Manchester City - Hatful Of Hollow Interviews
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Hatful Of Hollow Interviews

You couldn't make it up. Hatstand Aston Villa midfielder Stephen Ireland is appearing all over the 'Street of Shame' in scattergun anti-City offloads and more...

The former MCFC Academy graduate is increasingly giving the impression that he is setting himself up for a big fall should he continue his crusade against the club who developed him as a player.

Following his bitter City and self obsessed first Villa press conference where the former Republic of Ireland International, reknowned for bringing hacks into his mansion to show off his purchases slated City Youth players for their spending, it's money that's once again in the potty Irishman's mind.

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First off, there's a sizeably fawning interview in The Irish Independent and then other financial assertions appearing in the likes of The Daily Star...

'I've seen things written which are not the truth. People can say what they is in football. It's not about what I'm worth or what I'm paid. It's not my fault if I'm given a certain amount. It's the same when you hear about Yaya Toure getting paid £220,000 a week at City. It's not his fault either. You're not going to say, 'no thanks.'

So Toure, who has to date put more effort into his City shirt in two City appearances than Ireland did all last season is on 220 grand a week, then. But there's more...

'I never earned good money there. I was on decent money for one year only - whereas the likes of Micah Richards and Michael Johnson were on that years before me.'

So that's a couple of lads he's grown up with at City dissed for good measure as well. But Stevie, these lads haven't invited The Sun round for a look at the fish tank and all the rest of it.

Next stop, The News Of The World with a bit of background first. Shay Given, City's 34 year old veteran 'keeper suffered a serious shoulder injury at the end of last season, and after intensive rehabilitation with the City medical team is back in full training.

However, fully fit through the summer and in rich form, England's Joe Hart has been chosen by Roberto Mancini to take the gloves in the opening two games of the season. A sensible enough decision you'd think, but up pops Ireland again with some career advice for Given:

'I would like to see Shay go. He needs to be playing every week. He is far too good to be left sitting on the bench. He is a brilliant person and the best goalkeeper I have ever played with. He deserves first team football.'

So one in the eye for Big Joe there, but the Given camp might not be ready to pull the trigger just yet Stevie, as you leap aboard the 'Given has been mistreated bandwagon.' - Given has been in Germany this week having the shoulder injury re-assessed.

And just for good measure, when quizzed over the remote possibility of him ever playing for Giovanni Trappatoni's Republic again, he still had to get one in at Roberto Mancini:

'I haven't really been getting on well with Italians recently.'

You wonder where the erstwhile self titled fittest and finest trainer at Manchester City is finding the time to prepare for his Aston Villa debut.

Ireland is talking himself into a corner and if he doesn't hit the ground running for The Villans in the difficult trip to face Newcastle and the bizarrely moustachioed Errol Barton, he'll be heading for cementing his place in the top flight as a laughing stock.

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The journalist

Writer: The Headshaker Ritual Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 22 2010

Time: 8:53AM

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Lol, when I started reading I thought you might have a point, but then you blew it. He didn't diss micah or Johnson. Nor did he dig a Joe hart. Or yaya. Lol he was digging the money men ruining ur once great club. I agree citeh will probably win the league in the next few but can you honestly say you would rather win it this way than with hard work and loyalty- with a bit of commitment? I agree that Ireland is a hypocrite but ge wants slaggin ur senior players, Richard dubbe was treated the same way and he way a loyal servant, Bellamy also, and now given and possibly adebayor. Are they bad players? No. But ur money machine is indescriminate in the way it casts off players. It's a shame really because citeh used to stand for Manchester. Now it's Dubai. And doesn't resemble a passionate club. What do the gallaghers think about it?
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22/08/2010 09:21:00

Excuse my erratic spelling and double entry, my iPhone screen is cracked. Do you think Ireland would sort me a new one?
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 09:23:00

What do you expect from the media? You're not gonna get an easy ride and you are starting to get very bitter. In a lot of peoples minds your ruining football, rightly or wrongly I know. You can say 'yeah but Man U and Chelsea have doen it for years' well yes but they done it differently, United earned the right to spend, Chelsea were already CL and didnt whip up EVERY1 or raid over PL teams squads, but they still got plenty of stick. In my opinion Citeh are doing it all wrong, uv gone from every1s 2nd team, with fans like Liam Gallager and Hatton to something unrecognisable. Cook is a ****, your arab owners are like spoilt brats 'I want that one' and you will go through managers like teabags. Youve become souless with the money, but hey, if i was you I wouldnt give a *****. Stop being bitter and get on with it and prove everyone wrong.
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 09:44:00

I know what you''re saying. I've also been thinking that he hasn't been doing himself any favours by appearing in the media so much. However, in his defence, when you read a quote in The News of the World, you can never really be sure how true it is. I read an article somewhere that he'd said how nice and polite all the young players at Villa were, then a few hours later there was an article online saying he'd slagged off the young City players. It seemed to me like a bit of bull***** designed to get hits on the site. (TribalFootball I think it was). Anyway, whether all the quotes are accurate or not, I think it's only really Villa fans (and City fans I guess) that will have noticed how much media coverage he's been getting this last week. There have been plenty of big sporting stories taking up the back pages and I reckon not many people who havn't got a personal interest in him will have noticed how much has been written about Ireland.
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 09:47:00

liamyid: "United earned the right to spend." 13 million spent in 1989 with the rags screaming for Taggart's head.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 10:05:00

