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Milner Makes It A Magnificent Six For Mancio

Back in form Aston Villa midfielder James Milner will arrive in Manchester this afternoon to undergo a medical and become Roberto Mancini's sixth summer signing...

The Citizens and The Villans have finally agreed the deal which will bring 'Milnergate' to a close with MCFC Academy graduate Stephen Ireland heading to Birmingham as part of a player swap deal. Villa should bank around £16 million on top of last year's £12 million for Milner's England colleague Gareth Barry.

24 year old Milner follows the youth focused player signing policy that Mancio and City's hierarchy have pursued this summer with vigour.

Fellow new Blues Jerome Boateng, Mario Balotelli, YaYa Toure, Aleksander Kolarov, David Silva are a potent mix of internationals with plenty of miles to go on the clock.

Welcome to Manchester City, James and all at VMC wish Stevie well at The Villa.

More news as we get it on VMC...

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The journalist

Writer: Bluey Armstrong VMC Newsdesk Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 17 2010

Time: 1:25PM

Your Comments

Milner should be heading to Romania with the already named 23 man squad.
Johnny Baguette
good player, think we have the better deal, £16-£18m + Ireland.
The Fear
Correct decision James, you won't regret it - welcome to MCFC.
Your getting a great player but stop stealing our stars!! If you try stealing someone else from us again in the way you do your 'business' then Villa will take legal action, no doubt about it!
The change is probably what Ireland needs, Fear.
Johnny Baguette
Legal action? On what grounds Astvil123?
Players will soon realize what a disgrace Man City are in the way they treat the players, (Ireland and Bellamy) at the end of the day there will be many good players not getting a game and unrest will follow, which leads to poor team spirit, all that will happen with them is players comming and players going no team building Good luck to JM but i think the Villa got the best deal
Have a look at our front page poll question and get voting.
Man City Fan opinion on the deal on Vital Villa: Click Here
The Fear
What Randy Lerner spoke about two or three days ago mate, you asked about Milner, we said he's not for sale at any price, you made a bid, we rejected and told you again to leave it. But still you come back and make another bid, we reject it and again say he's not for sale. Then you come back again with another bid, it's ridiculous! You don't respect any rules the FA have set, you don't respect the views of other clubs. Your just Man City who want everyones top players and if they're not for sale then you just keep raising the bid over and over and over again until you offer way way above stupid money. Your club is absolutely pathetic. When you do win a trophy then the name 'Manchester City FC' won't represent your hard work and that you deserve it, all it will say is that Man City have this trophy because of the owner who took your club over. I can't wait (along with the rest of the county apart from the blue side of Manchester) to see your club flop when your owner gets bored and leaves you. But good luck Jimmy, top bloke!
Andy, that presupposes we haven't offloaded them all before 31/8!!
Andy - the best deal? Surely that remains to be seen. Or, are you lot all about the money?;)
Good luck to Ireland but the signs are he's a red-herring and a one-season wonder. I hope Villa aren't matching his wages...otherwise if he doesn't perform, there'll be hell to pay in the Villa dressing room when they find out what he's on. Still suspicious about the Milner signing as to get the best out of him he needs to play in the middle. Mancini's team selections are certainly going to be interesting!
Top stuff JB ;) I'm pleased about this. He does have a part to play.
Oh I see Astvil, Randy said it, it must be true, eh? It's not what MON was saying in the media, he suggested Villa have a valuation on Milner which needed to be met for any discussions to take place. If City were doing something illegal, you can bet your bottom dollar Milner wouldn't be a City player now, and City would be facing legal action.
Andy3221, don't believe everything you read in The Express or on Tribalfootball. We agreed a fee with Celtic for Bellamy but he snubbed that. Just because you earn £100,000 per week doesn't mean you can be awkward with your boss at work and question his every idea. Go and find out some more facts then return.
Its 18m btw. No offence to you lot, your gonna disagree but its a poor career move at milners age. He would of blossmed more under villa it was his most settled period of his career but its obvious his heart is at villa after sky sports watched him have an emotional send off at our training camp. Whats gonna happen when he doesnt play well or doesnt fit in with the formation? is he gonna play cm where his career has took off? i find myself sayin no to that, Time will tell but good luck to him you have got yourself a great player under a 'good' managers hands lets see what mancini can do. And as far as that poll goes can anyone actually say villa havn't got the best out of the deal? they would be stupid otherwise, villa have ripped city of big time.
