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Lock Up Your Stars. It's Big, Bad Manchester City

Good grief. From liddle ciddy to the big bad wolf of English football inside a couple of years! In a bizarre outburst, Aston Villa's chairman accuses The Blues...

...of violating rules, no less. The rules we think Randy Lerner's gone into one about under shrieking Das Daily Mail headlines this Sunday appear to be to do with making a repeat bid for a club's player. Some kind of unwritten gentleman's agreement or does a hard and fast rule exist? The player in question being The Villans' England International James Milner.

'Big, bad Manchester City came along and asked for Milner and we said, 'No, he is not for sale.'...under the rules you have to respect that. And Manchester City respected that for two whole days. And then they violated the rules and came in for him again.'

Serious stuff.

Outside of comments made in previous weeks by Martin O'Neill and Roberto Mancini regarding Milner, a couple of facts are clear.

I'd 'wager' (sic) that the vast majority of football fans haven't got a clue what goes on amid agents, players, boardrooms, banks and lawyers in this stratospherically salaried era, but we've an idea it's all a far cry from being holier than thou.

Secondly, Randy has only been in English Football for four years. Roughly the time it took for the departed O'Neill to establish Villa as a top flight force for him. So there's a strong chance that when Lerner's players became famous under O'Neill's guidance, other football clubs would pursue them, so maybe Randy shouldn't be so shocked by repeat bids.

He does hint at a confused state of mind by then saying:

'Who knows if Milner is going to go? Kevin MacDonald just came up to me and said, 'Ask for more money.'

So does he want City's money or not? Blues know precisely what it is like to be a selling club. When offers come in that you cannot refuse. Stuart Pearce, for all his touchline jestering kept City in the Premier League a few seasons ago on an incredibly tight budget and thanks to the sale of the then livewire Shaun Wright-Phillips to Chelsea, our stay in the top flight since 2002 was just about preserved.

Randy Lerner is obviously intent on ensuring that Villa are not perceived in that light, even though everybody in the game knows that they operate on a different planet to the stoney broke City of 2006:

'We are not a selling club. A selling club is when you let it be known that you want to sell a player, through an agent or whatever. That didn't happen with Gareth Barry and it didn't happen with James Milner either. As for Ashley Young, he was never going.'

I suppose the answer is then, don't sell!

Milner looked happy enough at Villa Park against West Ham after a brutally jaded World Cup and if a recent VMC Forum poll is anything to go by City fans aren't that bothered if he signs for us or not:

Time to pull the plug on Milner?

Pull the plug: 75%
Wait and see: 25%
Do what it takes to sign him: 0%

So there you have it Randy. Kevin MacDonald, by your own admission thinks somewhat differently. Blackburn relished Mark Hughes' dementedly obsessive repeat bids for Roque Santa Cruz last year and now it's possible you'll be getting Stephen Ireland into the proposed Milner bargain.

That said, were City to 'Walk Away Renée,' I don't think too many City fans would be that arsed.

Yet above all else the Villa Chairman's words today serve to confirm that 'big, bad City' have rocked Premier League boardrooms to their foundations.

