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I'm so pleased that the world-renowned Laurent Koscielny has joined forces with the devastating Salomon Kalou in stating that you cannot buy the Premier League Title. And how does he know? Because he's seen the matches on telly! Well what an authority he is.

An astonishing centre-back who has played for such high profile teams as Guincamp, Tours and Lorient who must therefore be an aficionado on the workings of the Premier League is making comments on something he just cannot comprehend.

The teams that he's played for are little more than pub teams and no-hopers, a bit similar to Arsenal really and with comments like he's making you'd have thought his or Arsenal's PR people might have employed a zipper.

Never mind, Laurent, when Tevez or Dzeko or Balotelli leave you in their wake, you will see what the Premier League is all about and that's before Rooney and Torres take you to the cleaners. You'll be off to build your sandcastles en Bretagne a toute vitesse.

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 3 2010

Time: 1:25PM

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At this rate Mancini won't even have to do team talks, opposition players keep motivating City players to go out and prove them wrong. Keep it coming!
Taggart's worrying me. He still hasn't said anything!
Johnny Baguette
What has this guy won? The egg and spoon race at school is probably the closest he has come to winning anything. I doubt that will change at Arsenal.
Eighthsin, what have City won??? HAHAHA, your crticising him for not knowing anything, and yet you lot are giving advice, well isnt that hypocritical???
Koscielny who?
Super City Slicker
He's just going with the flow, trying to make new friends in a foreign country.
Because of course Citeh and their fans are the absolute authority on how to win trophies...........
Little Dutch
Little Dutch - who said we were?
Indeed LD, in fact I would say that they are the sole purveyors of all thats good in football today. Building from the ground up as opposed to being chavs.
Well, if you're going to refer to a team with 13 league titles, 10 F.A. Cups and eleven- and counting- straight qualifications for the CL and 60,000 for every home game "a pub team", you'd better be sure you have the legitimacy to do so.
Little Dutch
You didn't answer my question LD.
Deltaforce - "being chavs"? I'm intrigued, please explain.
Dont see how you can say that about arsenal? They have won more than you ever wish you could, Its true money doesnt make you succesfull its your club which havn't proven anything yet. Koscienly i guarantee will turn out a good defender and better than the 20+ mil you spent on lescott and the 16 - 17 w.e you spent on toure. When man city do become sucesfull 'if' you do then feel free to brag to other people about the money you have because in the mean time i wouldnt bother.
The comment that drew this opprobrium from Citeh fans, "So I don't know if Manchester City can perform right at the top level, but maybe they can. Money doesn't solve all problems." Hardly a swipe was it? Bluedub, this article says you are, since you have the knowledge to criticise Koscielny for saying "money doesn't solve all problems," to criticise his opinion on what it takes to win leagues (not that he offered an opinion on that, but that's what the article has inferred), you must have a much better idea? Otherwise why the noise?
Little Dutch
The noise is because your player who is new to this league feels it necessary to discuss City in the media, why?
The article also shows an astonishing lack of self awareness when you consider that we bought Kolo Toure from Mimosas before punting him on to you to boot. Seriously, some people should really have a bit of a think before writing such ill informed rubbish cyphoned off from the Daily Mail.
Little Dutch
Probably, if you use three brain cells and look at the quote, because a journalist said to him, "Do you think City can win the league?" to which he gave a very bland, inoffensive answer. He even used the words "I don't know."
Little Dutch
I don't see anyone bragging about money here P.Avfc, do you?
He doesn't have to give his opinion on City just because a journalist asked him a question, nobody has a gun to his head.
Bluedub, the article from ****machine says it all really - read it and you can easily understand the reactions. You were picked up by a sheikh from obscurity and yet the article talks down to the 3rd biggest British team of all time. Get some perspective.
Thats funny bluedub. Koscielny should not answer any questions from journalists on his first interview in England and yet this site has the right to slate him even without actually reading what he said? A bit retarded really - par for the course.
