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City 1 Blackburn 1

Now that we've had a few hours to digest what we experienced yesterday I have to ask myself precisely what it is that Blackburn Rovers contribute to the Premier League? They played no discernable football, practically none of their so -called fans could be bothered to make the short trip (800 in all) and they spend the entire 90 minutes ensuring that the overall day represents poor value for money.

If your team has any pretence of becoming a top four resident you have to get at these teams early with width and pace, get your early goal, then patiently put them to the sword.

So City started with old man Vieira and Toure Yaya, who looked as though he has spent Eid camped out in a Kebab House, at the heart of the team. Unbelievable. Wright-Phillips might have gotten some game time for England this week, but once again didn't really deliver. Why did we buy Silva?

The back line looked solid enough and we had no reason to worry about Joe Hart (!) but why did we go out with a team leaving Tevez toiling away on his own up front amongst Blackburn's giant defenders?

There is no doubt that Johnson terrified them down the right but time and again his great work is undone because there is no supporting surge from midfield to convert the chances he creates into goals.

This was a performance of the type that cost the former manager of both of these teams his job last year. The bottom line is that if you can't get your new players into the starting team because they are injured, in the end you can only pick a similar team to that which you had last year. As a consequence you get similar results.

This match needed Toure Yaya and Milner to take midfield by the scruff of the neck. They didn't. It needed SWP and Johnson to get wide and deliver the killer ball into the six yard box. They did to an extent but poor Tevez could only work like a warrior amongst men as he was hustled, bustled and battered in the land of giants.

The sick bay at Carrington must be the most expensive one on record and it is very important that we get these players up and running. One performance and six weeks off is not too good (or a handful of performances and 18 months off if you are Santa Cruz). There is no doubt that Balotelli would have sorted Samba et al out yesterday.

It is time that Silva started to get involved. If there is a fear about his build, we shouldn't have bought him, but if you examine his short cameo yesterday, his ability to drift off defenders, receive the ball and then place a deadly pass is incredible. It was his pass that created the mayhem at the end when Tevez was denied by Robinson and Jo could not scramble the pickings into the net.

And what of Blacburn? They get a free kick in stoppage time, which is crying out for a far post onslaught, all giants present and correct and what do they do? Waste time by asking the manager what they should do. They end up playing it into the corner looking for a throw-in. I ask again - what do Blackbrun contribute to the premier league?

So for the first time this season we come up with a result poorer than last year's corresponding match. It is difficult to operate a squad system when you have not played your best eleven yet, but at least it was a weekend of odd results and the only predicability was Chelsea, who look to be in different gear so far this year. Arsenal and Stretford are already losing ground and need us to deliver the goods on 25 September. Based upon yesterday I doubt that it will happen. Does anybody know the whereabouts of Craig Bellamy?

