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Joe Gives City Hart

What a stunning performance by Joe Hart at Tottenham today. He certainly made it White (Joe) Hart Lane as almost single-handedly he kept City in this match during the first half.

Almost as expected City found it difficult to get settled early on. They were starved of the ball for most of the first half but despite an onslaught that would have had an army waving the white flag, somehow they survived to half time level at 0-0.

Chance after chance fell Tottenham's way often supplied by Bale who had a relatively good day on their left but every time they got clear and every time a goal looked a certainty there was Joe, solid as a rock, between the sticks to keep things intact.

It is some time since I can recall a City keeper being consistently brilliant in a match, but Joe certainly justified Mancini's decision to upset Shay Given, who himself marvelled from the bench at Hart's heroics.

As the second half got under way SWP should have put us in front, but wanted too much time to slide in what should have been a routine shot at goal.

City got back into the match in the second half, retained the ball better and probed for a spark that might have produced some might say an undeserved win.

For their part Spurs remained dangerous on the break especially from Bale. Zabaleta seemed to slow down the supply to Lennon on the other side.

Keane and Pavulychenko tried hard and for once Robbie didn't get one against us as he has done for more or less every team he's played for.

And towards the end although City looked comfortable and took a point, it could have been the lot with a chance falling to Adebayor.

Silva really looks the ticket to me. He has good eyes and sees everything that is going on, works the channels well, passes intelligently. Toure Yaya looks very strong in the middle and continues to remind me of Marc Vivien Foe, a huge presence, never shaken off the ball, keeps the ball and again uses it well.

As and when this team gels it is going to please the Eastlands faithful ....and Balotelli still to come!!

It was in the end a creditable draw. Sometimes commentators take the view that because the other team has attacked so much they deserve to win. The bottom line is that defending is just as important. If they don't score, they can't win and that is exactly as it proved today. Toure and Kompany both had good games. I would like to see Boateng in at right back, Richards got caught day dreaming on several occasions and let's hope that Kolarov's injured ankle doesn't take too long to heal, although Zabaleta did not let himself down in another accomplished performance in the second half.

I have on occasions written about the defensive triangle in front of goal and how important that is - remember Dunne, Distin and James. Today that triangle was first class in denying the opposition a goal.

There will be games when we attack from the off and see the kind of football we all want to experience, but this was a very tricky first encounter, at a stadium where our record is not good and we got the season of to a good start with an away point ..and no goals conceded. Welcome home Joe.