DF - i never said he shouldn't answer any questions, just why answer questions about City? You should learn how to read mate before throwing insults like "retarded" around.
And I'm still not getting the "being chavs" comment either, care to elaborate?
bluedub, you have a geezer by the name Adebaor on your books, why not use that sparkling intellect of yours, get on google and have a little gander at how many times he's mentioned Arsenal in his interviews since last summer. Koscielny was asked a bland question and gave a bland answer. He was hardly gonna turn around and say, "Well, we're all *****ed and might as well give up, City will walk it." Similarly, why shouldn't he answer a bland question like that?
Little Dutch
Ironical that I should learn to read when its clear from the questions that you are asking that you have not read the current article or the last one - about Chelsea. It is a foregone conclusion that you will challenge or the title this year or the next - the sheer volume of money the oil sheikhs are spunking to show the size of their manhood will guarantee that. Just make sure that you have some little degree of respect still left when you have finished buying the title though. From supporting Citeh against United, most rival fans have become neutrals now because your team and fans have become more arrogant than even United.
LD - I said Adebayor should shut up about Arsenal when he came here. Why do players feel the need to answer questions in the media about what another club will/won't do? I don't get it, it only provides for motivating the opposition, as well as a reason for opposition fans to have a go at them.
DF - I have read both articles, notice my initial comments on both. I welcome it as a motivation to City players to prove the interviewee wrong. Like I said to LD, I don't get why players feel the need to answer questions about another club. If i'm coming across as arrogant I can only apologise, as that is not my intention.
Deltaforce dont use us 'chavs' as a counterpoint for your argument.This article involves arse so leave us out of your head bashing.
Bluedub its seems you cant win just wait for Pedmachine to take over,he has his reasons.
It's boring but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. Until we actually win something and consistently beat or draw against Arsenal, the Scum, Spuds, Chelski, Everton and the Veellah, all comments from City fans will be seen as arrogant. The only progress we've made so far is spending a lot of cash and convincing the media to talk-up our chances. It's hard for City fans to ignore the media-circus and opposing fan jealousy (and it is jealousy manifesting itself in cheapshot insults and big picture concerns about ruining football) because we've never had to deal with it before.
Cheers C24/7, i'm just looking for reasoned debate, that is all.
Bluedub, motivation?? For what, the only reason that players sign for City is because they are motivated by MONEY, they couldnt give a rats arse about what this lad said, they are too busy rolling around in their filthy money
Rob - I said I was looking for reasoned debate.
Bluedub, i doubt they want a reasoned debate when they can just throw insults about and keep repeating lines lines they hear in the media on a daily like buying the title, as if at the end of day the team doesnt have to go the pitch and play. Like Chelsea 247 said, he's just going with the flow trying to make new friends in a foreign country when he could easily have admitted he's not in the position to assess City's chances cos he just got here. And whats this about Ade commenting on arsenal, wasnt that his club before he joined City? Cant remember this guy playing anywhere in England. P.Avfc, how can you guarantee anything, do you have a crystal ball?
Chelsea 24/7, the word 'chav' denotes a lack of class and new money in general and I was not referring to Chelsea when I used the term. Blue dub, I am not looking for a scrap here. Fair enough and all the best for the new season to all city fans.
I love these debates... Koscielny should have kept his mouth shut but I'm glad he didn't :)
Vanilla Ice
ALL the teams that have won the PL title have spent Vast sums of Money to get there..... Utd started it of in 1992 when they spent the 1st load of Sky's money,Chelsea was not going to win the title untill Abramovich put his money in, but a good Cup side none the less as Big Ken was never going to invest anymore,just ask Leeds fans if he has there?.....Arsenal spent fortues when Professor Whinger 1st went there, as it became the French national side, and most of the French accademy went to Arsenal.... Blackburn spent Jack Walker's money and won the title in1995 and went to the CL in the next 2 years till Kenny ''done one'' and it was left to Ray Harford and Roy Hogeson to fill the gap and ultimately fail...... liverpool are still spending BUT not as much as they HAVE to getinto the CL by finishing 3TH OR 4TH as long as Hicks and Gillette are still there can't see em winning the title, as for US, ANY CUP will do then go for the title, BUT LET'S GET THAT 1ST ONE , even if it's it the Carling Cup.......Let's learn to walk before we run.....
