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Can't Buy The Title?

So the papers are awash with Salomon Kalou declaring City can't buy the title. He's probably right for this season, but he's carefully omitted the fact that his present employers have achieved precisely that over periods of time and only really won it last year because Stretford's finest ran out of steam because they hadn't bought enough players and that the lads they had coming through might just not have been ready.

When you think of Chelsea Kalou's name doesn't exactly spring to mind does it? At best a bit part player, coming on to be ineffective or going off because he is ineffective and he's telling us what the season holds.

Well Salomon, I did not see you contribute much to a 2-1 defeat at Eastlands and you were lucky to lose 4-2 at Stamford Bridge, where if not for fat Frank you would have been totally embarrassed. And did Adebayor not score in his own net at Eastlands? Oh yes you couldn't create anything for your strikers or even get one yourself. Marvellous!! It's one thing the bitter Red Chopper Scholes putting his oar in, the guy's been around a while and won a lot but you? Listen, Salomon, when you quit Chelsea you'll be switching on Christmas lights in Hatch End (no disrespect to the inhabitants of Hatch End), or playing your football in the backwaters of Turkey or Donetsk. Get used to the fact that you play the King, we play the Ace. End of.

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 3 2010

Time: 8:02AM

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No Chelsea player has any right whatsoever to make such comments. I remember one window where Chelsea bought 6 or 7 players. They suddenly are on their high horse because they have found the success they bought and become a European powerhouse. We still beat them home and away, how many other teams can boast that?
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03/08/2010 08:23:00

Back of the net, pedmachine and then some!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 08:43:00

Oh yes we can, just watch us.........
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 08:51:00

True of all players who shouldn't come out with statements like this it's a bit-part Chelsea player. Glen Johnson 15/07/03 6m, Geremi 16/07/03 7.5m, Wayne Bridge 21/07/03 7m, Damien Duff 17m, Joe Cole 06/08/03 6.6m, Juan Veron 06/08/03 15m, Adrian Mutu 14/08/03 15.8m, Alexei Smertin 25/08/03 3.5m, Hernan Crespo 26/08/03 16.8m, Claude Makelele 01/09/03 17m, Scott Parker 30/01/04 10m, Petr Cech 01/06/04 7m, Paulo Ferreira 22/06/04 13.5m, Arjen Robben 01/07/04 12m, Mateja Kezman 12/07/04 5m, Didier Drogba 19/07/04 24m, Tiago 20/07/04 8m, Ricardo Carvalho 27/07/04 20m, Jiri Jarosik 06/01/05 3m, Lassana Diarra 16/07/05 5m, Asier Del Horno 21/06/05 8m, Shaun Wright-Phillips 18/07/05 21m, Michael Essien August 05 26m, Michael Ballack May 06 undisclosed, Andriy Shevchenko May 06 undisclosed, Anelka 12m, Zhirkov 18m, Bosingwa 16m.....etc.
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03/08/2010 09:03:00

Lol @ ******s. Obsessed with our team much? I'll be honest Citeh fans, I'd take losing twice to you in a season if we win the double again. hahahahahaha, I'll get back to you when you win a game that ends up meaning something
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 09:22:00

Obsessed with your team? Don't hear any media interviews from City players slating your chances do you LLB? Seems everyone from Manure, Chelsea, Everton and Spurs seems unable to keep their gobs shut when it comes to City. So who's obsessed?
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03/08/2010 09:39:00

I love rival players having a go, it just gives City's players more motivation to prove the doubters wrong. Bring it on!
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03/08/2010 10:10:00

At least we don't pay over the odds.
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03/08/2010 11:46:00

Of course you don't hear them fifthcolumnblue, who'd bet against Chelsea? Scholes has said we're the main rival cos we are. THe only time you hear Citeh is when Bellamy or Tevez start chatting utter ballacks after a game. What wonders it did last year eh? Still can't believe SPuds beat you to fourth lol
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 11:55:00

Cheers ACLamp. LMFAO!
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 11:55:00

"What wonders it did last year eh?" a few facts for you here LLB, 08/09 City finished 10th 40 points off top spot, 09/10 City finished 5th 19 points off top. So the improvement is there to be seen, that's after one year investment. Pretty wonderful I thought, although disappointed on losing out to Spuds, I was delighted to see us challenging for CL spot. And we're only going to get better.
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03/08/2010 12:06:00

