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I Wanna Be Adored

If there was ever any doubt over Stephen Ireland's classless, crass self obssession then his stunning attack on MCFC this weekend blows that doubt out of the water...

Ireland's audacity beggar's belief.

Not even Manchester City's Youth players escape criticism in one of, if not the most bitter, unprofessional tirades we have ever seen from a departing player.

The list of Ireland's accusations is lengthy. That list can be mirrored by the repeated support the club and particularly it's supporters have given him throughout dark, inexplicable times.

The former MCFC Academy graduate who was given his big chance in football by Manchester City has no words for the staff who helped develop him to the point where everything was in place for him to become an established Eire international. Yet for reasons best known to himself, he threw in the towel for The Republic very publicly in the type of self obsessed interview that blighted his career at the club.

Rarely if ever did the erstwhile 'Superman' ever talk about his club or the team's ambitions.

As he increasingly lost the plot last season, these interviews became increasingly bizarre.

Proving himself to be utterly out of touch with what is going on around him, during an ankle injury that persisted through the second half of the season, he paraded hacks through his home, showing off his lavish possessions which included an enormous fish tank.

Yet, Ireland had this to say for the current exciting crop of MCFC Academy players:

(At Aston Villa, based on 2 days experience) '...the young lads are so polite. At City they are not like that. They come in with £10,000 watches on their wrist and walking around as if they have made 200 Premier League appearances.'

As Ireland himself will testify and City midfield legend and VMC favourite Gary Owen recently confirmed here, the days when young players cleaned the pro's boots have long gone. Ireland himself would have no concept of that as his media poses in hideous pink wheeled Range Rover showed on exiting training seasons before he became a City first team regular.

Training. Nobody at City will deny that Ireland had done a job in transforming his fitness through a solo regime in the hills above town. Yet his claim that '...all the players know I was the first player into training and the last to leave.' is false. This correspondent and others have seen him arrive at the same time as other players and certainly not always the first.

And of City's senior players, Ireland has declared himself ahead of training monsters like Nigel De Jong and Vincent Kompany, let alone the rest of the squad:

...'I worked the hardest. With all the heart-rate monitors and tests, I was always number one, far ahead of everyone. You see the performance in training and I was practically always the best player in training. If Mancini's standing there watching that, I don't know how he doesn't see that.'

Mancio is reknowned in Italy as a hardliner who does not have any favourites. Any 'in the know' Italian will tell you that. But for Ireland, that's not good enough as he dismisses the seasoned professional's credentials:

'Mancini doesn't really build relationships withplayers. He brought in Patrick Vieira and when I spoke to him about his relationship he said he doesn't really have one - and he's worked for him for seven or eight years.'

Note the 'worked for him' quote from this one club player. You won't find Ireland talking about where a squad and management team are heading together. Quite what Villa boss Kevin MacDonald is supposed to make of all this having lost James Milner is anybody's guess.

Nobody escapes Ireland's wrath. He even finds time in his diatribe for a dig at City's reknowned City In The Community family orientated focus which since Khaldoon Al Mubarak became Chairman has seen the players sent out to meet the fans at meetings and social events the way it used to be done in the club's 70's heyday. Villa, by contrast, have eclipsed that for Ireland based upon 2 days experience:

'I've really landed on my feet here. I think it's a family club and one that will get the best out of me. I am actually shocked at how good it is. I've settled in so well, so fast.'

Clearly that soundbite was meant to inspire the Villa faithful, but surely a number of them this morning must be wondering what on earth have we signed here?

Stephen Ireland is a talk the talk legend in his own interview time. He's portrayed himself to Aston Villa as a pain barrier busting, chips are down, fight to the death-er. History and on field proof at Manchester City suggests otherwise, outside of one good season.

Despite all the bravado, that well known fragility City fans have defended him over down the years still persists: 'I'm not really a highly-self-confident person.' is a telling confession, but he counters it almost immediately with another wild accusation dismissing the credentials of World Cup Winners David Silva and Patrick Vieira and established international stars Jerome Boateng, YaYa Toure, Aleksander Kolarov, James Milner and Mario Balotelli:

'I can easily say I've got, if not more ability, as much ability as any player they have signed this year.'

Stunning delusion of course and he singles out James Milner for special attention:

'I guess James Milner must think the grass is greener on the other side. He's going to get a shock soon because it's definitely not that way. I can understand why James Milner has gone there but I can tell him that I'm very happy to leave there and come here...