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 15 2010

Time: 10:22AM

Your Comments

Interesting comments, at an interesting time. I suspect this is rather more of an attempt by Lerner to deflect attention away from the curious fact that the manager of his team walked out on him 5 days before the start of the season. Blame City and the baying hounds of the media will return to their betes noir and thus Mr Lerner avoids any inconvenient questions as to why MoN left. And if Villa are not a selling club, why then did Mr Lerner publicly state that money from player sales would be required for any future incoming transfers? I also think it's rather interesting that Mr Lerner is criticising us for our transfer tactics at a point where the Ireland/Milner swap deal is virtually done amidst rumours that the caretaker manager has urged him to ask for more money. Negotiating tactic? Almost definitely, and the fact that Villa are choosing not to pursue the matter with the FA would indicate that their case is perhaps not as strong as the headlines about Evil Man City would indicate.
I think its more to do with the way you have conducted yourselves throughout the whole saga. Not meeting Villa's valuation of £30m, and trying to dictate what you are going to pay for him, letting the transfer drag on for weeks and weeks, not settling with Ireland (if he is owed money, cough up), then Mancini suggesting it may take another two weeks to complete?!?!?!?!?!?!? Thats just rediculous, and convieniently gives us no time to reinvest in the transfer window. Do you lot not remember how it felt when Chelsea kicked down your front door and took SWP ???? Man City are fast becoming the most hated club in the league - a club I used to enjoy and have a soft spot for. Not to mention the fact that it is pretty clear Mancini doesnt really know what he is doing going on yesterdays performance, Tottenham and Redknapp proved whole Heartedly that you need alot more than just bags full of cash to create a winnin team. You have sold your soul City.
... oh ant not to mention the fact that you will ruin Milner as a player. And before you suggest otherwise; he just isnt going to play the 50 games a season he can play at Villa, and Mancini hardly looks like a master tactician or coach. I give Mancini until Christmas - just cross your fingers you dont get Martin O'Neill !!!!
It's called haggling Stig, and as the old adage goes, it takes two to tango. If Villa were genuinely not interested in selling to us they could and should have walked away - after all, they rebuffed all attempts by Liverpool to take Barry off their hands, why not do the same over Milner if they were not seeking to make a healthy profit on him? As to not agreeing on a fee, are you seriously suggesting City should just open the cheque-book and pay whatever anyone asks for a player? We've already been taken for a ride on several players merely because everyone knows we have virtually unlimited funds, so I for one am delighted that our owners are playing hardball over this one. After all, even most Villans will agree that Milner is not worth anywhere near £30million! Once again, any delays in the deal are to neither club's advantage, as we want Milner bedded into our squad, you want Ireland plus the cash to reinvest. So to suggest that it's all our fault for delays in the transfer is so wide of the mark it's laughable. Fast becoming the most hated club in football? Heard it all before mate.
Stig,what a silly bitter post,you come across as a little dim.
pull the plug guys, we'd be happy to keep him!
The Fear
After yesterdays performance what about big bad crap Manchester city?
rotten82 - your wit is dim. Guess that would make you a dimwit. Now go crawl back under your rock and wait until we have our first set-back, then you can come out and have a jolly good laugh at us along with all the other hyenas. Bet y'all can't wait! ;-)
rotter if you think that was bad and we came away with a point something no done for years. you need to go on the Wigan and baggies pages, now they were bad.
Buzz Lightyear
As for Randy, I bet he didn't get rich by taking no for an answer . Grow up Randy.
Buzz Lightyear
I'm loving it. Everyone hates City and only successful clubs get hated. So hate away lads hate away
Getting rid of Hughes was a big mistake. Now you have a team selected by price tag, not performance (bye bye Bellamy, Ireland etc!!). Anyone who's ever seen Ballotelli play knows he's another total waste of money and nobody's ever going to take these overrated players off your hands because they won't match the silly wages you're paying. You could have been the biggest football club in the world, but the way you're going about it you're going to end up the biggest football laughing stock in the world I'm afraid chaps.
Yeah Jackblue, everyone's jealous of you and Millwall
