Manchester City - In & Out Speculation Continues
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In & Out Speculation Continues

How cheeky are these clubs who think they can get our players on the cheap on season-long loans with City paying part of their wages? Tottenham, Liverpool, Villa, Fulham, Marseille - if you want these footballers then pay up both to City in terms of transfer fees and the player in terms of wages.

Why on earth would City want to loan Bellers to Spurs? You know what you get with Craig - 100% all the time, no shirking, no cheating and goals. If you want him, Harry, then cough up my son.

Similarly if RSC fancies the Cote D'Azur, St Tropez, Juan-les-Pins and all (not forgetting how close is Monaco), then its cheque book time for Marseille.

We have paid sometimes heavily for these players (not only the 2 mentioned above) and have paid them perhaps too well. It is down to your powers of persuasion to convince them that less money in a lesser club is the way forward. Spurs and Marseille might be able to offer Champions League football this year, however temporarily, but they are not Manchester City. We had to persuade them to buy into the vision, so it's over to you.

If players are not up for the fight to get into the 25-man squad then they are effectively telling the Club they no longer want the wages they command at Eastlands and want to try their luck elsewhere. With that comes the inability of the club they join not being able to pay them what they get paid now. The modest fees being suggested by City take that into account.

The latest comments surround Dzeko or Balotelli? For me Dzeko every time. He is established, scores goals and is a robust footballer in the mould of our one-time hero Uwe Rosler. Balotelli as I've said once before strikes me as a problem waiting to happen. I would like to be proved wrong but his CV doesn't look good to me.

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 2 2010

Time: 12:51PM

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Another cracker from pedmachine. Thought provoking as ever!
Johnny Baguette
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02/08/2010 13:21:00

The point here being you persuaded them to buy into your vision with hefty,hefty pay packets and enormous amounts of dosh. Fair enough, but we lesser mortals have to work on limited budgets, so it will take much, much longer to make then take massive wage cuts.
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02/08/2010 13:30:00

I'd prefer Balotelli to be honest, much more explosive, 20 in 64 isn't a bad CV in my book...
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02/08/2010 13:33:00

Its really your own doing is it?? why offer roque santa Cruz a massive pay packet when he isnt worth it, you dug yourselves in this hole, and now you start crying
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02/08/2010 13:48:00

"If players are not up for the fight to get into the 25-man squad then they are effectively telling the Club they no longer want the wages they command at Eastlands" Because at the end of the day, winning trophies are what real footballers want ;) baaa baaa
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02/08/2010 13:53:00

@DubaiSpur Limited budget? Check your transfer dealings over the last few years mate, pot and kettle springs to mind...
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02/08/2010 14:00:00

Pedmachine, you may not like and or wanna hear this, but honestly think you lot dug yourselves into this situation..
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02/08/2010 14:28:00

Its teams paying ridiculously stupid wages that cause so many problems financially in the modern game. Just because your owner has more money than sense and gives those kind of wages out left, right and centre why should ours have to suffer when we are actually one of the few properly run clubs?!
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02/08/2010 14:32:00

Man City have to sell, or loan players out, full stop. At one point, if there are no offers from other clubs, you will have no choice but to loan out your players to us (Spurs) and I'm sure Richards, Ireland, Richards, would much rather be in a squad rotation club who are in the champions league than who are in the Europa League. What you have to ask yourself is, what kinda starting 11 are Man City gonna have next year compared to Spurs? A Team? Or a load of individuals worth 15m + each ??
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02/08/2010 15:01:00

Guys the reality is that the only players we need not have in the 25 are Jo - Caceido - Santa Cruz, Etuhu and Logan - all the rest including Balotelli would fit in the 25 - you lot read too many hack journalists with scare stories.
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02/08/2010 15:05:00