Ireland was plagued with a recurrent ankle injury throughout the second half of last season which kept him out of some big games, yet he was repeatedly given opportunities by Mancini to prove himself. However, the player alludes to regular benchwarming.

'At Manchester City sitting on the bench I didn't feel part of the team. I was neither happy or sad if we lost.'

Surely most players don't like sitting on the bench. The likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Chelsea have been 'rotating' superstars for years. Quite why City are being singled out for rotation problems having signed 6 players and offloaded 13 this summer is mystifying, but another story.

In point of fact, a brief check through the VMC Archives reveals that after each injury, Ireland was brought straight back into the squad by Mancini. During 21 games under the Italian, he started 6 times and was on the bench 7 times. Evidently, he thinks he is better than ever needing to fight for his place.

Mark Hughes regularly brought Ireland off, even against the likes of Scunthorpe United during a mainly injury free first half of last season. His wretched form saw him benched by the Welshman he speaks so fondly of 5 times during his 22 games in charge.

12 substitute appearances through pisspoor form or injury hardly constitute being 'unwanted.'

We should see Ireland at Eastlands at Christmas, but place your bets now that another 'niggling knock' will see he doesn't make the team bus.

Happy 24th Birthday on Sunday, Stevie, the been there, seen it, done it, veteran.

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 21 2010

Time: 10:47AM

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A few more performances, like he put in for City last season, and he could be on the Villa bench by the time they come to Eastlands JB
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 10:58:00

If Ireland was half as good as he thinks he is, Messi wouldn't hold a candle to him. Reading the views of City fans around the net, I think he has lost much of the respect he built up from them. Only thing he didn't have a go at was the tea-lady, maybe she can be the victim of his bitter, hateful ranting next time The Sun do an interview with him. The stuff about Mancini being at fault is perplexing as Ireland's shockingly woeful form began under Hughes and he was fast heading for the bench under Hughes. Ireland has not had -one- single great performance (and I say that without an ounce of exaggeration) since the 2008/2009 season. If he regains his form at Villa than it is likely the change of scenery is what I needed and yet I have a feeling that his heart just isn't in football and that he'll be remembered as a one season wonder who never matched those heights again. Either way, good riddance Superman. Replacing him with Milner is a masterstroke by Mancini, who values professionalism and strength (and I don't mean physical strength only, but mental strength, something Milner has plenty of).
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:01:00

touched a nerve has he? you got rid of one of your best players to bring in one of equal ability plus cash??! No wonder he is laughing. Maybe listen to what the guy says rather than bash him. This is your club spread bare and you aren't liking the way it looks. and this won't be the first time a decent player leaves in a justified huff and has their say. better get used to it.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:01:00

simon, please can you tell us based on what "in the know" knowledge you have that you've based the "justified huff" upon.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:06:00

Ireland is immature. Simonbigron , Ireland is hardly our best player, he has been awful for pretty much a season and a half. I'm amazed how many people seem to know him so well...whith out watching him week in week out. Ireland was pushed out of the club because he's not good enough on the pitch and he fails to recognise that. lest we forget he slagged hughes off when he went, complaining about not being picked in his best position. He's extremely thick and deeply immature, and for the most part vastly over rated.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:16:00

But he never said anything untrue? I particularly liked the part where he said that Milner will get a shock if he thinks the grass is greener on the other side. From what he said it's clear which is the nicer club for a player to be at, and I don't feel he was making all that stuff up. I dunno why you're ignoring the fact that he was upset about leaving City after being there for so long, and that he would of stayed if he didn't feel he was being pushed out? It wasn't quite as violent as you've just made out there, jesus.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:30:00

Im an Irish Villa fan so I know what he's like after Grannygate, everyone over here cant stand him but wish he would come back.He's a typical Cork man (they all have have a chip on their shoulder about being overlooked by Dublin,just look at Roy Keane) He's a bit mental like alot of very talented people can be,I think there is some truth to what he said,your club is becoming a bit of a joke and its a shame because City a great club and you guys know more than most about the highs and lows of being a fan,back in the days of Goater and Kinkladze your club had real character.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:34:00

