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Biggest Day In James Milner's Life

Wednesday 18 August 2010 is the day James Milner discarded his claret shirt in favour of MCFC's Sky Blue - in essence, today becomes the biggest day of his life.

As MCFC confirmed the deal was completed today, City boss Roberto Mancini said:

"I am very happy to have James with us, everybody knows we have admired him for some time...he is an excellent midfielder, who can play in a number of positions. This is important for the team, and I am looking forward to seeing him play for us. We have a very strong squad, and this signing is a very important one for us.

"James is already a very good player, who has proved he can play at the very top level. But he is also young and a good character, I think he can also improve and be a great player for Manchester City for a long time."

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ESPN's football panellists discuss the Milner transfer.

Welcome to Manchester City James.

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 18 2010

Time: 8:42AM

Your Comments

yeah right...the biggest pay day in his life!!...PFA young player of the year award was probably his biggest sporting achievement . Brought about by his development at Villa. Enough said.
I think you mean today is the the day he kisses goodbye to his football career. Next year you will discard him for a better model like you did with players who had the "biggest day of their life" last year.
Steve and Craig- bitter much?
Bluedub....talking of bitter you'd know all about that wouldn't you. After all you form part of the Bitter Blue Axis. Birmingham City, Everton & Man Citeh!
Bluedub, no just gutted and *****e like this really doesnt help :-)
"Brought about by his development at Villa. Enough said." Typical bitter bile. Bobby Robson and Leeds Academy had far more to do with Milner's development!!
Ahh yet again the bitter and ragingly jealous rival fans are here to stomp on every bit of positive news our club has and lambast us and all of our players evil child-killing mercenaries. You lot remind me of hardline extremist religious mobs, always having to target someone with your hateful bile. Oh well, it'll be Blackburn's turn soon - strengthen the gates, Vital Blackburn, jealousy approaches!
Craig - this is a City site, if this doesn't help why read it? And just to be a bit pedantic, all the signings( bar Sylvinho) this time last year are still at the club.
not bitter...just saddened..
You've just got yourself a good lad in Milner, obviously gutted he went for the money, but any player would find it hard to refuse the sums your club can pay. One question, do you lot find it acceptable to be buying up top Premiership players and then refuse to sell them to competitors and push them down a league so you don't have to face them? In reality your club could cherry pick all of the best players in the Prem and off load them on loan to a lower league, I must admit I find that underhand and damaging to the league. This is not a pop at you lot, I know you're not to blame, but a genuine question, do you think that is acceptable?
Me too. :( Starting to lose the will to follow a non-oil-baron-owned football club in the prem. More and more about money. Good luck Milly, hope you get what you were after. I just wonder who City will hound us for next summer.....
Steff - who says City are doing what you're suggesting?
There are going to be many more takeovers to come....
Johnny Baguette
'Biggest day of his life' - ha ha ha, you arrogant tw*t.
Bluedub - Steff says that.
Bluedub, in regard to Steffs statement, you have just done it with Bellamy?
This post is classless, Just like your club and the way you treat players, clubs and football is just total disrepect. All the articles made on this site are always having a dig at other teams players, owners etc, just makes you wonder if the fans are actually like there club haha. Obvious you are tryin to rub villa's face in things with this post but owell shows your ignorance.
P.AVFC if you stop reading the tabloids and start excercising your little brain you might be able to take a step back and stop displaying your own ignorance.
AG - Steff is mistaken. Leeb - no we haven't, Bellamy is gone to Cardiff where he wished to go. Did any PL club bid for Bellamy?
Oh hear we go with fifthcollumnblue going on about the media again, about how they spread lies about his beloved team LOL. But yet he still believes the media on other things such as 'utd wanting ballotelli', dont contridict yourself. Also what does my comments have to do with media, its clear to the football world that city show lack of class to other clubs and think they can push other teams around easily because they have spare change to throw around so they can finish 5th, My point is being proved from your own fans with this article, it again shows a complete lack of disrespect to villa fans who i see on this site complimenting you lot apart from me and a few who think your arrogant. Milners not even a city player 'Yet' but nearly every article on here is having a dig at another team. Now run along and discuss what low league team your club are gonna send your 'unwanted' players too as there scared of them at rival clubs LOL classless.