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 14 2010

Time: 3:00PM

Your Comments

both teams had some what of an off-day and pretty much cancelled each other out imo although, we did have much the higher number of goal scoring chances. lets hope both of us have a good season and are right up there with the big boys... Silva looks quality
@Yid_from_India Think I'll have to disagree with you there, your lot seemed on song to me and it was only the heroics of Hart that kept us in it. We were lucky to earn a point, but second half I saw plenty to be optimistic about, very good point for us...
Played one away game against a top four side, one away draw, Spurs will consider this as two dropped points already considering our appalling record against them. I'm happy! Spurs won't be!
Seamus Given. If you ask for a transfer after that you are going to look like the ultimate prima donna. Don't do it, Shay. Fight for that shirt.
Johnny Baguette
Took 0pts from Spurs last season and with a lot of new players, many of whom lacked sharpness, we clawed our way to a draw. To me, despite our poor first half performance, we should celebrate a very successful result. For us, Joe, Kompany, Kolo, Barry, and Nigel were the best players. Micah and SWP were poor, how long do we persist with the loveable homegrown boys when there is so much better available? Johnson is 50x better than 2010 SWP and Boateng surely has to kick Micah out of the team. Silva and Kolarov had the usual culture shock in first game, but Silva showed some nice touches. Yaya grew into the game second half. Tevez was too isolated but worked hard.
Didn't see any of it, how hard did Tevez really try? He tailed off last season for me and would have been off had someone been able to afford him IMHO. Still love him but just my opinion.
Looked like a team of individuals the whole game and Mancini is being rediculous if he believes it will take just 3 weeks for the team to gel. Lucky to get away with a draw.
Drivel, of course. 3 new players made debuts. One for only 45 minutes.
Johnny Baguette
Famous - get a grip. First half Spurs pummelled the City goal and Hart was outstanding. Second half City retained possession well and put some decent moves together. Last twenty mins it was anybodys. Great result for City, we've already improved on last season, and we're only going to get better.
Second half we were much more cohesive and kept our shape. Already signs of gelling, just needs work. Defensively we looked almost perfect, the main problem being Micah who as usual seemed 15-20 yards away from his man. Bale is a handful for any defender but Micah was beaten with embarrassing ease. We have the men to link play now with Yaya (grew into the game after a slow start) and Silva (will need some time but had neat touches), along with Milner on the way. Adebayor looked much the same as pre-season when he came on, lethargic, but it's his place in the team at stake when Super Mario arrives. Right now think our best 11 when all settled will be: Hart-Kolarov-Kompany-Kolo-Boateng-De Jong-Yaya-Milner-Silva-Tevez-Balotelli with Johnson the impact man when we need width and Adebayor if he can be bothered. Robinho could also play a part rotating with Silva if he is here to stay. Just don't see much of a future for Shauny but who knows.
I think you guys still have a long way to go, still a team of individuals & lacking balance. Saying that i thought Nigel De Jong was an absolute beast today, top player. Yaya Toure's good aswell. As a Spurs fan though i'm very optimistic about our season, we looked a very good side imo and maybe if Harry can bring in a REAL top quality striker then we could go far this year. Its all we're lacking.
TheFamousNo7, i dont think we did that bad, last season by this time your team was getting thrashed by relegated Burnley.
Hudders, do you want Crocky Santa Cruz? Go on mate, I'll drive him down there for nowt!!
Johnny Baguette
No thankyou. We'l take Adebayor though off you if he's available. You can keep Micah Richards aswell he looks a shadow of the player he looked 2 years ago
Am I really the one who needs to get a grip bluedub? Re-read my previous comment and tell me where I was wrong and needed to 'get a grip'. me_innit, I never said you were awful I said you looked like a team of individuals, everyone wanted to do their own thing and no-one was helping each other play to their strengths and the way you got pummeled in the first half you were lucky to get away with a draw. The Burnley comment i don't deny but it's pretty much universaly known that we're slow starters so it wouldn't surpise me even if the worst of teams beat us at the beginning of the season.
TheFamousNo7, for a ''team of individuals'' i think we did quite well to get a point against a well settled spurs side away from home. I wouldn't read too much negatives into this game.
We looked a team in the second half Famous, if youn cant see that you do need to get a grip. We controlled the tempo with TEAMWORK in the second half. Eight of the outfield players on the park in second half were all regulars last year, so all this individuals nonsense is just that, nonsense. We started with three new signings today, hardly a new team is it? Stop listening to what the so called experts say and look and judge for yourself. And yes we did ride our luck in first half, absolutely no shame in that against a side like Spurs, especially at their ground.
super joe
Like speaking to a brickwall. Well if that how your squad plays as a team then i can only imagine you scraping 6th.
Famous - look at the possesion stats, still think we're a team of individuals?
Bluedub, he is only here to criticize and troll, so will stick fingers in his ears and sing "la la la!" in responce to such logic.