Nice to hear a City fan with some sense!
Vanilla Ice
Me-innit what are you talking about? Did you actually read my comment? Koscienly is already a good defender and wenger always buys well he is a good manager. And Bluedub all i ever hear from you city fans is 'money money money' Everytime i go on utd, liverpool and everton sites theres always willy being an idiot about it but i havn't said you are 'bragging' about money because come on what do manchester city have to brag about? You may have money but you havn't done won anything yet so until you do then you lot could at least make a decent debate out of things. And Cityman good comment spot on.
Come on you losers from other teams - lets hear your views - get your money on City for the title though and don't be put off bY kalou - he wants to keep the odds on City as high as possible.
WHO is this guy?? Never heard of him.
Wheres Ozi?
Heres willy the 3 year old who goes to every site boastin that he supports a team with money but no trophies LOL
P.Avfc, all you ever hear from City fans is money money money cos you got a disease called selective hearing. So this dude is bound to be a top defender cos Wenger bought him, what type of reasoning is that? The point is he is new to the PL and he's in no position to assess our chances, he was thick enough to be baited by a journalist looking for some headlines. Dont worry about us not winning tropies already, we're quite pleased with progress made so far, 10th to 5th aint bad, you'll have a point if weve still won nothing in say 5yrs.
me_innit, I think you were the ones who were thick enough to be taken in. It's telling that Koscielny's remarks weren't even included in the article, so bland and inoffensive are they. (He said he doesn't know if Citeh can win the title. Honestly, why all so touchy about that?) cityman, the point is with United, Arsenal and Liverpool is they've spent money they earned through success on the pitch. They built up a business, they didn't just stumble on a winning lottery ticket. Your contention that Arsenal spent loads does not stand up to any kind of scrutiny, any transfer money we've spent is covered by players we've sold. Our net spend since 1996 was lower than City's even prior to the Sheikh taking over.
Little Dutch
Aren't they all jealous of our money - now whose supporters have the biggest chips on their shoulders - Everton, Aston Villa, Arsenal???
me-innit be quiet, i know he is a good defender because he is. And he can say what he likes in the media he is basically talking in general so must have touched a nerve. And infact every comment Willy makes has 'money' in it, i have saw a hell of a lot of posts on up to 6 other sites with him actin like a kid. Noone is jeolous of your money because you havn't done anything with it yet? They just react to childish, stubborn and ridiculous comments from the likes of yourself and Willy.
I just find it interesting that journalists are asking questions about Manchester City when they should really be talking to the player about Arsenal. Can't really blame Koscielny for answering with the pat answer that everyone seems to be employing, but just as we're often accused of running our mouths off without yet achieving anything, I think it might be better for new players to the PL to make an impact before they speak about other club's prospects. IE, If Vermaelen want's to have a dig, fair dues, he's had a successful intro to the PL and is widely recognised as a decent defender. Koscielny on the other hand may be a good defender, but hasn't even made his debut yet!
I admit I havent heard much of this Koscielny lad, but last season I hadnt heard of Thomas Vermalen, and he proved to be a top defender, wenger knows what he is doing, unlike mancini, just throws money about at average players, it funny that all you city fans criticise other clubs for throwing insults around but yet one of your own "supporters" (Willy) goes onto numerous sites and throws aroundd insults, it just ridiculous
Who's the average players you're referring to Rob?
Rob-EFC - do you ever lighten up - go on have another Sprite.