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02/08/2010 15:11:00

What do you expect, Willy? They are all buying into the hype that is "journalist integrity" these days and believing everything they read. The papers claim that we give out huge wages every week...but has any of the players actually come out and said what they make? We all know that during the 2000s, 7 of the highest paid players in England played for the Rags, and yet we're ruining football? Because we gave Villa 12m for Barry, Everton 22m for Lescott, and Blackburn 18m for Santa Cruz? All English teams, all making huge profits off of those players, but apparently we're still ruining football.
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02/08/2010 15:16:00

Man City are ruining football because your making footballers GREEDY. Why would Adebayor (leave Arsenal, a top four team), Tevez (leave Man Utd, a top four team), Kolo Toure (leave Arsenal, a top four team) etc etc go to Man City out of all the other clubs who would be interested? .....MONEY! If it was for a top four ambition they would have signed for Spurs (cough cough Gareth Barry) Your not even a top four club and your still signing players like David Silva and Yaya Toure just because they can get a extra few grand per week at City.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 15:25:00

JimmyTHFC - tell us something we don't know. We all know Money Talks. Dirty Cash. Are we really repsonsible for making footballers greedy? Go on, really? All of our top players have been lured to the club on the back of big wages and the promise of success. If the ''promise'' fails to materialise, they can console themselves by buying more stuff for their 3 bed-semi. All you Spuds fans need to do is point out that there's alot at stake for us at the moment. And that's fair. But our owners are certainly making the kind of concrete commitments that indicate they're not going to walk away anytime soon. You, and other fans, have to find a way of dealing with this that isn't just jealousy masquerading as a wider concern you have for the good of football. Try another argument.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 15:54:00

Hey Jimmy, what did Arsenal win last season? Oh, that's right, nothing, which is exactly what City won, so you're "top 3" argument is a mute point. How did Villa do in the Europa Leauge last season, any good? Oh, they didn't make it? Well, looks like Barry would have missed out on it anyway then. And why, exactly, did City have to offer big wages to players? Because if not, they would have gone to either United or Chelsea, that's why. So tell me, who actually ruined football? Was it City, or was the it Premier League?
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 16:31:00

Adebayour left as the fans hated him and Wenger wanted him out, so City came in. Tevez left as he wanted first team football and a manager that believed in him, so City came in. Toure wasn't rated any more by Wenger following his bout of malaria and it was made clear that he could leave, so City came in. See a patteren emerging here Jimmy? Name me one player that left a club to joins Spurs, yet took a pay cut to do so? Goon...
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02/08/2010 16:45:00

Love your comment that City aren't even a top four team, unlike you Spurs lot. Neither were you until last year, enjoy your single season at the top table...
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02/08/2010 16:48:00

A bit late, but for HeavyRiffs regarding your first comment,compare the wage budgets, mate. 75k a week is tops for us while even 750k per week would be acceptable for you if it brings in someone like Ronaldo. By the way, for the other Spurs fans on here, yes, City dug themselves into this hole where offloading players is a nightmare, but as for the 'ruining football' part, we had similar things to say When United were spending massively, we said the same things when Abramovich bought Chelsea, and we say the same things now. Nothing's changed, and while I will freely admit to a bit of jealousy,(who wouldn't?) in reality City are just doing what any other club would have done in their situation. Several clubs have done the same before City, and while eventually wages and transfer fees will rocket past the point of economic sensibility and fall to bottom levels again, for now, football isn't being ruined, it just adapts, as it has always done in these cases.
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02/08/2010 16:55:00

This so called clear out is really being exagerrated. We can let go of Jo, Robinho(cos he wants to leave), Caicedo, Etuhu, Santa(just cos he's injury prone) , Logan, Garrido is gone, and maybe Nedum and bring in Balotelli, Milner, and maybe Luiz and still have a sweet 25 man squad. No major losses apart from Robinho, who i doubt wants to be in England, Nedum and Santa, hardly heartbreaking stuff. But why let the facts get in the way a stupid story when you have a herd of people-sheep who'll take tabloid headlines as gospel.
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02/08/2010 17:02:00

Senior departures thus far: Sylvinho, Bojinov, Petrov and Garrido. Slow, careful progress.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 17:21:00