I think City's double against us last year was a sign that your lads can challenge for top honors. Don't be surprised if you land up in the top 3. CHELSEA for Champions!!!!
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 12:09:00

Oh yeah, tell Weewillywonker3 to feck off from my site.
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03/08/2010 12:11:00

Well so far, kalou is right, I mean by this time chelsea had already won a title, whilst you guys finished 5th, you spent hundreds of millions of poudnds just to play europa!! HAHAHA
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 13:00:00

Rob - Chelsea were already established as a CL team when Abramovich took over, a far cry from City who were mid table at time of take over. It's only natural therefore that it will take City longer. And we didn't spend "hundreds of millions". Leave the exaggerating to the tabloids, eh?
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 13:13:00

really???? I would say you spent over 100 million pounds, Robinho 32 and lescott 24, right there is 56mil for what??? Not to mention Adebayor, toure etc, that is well over 100 million pounds
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 13:51:00

Round of applause for ******s, thats spot on mate. Some chelsea and other fans are deluded. People get confused, spending doesnt guarantee anything. Maybe it will work, maybe it wont. BUT major spending like at chelsea, blackburn, inter and lazio, means you will have a greater chance of achieveing your goals.
Super City Slicker
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 13:54:00

Yet, you think City fans arent deluded?? Talking about premier league title and other nonsense, once again how HYPOCRITICAL
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 13:59:00

Rob - you said "hundreds of millions", now you're saying over "100 million pounds", big difference there, so which is it?
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 14:09:00

Even if we bought the title,why slate us & then follow our blueprint? You should know better :)
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 14:21:00

Who's slating you C24/7?
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 14:27:00

Kalou just said that money cant guarantee trophies. whats wrong with that??? When Abramovich took over Chelsea were already in the champions league, city was a mid-lower table side when Sheikh Mansour took over so naturally it will take time for them to come in the same bracket as ManU , Chelsea & Arsenal. So whats the fuss all about guys??
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 14:57:00

fifthcolumnblue i see so much comments of you and that willy saying 'how much money you have and other clubs dont' So i cant see how other clubs are obsessed with you? Kalou is talking sense so why when a player says something whats true do you have to post an article slagging another teams player off? Chelsea won the league because they had mourinho and you have mancini big difference and they were already a succesfull club at the time. You have money big deal do something with it because it doesnt make sense bragging about it on other sites without actually doing anything with it, you have failed so far so when you win something then you have the right to be stubborn and cocky end of really.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 14:58:00

Has a life long City supporter I,m tired off all this money bull*****.If some fans are gloating on other teams websites then we deserve some criticism.Their not helping matters.At the end of the day it's about football although sometimes I have my doubts.I,m embarressed about the excessive transfer fees and salaries but on all counts I obviously glad that City have been given this chance but I,m not counting my chickens so to speak.
Spud 1
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 15:47:00

Bluedub, since the Shiekhs came, I say they wouldve spent over 200million, that is classifed as hundreds, it is ridiculous that you even managed to spend that kind of money
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 16:17:00

Rob - are you really that stupid? In your initial comment you said City had spent hundreds of millions and only finished fifth. At that stage City had spent in the region of 130million, not hundreds.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 16:24:00

ok Super City Slicker. "excessive spending" by those four teams. does that mean you are not including yourselves in that description? First season with riches total spending for Chelsea 2003/04 = 121.15million (including the January window) / first season with riches total spending for Citeh 2008/09 = 122.35million. Second season spending Chelsea 04/05 = 91.45million / Citeh 09/10 = 117.5million. Third Season Chelsea 05/06 = 54.4million / Citeh 10/11 (so far) = 74million. If we are seen as excessive spenders then you are too. If we have "bought the titles" then where silver you have paid for?
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 16:28:00

then where is the* silver, apologies.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 16:29:00

Bluedub, yes, i think Rob really is that thick, it aint hard to tell from his comments on a lot of Vital City articles. At the end of the day we need to get on the pitch and produce results to win titles, whether the owner is a billionaire(though it helps) or not.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 17:00:00

I'm sorry, but Kalou is 100% wrong. Money wins silverware. Always has and always will. It's no coincidence that the world's richest clubs are at the top end of their respective leagues. Who is he trying to kid?
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 17:16:00