I love how all these rival fans call Ireland one of our "best players", having probably watched about 2 or 3 matches last season involving us. Here is the truth guys and I'd guess the majority of City fans would agree. The way Ireland has played for a long, long time now, we'd rather see a youth team product like Ibrahim, Guidetti, or Nimely play. Ireland has either been completely anonymous while playing or his old vision hasn't been there. He has been played in several different positions and has proven he can only play one position in one system. We even tried him in his favoured position but he was still *****. The fact is, he has shown no - zero - ZILCH sign of improving again even in preseason when Mancini tried to give him a chance as captain and he was then marked out of the game by MLS players. Enjoy your "great deal" while we enjoy the third top assister in the entire Premier League from last season.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:36:00

... who by the way notched up more assists last season than Ireland did in the one good season of his five year career to date, that is the stuff of legend among City fans, hence why most of us are overjoyed at getting Milner (that's before factoring in his professionalism - sorely lacking in Stevie - strong mentality, and versaility all over the pitch).
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:38:00

If you would have told me a few years ago that we'd be getting Ireland i'd have bitten your hand off. He is a bit mental and we will probably feel that at some point, but I don't think anything he has said is that bad? Plus the fact is even if he wasn't your best player, Milner and him are about equal in ability. which is what is so weird about all this, you have payed through the nose for a seemingly equal swap. and i think he is right to be shocked and a bit upset.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:41:00

'I was neither happy or sad if we lost.' and that in one phrase is why he is no longer with city,many of our recent managers have talked about the 'winning mentality' and this is a prime example of not having it,i liked ireland but was not sorry to see him go and think on this villa fans if he spends a time on your bench or not being played where he wants then is that same state of mind going to rear up again!! Pking im not sure we are a joke club as you suggest unless as a villa fan you wouldnt want to see the likes of silva,toure(yaya),tevez or de jong at your club i think what IS happening is we are becoming more professional which is why we are suuffering from much of the hate as we always used to be 'comedy city' and now are more of a serious option.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:43:00

STUMCFC - its just a fact, people rate ireland outside of city. Milner played every game last season, Ireland didn't so you can't compare assists. If your point is Ireland is rubbish then how rubbish. 1Mil pounds? Half a million pounds? Well fine, but we still got him AND 18 million odd quid, possibly more. Still a pretty tasty 20 mil pound deal. If, like I think, most city fans rate ireland more than you, then the deal starts to look rather good. Just be warned guys, the hubble peak has probably passed so the Arab Oil money isn't going to last forever... So play nice on the way up, otherwise there will be plenty ready to be mean as you pass them again on the way down.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:47:00

simon: The reason Ireland didn't play the majority of games in the second half of the season is because he didn't play well enough to get in the team. In fact, we badly needed a player of his style, a maestro to link play. But he couldn't do it! He did nothing in most matches and when he actually did get the ball, his mind was on another planet it seemed as his "vision" often led to the ball reaching an opposing defender's feet or near enough. Ireland started the season as one of the first on the team sheet. Why do you think he was dropped? The "someone to replace him" argument doesn't work because we had -no one- to replace his type of role (now we have David Silva). It was like playing with 10 players on the pitch with him. No quality, no passion, just nothing from him. Yet we are being painted as villainous for dropping and now selling a player who was practically a non-entity for us. Unless Ireland does a 180 in form, he isn't even worth 2 million as is. Maybe the career change *is* what he needs but as Manchester City he was going nowhere and I think you'll find most are more than happy to have David Silva instead of him (we could use a second player of that kind though, just someone more productive than 2010 Ireland).
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 11:56:00

Some of the players Man City have signed and will continue to sign are amazing and any fan who says they wouldnt want Tevez or Silva is a liar.But you seem to spend for the sake of it,its so wastefull.Letting Dunne go to make way for Lescott was a laughable decision,the amount spent on players like Robinho,Adebeyor and Santa Cruz and to then try replace about a year later is ridiculous.Given will probably join a rival now and strenghten them,you have strenghtend Villa with the amount of money you have given us plus Dunne and Ireland if lives up to his own billing.When you tried to sign Kaka and Gary Cooke came out and called AC Milan bottlers.Man City remind me of Hugh Laurie in Blackadder III
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 12:05:00

oh and good luck for the season ahead lads
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 12:07:00

Pking, you have to consider though that they were all Hughes signings and Hughes' transfer strategy (signing crocks for huge amounts) is thought to be one of the reasons he fell out of favour, along with the declining results. If you look at Mancini's players, with the possible exception of Milner's 24 mil valuation (though I think that could pay itself off over time and that includes the "English player tax"), nearly all of his signings have been close to the true value of the player, in some cases perhaps cheaper than some would value them (Boateng in particular, who we luckily got before an impressive World Cup). It's only natural for a manager to want his own players but Mancini's signings are generally of a much higher quality than Hughes were. Even the big risk of the bunch, Balotelli, to me is a sound investment - at worst he explodes but has great resale value because of his age and obvious ability.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 12:18:00