Bluedub, your team is hastily assembled and some disjointed performances early in the season is a given (no pun intended).
great point, considering it's our first day
TheFamousNo7, well you can bugger off if you think you're speaking to a brickwall, and i don't think anyone is saying we played at our best. The point is we managed to get a point without playing our best(esp the 1st half) while spurs did so we can only get better. We got zero points off spurs last season, we've already got one this season, thats an improvement.
Haha you're basing your team around how much possesion you had, Inter Milan lack possesion when playing any remotely big team so by your logic (possesion is indicator of how well a team works together) they're not a well gelled team? Do you honestly believe your team has gelled already? If so why didn't you beat Tottenham? Just because they spent a year or so together it doesn't mean they've gelled. Just because at one point you had a good possesion rating it doesn't mean they dont play like individuals.
Spurs had about six PL wins in a row on their ground leading into this, including over Chelsea and Arsenal. Spurs were at full strength and their players looked fitter and sharper than ours. Moreover, our new signings have had one match together. And yet we came away with more than Chelsea and Arsenal. On paper, that is what matters. A fantastic result really, by the time we meet them at Eastlands we can only hope our team is fully cohesive and we can end our drought against Spurs. Certainly Boateng will have a better chance against Bale than Micah did.
FamousNo7, get a grip, its day one.
RobsonGreensleeves, get a grip, your team played like a bunch of individuals, you were lucky to get a draw.
When are the rag pensioners strolling out No7?
Johnny Baguette
As soon as you win a trophy ... so some time yet Johnny Baguette.
Erm...just as an innocent question, and forgive me if I'm being offensive, but who does TheFamousNo7 support, exactly?
FamousNo.7 - I'm not saying the team has gelled yet, i'm saying in the second half City showed brilliant teamwork, retaining possession well and creating chances. If we were a team of individuals, we wouldn't have got out of WHL with a point.
Liverpool. Dalglish. LMAO.
Johnny Baguette
You could see well i could that david silva had a shock in his first game in the premier league, first half he thought he could have way more time on the ball than he was aloud like he did in spain, its a much better league than over there. Second half he looked ok a few nice touches and passes but i reckon he needs to get use to the premier league. I can see now that milner would be a good player for you, he could be your engine i reckon i think he will pull a lot of strings at city
"Famous" No7, what do you want me to get a grip on? Read my comments you clown! Next time you stray on here remember, wipe foam from mouth, engage brain....... then type.
P.Avfc, with all due respect to yourself and team, Milner is probably the only name linked with us this summer that i've thought, "yes please!". We need to move heaven and earth (and Ireland!) to get him. He is THE ONE.
Ok i've wiped the foam from my mouth brain is now engaged and have come to the conclusion that you're an idiot Robson. If you had read my posts all my points are valid, you played like a team of individuals (even Match of the day said it) and you were lucky to get a draw. Now whipe the foam from YOUR mouth and engage YOUR brain (for once) and come back with a somewhat semi-decent counter argument rather than possesion statistics.
What do you want me to counter argue? I've not said we "gelled" or "clicked" once, nor did i say we didn't look like a team of individuals. I merely had the temerity to suggest I was happy with a point at Spurs, many fan of many teams would be. This is what I meant by you being angry and foaming at the mouth, you're not reading posts properly, you're just mouthing off in any direction, you sound like the archetypal angry man, we all know one. As for your conclusions and opinions..... you probably already know that not many people on here care about them. I'm not coming back so feel free to switch to abuse mode.
In a way I'm glad our new players debuted at Spurs, in particular David Silva. Spurs play the game properly, and although you could see the "culture shock" in the first half, he improved immensely in the second half. By contrast, if we'd played someone like Stoke or Blackburn, we'd still be picking bits of Silva out of the pitch! Not a great performance by any means, but a well earned point, and many more positives than negatives.
spurs came at your team with their tails up,they could have taken the lead, city just about held on, spurs ran out of steam and consolidated and slowly started to get into the game, a great point for a slightly new look and shaky city, from a hard fought away game.....
@TFN7, ''even motd said it'' pmsl
C'mon me_innit, there are some people out there that take Messrs Hanson, Lawrenson and Lineker seriously! Most of them are on day release mind....
Famous - that MOTD comment says it all.
OK then you guys should've won the game and are a well gelled team. An unstoppable force and are going to win everything. Better? Btw i never came on here to look for an argument nor wind-up, just to post my views but it seems i unintentionally got a few bites.
TFN7, you keep repeating the same line which no one has said. NO ONE IS SAYING WE'VE ALREADY GELLED OR PLAYED AT OUR BEST FFS! Stop basing your arguments on false statements which we've not made. Like i said, last season we got 0 points off spurs, we've already got 1 this season, im happy with that.
Oops another bite.

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