Ah Mr Kalou - he be the man who was part of our double winning squad - two trophies, two medals - know what I mean?
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 21:14:00

p.avfc I suggest you reread my comments (if you can indeed read). I have never boasted about how much money City have, nor have I said we'd win everything. I have been a City fan for 2 decades, I'm surely allowed a little optimism after so long putting up with utter crap? Wakey Wakey, try using your brain and acrtually reading what other people have to say with a critical eye, not the green tint of jealousy.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 21:57:00

If money brought the league then shouldnt city have won it the past 2? Villa and spurs have spent quite a few bob along with liverpool but all very far from league winners, Chelsea did it because they had the right balance and already had very good players such as lampard and terry, Mourinho always was part of that but they only brough zhirkov and sturridge last year but still did the double so money is not always a factor of football.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 22:00:00

Spud1, no one is boasting, it's just that some ignorant cretins have it so badly in for us that we are clearly no longer allowed even to make a defence of our club. You just wait, the pathetic hatred of City at the moment is nothing - if we actually do win anything it will reach unprecedented levels - and just wait until we slip up! The astounding ignorance and gullibility of some of the posters (you know, the ones who quote Sun articles verbatim) would be laughable if it didn't make me so utterly depressed at the state of the majority of the "human" race.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 22:03:00

Good to get a bit of banter from the fans of the also rans ........keep it coming you losers ......... especially those from Everton ............ they have no money, a crap ground, no new signings and no investors .......... complete losers.
Report Abuse
03/08/2010 23:24:00

fifthcollumnblue i have saw comments on utd's site of you laughin at them having no money. So instead of being a bad mouthed ignorant ***** how about you use your brain and realise you cant boast about having money unless you actually win a trophy which you havn't done, when you win something you can say what you like. I will also admit that i have only saw 1 comment from you but its your fellow supporter Willy who keeps making a fool of himself and your club with comments he has just made about everton, He is making a fool of himself as i have saw other sites saying that he is acutally 6 years old apparently so he shouldnt really be on the site at that age. Everton are a fantastic club and they are working on peanuts but have done extremely well and deserve credit instead of scum like him slagging them off so keep the toddler under control. And i dont think clubs are actually jeolous of man city's money, some might be but i am certainly not, you are very fortunate and lucky but i am certaintly not jeolous i just dont appericate people like Willy who has to involve your money someway in every post he makes on this site, seriously i have saw them on ours, liverpools, utds, evertons, spurs and arsenals and maybe others its ridiculous. Not jeolously just annoyed at people like him.
Report Abuse
04/08/2010 00:59:00

Willy, is that all you have got, because lately every article you wirte on VE, involves that latest comment or that everyone is jumping ship, are you running out of ideas or what?? To tell you the truth, City fans, I am doing the exact same thing Mr Willy does on numerous other sites, dont really like it that much (for example that comment about the Shiekhs taking over everton made you guys react vigourously, that is the kind of stuff Willy talks about, just giving you a bit of your own medicine)
Report Abuse
04/08/2010 14:07:00

Rob - if you carry on like that you will frighten the City fans and they will run home and tell their Mums that an Everton fan is being nasty. Cool down as we don't like to react vigorously.
Report Abuse
04/08/2010 14:46:00

Think you should go cry to your Arabs instead
Report Abuse
04/08/2010 15:14:00

Dont kid yourself Rob, you aint smart like that, you genuinely wish it was you club that got taken over and you've said so several times, its called jealousy, not that you'll admit it.
Report Abuse
04/08/2010 15:57:00

To be honest me_innit I would settle for a plain and simple millionaire, as I know that is all we need to beat your lot, oh wait, we can beat you with BK, that is pathetic
Report Abuse
04/08/2010 16:11:00

You beat us twice last season, we finished ahead of you, we beat Chelsea twice last season, they did the double, Wolves beat Spurs twice last season but ended up struggling not to get relegated, whats you point exactly? No need complaining to me about your club's lack of funds you know.
Report Abuse
04/08/2010 17:24:00

Everton broke the top four didn't they with no funds innit a few seasons ago? I think they deserve alot of credit, well moyes with what he has had to work with, they are one of the clubs who have proved you dont need to spend hundreds of millions to win trophies or be a good team. I also agree with me_innit, anyone can beat anyone in the league at any time, at the end of the day it all comes down to where they finish come 38 games.
Report Abuse
04/08/2010 22:11:00


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