Good lick to you too, you've got a player that spent his whole playing career at City coming out to say he didnt care whether we won or lost (cos he was on th bench due to poor form). Wonder how he' react when the going gets tough at Villa. He doesnt have the mental strength that Milner showed by playing against West Ham and scoring but brags about being the best player, he clearly has issues.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 12:33:00

your certainly making the premiership more exciting,the one positive for non big 4 teams supporters is that you have that monopoly scared.If you can smash that everyone will benifit.I'll shut up now and stop having a go.Thanks for a good little debate provoking article johnny baguette.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 12:39:00

How long before there's a headline called "I am the Resurrection" on the Villa site when he comes good there?
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 12:50:00

He'll finish up at Ipswich if Royston Vasey Keane is still in a job.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 13:03:00

Ireland On Hughes And Mancini February 2010...Stephen Ireland blames Mark Hughes for his loss of form at City..."I was being played out of position,” Ireland said. “Maybe as a holding midfielder, left wing, right wing. It is not me. You have to adjust and think, ‘I have to do it’, but if you want the best out of me, you have to play me in my best position. Then I can be myself because the chains are off. But the last six months under Mark Hughes was very frustrating for me.” - It is only since Mancini’s arrival at the City of Manchester Stadium, after Hughes’s dismissal in December, that Ireland, the club’s Player of the Year for 2008-09, feels he has returned to form. Under the Italian, Ireland has been given the opportunity to revert to his favoured attacking midfield role. - "The manager is doing different things but has done a really good job so far,” Ireland said. “We are still scoring goals but we have not conceded as many and are working hard.” .... Read more:
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 13:26:00

Would they have him at Ipswich then JB?I thought it was a local club for local people,there's nothing for him there!
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 13:35:00

LMAO Coxy, certainly had some weird experiences following City there!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 13:43:00

November 2008: "Stephen Ireland slams Kevin Keegan, Stuart Pearce and Sven Goran Eriksson"...Stephen Ireland has delivered an extraordinary snub to Manchester City's former managers - by claiming they finally have a "proper" boss in Mark Hughes....
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 13:47:00

Anyway, I hear the Tea Lady has been replaced by a super-duper tea machine. I'm surprised he didn't have something to say about that!
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 13:51:00

To all you Villa fans - come back at the end of September and give us your views, until then i aint saying anything.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 13:57:00

There was absolutely NO surprise for me that Ireland was set to leave, he had no impact whatsoever whenever he was played last year, and only has himself to blame for not making the 25 man squad. I saw him in pre-season and again it was more of the same...Nothing. Look at Jo, he took his chance with both hands when given the possibility in pre-season, even he seems to have a stronger mentality than Ireland although he was completely out of the team last year... For Ireland - the king of bling - to have a dig at young player at City for wearing 10k watches must be the best joke I've heard in ages. Spare us your bitterness Ireland - have some dignity.
Blue ponderer
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 14:35:00

I think most City fans have stick up with him during his imaginative superb form. Hoping that he would find his form. I think he had being given a fair amount of chance to prove himself. It's unfair for him to say that.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 16:23:00

City can't stand a bad word about them. Just because you go to the footy matches and chat on the forums does not mean you know what's really going on at your beloved club. Richard Dunne didn't have the greatest words about what's going on either - maybe he was wrong too? Looking in the mirror is tough for anyone to digest - especially when you're a fat an ugly spoiled little ***** like Citeh.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 17:12:00

And I guess you know everything that goes on behind the scenes at Villa? Like why your manager decided to walk out a few days before the new season. It was interesting to hear from the likes of Curtis Davies when O' Neill left, it was clear there were quite a few unhappy villians. Were you aware there was an unsettled dressing room? And as for Dunne, he speaks very highly of Man City, he always has and he always will, his dig on leaving was directed at one member of the City board and the rest was compliments for the club and the fans, as well as saying how much he'd enjoyed playing for City.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 17:22:00

Villa found the perfect manager to do something with such a mediocre set of players (the best of which has now stepped up in the world to us) and when he wanted a little money to strengthen the squad, their Scrooge of an owner hugged his wallet. No wonder they are acting so bitter at us.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 17:34:00