******s he has had to have a drop in pay mate, ashley young was and still is our highest paid player, they made it clear to ireland they wouldnt match his wages. I presume ireland is having his pay off from city?
Astvil, Randy soaped you up with his sob story so you didn't get on his case for selling Milner, notice how it sped up after Oneill left. Lerner needed the money but convinced sponges like yourself to soak up a load of bull about not wanting to sell him. Grow up.
Robsongreensleeves ,,, well lets see Shay given ? Adebayor, ? Ireland who was your best player in 2009, i agree about Bellamy though , i wouldnt want him in my team. but hey lets see what happens with all these great players, time will tell ;)
Love it how you have to knock a few quid off the price for your lads of the web on here. Would it really be so bad to believe you paid 18m rather than 16m on top of the swap? Especially when you consider how much you've spent in general, seems a silly thing to fabricate Up the Villa, we'll still be up there somewhere. I fancy us to have an even better season this year
Mancio on Milner this afternoon: "We must wait at this moment and only think of playing in the Europa League. I hope he can come soon - today or tomorrow. He is a good player and an English player which is important. He can play in different positions."
Johnny Baguette
By the way i dont read the express !
PAVFC - why would he take a drop in wages to move? Would you? Course you wouldn't! Best of luck to Ireland (I really do hope he comes good for you) and to the Villa for the rest of the season.
******s he has to if he wants to come to us you idiot. Thats the reason O'Neil left he wrecked the wage budget and the chairman wasnt happy so told him to fix it but he threw his toys out the pram and left. He will have to have a big wage drop infact, no doubt he was on ridiculous money with you lot so he either takes the wage drop or doesnt move. He hasn't got a choice basically if he wants to come to villa, we wont throw ridiculous money at players who dont deserve to be on that amount of money, we run our club like a buisness.
S-p-o-o-k-s mate, do yourself a favour and don't indulge that moron. He doesn't know his arse from his elbow.
Ignorance get your nowhere bludub
We dont pay 200k a week to average players LOL
If it hadn't been City bidding... he woulda gone for a lot less... We've been there.... City fans will probably remember too... 21 mil for Wright Phillips..... my God.... Same case here.... over paid but a good player
Andy3221, maybe the Express dig was a bit harsh! :-)
Well City fans, you have yourself a very good player, but certainly somewhat overpriced at that valuation. Best of luck for the rest of the season, although i doubt you'll get top 4 i'm afraid :s
Robsongreensleeves: lol thanks :) good luck anyway with JM
A good but not great player. Worth 16-18 mil if commonsense prevailed. I don't think he would have got much further under O'Neill, and I don't think Mancini will develop any players if he can carry on picking and choosing, buying and dumping. That's no way to build a team (see vs Spuds last weekend). Just a way to get 11 money-grabbers running around trying to look out for themselves. Also, watch out if Mancini does start falling out with players like O'Neill. Very bad way to manage a team. Good luck this season. If you don't get 4th place Mancini will be out and all of those players he bought in will crap themselves. If we get 6th again, it will be a result. I know which is most likely. UTV.
If James Milner was not for sale at any price then how comes he's signed for City? What, did we force you to take what quite frankly most Villa fans think is way too much, + a rather promising player at gunpoint?
Man City have just loaded the 'cheat' onto Championship Manager on the PC game again and suddenly have loads of money and are buying players that would never have considered moving there in the 1st place.!!
what are you going do when all the oil runs out your sheikh kebabs are gonna go stale on you then and you will have no money to pay the cleaners let alone players inflated wages
Cheers Kaiser, best laugh I've had in ages!
kaizersoze The current oil reserves in the Middle East have at least another 100 years to go before they begin to run dry. By then both you and I will be long dead so I wouldn't worry about it.
"I don't think Mancini will develop any players if he can carry on picking and choosing, buying and dumping. That's no way to build a team" Wittonlane - who says he will? This is his first summer transfer window in which he has used the money available to him. Why the assumption from most that Mancini will continue with this policy. He has put his stamp on the squad, so there's no reason for him to be so active in the market next time around.