Listen folks, as Villa fans I do not expect you to know all the ins and outs of what happens at our club. I would be no more likely to read an interview with Nathan Delfouneso than you would be to read an interview with Craig Bellamy. But please read the following article from May 2010 where Bellamy states quite clearly that if he were to leave City then he would no go anywhere other than Cardiff. So any whining Tottenham managers, Ian Wrights or anyone else suggesting we prevented Bellamy from signing for another PL club are completely WRONG. Please read: "Manchester City Forward Craig Bellamy: If I Leave Eastlands, It'll Be For Cardiff City" HERE ENDETH THE ARGUMENT.
Now run along and discuss what low league team your club are gonna send your 'unwanted' players too as there scared of them at rival clubs LOL classless. I see the p stands for Pr Ick. pavfc.
Bludub, it was clearly stated on sky sports that they would not sell to spurs because they see them as a rival club, basically they no they outclass them in every department and with bellamy 'city's best player' they would have no chance of finishing higher. But of course as fifthcollumnblue says, the media lie about man city, of course they do :)
P. clearly stated by who?
LOL fifthcollumnblue has to result to petty schoollike insults. Cant you reply to the comment, or you gonna get another link 'from the media' we are told not to trust. Bellamy wanted to go to cardiff yes but if spurs came in with a bid he would of snapped up the chance but as city are running scared doubt they would of accepted. As for the rest of your players lets see where they end up, given at fulham i bet, As no doubt arsenal are another 'threat' LOL Classless
Bludub sky sports you idiot, read the comment. I dont no their sources they only ever get the actual truth and now the tabloid BS. But i guess you city fans are gonna say sky sports news + the tabloids enjoy making stories up about Man City LOL.
So an interview with a player in which he clearly states his desire (in his own words) to join his boyhood club and not one of our rivals is not enough to convince you that you are wrong PAVFC? It doesn't matter what media reports it, if Craig Bellamy comes out and says he does not wish to join anyone other than Cardiff City yet you still insist that we denied him an opportunity to go to Tottenham then there can be no arguments. Yet you continue to insist on your own version of the truth - which leads me to question your intelligence, your sanity, your motivations and your ability to think rationally. You are nothing but a WUM Pavfc.
P.S. for those of you who are interested in facts rather than your own distorted version of events, we have let Ireland go to Villa (allegedly one of our top rivals), Nedum Onuoha has gone on loan to Sunderland, Felipe Caicedo has gone to West Ham, who are also engaged in talks to sign Roque Santa Cruz, and Arsenal are reported to be ready to bid for Shay Given. Do I have to spell it out for you? We are not denying anyone the right to go anywhere. In fact, I can think of only two examples of a club clearly blocking a transfer of one of their players to a rival in recent years - united refusing to sell Gabriel Heinze to Liverpool, and Villa refusing to sell Gareth Barry to Liverpool. Please discuss.
P. Now I'm an idiot for asking a question, if you can't contribut without personally insulting people, could you do me a favour and ***** off.
You miss my point you invalid, Bellamy can say he would like to go to cardiff all he wants but if spurs came sniffing around and 'IF' city accepted a bid from them then he would easily jump at the chance. My version of the truth is the publics truth, You insist on your verison of the truth on your own club is right, but the fact of the matter is that do you have inside information on your club? I think not, you read the same we read aswell as bludub etc so we can all say we no the basic stuff what goes on, Where as the papers get inside stories so they have an idea of what is going on in the club. Ian Wright got it spot on, his son plays for city and knows everything going on in there so why would he lie? does he get a thrill out of it? I think not. My verison of the truth is backed up by people like wright, the public and papers who no as much or more that goes on in city as you do. There is some truth and lies to all the stories but my point gets proven by people who make articles like this, it is basic arrogance such as this post what fuels the fire, theres no need, he is still an aston villa player at the moment and its just rubbing the face into aston villa fans faces. Especially saying 'his best moment in his career' its really classless and tacky comment which is totally untrue, by joining a team to get a fantastic pay rise is hardly a fantastic achievement after going to the world cup, winning pfa young player of the year and all by the hands of aston villa, without us he might still be at newcaslte or a relegation candidate team as an average rm/lm.
Hey dub the man is a total pot. "LOL fifthcollumnblue has to result to petty schoollike insults" - "Bludub sky sports you idiot, read the comment". Posters like rick (with the silent P) enjoy the abuse they get for posting their wind-ups I'm sure. Somewhere there is a village missing it's idiot, perhaps they should send this chap an application form.