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 12 2010

Time: 9:42AM

Your Comments

Pedmachine, at VE, we have had this talk, and slowly and sadly this is what football could be turning into, I mean take a look at the WC, the majority of those games were substandard at best. Teams will do the best they can to get results, and Blackburn feel that the best way to get points is to play rugby, it is sad but you have to deal with it, and champion teams can take all 3 pts against these types of teams (of course not calling City *****e because Everton lost to Blackburn)
Someone's sore about yesterday.... instead of jumping on the "Blackburn-play-Rugby" bandwagon as your ***** poor excuse how about you take a look at your own team... you've got more money than sense... its obvious that buying 7+ players every season wont do the team chemistry good... you could buy 2 best players from every country, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll gel together in an instant.
Hax - I think you'll find, if you read the full article, that the open paragraph is critical of the crude tactics that Blackbrun adopt, as well as a paragraph further down with reference to their spoiling again. However the main bulk of the article is rightly criticising City's inability to break down a poor footballing side. It is questioning Mancini's tactics and criticising some City players for not being up to scratch yesterday. Could you not come up with something a bit more constructive than jumping on the 'you can't buy a team, stating the bloody obvious bandwagon'. Very well written article Ped, a fair critique of Mancini and City, as well as rightfully acknowledging Blacburn's spoiling tactics, without which they would have left Eastlands pointless.
Sour grapes Hax.
P.Villa - ?
Why do you keep callin me p.villa, is it too hard for you too read my name or are you seriously that mentally challenged? And my comment referred to how bitter you lot are about blackburn getting a good point against you and slating there style of play...Its how footballs played these days move on get over it they deserved a point, end of.
As I pointed out to Hax, we are aware that City's performance wasn't good enough, and have acknowledged as much. It is also a fact that Blackburn's spoiling tactics earned them a point, which has also been acknowledged and bemoaned. You obviously didn't watch the game if you believe Blackburn deserved their point. Fair play to them getting it, but let's be honest we gift wrapped it for them. Not bitter, just saying it how it was. That ok for you P. Villa?
You may have not got the 3 points because of 'your' own performance but thats how football is these days, But still you and others blame the ref and blackburns 'rugby' style tactics which is ridiculous...The ref cannot go and score a goal for you and if blackburn tried to match football played by bigger teams they would get destroyed every game, I dont see other teams moaning when stoke who are the worse at it give them a physical battering..It's the way the games played now. Give a team credit where its due, there defending was good and your attacking poor, you should be concerned about your team and not blackburns tactics.
However if a team plays aggressive and physical they should be treated appropriately. Tevez was having his legs hacked to shreds by the Blackburn players yesterday and Clattenburg blew his whistle very few times. Yet strangely when the air of Manchester brushed the neck hairs of any Blackburn player (and for such dirty b@stards they do go down easily) the whistle was blown. Check out Vieira's shirt-pulling yellow vs. Salgado's shirt-pulling slap on the wrist.
P. Villa - we are talking about the game here, there was TWO teams involved in case you hadn't noticed. Should we as City fans ignore what the opposition brought to the game, and just concentrate on our own deficiencies? No one on here is solely blaming the referee or Blackburn's tactics. It is just rightly being acknowledged in match reports that these were contributing factors in the outcome of the game. How about now P.Villa, is it ok now?
bluedub im afraid i cannot reply to any of your comments anymore as i have been warned by moderators that i cannot refer or talk of my past username as i was removed off the site so until i am referred to as my new username i will not reply....StuMCFC excuses excuses, thats how blackburn play and at the end of the day you couldnt handle it, You should be scoring against teams like them with the money you have spent, fair play to blackburn if you can get results by being physical and bullying the opposition then so be it.
The Vieira and Salgado incident in were more or less identical, the punishment not so. And it is not an excuse to want players to be punished for kicking and hacking talented players' legs. If a team wants to play physical they should be punished when their kicks meet legs and not the ball - this isn't an excuse, it's an opinion. No wonder so many talented flair players hate the Premier League, when rugby tactics are overlooked by the referees so often. Go and watch the game, although it is much easier to comment on written reports or 5 minute highlight packages.
You only need to watch MOTD and goals on sunday highlights to see what the game was like...I could see that blackburn were physical and flying around everywhere but they wanted the draw so what...If you cant handle it then you arn't gonna win, look at your own teams errors before you blast other teams...Whats that 1 win in 4 now?
"You only need to watch MOTD and goals on sunday highlights to see what the game was like" sums you up perfectly, enough said.
Figures P.Avfc would side with Blackburn, I am not at all surprised.
Rob im not exactly siding with blackburn im just tryin to point the fact out that this is what the game has become and it seems that city fans have only just realised this with the articles and posts there publishing. Blackburn defended well and they should be credited for that also...The ref wont score goals for them its up to man city to do that which they didnt do so instead of them slating blackburn maybe they can say where they went wrong because something obviously isnt right..Hundreds of millions worth of players but still cannot score against a mediocre defence is something id be more worried about than how blackburn were dirty and the ref was poor. Not every team should play attractive football to suit other teams....But i guess im wrong because city fans opinion is the only one what counts and everyone else is stupid and wrong for pointing out the obvious.