Bluedub i think he is refering to the likes of bridge, toure, lescott, santa cruz, wright-phillips and you could say barry and viera nowadays. I havn't got a problem with city and there 'money' everyone would like it if they supported them and it excites me also by keeping the premier player standards up. I just dont like the way i see 'Willy' Specifically going on alot of other sites and bragging, making sly remarks and being very childish about it, If he actually spoke with people normally instead of being a wind up merchant then that would be fine and i wouldnt have a problem with city at all. I see at least 10 comments maybe a day of his on other sites and they all involve the word 'Money' and being sarcastic and disrespectufull. The comment above is the first i have saw of his which doesnt involve it haha :P
P.avfc - if he is referring to them players he is yet again displaying his stupidity, as Mancini didn't sign any of them.
Well i thought he meant in general since your owners took over, In all fairness, Johnson was the only player i can remember mancini getting last season and he has proved himself. But Kolarov, boeteng and silva could all prove average if the league doesnt suit them we will have to wait.
You obviously didn't read his comment then did you? He specifically mentions Mancini.
Im sorry willy if I dont find "[Edited: Yak is an idiot]" funny
Bluedub shut up you ignorant deluded money obsessed idiot, Your just as bad as your 6 year old friend Willy. Instead of making negative, disrespectfull comments why dont you try bein civilised or are you like you friend Willy who can only talk about how rich his club is? Idiot, I obviously read the comment, i missed one bit out but everythin i said was true anyway LOL.
P.Avfc is right, your "star" signings (Kolarov, silva and Toure) havent proved themselves yet, they need to prove that they can cope with the style of the EPL, as we saw robinho, who was a "star" struggle in the EPL, anyway, to your original question about Mancini signings Viera springs to mind
What's with the personal attack?
Can you blame him?? I kind of agree with him, so would ALOT of people on vital
Mancini didn't throw millions at Vieira, he's on a pay as you play deal.
Theres not personall attack on you Bluedub its Willy i am bothered about, He is going on every site and Disrespecting every club which is unfair. Theres banter and theres being just totally unfair, and he is being unfair. He just posted on vital villa and tried to make a compliment to our manager but yet again had to involve 'money' in his post, I dont no his obsession its all gone to his head and now he is disrespecting other clubs because they aren't as unfortunate as you lot. Meanwhile when people come on your site saying this and that you say they are jeolous but in all fairness its because people like 'Willy' are bad mouthing and being a childish fool on other sites so people who just want to talk football and not have someone posting several comments a day calling their club poor and crap because they dont have ridiculous amounts of money like you lot are going to react arn't they.
I meant fortunate :/ Well you could say unfortunate also.
I agree with P.Avfc, but back to the article, he has a right to post his own opinion on the matter (as you said yourself bluedud), I mean he does agree with the majority of people on this matter, everyone except for city fans think yo will bust again, be lucky to finish in the top 6 again
P.Avfc, he's a good player cos he is? Had you honestly seen him play prior to joining the PL? He might turn out good he might not but to say he definitely is cos Wenger signed him is rubbish. If you've got an issue with one member you dont need to generalise do you? No one is jealous of our owners? speak for yourself or betterstill ask Bob-EFC. Little Dutch, whats so difficult about stating the obvious by saying 'tbf im really not in the position to assess another teams chances cos i just dont know' instead of that rubbish about money buying success. I think its you who's being thick and defensive cos he's an Arsenal player now. I guess we're supposed to be apologetic now cos we won the lottery, get over yourself! You haven't spent as much cos you don't have as much, fact, not arrogance.
wenger knows what he is doing, unlike mancini, just throws money about at average players Rob-EFC, more proof Rob is full of rubbish. How long has Wenger been manager in the PL? How long has Mancini been manager in the PL?
Boys - all I am doing is seeing which teams supporters are the most sensitive and have the biggest chips on their shoulders. It has been fascinating - the results will be published soon and are very revealing about inferiority complexes.