Let's be honest lav, Ireland's statements were more than just a few bad words. They were unprecedented. We are under the microscope to the extent that everyone is talking about us, that's for sure. But there is a siege mentality forming around Eastlands, but the fact remains that were Villa or anybody else to have an owner like Sheikh Mansour, they would have tried to build the strongets squad possible as quickly as possible. O'Neill did a fantastic job at Villa. Anyway, a difficult assignment for Newcastle's first home game back in the top flight. It will be fascinating to see how Ireland performs. He will bottle returning to Eastlands.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 18:02:00

StuMCFC- I'm appalled that you think because you won the Arab lottery you are considered a "step up in the world". I won't waste a breath on someone like you - as for Bluedub....I am not saying I know the first thing about what goes on the scenes behind Villa, the comment I made is universal for every football club and it's fans. But to the points you brought up, yes we knew there were more than a few unhappy faces. We knew Davies, NRC, and Luke Young had fallen out. We knew MON had his favorites and froze players out in the cold for very little reasons. If you read the Villa forums all last year, we would rant about it nearly every week. Many a fans were glad to see the back of MON, just not the timing. I'm sure Dunne DID love Man Citeh - who else would stay with a club who won feck all his whole career? He liked the old man city, like many of us did as you had a proper club that was properly supported. Now that your the ugly chick from grade school who grew up to have tits and become one of the popular girls, you're a feckin b*tch that anyone who knew you as a child has nothing good to say about ya.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 18:23:00

If your sure Dunne did love City what was your initial comment about?
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 18:29:00

Ireland Special for all Villa fans who might have missed it....January this year....our miserable, unhappy, unwanted a Sun special.... DOUGH ARE YA? - WHEN it comes to spending money, Man City ace Stephen Ireland and girlfriend Jessica Lawlor are top of the Premier League. From a Range Rover kitted out with pink wheels to an intricate wing tattoo covering the whole of Stephen's back, this couple are not shy of dishing out the dough........ inspiration for our 10 grand watch touting Academy lads....!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 18:30:00

IF, Ireland was ''as good as if not better'' than Silva and DeJong WHY,OH WHY, DID HE NOT PROVE IT? Cos he Cried off from the Irish national side which at the time he was a certain starter, at the time,(what was it his grannies dying wasn't it? when they were alive and kicking in Eireand probably still are, god bless em..) and he would most probably STILL be there today..... even after the DIRE performances he put in last year...... so you carry on thinking that you are a world beater Stevie, cos if you keep saying it long enough you may convince people who have not seen you play and who knows they may believe you! then you play as we know you do, (the odd good game is not a world beater )and then the illusion is diminished and dissappears without a trace..... Stevie, YOU have been very fortunate in that someone saw something in your displays at City when you were a youth player..... GOD Knows what , though.....
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 21:28:00

cityman, 'IF, Ireland was ''as good as if not better'' than Silva and DeJong WHY,OH WHY, DID HE NOT PROVE IT? Silva has played twice has played twice competitively for you hasn't he? So that doesnt make sense, And he is a different player to de jong isnt he. I dont no why you need to do articles on other teams players, he is now a villa player and he has made a fair comment on city and you have already made one article? Why dont you make 1 about liverpool on your game monday instead of being classless. LOL
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 21:41:00

Silva has played twice has played twice competitively... LOL wth
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 21:42:00

And to all you saying, He and his girlfriend go around splashing money on range rovers etc, It is his money. But good luck to him doing that at villa considerin his wage cut. End of the day if he plays poor we drop him, and when fabian delph comes back, he will have to play good anyway because he is will be pushing him every step of the way he is a real talent. + we got 16 - 18m w.e it was in the deal which was good enough on its own for milners ability.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 21:45:00

To all you Villa fans that are deluded enough to think that Ireland is going to improve your squad and we will regret getting rid of him....will you be able to come back in May and gloat that you finished higher than we did ... I don't think so.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 22:39:00

Doody come on think about what your saying, Ireland is a talented player, He showed that on the great season he had with you so if we get that form back he is surely improving us. We can say the same to you with milner cant we really? And as far as that comment goes about you finishing higher, Your proving the fact that your club and fans are arrogant pieces of sh**s! Not all of you are but you with comments like that you deserve to have the label, How do you no you will finish higher and what villa fan is gloating? There has been 1 game gone and in the first games we played good and you didnt? But still it proves nothing, Come 15 games then come back and say that comment and you may have an argument. Its clear we got a better deal end of the day because 16m on its own is a great deal for a player like James Milner.
Report Abuse
21/08/2010 23:29:00