City fans you are becoming the club everyone wants to see fall flat on their face at the moment. The money involved is ruining football, and stopping the League being competetive. Chelski were the first to do it. Didn't you despise them at the time? I have a lot of time for City, but unfortunately, like supporters of every other club, don't want to see teams suceed whose policy is just to throw obscene amounts of money around. Having said that, it worked for Chelski and if you get a half decent manager (like Mark Hughes) it will surely work for you. Will it really give you that much satisfaction? I HOMESTLY would not like Villa to have that much money to throw around, but I am from the old school where great managers like Brian Clough had a chance to turn ordinary clubs into European champions before money ruined the game.
Lerner's right of course. We said no, then Barry and company turned Milner's head at the WC from a state of "not too bothered about going or not" to the point where he's set his mind on leaving. Disgusting, but that's the way it is I guess. We have to sell now, it's gone too far. Not too late to put the price up by a couple of million though, he was excellent yesterday and showed exactly what the City "team" missed at White Hart Lane. Only problem is City won't play him in the middle, they're going to play him out wide where he's not that good. I say put Milner in the squad for Vienna and let's see how fast City will meet our valuation and pay Stephen Ireland what he's due, when they realise that Milner's about to get cup tied.
I've got nothing against Man City. Personally, I'd love to see your lot rub Man Ure's noses in it - if we don't get there first of course! I wouldn't take Lerner's comments too personally. As you say, it's likely a negotiating tactic. I think the rumours that we have set a deadline on any deal done are probably true - it would certainly make sense to do so, and we did the same thing with Barry and Liverpool two seasons ago. In terms of what is best for Villa, I think it all depends on Milner himself. If he is happy to sign a new contract, then great, situation sorted. But if, after two seasons of underachievement under an incompetent manager, we are in a position where we can't persuade Milner to stay, then it's best for all concerned if he moves on. A satisfactory deal is in place, and just as soon as Ireland gets what is, as far as I can tell, a reasonable pay-off, then we can all move on.
NorwegianVillan, I think City players sweet-talking Milner at the World Cup is nonsense. Milner wanted to go because we were going nowhere under our previous manager and City are capable of challenging for the top honours. It's as simple as that.
As a final word, I'd suggest that it is in Man City's interest to keep Villa sweet. It's possible that you will have further transfer dealings with us down the line, and if you act fairly and honourably now, then that will be noted in future, and you might just get some preferential treatment down the line. I think it's also worth remembering that City benefited last summer when you signed Barry for a knockdown price. He went as cheaply as he did because an agreement existed between himself and the owner that, should we fail to qualify for the Champions League, having agreed to stay on after Liverpool's interest the previous summer, Lerner wouldn't stand in his way the following summer.
You clearly don't follow City Schoolboy, as Hughes was tactically naive at best and made some questionable purchases (Santa Cruz is not being let go because of his blistering performances for us LOL!), and Ireland has been a major disappointment performance-wise for the last 2 seasons. Bellamy is on his bike because of his attitude - his performances will be missed, not his mouth. I find it hilarious that so many people are leaping to poor Craig's defence now that City are being "unfair" to him. The man is a footballing nomad that virtually every fan of rival clubs hates, so why they should come out and defend him now smacks of hypocrisy.
Why is everyone saying that the money City is using in the transfer window is ruinning football? Surely it's the other way around? When other clubs get payed top dollar for their players surely they can reinvest this money in other top players themselves which in turn will keep them as competitive if not more than before? The only thing City is ruining is the top 4 balance in this country, which again makes the premierleague more interesting to watch...
Blue ponderer
Albarnista, that's all fair and square and you make some good points, but how you'll rather see City, who've just won the lottery, succeed rather than Man.Utd, who've earned their right to be up there due to a period of excellent results and running of the club (pre-Glazer) based on bringing through their own youth (I realize there have been some purchases along the way as well), playing CL football and making money "the right way", I'll never know :-)