"My version of the truth is the publics truth" Defender of the faithful and slayer of the unrighteous" PMSL. This guy is a one man Taliban, devoted to correcting the injustices of the world he lives in - Pavfc world. What a "special" place that must be!
We didnt refuse gareth barry to liverpool? :S what are you talking about? You cant just sell a player when a club comes asking its got nothing about rivalry for us. We sold Barry to you didnt we haha? More criticsm against city on sky sports news just, reporting your owners have spent a staggering 1.08 billion since he joined, And the fact real madrid have spend 24 million on both ozil and khediara less then you are spending on James Milner LOL, truely ridiculous as they are pointing out.
I guess Bellamy was lying when he gave the interview in which he publicly stated that his one real desire was to play for Cardiff - his boyhood club and coincidentally where his family reside. Bellamy you conniving little *****, you obviously meant that Tottenham was the club for you. Oh Woe is me, lied to by the media and Craig Bellamy yet again. How will I ever face another day? PMSL.
You think because someone says something its the truth? Wow how small minded are you! I think alot of players would like to play for there boyhood team and have all publicy said it. Spurs obviously didnt put a bid in for bellamy but if they did then bellamy probably would have jumped at the chance to play for a bigger club, as he would have a chance of winning some silverware.
So the truth is now reduced to if's and but's? Good lord rick, your tenuous grip on reality has just got even more fragile. "You think because someone says something it's the truth"? Didn't hear too many Villa fans doubting Randy Lerner when he was quoted in the press as to why O'Neill left, so what's your point exactly? Oh, I get it, it's pnly the truth when someone says something that confirms your own bias, everyone else is lying. Probably.
You talk like a little schoolgirl whos in private school you little ponce. There may be a bigger picture to why o'neil left but its clear now he had a sulk and walked out. I still stick by the fact that if spurs came calling bellamy would of gone to them if city would have let him. Anyway i dont want to stay on this site with your insulting and arrogant posts and articles. 1.08 billion LOL, 350+ Transfers LOL Suppose sky sports is wrong though because in the words of the famous fithcollumnblue 'dont listen to the media, they make lies up about man city football club' LMAO
in favour of a man city shirt?come off it! It's all about £££ and you know it. Good luck James, didnt expect you of all players to be a mercenary.
P.Avfc never ceases to amuse me. One minute accusing ppl of throwing insults about and the next minute calling someone an idiot and an invalid and then avoiding the point when its pointed out to him, are you ret.ard.ed mate? And are you talking about the same R Madrid that spent £80mill for Tranny? People like you are not openminded enough to accept anything other than what they want to believe so its really pointless debating with your type. Its just fraustrating that you decide to turn every topic on here into a b*tch*ng match. Milner will join whether you like it or not so do yourself a favour and give it a rest mate.
The Sheik spent a billion plus, so what? Its not your money. He can afford it. Get over it.
The bitterness is nauseating. I'm sure some of these people spend more time obsessing over us than their own preferred sides. They act like we should be ashamed after the pain and heartbreak we've been through for years as City fans. Yet every single one of them without exception would dance in glee if the Qatari Royal Family took over their club.
"Anyway i dont want to stay on this site with your insulting and arrogant posts and articles." P.avfc. Now that is the best bit of news we as City fans have had since the ADUG takeover.
P.Avfc. Man City fans and the club arnt worth it. They went from yoyo club to Premier League record spenders in 3 years. Out striping all the other PL stalwarts, But all the club says is "EVery one has done it, Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, Tottenham they have all spent the money". Bull shi.t, they have not. If they had City wouldnt be the record top spenders would they? last season they broke the record for the biggest outlay in a window, and this seaon they shattered it again. SO tell us City fans when did all these other clubs do the same as you? With regards to Bellamy -Spurs made 2 bids for Bellamy. One a loan deal, and one a cash offer. In an interview with Craig Bellamy on SSN, he stated 2 teams from the top six had made an offer for him. Stoke City have come out and said that they made an offer for him. City have subsequently stated that they will not allow Richards a move to Spurs. But fithcolumnblue will come and say, the media lied. we only paid 20m not 30m. or the gross figures for salaries are lies lies lies. we do not give Yaya Toure 200k a week. Lies Lies lies. He is more informed then people paid to report on and investigate these topics. He has a direct line to all the players accountants. LMAO. LIES LIES LIES.