You really do beggar belief, there are numerous comments in the articles and the responses from City fans acknowledging that we were not good enough, have you got some sort of mental block?
Since you did not refer to my old username i will reply...To be honest, i dont see alot talkin of city's performance, mostly i see you slating blackburn...All i say is wait until you play stoke or wolves then you will see what a physical team plays like. Personally i dont care how city play really, i just think its unfair that you should slate blackburn for wanting to get something out of the game, they arn't gonna roll over for you are they.
No, but we are discussing the game, City's domination of play and failure to convert their chances, Blackburn's tactics and the referee's performance, all of which contributed to the result. You are obviously here to cause trouble, by criticising City fans for their opinions. Get a life.
Im here to start facts and stick up for blackburn who simply tried to get a result which they did...Me as a villa fan may be annoyed at the result if i was you but i would give them credit and understand that its how they play there football, but yeah city fans live in their own world and there opinion is all what matters and is the only correct one.
Rather than comment about B'Burn's quality and rugby style football, I'd think you'd be better off thinking why you actually dropped 2 points. B'Burn don't have the financial might and they certainly haven't spent 300 million over 3 seasons on transfers. They make do with whatever limited resources they have and this is their way of football. I think it is rather Wenger-ish to criticise their style of football, you've got to start thinking about how to unlock teams like this. Because there are a lot more like them out there- Hard, gritty, fighting- Stoke are an example that pops to my mind. Oh and Mancini's the crappiest coach you could field. You would've been much better off with Sparky, IMO.
P. and JT Daniel - I would just like to point out in the above article that there are 11 paragraphs. 9 of which discuss City, and their inability to get the three points from this game. There are 2 paragraphs discussing Blackburn and their unsavoury tactics. Your assertion that we should be talking about ourselves rather than Blackburn is a nonsense, considering we are.
...But why slag other teams off? They wont roll over for you will they, they will fight for the point they arnt as easy to beat than it is for you to splash 30m on an average player you no...There are nothing wrong with there tactics...If you cant hack it then you arn't a title challenging team + your in no position to speak considerin you have de jong in your team.
So P. Villa, tell me how it is oh wise one, City fans have no right to say anything negative about other teams, however all manner of foamers and ***** stirrers can come on here and slate City. Is that how it is according to the bastion of knowledge that is P. Villa?
Thought someone just posted a reply to me...Oh no it was some bitter deluded individual on about someone else, Dont no who this p.villa is, sounds a cool guy though,
pvilla is your past and your future chump. Nut suspect there will be no reprieve next time.
Nut? LOL! Freudian slip I guess.
Who's this p.villa you speak off? Are you all simple minded aswel as deluded and bitter? I think i should leave you alone now, your probably all still crying after the physical battering blackburn gave you and you cant handle it boohoo!
P.Avfc simply sticks up for Blackburn because Villa play like Blackburn, as they said, imajority of the article is on City, but since they are discussing the game (On Vital Man City as well) they are entitled to their opinion, and can discuss how the other team played if they like. If you disagree with what they are saying, then how about you stop crying about Man City because you obviously have some sort of pre-determined mind set against Man City, no matter what they do you will disagree with them
P.Avfc """But why slag other teams off? """"" Hello pot this is kettle ........
yeah doody you make no sense goodbye...Rob-EFC i cant believe you are still so bitter and have sour grapes because we beat you haha, i would have thought you wudda got over that by now, christ!! And i actually dont have a problem with city its their supporters on here who dont allow others too give their opinion like i do on other sites, they constantly think city is in the right...There were nothing wrong with blackburns tactics, i am defending them because if you are really against their tactics you need to go research football on how its played because you do not have a clue on how modern football is these days....Bitter, just bitter thats what it is.
Here we go again, the Gospel according to P.Villa. The guy that was banned for ***** stirring on Vital Spurs, yet he's now switched his focus and his username, but carries on acting like a****, which saw him banned in the first place.
P.villa was banned for insulting comments...Not for sayin the truth and giving his opinion :) The guy doesn't even post on here anymore but if he did im sure he would agree with my posts and post similar to them...Nothing wrong with that, so wouldnt be any danger of getting banned...Honk Honk :)
"Honk Honk"? Grow up!
Pvilla you are a wind up merchant, plain and simple. I recall some of the comments you used to make on Vital Spurs and they were quite abhorrent. You've not done anything quite so bad in your new guise - yet. But you consistently come on here and spout irrelevent crap that is merely designed to get a reaction out of us, possibly in the hope of getting one of our members to hurl some abuse at you. Your sort are unfortunately common on the internet, but blissfully rare on Vital, and long may it continue.
Blackburn v City... only one of them has won the Premier League :D
Who is this p.villa you speak off? I cant see any irrelevant crap being posted on this article, all i can see is the truth and comments defending a team who has dont nothing wrong...I think its horrible to attack an innocent victim in p.villa when he doesnt even post on here!! Whats p.villa done to you :O Shamefull, it seems your as classy as your club....NOT.
P.Avfc "" yeah doody you make no sense goodbye."" I'm glad to see you're not letting your education get in the way of your ignorance.
All wave at doody (Waving).
Mr Educashun is clearly not someone p is acquainted with Doody.

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