Astonvillionaire, you can't be serious in suggesting that a side can win the Premier League with hard work and loyalty and commitment alone. It takes money. Lots of it. Look at Blackburn in 95. And if Randy Lerner had City's wedge he'd be doing exactly the same thing in trying to build the strongest possible squad as quickly as possible. There will be many more takeovers to come.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 10:09:00

Jonhny, dont think anyone would 'do exactly the same thing' as citeh, your poaching players, unsettling them and offering them silly money, your owners need for instant success has made you hate figures, and put unnessecary pressure on you team. If they'd have come in with a three year plan and bought well, and by the 3rd year were looking to buy these big stars peolle would be more forgiven, like you earned it by building a team. These blokes are just playing fantasy football with your club, your two last players of the year gone for 'star' names and buying players like robinho and trying to get Kaka, it's Championship manager stuff IMO and that why every1 wants you to fail, I know its ***** for you but thats how it works, know1s singling you out, you did that yourselfs.
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 10:19:00

All the evidence towards clubs doing the same thing points in exactly the opposite direction Liam. Every single PL club spends to the limit of it's capabilities.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 11:18:00

Liam - the owners actually have a ten year plan, not that I'd expect anyone outside of City fans to be aware of that fact. Yet we have countless rival fans spewing bile about them without being aware of the facts. Our player of the year last season was Tevez( still here ). Ireland player of the year the year before that was actually prepared to walk out on the club before his one good season began, despite featuring regularly under Sven in the previous year. "raid over PL squads"? Adebayor and Toure were surplus to requirement at Arsenal, Tevez wasn't owned by any PL club, Gareth Barry's transfer suited all parties and was completed with little or no fuss. With the Lescott and RSC transfers you may have a point. As for the players that Mancini has brought in, only one from a PL club. The clubs that City have brought these players in from benefitted with the extortionate fees they recieved for their players, which in turn helped them strengthen in the transfer market, at a time when the majority of PL clubs were struggling due to world recession. The money brought in from Abu Dhabi actually revitalised the league in a lot of ways, yet they are lambasted for this.
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 12:56:00

Liamyid, why do people keep trumpetting about City unsettling players. United have been doing it for years. Remember Rooney (the life-long Everton fan) ? I don't recall Everton wanting to sell him until the 30 million bid came in. I seem to recall Ajax complained about the rags tapping up Van Nistlerooy. Interest from the 'rags' caused Berbatov to go on strike and refuse to play for Spuds if I recall. What is all this rubbish about Chelsea being in the CL before they came into money ? They bought their way to the CL with money from Mathew Harding - forgotten about him ? Chelsea were up and down the old first and second division like a 'yo-yo' before Harding came along. They had two spells where they undertook massive spending projects.
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 13:05:00

Ireland is a idiot and a one season wonder. He feels bitter and rejected, instead of celebrtaing his villa move. He sat at a press conference looking miserable and depressed. He said mancini doesnt talk to him and he disliked his management style, but hughes barely played him at the start of last season. In fact ireland has failed to perform consistantly for all his previous city managers. I suppose it was all their fault that he didnt play and play well. He said the city youth teams were cocky and wore ten watches on their arms... looks like they were copying their role model - steven "bling" ireland (pink range rover and audi's, 200k fish tank, tacky looking house, hair extensions, superman underwear, lying that his grand mother died to skip a ireland match, then retiring when disciplined, not to mention his so so average performances over his 6 years in the 1st team squad.) I remembered fans were celebrating when shina*****ra tried to sell him to sunderland 2 seasons ago. City shown ireland alot of commitment and he simply hasnt delivered. Good luck and good bye.
Super City Slicker
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 13:45:00

Had a great debut today, virtually invisible besides hoofing a few shots and lunging at Alan Smith. First match, fresh motivation (you'd think), same old rubbish Ireland. We wuz robbed. ;)
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 15:26:00

Newcastle United SIX Aston Villa 0....everything we've been saying here about Ireland's anonymity and lack of effort when the chips are down confirmed. 1 shot on goal mustered by easily the worst powder puff Villa side I've seen in 4 years.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 15:30:00

i did'nt see the game and did'nt know the result till i got home from work, and i wondered if Stevie''Superman'' Ireland, ran his Balls off for the cause, or did he do what he has done in his city days and went Missing and blamed everyone else for his performance.... see what you have got Villa? a leg-end, In his own press conference..... oh Superman...hahahahaha
Report Abuse
22/08/2010 19:29:00

Now for a MOM performance from Milner against L'pool and a Spurs bid for Ashley Young to top this 6-0 off.
Report Abuse
23/08/2010 01:10:00


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