Oh god, you mean willy the imbecile is the author p.a.e.d.o.machine? Give me a break....Vital man city editors please sort out your writer selection. Willy is a dick.
me_innit i have witnessed koscienly on videos, highlights etc i researched him when arsenal play and he looks very gifted. Why would i be jeolous of man city, i love my team and tbh i do not care if we throw money away when we feel like it, Aston villa run a fantastic buisness and i quote as a 'buisness' we have no debt and no problems with finances our chairman just doesnt wanna blow money away too easy so i am proud to say i support a team like that so i can assure you i am not jeolous. And i do not want to get into ' youve signed average players' ' your players aren't good etc' which Rob is sort of doing, I am here to show my annoyance of one of your members but its turned into an argument and i arn't having someone call me thick because id like to see how many people on here have achieved more than me in terms of education succes and i am proud to say that. Anyway Willy have you got nothing better to do than to see how supporters react? Come on mate that is really pathetic i think you need to get a hobby or something, that is so childish. I have no grudge on man city like i can see many other supporters have on here i just dont appreciate rubbing other fans noses in the fact you have money (Willy) because your gonna get a reaction, i feel its unfair and disrespectfull to clubs who have actually been sucesfull. All i ask is for Willy to actually post about football and not involve 'money' in every post he does and then i will be more than happy to have some nice conversations with the guy about football and the rest over here.
Can I just clarify a few points for those of you who have only recently jumped on the "everyone else hates City, so I will too" bandwagon? The players p.avfc mentions - Lescott, Bridge, Toure, RSC, SWP and Barry - These were all signed by MARK HUGHES. It is safe to say that some of these players have not performed for various reasons; some may still come good, they might not. Mancini joined our club in December of last year and prior to this summer had ony brought in two players - Patrick Vieira and Adam Johnson (remember him? Young, English, bought for peanuts and most of England was screaming for Capello to take him to the World Cup). Now that the summer transfer window has opened, Mancini has brought in the following: Jerome Boateng - a member of Germany's word cup team who is predominanty a right back but can play anywhere along the back line (some of you may recall that he actually looked half decent as a left back). Boateng has for the last several years been widely touted as one of the best defensive prospects in Europe and we paid £10m for him. Yaya Toure - can play DM, CB or as an attacking midfielder. The man is an absolute beast and made manure's attack look very ordinary in the CL final the season before last - and he did it as a centre back, which is not his regular position. Manure, Chelsea, Arsenal, Inter and several other clubs have been tracking him for years. And the Barca president stated for the record that we paid €21.5m for him, not the widely presumed £32m that has been doing the rounds. He is also not getting over £200k per week. David Siva - 24 year old Spanish midfielder who once again was widely tracked by Europes top clubs - can play as a second striker, left midfield, right midfield or central midfield. He is a member of Spain's world cup winning squad, and before anyone slags him off for not playing much, please kindly remember that Fabregas couldn't get into the side either. Alexander Kolarov - Known in Europe as the Serbian Roberto Carlos, this chap has a left foot like a traction engine, is a free kick specialist, has a mean cross and can actuay defend, unlike our current first choice LB. We are also chasing Milner and Balotelli - Miner the 24 year old England international who can play across the midfield and will run through brick walls for his team. Balotelli? 19 years old, 1 goal in 3 games striker who is widely regarded as THE hot property in European football, and currently plies his trade for the reigning European and Italian Champions Inter. Sorry if I've gone on a bit, but if posters like P.Avfc can say that "Koscielny is a good defender because he is" then HOW THE ***** CAN YOU COME ON HERE CRITICISING MANCINI FOR THE PLAYERS HE IS BUYING? Sorry mate, this Koscielny probably is a good player, but at least I've heard of most of the players Mancini has bought/is chasing, and if you take off the anti-city specs for a minute you might just realise that these are pretty damned good players! Hughes was rightly shown the door for his lack of tactics and his mistakes in the transfer market, I'd say Mancini is 100% better in that respect wouldn't you?