Dzeko is the main man at the moment, but Balotelli is 5 years younger. Short term success vs building for the future.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 17:51:00

Strange looking around the web, fans of other teams rate Ireland so highly. I guess it is easy to remember certain things about a player from a club that you don't watch week in, week out. Many say that swapping Ireland for Milner would be better for Villa than us. I can't fathom this. Ireland hasn't had a single good performance since the 2008/2009 season, while Milner was very consistent and industrious last season. I would love to see Superman succeed but how much time, how many chances do we give him? Even against dire teams in these pre-season friendlies he is anonymous.
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 18:04:00

I've thought the same Stu... Ireland was good in 2008/2009, that's about it. He only seems to be able to play in a system where he has a very free role, ie. the type of system which would end up in 3-3 or 4-4, and can't play in a 4-4-2 which requires some discipline and coordination with team mates... Last season he was benched, but it was only because of his poor performances. Other clubs rate him at up to 12M - I'd say take while we can!
Blue ponderer
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 20:21:00

"75k a week is tops for us while even 750k per week would be acceptable for you if it brings in someone like Ronaldo". Ronaldo?Wash your mouth out Dubaispur. lol. According to who would it be acceptable that we pay that kind of wage?
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 20:54:00

I think what a lot of people forget is that we have had a rather high turnover of managers in recent times (hell, for several decades!) ande that in turn leads to high turnover of players as each new manager wants to work with payers of his own choosing. We are only just clearing out the last of the dross that Sven bought, and it is inevitable that Mancini will let some of Hughes' signings go as they do not fit into his plans. Hughes for me has caused us the most headaches. He was incredibly stubborn in his choice of payers and seemed willing to pay whatever it took to get players (Lescott and RSC) that some of us were less than convinced about - RSC because of his injury record and Lescott because of the ructions it caused with Everton and the ridiculous price. So anyone having a go at us should remember that Hughes is no longer at the club, and I suspect his sacking had less to do with the results (although 8 consecutive draws won't have helped his cause), but more to do with his bull-in-a-china shop approach to the transfer market. We DID overpay for several players, I won't deny that, but I repeat - HUGHES IS GONE. Things have changed since Mancini took over, one only has to witness the way our attempts at signing Milner have not turned into anything as vitriolic as our pursuit of Lescott. But that won't stop all of our rivals and their preconceived nottions from slagging us to high heaven of course
Report Abuse
02/08/2010 21:35:00

Willy is a loser ;) Figures he would support City, you know what you lot should do, have a poll about when you started supporting city, I bet that 95-100% would say around the start of last season. Also, didnt Mancini lose more games then Hughes. Also, FCB, you do admit that the Lescott saga was your fault then
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 13:24:00

Rob - Mancini lost more games than Hughes, but had a better average in points per game.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 13:40:00

Im just saying, that what if Mancini and City have a poor start to the season? Same fate as Hughes, what position were City when Hughes was fired??
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 13:57:00

It's all what ifs? Rob. Time will tell.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 14:06:00

Forget Maario or Dzeko,You have Adebayor,Roque & Caicedo robust strikers right there.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 14:34:00

When did you start stabbing people in the arm, Rob? Oh, I'm sorry, when did you start supporting Everton. I just made a generalization that since you're from Liverpool you stab people. My mistake. I can understand how that might upset you, if someone just made a generalization about you.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 18:07:00

Actually Rob_WUM, I blame your obnoxious**** of a manager to blame for the whole Lescott saga. Next wind up attempt please.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 21:47:00

He's too busy eating out of bins and stealing hubcaps to stab people Philly.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 21:49:00

See, I asked you a question, where were City on the table when hughes was fired?? No response, and I said what if, because it happened last season, I mean look at one of your articles, it is "Mancini must impress or suffer the consequences" doesnt sound to promising does it?? Anyway, does anyone know what position city were when he was fired I would be interested to know. Also, how exactly was the Lescott saga Moyes; fault, he said "no" and yet you couldnt accept that answer
Report Abuse
04/08/2010 14:24:00


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