Manchester City - Adebayor: 'City Bigger Than Arsenal'
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Adebayor: 'City Bigger Than Arsenal'

Emmanuel Adebayor reckons that with Manchester City's squad now bursting with talent, they are only a few wins away from becoming bigger than Arsenal.

When asked if he felt like he was playing for a bigger club now, the 26-year-old replied: "Yeah, it does feel like that.'

"With the great new players we`ve got we have a wonderful chance to make ­history.

"But it`s all about results. If we can win ten games in a row, people will class Manchester City as bigger than Arsenal."

With the likes of Yaya Toure and David Silva joining City over the summer, the Togolese striker believes that success is all in the mind, stating: "We have to work on the winning mentality and add that spirit to the squad.

"We can finish in the top three - that`s our belief now."

Adebayor has hardly endeared himself to fans of the Gunners since the Van Persie incident and emphatic goal celebration in City's 4-2 demolition of his former club.

But one thing is for sure, City are on the up and the top clubs like Arsenal are now well within sight.

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The journalist

Writer: Lincolnsmariner Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 5 2010

Time: 4:25PM

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These are indeed bizarre times. The likes of Liverpool and Arsenal used to come to town to deliver our annual footballing lesson. Not anymore they don't.
Johnny Baguette
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05/09/2010 17:48:00

What can they say?! Truth hurts! I find it amusing when Arsenal fans come and criticise Ade saying he is crap. He scored more goals than Arshavin, Van Percie, Bentner, Vela, Eduardo and all the rest of the dross they had as strikers last season. Thanks for the concern but we couldnt care less what the gooners think about him (considering their disgusting attitudes pushed him out of Arsenal in the first place). Ade is a top striker and City fans would much rather have him than any of their crocked strikers.
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05/09/2010 18:00:00

Fabregas flirted with the exit door far more openly than Adebayor but there are no signs of him getting the same (often racist) treatment as what Ade got. All said, Adebayor should be quiet and get his head down on the pitch, as we need him in form.
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05/09/2010 18:43:00

Bigger than arsenal? Im a spurs fan and i no thats not true. You have more money yes, but ur not bigger or better yet. Your fanbase is smaller, and your history is shorter and money cant buy either
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05/09/2010 19:33:00

simply rubbish from EA, no disrespect to City, but they nor Spurs compare with Arsenal or Liverpool, for that matter at the moment, because they have done it over a sustained period, City (and spurs) may well excede anything Arsenal achieve, but at this stage we are kidding ourselves if we think we are the bigger team(s)
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05/09/2010 19:45:00

Not often gooners and yids agree but Liam has said it all. No doubt all the truckloads of greasy oil money mean that you may win the PL sometime soon, but that too wont mean that you are bigger than us. You will have to win 14 EPL titles while we stand still to be bigger than us. Adebayor shows his characteristic low intelligence and complete lack of historical perspective in believing that even "winning 10 games in a row" will make Citeh a bigger club than the Arsenal. Lol.
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 19:50:00

What can I say, other than, Adebayor needs to get his head checked. And surprisingly welcome comments from spurs :)
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 19:58:00

Greasy oil money Deltaforce? In what way is the money "greasy"? Care to elaborate?
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 20:19:00

Why 14 Delta?
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 20:20:00

Adebayor must've bumped his head or been high on something when coming out with these statements. Why doesn't he concentrate on being the bigger man and either rise above it (I can't believe it still bothers him) or do his talking on the pitch (which looks unlikely seeing as he cant even make your starting eleven). Pathetic on his part.
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05/09/2010 20:27:00

If you read Adebayor's comment it doesn't correlate to the newspaper headline. He said it FEELS like a bigger club, not that it is. I suggest you guys read the recent Times (I think) article about the incredible infrastructure of Man City, the care the players get like on-call helpers who speak four languages, among many other things. In terms of professionalism behind the scenes, City is already state of the art and perhaps that it what he means by "feels that way" - not that it literally is a bigger club (he didn't say that), but that the environment and setup feels bigger.
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 21:27:00

@fifth Delta is probably part of the racist Gooner crew who waved bananas at Adebayor so the term "greasy oil money" for him probably comes from the duh-duh mindset of "oil = Sheikh = Arab = Muslim = bad" when Mansour is proven to be an excellent business man and a humanitarian.
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 21:33:00

Wow, what an over reaction Stu. Not a surprise coming from you however. Abu Dhabi like all gulf countries has used its natural resources to enrich its ruling family. The ordinary people of Abu Dhabi have not benefited from its huge natural gifts. Look at the contrast between British Petroluem or Shell which contribute to their home country as a whole vis a vis Abu Dhabi or Saudi Arabia which literally use their oil companies to grease the palms of its ruling elite. Thats why I called Sheikh Mansour's wealth greasy. Hope thats clear now. Bluedub, you need 14 EPL equivalent titles because we have 13. Lastly, all of you know full well that Ade is an idiot and that there is no historical parity whatsoever between us.
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 21:48:00

Delta we have 2 league titles, your maths doesn't add up.
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05/09/2010 21:50:00