What the hell are you on about you idiot! Since when have i critisied mancini's signings? The only thing i have said is that they might not suit the syle of the premier league which is true and the case for every club so dont go jumping to conclusions. Read my *****in comments you idiot, i have clearly said i could not care less about city and there players i have said if you actually read my comments that im only interested in making a point to Willy that he shouldnt go shouting his mouth off on every site making people hate you lot. And for the record, i had seen bits and bobs of Koscienly of the internet when arsenal signed him and he looked very good and strong so i had my own opinion on the player and i have different ones on yours which arnt bad so how please explain to me how i am slating mancini's signings? And when i was listing your average players i was clearly stating to another city fan who Rob the everton fan was refering too! So dont mention my username in your posts without actually reading and understanding why im *****ed off, I havn't a problem at all with city, its people like Willy who just talks money and not talk of football which you are ment too! Please read carefully or dont comment on me at all.
P.Avfc, firstly it wasnt you i was refering to as thick, it was Little Dutch who thought it was ok to refer to me asuch cos i called Koscielny that. And its quite ironic you dont want to be called names but you're calling fifthcolumnblue an idiot. Just saw an interview with Vermalen being asked what he thought of the Barca players trying to use dirty tactics to get Fabregas to join them. He was very smart and said he cant state an opinion on it cos its all in the press or something along those lines, common sense. He didnt get baited into criticising Barca cos if he'd done so tomorrow's headlines would probably be sthg like ''VERMALEN SLATES BARCELONA''. Its that same common sense i expected Koscielny to have in this case but he obviously lacks it.
True i apoligise to fifthcollumnblue, I only have an issue with the immature Willy.
I wish you guys would stop calling each other names .... peace please.
fifthcolumnblue, Fabregas may not have spent too many minutes playing for Spain but made the all important goal that won the damn tournament - something Silva didn't. Silva is good but not a patch on Fab. me_innit, this entire article on Koscielny is retarded and not worth discussing. We will see if Kos has common sense when he lines up against you guys. Talk is cheap, lets play and decide this.
Deltaforce, the only thing thats retarded is a player who has not even kicked a ball in the PL, no matter which team he belongs to, assessing the chances of another PL's team's title chances, whether he was answering a question or not, but i dont expect you to admit this as an Arsenal fan.
Deltaforce, so whats the point about Silva, he didnt provide the assist for Iniesta so what? So by that reasoning Torres must be rubbish cos he had a bad world cup? It was the Spanish team that won the world cup, the fact that Silva was part of that is good enough. Does it always have to come down to ''my team's player is better than your team's player?''. Fab is quality. Silva is quality. End of.
fifthcolumnblue 'at least I've heard of most of the players Mancini has bought/is chasing' and don't your clubs wallet know it. It's not all just about the money though, Its reported that the majority of your summer signings and even last summers signing were not looking for a move, but as soon as a club hears Man City are involved then its most likely that they will be sold due to Man City's exagerated price tags. Balotelli has said that he would have preferred to stay within Italy. Wenger signed Vermaelen last season, Who had heard of him? but look how well hes turned out. To all the people who are repeating the line 'Koscielny hasn't even kicked a ball in the premier league' you don't need to kick a ball in the premier league to pass judgement. We are all doing it, have any of us kicked a ball in the premiership?, doubtful! Koscielny has said hes always been a fan of the premiership and has always followed it. Seriously what's wrong with 'A football team is made of 11 talented players; it is not only one good player that makes the team win the match. So I don't know if Manchester City can perform right at the top level, but maybe they can. Money does not solve all the problems.' Seems like a pretty valued comment. Hes not saying they can't and that the money spent this summer will not be effective hes saying in some situations it doesn't solve everything which we all know is true. This Koscielny matter really needs to be put in to perspective.

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