Why does everyone keep repeating the well-worn mantra that we are ruining football and making it somehow less competitive? I think a few fans need to look at the way the PL was going over the last few seasons - ie there were 4 clubs that could realistically expect to win the league (due largely in part to them having more money than anyone else from the Champions League). Everyone else had to contend with a glass ceiling imposed by not being part of the gravy train. One only needs to look at the SPL to see what the complete dominance of a handful of teams does to a league (and dare I say to the national team?). Occasionally an outsider could break in, such as Everton or Spurs this season, but Everton suffered in the league and Spurs have spent more than their fair share of money to get to 4th place. Most pundits are suggesting that this is likely to be the most open and entertaining PL season for years, and it is because of the fact that the old monopoly at the top is now under threat. City's spending has increased competition, and the likes of Spurs, Everton and Villa being contenders for the Champions League can only be a good thing, surely? Of course ManCity are bieng cast as the villains in this piece by tabloid hacks, many of whom are supporterrs of one of the old top4 clubs who are very nervous about the new kid on the block. So less of the ruining football crap, we have improved it!
As a final word, I'd suggest that it is in Man City's interest to keep Villa sweet. It's possible that you will have further transfer dealings with us down the line, and if you act fairly and honourably now, then that will be noted in future, and you might just get some preferential treatment down the line. I think it's also worth remembering that City benefited last summer when you signed Barry for a knockdown price. He went as cheaply as he did because an agreement existed between himself and the owner that, should we fail to qualify for the Champions League, having agreed to stay on after Liverpool's interest the previous summer, Lerner wouldn't stand in his way the following summer.
Norwegian Villan - Veron 30million. Ferdinand 30million. Rooney 30million. Do you sense a pattern forming here? Manure made their own money, most certainly - by whoring themselves around the world and becoming the club of choice in places like Malaysia - the cash they earned allowed them to buy the league title year after year after year. Arsenal are not spending nowadays because they have invested sensibly in a new stadium that will pay huge dividends in a few years time, and Chelsea joined the party with Abramovitch's cash taking them to the very top. So it takes a lot of money to win the league, I don's see how it's any fairer for teams like the rags to maintain financial dominance of the game by selling shirts abroad (not to mention credit cards, Mobile phones, etc.) than it is for teams like City and Chelsea to put money into the game from alternative sources. After all, City are not saddled with nearly £1bn in debt are they?
NorwegianVillan, in my humble opinion, Man Ure are, literally, filth. They are the Great Satan of football. They were the first plastic, soulless club, having sold out to money at the earliest possible opportunity. Granted, they ran themselves as a business exceptionally well, and marketed themselves superbly. But I'm not going to congratualte them for that. To top it off, Fergie, at least in football terms, is an awful man, and their players have consistently been a disgrace. That the likes of Giggs and Scholes are help up as paragons of virtue is a scandal. They are dirty, amoral cheats. This is why I hate them.
"Man Ure are, literally, filth. They are the Great Satan of football." Albarnista, you will never have to buy a drink in Manchester! :)
The blue half I should hasten to add!
Fifthcolumn - If you can't see how badly your club is being mismanaged then you're going to be in for a nasty surprise by the end of the season when you finish 5th/6th and have numerous Robinho style situations on your hands. Silva/Adebeyor/Balotelli will all be out on loan by next season; guarantee it. Sure other clubs have spent crazy money too, but Rome wasn't built in a day and you lot have made a total hash of it imo.
fifthcolumnblue, I was of the understanding that Man Ure are from Salford... ;-)
Time will tell Schoolboy, and I think most of us are quietly confident. Albarnista - Salford twinned with Singapore! I happen to live in Old Trafford, and whenever I take the tram there are tourists laden down with shirts, bedspreads, posters, etc. Most will have never been to a game, but the vicarious lure of shiny things means the Glazers will keep laughing all the way to the bank. Green & Gold means nothing to the legions of foreing plastics!
I hear you, but in my mind there's a difference between earning your money through being successful (which was what started it all for them), running the club sensibly, sticking with your manager through the bad times, running a good youth setup, etc etc. And like it or not, what they then went on to do with the marketing and the branding is a road we want to go down as well, (obviously not a blueprint of the Man.Utd way, but still, we want to grow in America, grow in Europe and so on and so forth) Oh, what the heck, I sense I'm not going to change your mind on this or win this argument so I think I'll just leave it here :-) And fifthcolumnblue, those players you mentioned were bought after they had earned their money fair and square through their success both domestic and abroad, a success that helped them expand their business so to speak. Nothing wrong with that in my mind. It's the City and Chelski way of throwing lottery money around I don't care much for, and the supporters' sudden change of behaviour and decency, with discussions on fan forums like "Who do we buy next", "I think we should buy Gareth Bale" after yesterday's game and stuff like that. Well, I just don't like it and that's my prerogative to say it in the words of Britney :-) As for the debt, well I said pre-Glazer, didn't I :-)
