its all about eh?, wishing it was your club? thats very understandable. you shouldda just cut to the chase instead of acting like some football purists.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 16:10:00

I watched it on ESPN. Couple of obvious things. The ref perhaps, at a stretch, would have been able to handle a friendly, but this game soon went beyond his capacity to be able to manage. After all, there's nothing like this on show in the USA outside of WWF, and that's clean. The game over there is a lot cleaner. There is obviously no love lost between Vierra and Materazzi, and, if you noticed, a lot of the Inter team were down on Vierra. There were old scores being settled. And we all know that he's not a saint on a football field. On this occasion he was 50% in the wrong, and what no one's really commented on yet is that I genuinely thought it was 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. The ref only saw the backs of both men. When you looked at it from where the tv cameras saw it, you could see that Materazzi caught Vierra with HIS elbow, whereas Vierra caught Materazzi with his arm. Materazzi went down like a road-kill because he knew he was as guilty, if not more guilty, so he knew he had to play Serie A style and look as though his next stop was A&E. He's then delighted in the knowledge that Vierra's got a red card... and he's not even got a yellow. At which point he's on his feet again raving, miraculously.. Vierra's a bit-part player, and was going to be subbed anyway, but as we know 10 against 11 in a 'friendly' that was supposed to be a test.. suddenly became an experiment that no-one on the City staff had forseen or remotely wanted. It then became a game where Inter knew they could get the first blow in; of what could become an annual contest. It also became a game City had to extricate themselves from.. and they made a pigs ear of it, because they were unprepared for that circumstance. Yaya and Boyata played as well as they could. Micah tried hard, and his confidence has improved, but he's got a bit to do yet. Kompany almost lost it, and Lescott might as well have done. Alan Johnson was being asked to do things that he would never have dreamed of doing in an average game, and he quite quickly became a fish out of water. Adebayour was totally exposed as someone who could never play the Heskey role in a month of Sundays, and Ireland was impotent in the new circumstances. There was no-one in midfield once Yaya was forced to defend. In fact, there wasn't even a dream of a midfield. The only man who had any idea, when he came on was, as usual, SWP, and it'll be a huge mistake to get rid of him. But we were systematically taken apart, in the best of cynical Serie A traditions, purely because the ref had swallowed the Italian bait. He wasn't experienced enough in European football to see what was actually happening. City probably would have lost in any case to the European champions, but to take away any hope they might have had of making it a contest, after 21 minutes, was a travesty. Not one that matters, but a travesty, none-the-less. This was compounded in my own mind by the Eurocentric commentary provided by ESPN in the form of a nameless English pr**k who obviously knew much more about 'The European Champions' than he did about Manchester City, and provided the kind of one-sided commentary that you'd expect from a complete europhile. His comments on City were in the main pulled from a long list of misinformation influenced by a seriously tainted British tabloid sensibility. All in all, a really wonderful night if you REALLY wanted to see NEARLY ALL of what's wrong in football, on the same pitch, on the same night. What a wonderful morning that was! Lot of 'handbags at dawn' on here right now. It must be the rutting season...
roy harper
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 00:21:00

More like the "nutting" season Roy. Didn't realise care in the community extended to giving the inmates (or should that be exmates) access to a computer.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 08:47:00

Roy, it is a comment, not a story.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 13:06:00

No Rob, it's a story. And I can't really apologise for passion. And I thought I'd had the decency to wait till everyone was in bed before I let steam off into the void. It was that last packet of cheese and onion that did it, lying nicely on a bed of pickled egg and Jamesons.
roy harper
Report Abuse
04/08/2010 00:51:00


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