Pmsl at all these villa fans going on about how they got 16 mill and Ireland. The Sheik has bucketloads of cash so its a drop in the ocean for him, dont you people get it, geez!
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 00:07:00

Until he realises he is wasting his money on a team thats getting nowhere having spent more that any club in the past 5 years yet won nout, and before you say my facts are incorrect, was on sky sports news the other day on about mancini's comments about utd spending alot of money and winning league but the brought out the real 'facts' and proved you have spent more than both utd and chelsea in 2 seasons, than they have in 5 or 4 w.e! LOL LOL LOL
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 00:55:00

P.Avfc " Your proving the fact that your club and fans are arrogant pieces of sh**s! Not all of you are but you with comments like that you deserve to have the label"" Back when I started following football there used to be healthy rivalry about who would finish higher with each set of fans claiming their team would finish higher. That was back in the days when people who followed football still had basic manners and a resect for each others opinion. I never remembered people calling others "arrogant pieces of sh**" but then again I did not have a lot to do with Villa fans......thank goodness if that is the level that they can sink to...
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 02:50:00

WE have signed a man with heart, Milner. Villa has signed a man with little heart and no word of thanks to a club that has nurtured him. Ireland had many fans at City, myself included, but I'm afrain the respect I had for him has gone. I hope he does well at Villa but I fear that he has turned into a self thought Idol and has become a legend in his own mind. He was played a couple of times last season to try and get him into form but he lacked the initiative and will to have a go. A bit like a little boy really. If he is good for Villa, so be it and the best of luck to you but I know which club got the best bargain and it is not from Brummie. P.Avfc.... if insults are all you have to prove a point then your not going to get anywhere.... a bit like your team perhaps.
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 05:35:00

What Ireland is saying is simple. You've pushed out all the players that actually had a passion for the club and are now buying mercenaries who will have no problem leaving when things go wrong. Although the bit about players walking in with massive egos is quite hypocritical of Ireland!
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 07:29:00

ForeverUnited: Ireland had less passion than anyone last season! Why do you think he was dropped? Even Robinho showed more effort and passion in his underwhelming performances than "Superman". If he was good enough, he would have been played and retained - end of. Especially considering players of his type aren't exactly a dime a dozen at our club. Speaking of, if Ireland is such a fantastic player, where were the bids from United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Spurs? Only enquiries came from Sunderland and Villa, says a lot really. Mid-table player and if current form doesn't improve, Championship by 2012.
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 09:02:00

To further back up the "Ireland had no passion" comment I made, you only need to listen to what came from his mouth: "At Manchester City sitting on the bench I didn't feel part of the team. I was neither happy nor sad if we lost." - an excellent example of a professional up for the challenge of fighting for his place in the side!
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 09:03:00

Doody and Ozil your ignorance is disgusting LOL
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 09:33:00

To the rival fans that have jumped on the media's proclaimed hatred of City.Who cares if were despised by other clubs, it wont change anything.I,ve hated Man U and Chelsea for has long has I remember but thats not counted for ***** all with all their success.Take it or leave it.Has far has i can see superboys mouth is writing cheques that his body can't cash.Lets hope he gives a toss if AV win or lose.
Spud 1
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 12:18:00

Newcastle United SIX Aston Villa 0....everything we've been saying here about Ireland's anonymity and lack of effort when the chips are down confirmed. 1 shot on goal mustered by easily the worst powder puff Villa side I've seen in 4 years.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 15:31:00

P.Avfc .....6-0 ...6-0 .....6-0 ......
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22/08/2010 21:15:00

Ireland has proved time and time again that he's the quintessential village idiot or estate simpleton if you will. If he wasn't playing football he'd be in a back alley throwing stones at cats or going to see a dead dog on a rail track. He reminds me of the nutter sat on the wall in Father Ted with the 'I Shot JR' tee-shirt on. When he's done with football he'll probably get sectioned such is the state of his internal wiring.
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23/08/2010 09:29:00

Nice triple posting! Don't get a phone on 3!
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23/08/2010 09:34:00

Pavfc you keep trying mate , keep going for it! lol
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28/08/2010 13:59:00


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