Man U turned football into a "business" where such words as "branding" and "commercialization" became common, so blame them. They cherrypicked the best players from clubs in the 70s, 80s, 90s, breaking the transfer record several times. They spent 30 mil on players YEARS ago such as the amazing Veron. Then Chelsea upped the ante and somehow are respected as a powerhouse now even though they "ruined football" by "buying the league" surely? Just like religious zealots, football fans need a target to charge at with pitchforks and torches. In the 90s, City fans were asked why they support such a poor team with no upside. Now we're asked why we support such a rich team who want to buy success. Hypocrites left and right, the siege mentality will only make us stronger. Ask Mourinho.
man cit£ah just pull the plug you selfish lot! btw you need tactics aswell as players, maybe you should consider that!
Avfc94 we do
Ask Mourinho you say? Ok, what do you think of Ballotteli Jose?.. "His effort in training is 25%," added Mourinho, now Real Madrid boss. "If it was at 50% he would be one of the best players in the world. I don't like the atmosphere he is bringing to the team. He lacks concentration and motivation. He must change." :P
Balotelli has been quoted as saying he regards Mancini as something of a father figure. Mourinho has an ego the size of a small planet, Balotelli would seem to have a pretty big one too (ego that is you smutty monkeys LOL). Jose does not strike me as the sort of person who tolerates anyone who threatens to steal his limelight, hence the lack of understanding between the two. Much like Mark Hughes always seems to calm Craig Bellamy down and bring the best out of him, I'm hopeful that Mancini c an do the same with Balotelli. Time will tell, but Balotelli is a risk I'm prepared to take.
Then maybe working with his favourite coach, Mancini, will bring not only 50%, but 100% out of him? 22.5 mil will seem like a bargain then. But that isn't what I suggested asking Mourinho about. Mourinho thrives on his teams being targetted mercilessly and bands them together with a "them vs. us" mentality.
And with Balotelli, if he acts up we'll still have good resale value on him due to his age and pure talent. However if he succeeds we'll have one of the greatest players on earth. Easily a risk worth taking.
NorwegianVillan, Man Ure were sucessful at just the right time. They took advantage of it very well. But they did sell out, and Fergie is a horrible, horrible man who has culitvated a horrible, horrible culture amongst the players. If they'd gone about things with dignity and honour then thay'd have got the kind of respect Liverpool got in the '70's and '80's. But they did things the way they did, and as such they are reviled by many. Anyway, UTV!
Stu - You really think anyone's going to be prepared to pay anything like the wages Man City are? And he's not going to take huge drop either... he'll cause a ***** storm and then you'll be paying his wages whilst he plays for Italian clubs for years to come. Of all the clubs who deserve success it'd be you guys or Newcastle, 'cuz you have the best fans, but it's all going to go badly badly wrong I'm afraid my friend.
SchoolBoyError, he's reportedly on anywhere between 60-100k a week at City, plenty of clubs could afford that! One thing you don't understand about our club is the owners are not just going to "lose interest" like people want to believe. They are buying up half of east Manchester so they can develop the region with City as the centerpiece. This alone "binds them to City for at least 10 years and they will keep trying until they reach their targets. The entire club infrastructure has been improved 200%, this is only the beginning. Read the archives here about some of the projects like the ecademy. Within 5 years we'll win the Premier League, only the media believe we "should" win it soon, our actual fanbase is happy with 4th this season and working from there with CL football.
Balotelli is not on mega wages - reports indicate approximately £65k per week (OK, mega to you and me maybe, but not in modern football). Interestingly enough Manchester United offered him more wages, but he chose to come to City because he wants a reunion with Mancini.