tudor- thats what the government tell you, by the time they start getting depleated there will be a assive world war and we will have to live like mad max so i aint that worried, I just hope this doesnt happen before you win the premier league otherwise all this money is for nothing- Mancini wont last till xmas
kaizersoze point taken, HOWEVER i'm three years away from celebrating my 50th birthday and boy, if MCFC win the Premier League before I die then HAPPY DAYS my friend.
Hmm, I remember when VMC wasn't so overrun with rival team fans hating on us constantly. Says a lot really about our growing status and the fear/jealousy/resentment (choose one) it breeds. The media has done it's job in brainwashing these people with the sensationalist, often false stories intended to make their mouths froth in fury. 8 England internationals now is it? Ruining football of course. Welcome to the future of English football, James.
"Players will soon realize what a disgrace Man City are in the way they treat the players, (Ireland and Bellamy) at the end of the day there will be many good players not getting a game and unrest will follow, which leads to poor team spirit, all that will happen with them is players comming and players going no team building Good luck to JM but i think the Villa got the best deal - andy3221" ...Andy....
Johnny Baguette
bluedub - no reason until you fail to get 4th spot. He has to get those cash-blinded players to play as a team now. You think your hire 'em and fire 'em owners will wait much longer? They might have unlimited money, but not unlimited patience. It looks good today, I'm sure, but you've actually won nothing yet. Did Mancini's players look like a team last weekend? When will they? Milner's running around won't make you a team either. Gerrard's running doesn't make Liverpool a team.
Witton - just to remind you and all the other doubters out there, City came within one game of qualifying for CL play off last time out. We have now improved the squad, once the team settles, which it will we are going to be stronger with the quality that has been brought in. Face it, you're straw clutching because you so desperately want City to fail.
Will Milner be back up for Barry, or vice versa?
Best of luck to Man City from a Villa fan. I'm not jealous, afraid or bitter about Man City's vast cash revenue. Just saddened in the same way I was saddened by the Abramovich thing. I just feel for the game in this country. Cash and not merrit is the bench mark. However, good luck for the season. Afterall its you the man city fans tha will benefit from some really exciting players at your club.
Bluedub - seriously, no I don't want CITY to fail. I am expecting the fact that the prem is now a vehicle for money laundering and crazy people's investment scams to ruin the game. Genuinely, my heart goes out to CITY fans with a conscience. There aren't many things that would stop me from supporting Villa, but I'd be pushed very very close by the club being bought by dodgy business mafiosi, corrupt political characters and the like. Lerner is no saint as far as his fortune is concerned, but at least he enough to spend truly obscene amounts. It's not City's fault, and certainly not the fans, but your owners are likely to ruin the game.
Should read 'at least he hasn't enough' (probably still doesn't make sense) ;-)
Witton - you seem like a sensible bloke, so may I suggest you read up on City's owners and have a look at what their intentions are for the club. They are far from the evil monsters/sugar daddies that the British media portray them to be.
That wouldn't be the owners of Manchester City Football Club that bailed out Barclays Bank to the tune of £4.5bn so enabling it to not be baield out by the government like Lloyds and RBS would it? That wouldn't be the owners that are investing £1bn in a deprived are of East Manchester? That wouldn't be the owners who have just set up an internet football centre of excellence to enable professional football coaching to anyone, anywhere who has access to the internet? Owners like Hicks & Gillette and the Glazers are the ones who are ruining football, by building sandcastles of debt reliant on future qualification for the Champions League just to break even. All City have done is try to compress 5-10 years worht of improvements into 2 seasons and the pace of change has instilled a media frenzy. This little circus will not continue, nor will it have to. Mancini has the squad at his disposal to shake up the old monopoly of 4 clubs dining at the rich man's table, and anyone in their right mind should realise that shaking up the moribund old order can only be a good thing surely? Unless you enjoyed having a glass ceiling whereby 16 clubs in the PL could finish no higher than 5th every season?
Trying to portray the spending of obscene amounts of money (wherever it comes from) as a revolutionary attack on the insitutions of British football just about sums what state the game is in. Let's continue this conversation in May. As I said, I think we have a better chance of coming 6th than you have of coming 4th (or higher, lol). Good luck you lot. You'll need it!

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