It's also a funny thought that days after signing both Balotelli and Yaya, they both said they wanted to return to Italy and Spain respectively. Sound a bit like Robinho your first wage wager.
They said they would like to go back in future. Yaya on local Catalan radio and well, Balotelli is Italian, wouldn't he want to go back some day? Guess what, Tevez said he'd like to go back to West Ham too, do you reckon he'll be lining up for the Hammers next year? Continue to rage in your jealous bitterness, we're all laughing.
Mellowchaos - it's easy to accuse people of things from behind the security of your computer keyboard innit? Grr, easy Tiger! LOL. For the record, we will not allow Richards a move to Spurs because..... wait for it..... We're not selling him! I presume your little girly huff over my comments regarding Yaya Toure conveniently overlooks the fact that our club have officially denied that he is earning that ammount? Official website and official Twitter. I guess they must be prevaricators of the highest order too eh? I will ignore your comments regarding Bellamy, as it is clear you share the same propensity for blatantly ignoring what Craig Bellamy said on the record - that he only wanted to play for Cardiff and would not consider moving anywhere else. I believe that Celtic, Bolton, Fulham, Everton, Spurs Wolfsburg and Villa all expressed an interest, although Stoke are the only ones I'm aware of that have confirmed they made a bid. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe Spurs actually did make a bid, and if they did it most certainly did not meet our valuation. So Craig ends up at Cardiff and it's because we refused to sell him to a rival. PMSL. Keep 'em coming mellow, although I would remind you of the old adage that once you are in a hole you should stop digging.
Oops - "The same propensity as P.avfc for blatantly ignoring"
Spot on P.avfc. The title to this thread is totally arrogant. Milly is a good lad and is a super signing but he has had many big days in his footballing career - his debut for Leeds, a big transfer to Newcastle, signing for the Villa, first England cap, Young POTY and now joining Citeh - and many people have contributed but none greater than him. MON's decision to give him a run in CM has been the making of the player and he has excelled when given the opportunity. I think, and hope, he will have a great time with you because he is all that is good about football, but I hope the other 24 are *****!! I think your manager and management are arrogant and disrespectful now they are very wealthy and show little class and for this you will be disliked on a grand scale across the country and probably Europe. If only you'd managed to sign JT then you could have really cornered the market!
Dont you mean when he gets his first city paypacket it becomes the biggest day of his life. I'm really sure he's been wanting to play for your overpriced club all his life .
Or maybe he just wants to win something in his career and see we're on the up and you're moving nowhere, having managed to push out one of the few managers who could turn such an average squad into near-contenders for the top four. Only the most jaded, bitter person would say Villa's long-term prospects are better than City's.
Yeah Stu, He might get his move to liverpool or utd some day and win something ay. Or was you refering to man city? With their bunch of individuals playing for each other and not as a team yh good one. With the defending you did last week least you no you can rely on a few points ;) Shame your taking one of those 'Average' players of our hands aint it who 'villa' made who he is now, he will fit right in with the rest of your 'average' signings :)
Johnny Baguette
These dimbo rival fans really are lining up now.
Mancio on Ireland: "I hope things go well for Stevie at Villa. He is also a very good player, and he has played a big part in City's history. I think he will enjoy the change of being at another club, and I hope he does well for Aston Villa."
Johnny Baguette
Can't wait to hear the Villans moaning about how utterly pants Ireland is. Better end of the deal? Secretly you know you didn't. Give it 6 months and you'll hate us even more!
Surely, we shouldn't have any more Villa trolls on here since they should be busy savouring the arrival of Stevie at their club on their own site. Once again, welcome James.
Lol 5th.. To be fair, I hope Ireland does well at Villa. Shame to see him go, Id have liked him to have stayed at City and gain the cult status of legends like Scholes at United. But he had a chance in preseason to impress and didnt step up to the mark. Im sure he needed a change.
Don't want him to fail 8th, far from it. Just having seen his dismal attempts at impersonating a footballer last season, I'm not so sure. Villa think they've got themselves another Dunne, but Mancini is no mug!