You need milner more than he needs you after your performance yesterday, I put a bet on this mornin that Mancini will be the next manager to get the chop, I reckon at christmas. I think that balotelli is a poor piece of buisness, ive watched him several occasions for inter milan and italy u21's and not saw him play well once, i think that money could have been invested somewhere else. Manici said he will be world class in 2 years or so but he wont be around to witness him apparently become 'world class' Your money could have been invested in someone like drogba why not, he is old but will give you more chance at the premier league title. I think lerners comments have some truth in them, if a club says no you cant have the player then all parties should respect that, its quite disrespectfull in some ways but thats the way everyone knows you run your club so no need with him commenting. I dont think your actually wrecking football as some may say because you arnt gaining any succes out of it, i dont think the likes of silva or kolorov will be big hits in the premier league, balotelli wasnt in italy anyway and toure is a good signing and a brute, I reckon 4th is your best bet this year but really if i was your owners then the title should be your aim with the money you have spent, personally i dont think mancini is a good manager for you and he will be gone soon enough. Also i hope the papers are incorrect about ibrahimovich and the money you are offering because if it is true and i highly doubt it that would be an embarrasment for manchester city football club.
@fifthcolumnblue You won't believe media about Yaya's wages but you are willing to accept about United offering more wages than city to Balotelli. Last time i checked we have a good wage structure in place. Even Rooney is getting 90k (Old contract). You sir are a hypocrite :)
No I don't believe the media over Yaya because the club itself have rubbished the reports that he is on that much. Our press office would need to employ a great deal more staff if it was to respond to every stupid rumour, conjecture and bare faced lie that is uttered in the gutter press about City, but I repeat - MANCHESTER CITY HAVE OFFICIALLY DENIED, ON THE RECORD THAT YAYA TOURE IS EARNING ANYWHERE NEAR £200K PER WEEK. The ammounts quoted with regard to Balotelli have come from his agent, who I assume is reasonably well briefed on the machinations of the deal. Clear enough for you?
Oh, and the bit about manure offering Balotelli more money than we did is from RED websites, so make of that what you will.
Were not the 1st to pay big transfers and wages and we wont be the last. When the recession is over watch the big money men move in to buy football clubs. Blackburn are on the verge of a £300 million pound take-over. It wouldnt surprise me if Everton, Villa or Newcastle are next and believe they will be after success and signing big money players with big wages. Football is becoming a franchise like American sports. Just look at United and Real Madrid. Its the way this sport is going. Clubs wanting to win the league (not aiming for 4th 5th or 6th) will spend big. Clubs wanting to survive and be mid-tablers wont spend. Im just glad that we are a club now aiming to win the league and not just here to make up the numbers. If people hate us so be it, I dont like United but ask any of there fans if there 'bovered'.
Uwe and whos army
P.Avfc if Balotelli is so crap why where United after him?
Uwe and whos army
I'd love to ask some of their fans if they're "bovvered" Uwe, but unfortunatley I can't speak Cantonese...
Uwe just because 'Manchester United' are after a player does not neccesarily mean he is good does it? Why are they so special? They have brought poor players and flops in the past like every team has. And as fifthcollumnblue(well i think its him) says dont believe the media, as they 'apparently' make up city's players wages. Well utd didnt make it clear they wanted ballotelli, it may just be the media trying to stir up trouble dont you think? I cant see utd wanting him when they have a gem in hernandez and just got bebe. And already got rooney, owen and berbatov so theres no room for a striker there.
U accuse us of buying success please read the following link to know the truth. and for Rio 30 mil is absolutely crap. In a recent interview fergie laughed at it saying it was no where near it. You believe official statements right. Then plz don mention Rio as 30 mil
Balotelli is not crap as most people state it. He has a attitude problem but he is worth the risk.
SAF on the players transfer amount. Check this link
P.Avfc I think you'll find United tend not to be linked to bad players. Yes Hernandez looks a gem and looks like hes gonna be United's star buy. On Balotelli Chelsea wanted him too. If it was just press talk why did Balotelli and his agent mention United and why did United not come out and deny it?. Also who's to say United wouldn't of loaned him out? Hes in the national team so theres something good abut him.
Uwe and whos army
Haha fifthcolumnblue.
Uwe and whos army
A united scout reportedly urged fergie to sign Balotelli as he would be "Better than Ronaldo or Messi". It is a fact that Mino Raiola came to Manchester and had discussions with City before flying to Trafford to negotiate with manure. The fact that he agreed personal terms with manure was widely reported in the Italian press and confirmed by Raiola. United most definitely wanted Balotelli, but now he's signed for us it will of course be denied!
Redfalcon - the truth as reported by the republikofskankunia? PMSL!!!! More truth in the daily horoscope mate.