Btw, this is the same Adebayor who was doing his best impression of Paris Hilton by flirting with Juventus and Milan just a few weeks back. We know Adebayor for many years now and much much better than you lot do. He has no soft corner or loyalty to anything except money. He will leave your club soon because he has all the whims of a primadonna without half of the requisite ability.
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 21:53:00

bluedub, I just said, you need 14 titles to overtake us, not 14 MORE.
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 21:56:00

Adebayor answered a pointed and planted question, no problem there. He's hardly going to turn around and say anything else. However, Stu, banana waving? Where on earth did you get that entirely incorrect information from? Given the fact that Arsenal has the highest proportion of black and asian season ticket holders in the country, our fans wouldn't be able to get away with that. If our distaste for Adebayor is down to race, then I'm at a loss to explain how it was that Vieira and Toure got standing ovations on their returns. We have a disaste for Adebayor, I don't expect you lot to share it, not until he leaves and tells the world that it was all your fault anyway, but it really is poor form to level such a serious and untrue accusation at Arsenal fans in that way.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 21:57:00

No Delta, you said "You will have to win 14 EPL titles", which is not right, we will HAVE to win 12.
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 21:59:00

Sure bluedub, whatever floats your boat. Start by winning 12 more titles then - should be a piece of cake.
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 22:06:00

Little Dutch: - "Two bananas were thrown at Adebayor - by Gunners supporters - as well as the other detritus."
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 22:06:00

you're wound up very easy, first Adebayor, now me. lol
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 22:08:00

You make an excellent living as a wind up merchant bluedub. lol.
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 22:12:00

Thanks for the compliment. I wasn't trying tbh, just being pedantic. Why are you so bothered with what Adebayor has to say?
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 22:15:00

Sorry delta, that little paen for the common man of the emirates won't cut it with me. The term "greasy" is one I've heard used in reference to our owners and it was not used in a complimentary way. Anyway, that's enough about that little debate, as my arguments fell on deaf ears once before, not expecting any change in your attitude.
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 22:35:00

Stu, I was there that day, objects were thrown, (someone even threw a shoe!) but I didn't see any bananas thrown, nor can I find any proof of one. If one was thrown, I'd suggest the intetnions were not racial (like I said, a lot of things were thrown). If one was, I would hope the perpetrators were kicked out. But the daily mirror claiming two bananas were thrown amongst an allocation of 3,000 Arsenal fans is hardly sturdy enough ground to label Arsenal fans as racists (given the amount of black fans and players and foreign players we have, Arsenal is hardly a breeding griund for the National Front). I'd like to think you'd have the courtesy and good sense to acknowledge that, whilst every club has some idiot fans, labelling our support and any old poster that happens to disagree with you as a racist is very poor form indeed. Two Citeh fans were arrested in 2008 at WHL for singing songs about the holocaust, but I wouldn't presume you to be a raging anti semite on those flimsy grounds.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 22:58:00

Tellingly, you were also unable to counter my point that Vieira and Toure were given standing ovations in April. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are they not black and African too?
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 23:00:00

Sorry LD, I'm still in my pedantic humour, how does "part of the crew" - StuMCFC, become "label Arsenal fans as rascists"?
Report Abuse
05/09/2010 23:13:00

Absolutely pathetic from Ade, but possibly even more pathetic from you Citeh fans trying to pull the "Well if Ade's a dick, you must be racist" angle. Enjoy buying your way to 5th place again lads. Bigger then Arsenal? ...uhuh.
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 00:55:00

"In terms of professionalism behind the scenes, City is already state of the art and perhaps that it what he means by "feels that way" - not that it literally is a bigger club (he didn't say that), but that the environment and setup feels bigger." - Then why would he talk about getting "ten straight wins" in order to overtake us, as if that's somehow the mark of becoming a bigger club in the first place? The man's a loon, plain and simple. City should probably try not getting blanked in two of their first three games know, small steps and all that.
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 04:25:00

i wish ea would join us next season..our new signing suck big time..COYS
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 05:48:00

Well FCB, you are right we will have to agree to disagree because we have drastically different views on most things.
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 06:50:00

FuiKaka - that is a ridiculous statement you came out with there, no one is suggesting that because someone thinks Ade is a dick they must be racist. Get a grip.
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 10:48:00

No I'm merely suggesting that associating the word "greasy" with our owners show something less than sound judgement. Racist? In the context of our owners Arabic origins it could be misconstrued as being a wee bit on the pollitically incorrect side of things, no? I'll let you decide.
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 11:22:00

One of my very best friends is an Arsenal fan, and I've suddenly realised he's black. And I'm white! It doesn't normally occur to either of us. Not until this sort of yadda blows up. He and I laugh at this sort of thing. He hasn't got a good opinion of Ade, and neither did I until I saw him on the BBC during the world cup, when he seemed to stop being a contentious clown, and actually came across as an articulate young man, regardless of what some amateur pundits thought. The Sheikh is a more complicated issue. It's a world thing more than anything else. I was going to write an article on it, but I haven't found the time yet. It would probably start somewhere near Etihad, and then move on. It's right of course to be sceptical of such extreme privilege, but privilege cannot be done away with overnight, and does not preclude virtue or benevolence. He could develop into an Aga Khan type figure, which isn't saying that much, but who knows what the dictates of his times will require?... or perhaps require him to become..
roy harper
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 22:37:00


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