I wish Jimbo all the best. He is an honest, hardworking and committed player. I'm sorry that he's left us but the £26 million he'll reap from his contract will no doubt go some way to helping him get over any residual homesickness for Birmingham 6. However, I am saddened by the fact that Manchester City - not the real fans (as opposed to the growing body of gloryhunters) - is IMHO turning into a rather nasty club. It's not even about signing two of our best players in successive years. Financially because we've hung tough, particularly with JM, we've done well. And if Stephen Ireland fulfils his undoubted potential, we'll have done well on the park as well. No, it's more about the shabby contemptuous way in which both Richard Dunne (a great success at Villa Park) and Stephen Ireland were cast aside with no regard for the loyalty and fine service they had rendered to the Man City cause over many years. This callous behaviour just stinks to high heaven and it is for this reason mainly that I hope (whilst accepting that it's a forlorn wish) the Eastlands project will fail spectacularly. Sorry to all you guys who have supported your team through thick and thin but your present regime is all fur coat and no knickers.
Cast aside? Dunne is the record own goaler in the PL and Ireland has more issues than Cosmopolitan. Are you telling us that Villa in their entire history have never sold long serving players who were not performing? You've bought into the evil myths fed by the hacks mate. How come all the Bellamy poor treatment shrieking has dried up?
Johnny Baguette
Did Aston Villa cast aside Craig Gardner (youth product, sold to bitter rivals Birmingham)? How abouth academy product Gary Cahill, overlooked and now one of the more promising young English defenders? Sometimes players are sold on simply because the manager perceives he has better quality in his team and that it is better for the player to go to another club where he will actually be played.
I'm sure Mark Hughes was eterrnally grateful to Richard Dunne (Team captain at the time) for leading a delegation to Gary Cook demanding that Hughes should be sacked. That's pure loyalty for you. For what it's worth I don't think you'll find a City fan that isn't delighted at the way Dunney has resurrected his career at Villa, but he was utterly rubbish in his last 18 months at the club (just as Steven Ireland has been). Sorry bbj, but they both had to go and go they went.
I have to say, Johnny B, that I did not get the impression a year back that Man City fans were pleased to see the back of Dunnie or that they in general felt he was not up to scratch. When we played you at Villa Park, he got a great ovation from your fans. (Which is one of the reasons why I was at pains in my post to differentiate between the hierarchy at the club and you guys who have taken a lot of rough with not too much smooth over the years.) As for Stephen Ireland, well the jury is out and we'll have to see but certainly the Honeymonster has, to paraphrase your word, performed rather well in Claret and Blue. I did not mention Bellamy for he's relatively new to Eastlands, isn't he, whereas the pair I've mentioned (players of the year for at some stage surely?) were on the books for quite some time. Villa have of course moved players on! But it seems to me that the "old" Manchester City would have acted with a bit more generosity of spirit. Off to beddy byes now - goodnight, JB et al.
bbj, if you're anti-City as a club then we are part of the club. Every time you bad mouth the club you bad mouth us, you cannot split the two however good the intention is, so you'll probably not find anyone on here to agree with you. For what it's worth i would love a few more teams to be taken over on the scale we have been, then they'll realise it's quite a bumpy yet enjoyable ride! (insert own joke).
BBJ - I'd say there was a pretty even split amongst City fans over Dunne's departure, and a lot of that was down to mistrust of Hughes rather than faith in an underperforming player. Like I said, even those of us (myself included) who thought it was time for Dunne to seek a new club still love and respect him for what he did for us, and my feelings towards Ireland are similar, although tinged with some regret that he never lived up to that lone season of brilliance. I am not concerned that these two players have gone, and I suspect one or two of our other long serving players will be heading towards the exit door in the not too distant future. Players come and go, that's just a fact of life, and with the pressure we are under I have no qualms about Mancini selecting the best he can get for our club.
The best deal for Villa..comparable to last year's Ibra-Eto't swap..Villa get a player as good as Milner and a hefty sum..!They must be laughing all the way to the bank.!
He's really a pointless signing. How the hell is Milner any better than Steven Ireland. Villa should be thanking City, not only do they get a player very similar to what they just sold, but they get a load of money to spend on another. Great deal.
Let's see Khoder, Milner is more versatile, better disciplined, can tackle, doesn't blame others for his own failings, has a better engine, doesn't go hiding when the going gets tough. Stevie has better technique, better passer and probably better vision. It's not necessarily about who the better player is, rather who brings more to the table.
But U cant help but say all things considered Villa got the better end of the deal if the rumours quoting the transfer fee are to believed(which indeed should be taken with a pinch of salt!)
That remains to be seen Samurai.

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