UWE but you go on about not believing the media about your ridiculous players wages yet there is no proof that they are incorrect. I havn't heard ballotelli or his agent say this and if they have they might just be stiring things up and why would utd waste time in denying a link thats not even there quite pointless and pathetic if they did. And there are alot of players who play for there national team who are useless just because they do doesnt mean there good. Im not saying he's crap im sayin the price you paid for that player will hit you in the face, its my opinion end of the day i have saw him play at least 7 or 8 games and he jst strolls around doing nothing, he has a shot on him ill give him that but apart from that i have saw nothin. He wont be better than ronaldo or messi, far from it i can assure you that, but time will tell if he is good but in my opinion id put money on it that he will be average at best
And fifthcollumnblue mate no point in getting media links etc for redfalcon because you are contradicting yourself by saying the media talk rubbish about player wages yet there is no proof on either side of the argument and you are posting media comments on here how utd wanted balotelli doesnt make sense as you are saying dont believe the media but believing it yourself when it comes to being other teams?
Not all media is rubbish Pavfc, it just takes time to sort the wheat from the chaff. I am not being selective with the truth either, I just prefer to believe statements of fact from my club's officials over reports in the mirror. And the reports about Balotelli were widely reported on rag blogs, it is fact that his agent met with both manure and City, and the rags have been crowing about how Balotelli wasn't a mercenary and wouldn't be following the cash. He clearly didn't follow the cash - he chode to sign for City, the club that are becoming increasingly noticed by players throughout Europe, rather than the sinking green and gold titanic from just outside Manchester.
Yeah whatever you say. Cant see how he isnt a mercenary when you havn't and dont look like your close to winning anything when his old team did the treble and also if what you say is true then manchester united will always be near the top competing for the title you cant win in an argument in my opinion mine or your club against theres because every season they always win something no matter what or challening there abouts so id think twice about saying there 'sinking'.
No value in the market P.
A quick question, do you guys think you are investing in manchester as to raise your revenue substantially so you'll be premitted entrance to the CL when you reach fourth or higher? Do you know of any other investment plans that are taking place? As to supporters of other clubs it just looks like you'll spend and get to the point where all you can compete for is domestic honours as Europe will be shut off from you?
In short, yes. The development will bring in tens of millions every year so we will always be self sufficient.
Jolly good interchange and welcome you Villa fans to our humble site. Do come again.
The plans for east Manchester/area around the stadium are mind-blowing according to everyone. This will be one of the biggest projects in history and the best football training facility on earth may be part of that. People who label the Sheikh hobbyists who will get bored need to realize that as we speak they are binding themselves to City for years to come by developing a massive project centering around the club.
Shame your comments are getting banned from ours willy.
We're getting accused of tapping up too.
Someone said a while back that we were ruining the competitive edge of football? How? By making it possible for 5 teams to win the title instead of 4? What a crock. Probably a stupid rags fan who thinks that due to 15 years of heavy spending and bribing officials it means your club has "history".
A stupid rags fan? Well I never.... PMSL!
Ignorance gets you nowhere
"Probably a stupid rags fan who thinks that due to 15 years of heavy spending and bribing officials it means your club has 'History'". Sorry, but are you trying to say that Utd don't have history? Outrageous. I don't support Utd, i'm a Villa fan, but that's mental. And you also commented on their "heavy spending", you...a Man City fan. Believe me, you'll be the club 15 years down the line with nothing to show for it if you don't change the way you're doing things. I compare your way of going about building a team to the way I used to, at about 10 years old, attempting to play Championship Manager...choose a team with loads of money and buy the best players in the world but whilst ignoring everything else, as I was a bit young to understand the rest. I never understood why it didn't work, I had the best team in the world. Ofcourse my tactics and all the rest were awful, kind of like yours it seems, ha. Sort your club out, man i'm glad i'm not a City fan, must be so bloody irritating. Oh, and yeah, pull the plug, it'll be the best thing that could possibly happen for Milners career
Callum - try imagining that it was Birmingham Wolves or the Baggies he was dissing. Now do you get it? ;)

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